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Verizon’s Device Payment Plan Died on July 13, Unlimited Data Tougher to Keep Than Ever

You may not have realized this, but Verizon killed off their Device Payment Plan on July 13, the same day they extended Verizon Edge to include tablets. The Device Payment Plan (DPP) has been an option for those looking to avoid Edge, but more importantly, for those looking to keep unlimited data plans, as it allowed you to buy a full-priced device and spread the cost out over 12 monthly payments instead of 20 while also leaving your current data plan intact. It wasn’t the best deal in town, since it included a $2 per-month fee, but again, it was an option for those with unlimited data plans who didn’t feel like forking out $600 up front for a new phone. 

The FAQ for the DPP says that as of July 13, 2014, no new orders can be placed, but that current plans will be live until devices are paid off. After that if you want to buy a new phone with little cash up front and pay it off monthly, you will have to join Edge, which would mean giving up your unlimited data and joining a More Everything plan. Also, Verizon Edge doesn’t work with Big Red’s new ALLSET prepaid plans, so that’s not an option either.

It’s hard out here for unlimited data.

Via:  Verizon Support
Cheers Edward!
  • DJBezo

    I don’t know about the rest of you but I called Verizon and expressly told them I needed a new phone and wanted home internet. They told me we have LTE and a new phone that can be used on our network (Thunderbolt). This would solve your problem and you get DSL speeds and unlimited data. I went for it. Verizon intentionally sold their network to me as a home internet replacement. The problem is they have to please their shareholders with ever increasing profits. NOBODY was using their bloatware services (Blockbuster, VZNavigator, etc.), so they had to come up with new way to increase profits. “You don’t want to use Blockbuster but like Netflix? Fine! We will just have data caps so we will eventually get some more money out of you.” And they are doing this under the guise of “network congestion management”. If they ever decide to kill off unlimited data I will be going to another company. Sure Verizon has the best coverage. But if I can lower my bill and have coverage 80% of the time that will be ok.


    verizonchris did this exact thing for me, no hassle and recieved the discounted rate on the phone. Legit.

  • Fred Walker

    So will I be able to get a phone through ebay, so I can stay on the unlimited plan?

  • AmeliaMardleiyf

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  • Nate

    It still remains cheaper to carry a second line on your account for ~$10/mo. (~$240/2yr.) and renew that contract to get yourself a new flagship every 2 years at ~$200 than it does to go to Edge.

  • The day they take my unlimited data away is the day I move to a GSM carrier so I can use Nexus devices. If only T-Mobile had decent service around here.

  • Joe Palozzi

    Just going to throw this out there… Best Buy. You can usually pay off larger purchases over 6, 12, or even 24 months. And I cab after to their ability to port unlimited plans to new phones.

  • jestin

    Hi guys, off topic but does anyone have YouTube video not playing on their unlimited data phone? I have unlimited and Netflix loads instantly but YouTube is hit or miss last couple of days.

  • Pianodawg101

    I used my upgrade and got to keep unlimited when the S5 came out. There are still managers out there who still do things for loyal customers. Don’t go to a corporate store but go to an authorized retailer instead. The guy who did mine was the store manager of an authorized retailer. I’ve gone to him for years and he’s always put customer service above the rules. I just love that I didn’t have to pay $650 for it and that I’m locked in for another 2 years. I easily use 75-100 gbs a month cause of the basic stuff… Netflix, YouTube, and I don’t even need to pay for home Internet cause I just use Foxfi for free hotspot! Also, there is another way to upgrade without losing unlimited but also being able to renew your contract. Order the phone you want off Best Buy’s website and DO NOT go to anybody to activate it. Simply take your Sim card and place it into the new phone BEFORE turning it on and cut the new Sim card (the one that will switch you over to the 6 gb Max Plan) up. I have seen multiple reports of this working and Verizon has to honor the contract. I’m sure eventally they’ll find a way to stop that method too but try it while it’s still available!

    • Eric

      It worked for me. Do it fast before they stop it!

  • Steven

    Why don’t you just sell your phone on craigslist or ebay like a lot of other people do? You can sell your phone off contract for around $350 and then you can use that towards the purchase of the off contract phone of your choice.

  • hoosiercub88

    Why does Verizon hate us so much?

    • fartbubbler

      they don’t hate YOU, they just their data being used.

