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Verizon’s Device Payment Plan Died on July 13, Unlimited Data Tougher to Keep Than Ever


You may not have realized this, but Verizon killed off their Device Payment Plan on July 13, the same day they extended Verizon Edge to include tablets. The Device Payment Plan (DPP) has been an option for those looking to avoid Edge, but more importantly, for those looking to keep unlimited data plans, as it allowed you to buy a full-priced device and spread the cost out over 12 monthly payments instead of 20 while also leaving your current data plan intact. It wasn’t the best deal in town, since it included a $2 per-month fee, but again, it was an option for those with unlimited data plans who didn’t feel like forking out $600 up front for a new phone. 

The FAQ for the DPP says that as of July 13, 2014, no new orders can be placed, but that current plans will be live until devices are paid off. After that if you want to buy a new phone with little cash up front and pay it off monthly, you will have to join Edge, which would mean giving up your unlimited data and joining a More Everything plan. Also, Verizon Edge doesn’t work with Big Red’s new ALLSET prepaid plans, so that’s not an option either.

It’s hard out here for unlimited data.

Via:  Verizon Support
Cheers Edward!
  • DJBezo

    I don’t know about the rest of you but I called Verizon and expressly told them I needed a new phone and wanted home internet. They told me we have LTE and a new phone that can be used on our network (Thunderbolt). This would solve your problem and you get DSL speeds and unlimited data. I went for it. Verizon intentionally sold their network to me as a home internet replacement. The problem is they have to please their shareholders with ever increasing profits. NOBODY was using their bloatware services (Blockbuster, VZNavigator, etc.), so they had to come up with new way to increase profits. “You don’t want to use Blockbuster but like Netflix? Fine! We will just have data caps so we will eventually get some more money out of you.” And they are doing this under the guise of “network congestion management”. If they ever decide to kill off unlimited data I will be going to another company. Sure Verizon has the best coverage. But if I can lower my bill and have coverage 80% of the time that will be ok.


    verizonchris did this exact thing for me, no hassle and recieved the discounted rate on the phone. Legit.

  • Fred Walker

    So will I be able to get a phone through ebay, so I can stay on the unlimited plan?

  • AmeliaMardleiyf

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  • Nate

    It still remains cheaper to carry a second line on your account for ~$10/mo. (~$240/2yr.) and renew that contract to get yourself a new flagship every 2 years at ~$200 than it does to go to Edge.

  • The day they take my unlimited data away is the day I move to a GSM carrier so I can use Nexus devices. If only T-Mobile had decent service around here.

  • Joe Palozzi

    Just going to throw this out there… Best Buy. You can usually pay off larger purchases over 6, 12, or even 24 months. And I cab after to their ability to port unlimited plans to new phones.

  • jestin

    Hi guys, off topic but does anyone have YouTube video not playing on their unlimited data phone? I have unlimited and Netflix loads instantly but YouTube is hit or miss last couple of days.

  • Pianodawg101

    I used my upgrade and got to keep unlimited when the S5 came out. There are still managers out there who still do things for loyal customers. Don’t go to a corporate store but go to an authorized retailer instead. The guy who did mine was the store manager of an authorized retailer. I’ve gone to him for years and he’s always put customer service above the rules. I just love that I didn’t have to pay $650 for it and that I’m locked in for another 2 years. I easily use 75-100 gbs a month cause of the basic stuff… Netflix, YouTube, and I don’t even need to pay for home Internet cause I just use Foxfi for free hotspot! Also, there is another way to upgrade without losing unlimited but also being able to renew your contract. Order the phone you want off Best Buy’s website and DO NOT go to anybody to activate it. Simply take your Sim card and place it into the new phone BEFORE turning it on and cut the new Sim card (the one that will switch you over to the 6 gb Max Plan) up. I have seen multiple reports of this working and Verizon has to honor the contract. I’m sure eventally they’ll find a way to stop that method too but try it while it’s still available!

    • Eric

      It worked for me. Do it fast before they stop it!

  • Steven

    Why don’t you just sell your phone on craigslist or ebay like a lot of other people do? You can sell your phone off contract for around $350 and then you can use that towards the purchase of the off contract phone of your choice.

  • hoosiercub88

    Why does Verizon hate us so much?

    • fartbubbler

      they don’t hate YOU, they just their data being used.

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  • Prime7

    It’s easy to keep unlimited data. It’s just hard to keep it while also staying with Verizon.

    • hoosiercub88

      Sure.. if you like EDGE.