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Download: Google Play 4.9.13 Rolls Out, Features New Design in Listings

A new version of Google Play began to rollout this afternoon as build 4.9.13. The update doesn’t initially look like that big of a deal upon first launch, but once you jump into an individual app, book, album, or movie listing, you will immediately know that this is pretty major. The individual listings all appear to be designed with Material Design in mind. There are beautiful sliding animations, big imagery, and an overall cleaner layout.

We will have an overview video of the changes coming in a minute, but for now, get to downloading.  

Download Link (v4.9.13)

Update:  We took the new Google Play on a quick video tour.

Via:  +Kirill Grouchnikov | +Brandon D’Souza
  • elmurdoc

    I have a samsung s4 and the google play store is still in the version o 4.8.20, why?

  • grinch23

    When does this update roll out officially on the LG G3?

  • viewthis66

    once again, thank you Droid Life!

  • kanuj

    It is good working well on nexus 5


  • cardi dark

    stop all the damn complaining about one lil imperfection if u could do better do it

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  • patt

    No Moto X news on droid life.

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  • Adrian

    I really like it. The only thing I would change is have the date on the first screen and not buried. I don’t auto update apps because they often break things, remove features or have UI changes I don’t like so it would be nice to see the version and date at a glance. Other than that, it’s beautiful.

    I think I’d like to see ALL of the permissions as an option for those of us who would like to decide what is “safe” and what isn’t. I have exposed on my tablet and can do it there but don’t have it on my phone. It should be an option to toggle show all/show minimum permissions.

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  • kurosame kisa

    well fluid and fast HTC DROID DNA 4.4.2

  • FelicityMaineibu

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  • Steve Tt

    All you do is go into developer settings and change the transition and window animation scales to 0.5x. your device will run like new.

    • IrishSid


  • ellagraham4

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  • “all appear to be designed with Material Design in mind”

    +1 , because it’s not Material Design yet. Other websites baptised that update as Material, which is not true. Simple because material’s most important attribute is 3D in all dimensions, especially adding depth to the layout. This update doesn’t have it and it looks like some ‘preparations’ for Material Design update. Thanks.

  • Juan Dcz

    Really beautiful! I really like it. Material design is going to be good. Is really original, it doesn’t look like iOs as some people are saying. Thank you droidlife

  • Flip Jumpman

    ‘Download link unsuccessful’… Anyone that can help?

    Appreciate it!

  • disastrousrainbow

    Downloaded. Installed. Running smooth on my Droid Maxx. Then again, everything does. 😛

  • cowboysfanzz

    Why didn’t they change the way it looks before you click on an app too?????

    • Suicide_Note

      It’s likely being done in stages, an the full redesign will likely be released alongside L in the fall. This is like a nice preview of what to expect.

  • Linda Mitchell

    Droid Life never lets me down. I heard about the new play store and you guys have the link plus a review. Thanks.

  • Marouane Rachedi

    Can i use it in samsung galaxy s3

    • Gary Hicks

      Installed on mine just fine, running MIUI and it looks amazing!

    • xentryk

      Running it on a G S3 with cm11 , play store takes its sweet time to load the home page. Things light up after the load though.There is no other lag issues.

      • xentryk

        There *are* no other lag issues. 😉

  • GeekThem
    • Gary Hicks

      LOL seriously? No one cares about i-Anything here. Go troll somewhere else.

  • alfreduran

    Hi! Downloading now, very thanx!

  • Danny Dodge

    So nice! Plays well with the L preview 🙂

  • When I got my G3 I said I wouldn’t rom this phone (still won’t ever) or sideload updated Gapps I’d just wait until the official update comes to my phone. Well here I go…

    • miri

      I said the same thing with my Moto X (regarding sideloading, I don’t do ROMs)… lasted 2 weeks. Good luck.

      • I’m officially done with Roms especially with L on the horizon I won’t rom this thing. The not sideloading gapps didn’t last long. Lol

    • Wolf0491

      Just go to play store settings and hit the version number of play store. It will update

      • That was the first thing I tried and it said it was up to date sideloaded it right after.

        • Wolf0491

          It worked for me. Odd

  • Danmheadache

    Just asking because of curiosity.
    Why is the version 4.9.13? Why not 5.0 if this update is major?

    • jamaall

      I don’t think 5.0 comes until the full material design ui comes into place. It looks like they’re updating it in stages. First it’s listings, soon it’ll be the whole app.

  • Chris Batson

    Looks good imo

  • Diablo81588

    Why can’t they make a play store that doesn’t lag when scrolling? It’s the only app on my phone that lags and it’s pathetic that it comes from Google…

    • What kind of phone do you have?

      • TrollHunter777

        The Moto X doesn’t lag. I have one. And stop fighting! You’re all idiots wasting your time! To each his own!

    • Diablo81588

      Moto x

      • Tony T.

        Lol, way to fall for buying the last dual-core flagship device. I have the Nexus 5 and it zips through no problem. The only ‘lag’ I run into is launching YouTube, but it seems like that app just always has a delay before opening, probably to begin caching all of the video thumbnails and such.