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  • Prime7

    It’s easy to keep unlimited data. It’s just hard to keep it while also staying with Verizon.

    • hoosiercub88

      Sure.. if you like EDGE.

  • droidrazredge

    I’m wondering two things firstly how much longer will the transfer-upgrade-to-second-line-without-unlimited-data” trick still
    work? That’s what I did for my Moto X to keep Unlimited Data. Can Verizon actually plug and stop this loophole ? The second thing is do people feel Verizon can and will terminate UDP eventually and place you on a limited tiered plan by changing what their contract says making it so they have a right to not allow UDP service anymore since they can just say that it is incompatible with their system and network?

    • jason

      I’m sure they can figure something out to take unlimited away from you or plug that loophole. Worry about it if/when it happens. Just enjoy using your unlimited.

  • Jeff Creemer

    Well, Mother-f*cker!!!! I was planning to get a G3 on the payment plan so I could keep my unlimited data. Guess I’ll be getting my phone somewhere else, or stick with my S4 longer.

    • fillyo75

      Sell your S4 and just buy the G3 outright!

  • Lee Sandy

    SIM card trick…

  • Brian

    As a government level account we have “Unlimited Data”, but we were recently informed that in our contract the “Unlimited” stops at 5GB, and anything over 5GB is assumed to be inappropriate use. After 5GB, we now get 0.1MB Down/Up. VZW told us they didn’t enforce it before but are starting to now. We have a few users that regularly use 30+ GB. (Tethering, etc) We are also get Unlimited from Sprint, which appears to be true unlimited, but their service in Detroit is just not worth it. Max I’ve seen on 3 bars of 4G Sprint is 1MB Down/Up.

    • Jason

      Wow 1 MB/s (megabytes per second) down/up is fast. That’s 8 megabits per second.

    • CoreRooted

      Same here (VZW Government Unlimited). I often have to remote into work and tethering is how I usually accomplish that (I don’t like work touching my home stuff and vice-versa). I got a note from our IT organization stating that I was using “too much data” and wanting an explanation about it. I haven’t been throttled yet, but I see that coming soon.

      What a way to screw themselves out of corporate/government accounts.

  • akhnaten

    Left unlimited data on Vzw for unlimited data on TMo shortly after uncarrier initiative started and couldn’t be happier. 🙂

  • pdatsyuk

    I’ll never give up my unlimited. NEVER.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      Keep telling yourself that

  • ROR1997

    I averaged 32 gigs on my Razr maxx lol

    • RoadsterHD1


      • ROR1997

        haha, it was the OG one. I stopped using my tablet after they announced they would stop with the unlimited data. One month i had 473 gigs. Best month ever.

  • Jonathan Ly

    You can always try and Price Match Best Buy on the off-contract price from Verizon. Done that once or twice.

  • Dave

    I just switched to ting, now my bill is $40 a month, instead of $180 with verizon.

    • Dave

      That is, after they told me I couldn’t have my unlimited data anymore, and I told them where to stick it.

    • My dad is looking into alternative carriers and I suggested Ting. My parents only have two lines and don’t use a lot of data or messaging. I, on the other hand, have done the Ting calculator on multiple occasions, and constantly end up in the 2% who wouldn’t save money by switching.

  • DanThompson87

    OK I understand why Verizon wants to do this but seriously the fair thing to do would be to up thier current plans X4 at LEAST. that way $30 per month gets you 8GB. I think that is more than fair. In today’s world with Netflix, Google Music, Spotify, Drop Box, Online Gaming, and cloud storage NOBODY should have to be on a 2GB Plan. Seriously.

  • Scott

    This may be the final straw for me with Verizon. Will probably move to AT&T. I’l spend less money and still get 10 gigs for two phones. Not great, but not a rip off like Verizon either. I’m around the country and outside major cities too much to rely on T-Mobile. Not to mention relatives and in-laws are on AT&T.

    • CoreRooted

      AT&T has actually been pretty good for me. I have 8 lines with them and 20GB shared (my monthly bill is ~$320). Whenever I get close to hitting the cap, I call them and they will bump me up to 30GB for free and then remove it on the next cycle. I’ve done that maybe 10 times so far. I have to admit, I pay them a good chunk of money, but at least they’ve been good about recognizing that fact.

  • Fooer

    Dat $350 Moto X, doe

  • Syrio35

    G2 is still nice and may be had new for a bit over $300 on ebay.

