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Spigen LG G3 Cases

Spigen, one of our favorite case manufacturers, was kind enough to send over a box of cases that included their entire line-up for the newly launched LG G3. In the box of samples, we received a Slim Armor, Ultra Fit, Ultra Hybrid, and Wallet S. These range of cases covers the needs of just about anyone, so we in the video below we take each for a spin to let you see how they look, talk about how they feel on the device, and some of their individual benefits. 

The Slim Armor is the toughest of Spigen’s cases, as it includes a combination of TPU and hard polycarbonate. The case provides a snug fit without a ton of bulk, so that you can still enjoy your phone and feel secure. The Ultra Fit is my personal favorite. This case is ultra minimal, adds a touch of style to your phone, but can also be there to protect your screen from scratches or a minor drop. I love it because you almost can’t tell that you have a case on your phone. The Ultra Hybrid is for those who want TPU-like protection, but still want to see the design of your phone. It features a TPU bumper attached to a clear plastic casing. Finally, you have the Wallet S, which as the name suggests, is a wallet-style case with latch, synthetic leather, foldable stand for watching content, and pockets for storing cards and things.

Prices for each are quite different, but Spigen is currently selling the Slim Armor starting at $16.99, Ultra Fit at $9.99, Ultra Hybrid at $11.99, and Wallet S for $16.99 through Amazon.

Spigen’s Amazon Store 

Slim Armor

spigen lg g3 case-20 spigen lg g3 case-19 spigen lg g3 case-18 spigen lg g3 case-17 spigen lg g3 case-16

Ultra Fit

spigen lg g3 case-15 spigen lg g3 case-14 spigen lg g3 case-13 spigen lg g3 case-12 spigen lg g3 case-11

Ultra Hybrid

spigen lg g3 case-10 spigen lg g3 case-9 spigen lg g3 case-8 spigen lg g3 case-7 spigen lg g3 case-6

Wallet S

spigen lg g3 case-5 spigen lg g3 case-4 spigen lg g3 case-3 spigen lg g3 case-2 spigen lg g3 case-1

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  • coh303

    Already ordered the Ultra Hybrid, it looks pretty awesome! How was the wallet case? I’ve considered getting one of those as well

  • JLC

    Love their products but they offer Horrible customer service! They still have not shipped my order that was placed a week ago. Then they canceled my order due to the tempered glass being out of stock even though it was in stock when I ordered. Then they emailed me saying the reinstated my order and it is in fact in stock. WTF get your stuff together Spigen

  • shannonglass

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  • Bill

    Will the case make any G3 overheating even worse?

  • Zachary Vincent Manning

    Supcase Hybrid with screen protect ftw, spigen looks nice for sure but they don’t look that protective IMHO

  • Jon Rojas

    The ultra hybrid is a great looking case, but the back is a fingerprint magnet XD

  • Kenneth B.

    No waterproof cases yet? =/

    • Don

      Not waterproof but Otterbox has a nice looking protective case for the G3. I didnt want more bulk but if I start mountain biking again and stuff I may go for that.

      • Kenneth B.

        That’s the only issue with me. I need a waterproof case so I can go to the beach, and the waterpark nearby. Lots of summer fun to be had, but lack of water protection kinda sucks. I’m loving the G3 otherwise.

  • Don

    I have the ultra fit and ultra hybrid and really like the ultra hybrid… BUT… I don’t really like there is a useless hole at the top of those cases on the left side for the Korean version antennaes. Emailed them and they said they are only selling that model to US and to live with it. 🙁

  • ReturnOfTheMack

    You know DL likes a phone when they do case reviews.

  • ROB

    Seidio is better

  • ROR1997

    I ordered an Otterbox Symmetry. I’m thinking about getting a Cruzrlite one soon, and maybe the Ultra Hybrid.

  • Patrick Crumpler

    Slim Armor here in Shimmery White on black phone. Love the storm trooper look. I’m waiting for a Qi Wireless charger backplate. Then will look into a more form fitted case.

  • Pam Oakea

    Is this the gunmetal slim armor case?

  • Natty Bee

    Nothing with port covers?

  • jamdev12

    Clear one not good on Verizon phone. Still see ugly Verizon logos.

  • Pam Oakea

    Is this the gunmetal slim armor case? Looks great.

  • Jawbox

    Nice reviews sir. I just bought the slim armor myself, just waiting on the phone to put in it. A heads up in wanted to pass along: Be careful people if you order the spigen cases on amazon for instance though as some have the antenna cut out for the Asian model. I actually emailed spigen to ask them and they said the slim armor did not which is why I chose it. I would assume the others may switch to the non-cutout versions well but maybe ask before you order just in case.