        • Diablo81588

          I knew this was coming. Dual core has nothing to do with it. My friend has a nexus 5 and my girlfriend has a s4. Guess what? Both have the same choppy scrolling when quickly moving down the page. Its just a poorly designed app the way it loads. I know it’s meant to save data but the jerky scrolling is annoying. Again, its butter smooth on every other app, and runs circles around my girlfriends ‘quad core’ s4.

          • Tony T.

            That’s because Samsung devices run terribly unless they’re rooted and either running stock or custom ROM. I have the octacore Note Pro tab and it runs worse than my Nexus 5 by a longshot. But if you’re running stock or any unbloated skin on a capable device like the Nexus 5, HTC One M8, OnePlus One, etc, you most likely wouldn’t be running into this ‘lag’ in the Play Store. Obviously other things affect device performance like how many apps you’re running and stuff, but Android 4.4+ and quad-core devices have pretty good app management.

            If by choppy, you may also mean loading the content. The Play Store doesn’t pre-load any of the content, so if you’re scrolling down quickly to a section you haven’t viewed yet, you’re basically trying to force your phone to load high res icons etc at a pretty much instantaneous rate. Again, I personally don’t experience very much, if any, perceived lag on my N5. It really probably is due to the hardware limitations of your phone, unless Google decides to handle the Play Store more like YouTube where it takes a half second to launch but then preloads some of the content for you. But then you’d end up with people who complain that the app “lags” because it takes half a second to boot up the app, lol.

          • Diablo81588

            I wish it would at least preload some. It seems that it only loads what’s on the screen, which is a poor design in my opinion for a smooth experience.

          • Uriah Counelis

            I have the Moto G with 3g and it doesn’t lag for me!

        • Sal

          I got the nexus 5 after a long wait and the speed is not as great as many believe, it is on LTE if just feels like regular speed most of the time

          • Tony T.

            What does that have to do with the processor speed…? Besides, that is really subjective to what carrier you’re using and what the coverage is like in your area. I am on T-Mobile and have no issues with speed when connected to LTE. It is just as fast if not faster in some cases than when I was on Verizon. Admittedly, the N5 doesn’t have the strongest radios, but it’s definitely not the worst. If you’re not getting good speeds, then it’s probably due to your service provider. If you’re unlocked, maybe try looking at coverage maps of T-Mobile and AT&T to see which would be the better choice. If you’re on a month to month payment plan, you could try switching for a month. T-Mobile outright has a $30 plan with 5GB of high speed data, and Aio/Cricket will be using AT&T’s towers for GSM support.

          • Sal

            Thanks Tony its sporadic so the coverage areas might differ but I expected better when I used a 5s with same provider it was a lot faster but as u said specs are very good but we should be fair with expectations


      • jamaall

        I think there’s something wrong with your phone. I’m using a droid maxx and it blazes through it. Same system as the moto X, so I don’t see why it’d be faster. I am running ART, but it was always fast on Dalvik too.

        • Diablo81588

          Nothing wrong with my phone, but my definition of lag may be different than yours. It’s not slow but it’s not butter smooth like every other app.

          • jamaall

            Mine is butter smooth, no stutter at all. Some of the new effects aren’t as fluid as I’d like, but it’s a first push of material design, and they’ll probably fix that soon.

        • DiamondAvatar

          Could it be your WiFi connection?

          • Diablo81588

            I pull 50 megs down over my Wifi connection so I cant say that’s the reason.

      • erikiksaz

        I have a moto x and this play store version scrolls ridiculously smooth. It feels like you’re on on iPhone, hah.

        • Diablo81588

          No way Jose.

      • loussaleem

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    • Gary Hicks

      I’m on an S3 and it doesn’t lag.

      • Diablo81588

        The s3 lags on every app..

        • Gary Hicks

          You’re an idiot. I’m not lagging at all. No reason to lie. Don’t be mad at me because you wasted your money on a Moto X.

          • Diablo81588

            You’ve obviously never used a fast phone before. The s3 is a choppy piece of junk.

          • Gary Hicks

            Yeah I obviously haven’t. I’ve only owned a Note 2, S4, Moto X and an LG G2. I had to sell my G2 because I needed the money. The S3 is a backup phone. So please tell me again how crappy my phone is, while i’m scrolling through the Play Store lag free. Thanks and enjoy your Moto X.

          • Diablo81588

            Claim what you want. My work gave me a s3 and I returned it in favor of my personal phone because it was a laggy mess with atrocious battery life.

          • Gary Hicks

            Sucks to be you then. I’m not “claiming” anything. I’m stating facts. No need to get defensive. My very first comment, all I did was say that my phone wasn’t lagging in the Play Store, so it seemed weird that your Moto X was. I wasn’t saying my phone was better than yours. Go smoke a joint or something and chill out. You started the argument, it was just my intention to finish it. Enjoy your phone.

          • NeilGeorge

            I have no idea what Diablo is talking about. He might have had a bad one. My wife is still using S3 and it is fast and battery life is good..