  • makivelli

    I have unlimited data on my line but my wife does not. Is it possible to give her my upgrade and just activate the phone on my line? If yes, is there a step-by-step guide I can follow?

    • Dominick

      yes i did. do it online, use your upgrade for her and when the phone comes in just put your SIM card in it and BAM! new phone for you. i got myself the m7 that way

      • makivelli

        Wow! that’s excellent. How long ago did you do this?

      • makivelli

        Also, does it matter that her line has a 2gb data plan on it?

        • Dominick

          i did it almost a year ago. if she has unlimited then it will be dropped to the 2gb plan or which ever tier plan she is on.

          • makivelli

            I have the unlimited and upgrade on my line and she has 2gb and no upgrade on hers. Would that remove my unlimited data because she has a data plan?

          • Dominick

            no, it will not.

      • cornflahkes

        To be safe, it is wise to put the new phone on her line for a day/night, then put her SIM back into her old phone and throw yours into the new one. Have seen reports of them playing games based on what line the device was first activated on.

  • Kayonesoft

    The moment I lose unlimited is the moment Verizon loses a customer. Simple as that. There’s no bartering, no bargaining, no amount of sales pitches that will change that. I tell them every time.

  • Mordecaidrake

    Good thing I still got a dumb phone on my family plan so I can just upgrade swap to keep the data.

    • Andy

      you can upgrade a dumb phone line to a smart phone but then use it on your smartphone number?

      • Mordecaidrake

        Yes sir. So here’s the trick. You have the dumb phone use your upgrade (or any upgrade available on the family plan), they get the new craptastic data plans and the other lines plan doesn’t change as they didn’t use the upgrade. Once that’s done you do an ESN swap, you move that new smart phone over to your line and then cancel the data plan on the dumb phone line and re-activate the old phone. I usually suck up about an hours worth of the reps time when I do this but hey, I use on average 10gb a month. I’m not about to spend $100 more a month to use my phone the same way I’ve been using it since 2007.

  • The thing that worked for me back in November to get the Moto X was starting a 3rd line. I did all the math and even though i’m paying $9.99 more per month (because i still got the $9.99 a line plan), I am still saving money as opposed to buying a new phone outright or jumping to the tiered data or payment options. I bought the Moto X on the new line, activated it, switched sim cards to put new Moto X on my line, put old basic phone from the drawer on 3rd line, then removed all the extras from the new third line like data or text messaging. I plan on using that third line to get my discounted phones every other year.

    • fillyo75

      You could have bought an iPhone, sold it, and had plenty of money left over to buy a Moto X outright, keep that in mind for next time!

  • Paul

    Left Verizon for T-Mobile yesterday when my contract was up. Unlimited Data+Text+100mins for $30. I am able to use my current VZW GS4 too. Never looking back.

  • Greg H

    Does Best Buy do phone financing/payment plans?

  • pyro74boy .

    This is a huge deal for me because this was how I was planning on paying for my next phone on Verizon. Thank you so much Verizon for giving me more reasons to leave your network. Every single time I call Verizon customer service they always tell me thank you for being the best part of Verizon but yet they have a very funny way of showing it. It’s just a matter of time before I leave Verizon I’m just waiting on them to take away my unlimited data plan and then that will be the icing on the cake for me to go to T-Mobile’s network. If T-Mobile offered a G3 for the Free one week stand I might even be with them now because they are willing to work with me. Verizon should say thank you for being the worst part of Verizon before I hang-up the phone because they truly don’t care about me and trust me this is going to effect them in so many different ways because I’m going to tell them the exact reason why I left and trust me I will be telling EVERYONE that I know about it as well and you can bet that they will tell their friends as well. EPIC FAIL ON VERIZON WIRELESS.

    • 6stringslinger

      I must tell you, that the majority of the VZW CS reps I have talked with have been willing to bend over backwards to do whatever they could to meet my requests. Been a customer since 2000. I have no problem with people going to whatever carrier they want. But if you are with Verizon and need assistance, you will fare much better if you are pleasant with the reps and supervisors. Take it from someone who knows.

      • pyro74boy .