  • NeilGeorge

    Ordered the Blue Slim Armor case.. Price was $19.99 but the price for GunMetal is $16.99?? Wtf? oh well.. signed on to trial Prime for free 2 day shipping..

  • OF

    Damn your hands move fast! 🙂

  • Shawn Spring

    Already ordered the ultra fit in shimmery white on Amazon (which has them at a bit of a discount) and it should look nice on the white G3 I’m picking up tomorrow. I’m a bit concerned about the Verizon version’s LTE battery life (since my G2 is awesome) but since I’m basically upgrading for free I guess I can’t say I’m that worried about it.

  • I’m actually thinking about going caseless with the G3. I’m tired of the extra bulk and horrible looks.

    • I wanted to as I normally don’t drop phones because it’s either always in my hand or in my pocket and I have a firm grip on it before I remove it from my pocket. But man the thought of it always makes me buy a case. This thing is a slim beauty without it though.

      • compujas

        It only takes one time. I never put cases on my phones either because I’ve never dropped them….until I dropped it….and the screen on my Razr Maxx shattered underneath the glass (glass was fine, LCD was toast). When I bought a replacement phone, I immediately put an Otterbox Commuter on it. I’m split between the Ultra Hybrid and Slim Armor for this one.

  • I ordered the Ultra Hybrid case from Amazon, It’ll be here on the 18th.

  • Joseph De La Cruz

    What’s that launcher? o:

  • Sir Wilhelm

    There no protection on the top or bottom with the slim case.

    Ringke slim all day!

    • Charlie

      i’m with ya. i ordered the Slim Armor as a stop-gap until Ringke Slim becomes available (as far as i can tell, only cases for the overseas versions are available)

      • Sir Wilhelm

        I ordered one from Amazon anyway. The cutout for the antenna wasn’t a deal breaker for me.

        • Charlie

          yeah, it’s not a huge deal. i just don’t want a bunch of dust and pocket lint accumulating in that antenna hole…

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  • p0k3y

    I wish they made the cases which replaces the phone’s back case, especially for the notebook style. That will trim the thickness quite a bit. They also don’t have the circle window feature. So does’t look like Spigen is quite on the cutting edge when it comes to G3. I bought a $5 case on ebay that does both. Don’t expect much, but should hold me over until the official case with wireless charging becomes more affordable.

  • el oh el

    welcome to g3-ife dot com

    • Mech_Engr_09

      quit cher betchin

    • serious

      The site covers whats newsworthy in the android world, if they didn’t cover launches and accessories what would the purpose of the site be?

      • Internet Bully

        Kids gotta take a joke

    • sincityjohn44

      Nah. Kellen would slit his girl wrists.

    • zurginator

      It’s sad how every time a major launch happens everyone feels the need to call the site stuff like this.

  • Big EZ

    I hope we see extended batteries like Samsung phones have from Zero Lemon.

    • guest

      LG. Phones don’t need them

      • Big EZ

        All phones need them. I don’t want to have to plug in my phone after just a few hours. It’s only got a 3000 mah battery, and it’s looking like it gets comparable battery life (according to reviews) to all other recent phones.

        • Battery life on this phone is decent, I don’t even carry my charger to work anymore. This is my battery stats after being off the charger since 6am with display brightness on 70 and 2hr 42mins of screen on time

          • Mech_Engr_09

            That’s pretty decent. I’m getting through the day with the m8 with between 3.5-4 hrs screen on time

          • Big EZ

            At that rate my phone will need to go back on the charger after 5-6 hours, just like my Note (the brightness on the Note is set as low as it can go 99% of the time)

          • qq_pvp_server

            my note 3 when i had one would go for 2 days and end up with 5 – 7 hours screen on time after i tweaked the settings to my liking

          • Big EZ

            Over the weekend I can get 2-3 days on one battery with 4-5 hours of screen on time. During the week I get 5-6 hours with the screen on time, which equates to needing to recharge after 6 hours. I use my phone a lot during the week, I don’t just stick it in my pocket on stand by. When I use it I’m normally running apps that eat more battery (browser & youtube) many times multiple at a time. Right now I’m replying to this in the browser while I also have youtube up.

      • I agree, actually most stock phones don’t need one. When I run custom Roms is when I start noticing battery life declining at a fast rate.

        • Big EZ

          I have always got better battery life than stock. That may be because I’ve mainly run stripped stock roms and occasionally AOSP. I’m stock now because I had to get a replacement and can no longer unlock my phone. When I had a rom I could get 6-7 hours before I was down to 15%. Now I get about 5 hours.