          • derp hurr-durr

            “no need to get defensive”

            Really? Your first response to him is to call him an idiot and you’re telling him not to get defensive? Are you sure you shouldn’t be in a hospital right now? Your brain seems to be seriously malfunctioning…

          • Gary Hicks

            Really? I think YOUR brain is malfunctioning. Maybe you should read the comments again and look for my “first response” that says ” I’m on an S3 and it doesn’t lag.” Then AFTER his reply is when I called him stupid. Moron.

          • derp hurr-durr

            Learn to read?

            “first response”

            You do know what “response” means…right?


            Glad to see you’re maintaining a constant level of maturity…./smh

          • Gary Hicks

            Yeah I responded to his comment you waste of air and skin. Geez you went to a “special” school didn’t you?

          • cizzlen

            It’s called having a different experience you dumb ass. Why do you people not understand this?

          • Diablo81588

            Some experience… lol

          • Derp hurr-durr

            LMAO…hold the phone there, pal.

            People are calling him “idiot” and “dumbass”…for posting *HIS EXPERIENCE*.

            …but you’ll defend to the death the experiences of other folks…so long as they align with yours?

          • N3xuspr1me

            The S3 is powerful enough to run without lag the Play Store (I have one). The stock rom with Touchwiz is crap and very slow, I know. I have CM11 4.4.4 w/ custom kernel, and it is running beautifully. I’m also getting 22562 on AnTuTu and ~7500 on Quadrant. That is far higher than Note 2. Enjoy your Moto X now.

          • Delta

            Wow, you can’t even afford a smartphone but you’re trying to act like an internet tough guy and insulting people based on their smartphone purchases? Dude, you’re so cool. The very site you’re posting on named the Moto X as one of the best phones of LAST year, its no contest if you put it against phones from TWO years ago (S3).

          • Gary Hicks

            You’re truly an idiot. I was never saying my phone is BETTER than his. I was simply saying that I’m not experiencing any lag on it. I can definitely afford a smartphone, that’s why I have a different one every couple weeks. I was never trying to act like an “internet tough guy” either.

          • derp hurr-durr

            “You’re truly an idiot.”

            ….why be defensive…when you can just call anyone who disagrees with you names? FS, man…you’re acting like a spoiled 3rd grader.

          • Delta

            If you buy a different smartphone every couple weeks, you are the real idiot. Stop acting like a whiny child because someone said something mean to you.

          • Gary Hicks

            Yep, I’m the real idiot because I like to buy the latest and greatest and check them out. Yeah, sounds real stupid to me. I buy a phone for $300 and turn around and sell it for $400-$450. Yeah I’m the real idiot lol.

          • Peter vraagmaar

            Myn lags a little on play store. Now im running TW on 4.3 but myn girlfriend running rooted KitKat on her s3 and its smooth like butter

    • Champion1229

      Mine doesn’t lag necessarily but what drives me insane is the constant loading! Even when on a strong LTE connection its a waiting game just to scroll down the store home page because every section and title doesn’t start to load until its in view; a little buffering of the page would help a lot!

      • Tony T.

        I already commented about how people would then complain about initial load times. But what I suspect is that Google doesn’t want to do that to a. keep initial load times as short as possible but also b. because many times when people load the play store, it isn’t necessarily to go explore the home page etc people also use the play store to simply update apps or search a specific app–if the play store preloaded content every time, that is a delayed launch when many times people don’t Carr what’s beyond the initial landing page. It really doesn’t make that much sense to preloaded content on the play store. YouTube on the other hand makes more sense since video thunnails are larger so you inevitably have to scroll through to find content, which is what people are likely doing with their landing page and subscriptions pages.

    • InfDaMarvel

      Just tested out Play Store on my Galaxy Nexus….Where is this scroll lag you speak of? Or In fact, lag at all?
      I’m liking these new app pages on the play store.

      • Gary Hicks

        Exactly my point lol. No lag here on an S3 or my Gnex.

    • Royal Prabhat

      Mine never lags..HTC One M8..Maybe there is something wrong with your device,,Which device are u using?

    • JohnBergman

      I have never had an issue with the play store lagging while it scrolls, not even on my old super-slow Droid Charge. I’m sorry that you are experiencing this problem. Do you have a lot of background tasks running on your phone? Maybe there is a background app (like an inefficient anti-virus app, or similar) on your phone that is eating up your CPU cycles? For me it is smooth as butter :/ Either way, hope you are able to figure out the issue.

    • N3xusPr1me

      I’m running it on a CM11 4.4.4 Galaxy S3, and it is smooth most of the time. Try upgrading to last system update and update all your apps (that may help a bit not kidding ;)).

  • Miguel

    Love me some Droid life and devs, thanks everyone.

  • Mike Aurin

    Good use of negative space. Material Design or whatever they are calling it is subtle but appealing.

    • hkklife

      Agreed. Subtle but a nice improvement, especially when you compare it side by side with an older version of the store. Android is finally starting to look like a polished, cohesive, and mature OS.

    • Raven

      I really like the concept, but in practice it is just too much damn bright white. Every time I open Google Now, Google+, or Hangouts at night I feel like my retinas are being seered out. I wish they would have a night theme where they use a darker shade of gray or even completely reversed white on black. That is how my home screen is setup and any other app I use that is themable. Also, light on dark themes also supposedly use way less battery on amoled screens.