        Trust me I have gone out of my way to be extra nice with the reps but unfortunately being pleasant with them does not get you very far at least not from my experiences with some of the reps. I almost lost my unlimited data even after I got a phone at full retail price the Verizon rep I was working with went out of his way and lied to me and told me that I no longer had unlimited data on my account [LIAR] but lucky for me I called 611 from my phone and told them what the rep in the store told me and they said that they had no idea why he told me that because their computer screen was still showing that I had unlimited data. So I ended up ordering the phone from the phone rep instead. If people expect someone like me to be pleasant to them then I expect the same treatment back and I was not very nice to them after I almost lost my unlimited data plan. Being nice doesn’t really get you very far anymore.

    • hoosiercub88

      Yup, I was waiting for this fall to see what L brought, and this was my plan as well.

      T-Mobile doesn’t work here, neither does AT&T/Sprint. So I’m between a rock and a hard place. Maybe it’s time to go back to a dumbphone and keep a nice tablet.

  • edwardvasquez3

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  • TankRizzo

    Unlimited Data is LITERALLY the only thing keeping me with this dogshit company. The day they take it is the day I leave.

    • pyro74boy .

      Same here. Very well said. Verizon is playing games with you and me. Verizon did everything they could to get me to lose my unlimited data including lying to me but nope I still have been able to keep it.

      • hkklife

        Same here. Well, their coverage and the grandfathered unlimited. And, to a lesser degree, the # of friends, family, and coworkers on VZW too.

    • fillyo75

      Yeah, ignore the fact they have the best coverage

      • hoosiercub88

        On one hand, I average about 13-15Gb a month. You are correct though, they definitely have the best coverage.

        No other carrier compares in coverage where I live/work/play, especially everyone’s favorite poster child T-Mobile. It’s rough though when VZW keeps doing things to drive me away as a customer, I’m clinging to my unlimited data until they literally force me off of it, and then I dunno what I’ll do.

        Most people will suggest that I use more WiFi, and truth be told, the majority of my data usage comes from streaming music over Spotify while I’m driving. Sure I could download it all over WiFi before-hand but then radio wouldn’t work as well, and not to mention, HQ music on Spotify can take up quite a chunk of space on a smartphone.

        T-Mobile needs to match VZW’s LTE footprint in 3-5 years at the most.. if they do this, then VZW will be in trouble, and so will T-Mobile if they get a flood of network traffic multiple times what they’re used to.

  • Carol Uren

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      • jmashis

        I’d rather read a spam comment than one like yours.

        • Obama is the new Bush

          serious? Gays are just big whiny hypocrites, they are crying that nobody likes them and then go around bashing transgenders.

          • hoosiercub88

            Serious? GTFO

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          • hoosiercub88

            Ladies & gentleman.. ‘Murrica and Droid Life’s finest right here.

          • hoosiercub88

            For the record though, I’m part of that “3%” LOL, that’s a hilarious numerical statistical percentage.. anyway, I’m part of that population, and I’ve never been to a parade, I’ve never cross-dressed, I’ve never worn any kind of false phallic appendage. Homosexuality is prevalent in nature, and humanity dating back well before the USA was on any kind of map, before we even had a global map *of which our current one is actually very incorrect in proportion* We don’t know anything, we know what media, religion, other people, and nurture tells us. We are nothing more than complicated bacteria designed to slowly kill this planet, which is exactly what we’re doing. There is no communism or assimilation… Not sure what super secret mom’s basement cave you’ve been in for the past few years. Socialism does not equal communism, as i “higher thinking animal” I’m sure you know that though, being that you can read and all.

  • JRH 61462

    I won’t be able to listen to Texas Hippie Coalition 24/7 if I lose my unlimited data! That would SUCK.

  • James Green

    I don’t understand why they can’t allow grandfathering like AT&T does. As long as I don’t make major changes to my account I get to keep my unlimited data. AT&T also allows you to upgrade while retaining unlimited data. Verizon is being difficult just because they can.

    • wow

      Not true. AT&T grandfathers people in and allows them to use upgrades and keep unlimited data BECAUSE they throttle your data at 5gb. That’s terrible. Verizon doesn’t throttle at all! I built my own desktop computer and had to re-download all my steam games. 400gb later and I was still pulling 30mbs down! Can’t do that with AT&T…

      The “not true” part is referring to you saying they are “being difficult just because they can.” Every company just wants to make money. In this particular situation, AT&T is safeguarding revenue by throttling your data while Verizon is safeguarding revenue by removing people from unlimited when they want the shiny new phone for $199. Different business tactic, same end goal.

      • Ruining it For All of Us!

        “desktop computer”…”400gb later”…

        @$$ [email protected]

        • wow

          I pay for unlimited data on Verizon and on top of that pay $30/mo for legitimate tethering. Please, please, PLEASE, explain with logic and reason how that is being an “ass hat” and “ruins it for everyone”?

        • hoosiercub88

          I’d love to know how he is ruining anything for anyone… The myth that someone is hogging all of the LTEzzz for everyone is just that, a myth.

  • mcdonsco

    After getting cm11 on my g2 today, I think I’ll be happy keeping it for another few months, at least…so I’m good.

  • Jasonics

    I just used my upgrade to get the M8 and going into the Verizon store I figured I’d be SOL on keeping my unlimited data. The girl who helped me brought it up and said she can process my upgrade so I can keep it for another 2 years. I was fine with that! Just have a regular 2-yr plan, none of this edge nonsense. I guess there are a few good Verizon reps out there….

    • Andy

      so you upgraded to the M8 and kept your unlimited data?

  • lobo

    People are financing phones these day? Wow…

    • hoosiercub88

      You obviously haven’t been paying attention have you…

    • It was an easy choice for me to split the full retail price of my new phone over a year rather than pay it all up front. $600 up front vs $624 financed ($52/month).

  • Big Daddy

    unlimited data needs to be taken away because it is not a strong enough bandwith to handle the new network and is slows everyone else down for speeds that don’t have that plan anymore.

  • Rich Robinson

    I’ll just wait for another Droid Life mention of a “glitch” in the Verizon system and speed race to the nearest store with my CC in hand like last fall

    • 6stringslinger

      No need to race to the store. Just call customer service and get a supervisor to verify that you will keep unlimited data. Supervisors can give their names and identification numbers out, customer service reps won’t. Supervisors can send you an email to back up what they tell you, too. That’s what I did last Sept.

  • PILL

    All u gotta do is transfer your upgrade to another line o. Your account . upgrade that line switch the phon E back to previous one. U can then take the phone and still have unlimited data. While getting the desired phone for the discounted price.. Your welcome…

  • Dark_Laser

    Droid Life’s last mention of Verizon’s device payment plan was Apr 22, 2013. Way to keep us informed…

  • Hector Abreu

    I got my G2 at full retail much to the dislike of the folks at Verizon.. I burn about 25 to 30GB a month. My next phone will also be purchased at full retail. Unlimited text and data with 900 min for only $90 a month on Verizon is too sweet of a deal to loose. Not to mention my contract ended last December.

  • Danny

    What about that best buy ordering work around?

    • Obama is the new Bush

      it worked for me a few months back ordering a S5

  • morgan boyle

    I certainly used a lot more data when I tethered to my tablet. But even still. Streaming high quality music still uses a ton and i’ll fight to keep my unlimited data.

  • Quint

    Dang it. Did one back in January and was hoping to try it again the following January. Oh well, it will be used phones on Swappa from now on.

  • Artune

    Which is why I pre-ordered my G3 for 651.74 (after tax) I have to keep my unlimited data, plus paying 77 a month is worth shelling out that much straight up.

  • DJyoSNOW

    I’d buy out right but realized you can charge I believe $300 to the account so it some what level payments.

  • Greg

    So we are left with stealing other peoples upgrades or buying full price. Am I missing any other options?

    • Matthew Toomey

      Finance through Moto.

  • Only a matter of time before Verizon ends unlimited data altogether. {{-_-}}

  • Jennay22

    I’m happy buying used. Love my unlimited. I use the unlimited 4G hotspot on my Moto X when we travel and I have 2 ipads (kids) and and ipad mini (hubby) that use it on the road. We travel a lot. As long as the kids are not asking “are we there yet”, then I’m happy.

  • CyHawk60

    Who cares. I Plan on financing through Motorola.

  • dlegendary0ne

    They will probably offer with the Maxx plan as an alternative where you get a large amount of data for the same price as 2. I get 6gb for the price of 2.

  • Eliot Wilhelm

    I just bought my G3 through my dads line who has a basic phone. Just have to change his plan back to basic and I get to keep my unlimited data while buying a phone for on contract price.

  • cruzfl0w

    I wonder how much an unlimited line would go for on Craigslist?

    • John Friend

      Depends. Anywhere from $50 to $300. They sell them often on howard forums.

  • Kelly OBrien

    So far this billing cycle I am at 11 1/2 gigs of data. I am on track to use approx 25 gigs this month. This is an average for me . I use it to stream everything and anything. Netflix,YouTube pandora and wireless tethering. I let the wife and daughter connect and use it for everything. I guess what I’m getting at is I am going to milk it for every gig that I can. I pay a pretty penny for my service and love the coverage that verizon gives me. It will be a cold day in hell before I give up my unlimited data plan. I have 2 upgrades on my family plan And plan on using one for the G3. Next week. Going to connect it to the wife’s phone then disconnect it and change out the sim nd BAM got a new phone for $99 while still keep my unlimited data plan.

  • Nick

    That’s ok. Once the Moto X+1 comes out, I’m dropping VZW for T-Mobile. Unlimited data, unlocked phones, international data, no BS. Also can’t wait to get my Moto360 with it.

    • John Friend

      T-Mobile has unlimited 4G data? That is never throttled?

      • Nick

        They have 3 tiers.

        1GB unlimited LTE w/ unlimited 3G. $50/mo ($40 for each additional line)

        3GB unlimited LTE w/ unlimited 3G. $60/mo ($50 for each additional line)

        Unlimited LTE w/ 5GB LTE tethering $70/mo ($60 for each additional line)

        All with unlimited minutes and text.

        • John Friend

          That is freaking awesome. I’m glad that some people at least have options. I wish their coverage map was more clear to understand where 4g is though.

          • Dusty

            If you want to test the coverage out around your area you can “test drive” their network for free. They just put a temp. hold on your cc of i think $699.99 (the value of the iphone) and you can test their network for 7 days. I’m pretty sure you could take the sim out and put it into an android phone if you really wanted to (don’t quote me on that).

        • capecodcarl

          That isn’t quite right. I only know the family plans, but basically it’s $80/month base charge for a family plan of 2 phones with unlimited talk and text and with 1GB 4G data included and unlimited EDGE service after that. You can upgrade to 3GB of 4G data at $10 per line, 5GB for $20 per line, 7GB for $30/line, unlimited (with 5GB tethering) for $30 per line or unlimited (with 7GB tethering) for $40/line. You can obviously mix and match as well and all the non-unlimited plans let you use free mobile hotspot and tethering against your pool of data.

          Certain music services don’t count against your data cap like Spotify, iHeartRadio, iTunes Radio, Slacker Radio, Pandora, and a few others. There is a list online (look up “Music Freedom”) and they plan on adding more eventually. Also Speedtest.net doesn’t count against your data cap anymore. I know some months I’d go speed test happy and over 50% of my data usage was speed tests. It’s a decent option if you’re in a major metropolitan market or suburbs and they have 4G there. Expect 2G EDGE coverage (40-100 Kbps on a good day) in any area outside a major city until they upgrade those towers to LTE over the next year.

  • Richard

    I dont give a darn. I still pay full retail for devices. My unlimited data is worth it. I use about 150 Gigs a month. I canceled my time Warner service. I use my unlimited data for everything. Netflix. YouTube. Downloading movies. I. Turn on my hot spot (rooted) and connect my laptop to it and use up as much data as I can. know it must get Verizon mad.

    • For some of us unlimited users, it was easier to split the full retail price over 12 months rather than pay it all up front. I bought my LG G2 last fall on the Device Payment Plan, kept my unlimited data, didn’t have to sign up for a new plan or contract.

  • Robbie

    Wow I just did my 2nd dpp last week. Just made it.

  • Mason Lammers

    Marry a Verizon rep and Verizon will let you upgrade at discount and keep unlimited… God bless America!

    • morpheus282

      This makes me wonder two things.
      1. Is there a market for sham “unlimited data” marriages like there is for green cards?
      2. Would my wife be ok with bigamy?

  • John Friend

    The only thing keeping us with Verizon is their coverage and unlimited data. We have 5 lines, 2 with unlimited data, and 3 feature phones. Basically an endless supply of upgrades.

    We like to save them though. I got a droid maxx in September for $100 after trade up. We then upgraded our other line to a 16gb droid maxx. It was a steal. The phone was free. We got $100 trade up credit for trading in an old phone we weren’t even using. Plus ordering through comcast scored us an additional bonus $150 visa in 6-8 weeks. Not to mention the serve bonuses and isis referral bonuses.

    We have a friend who is a Verizon rep. And always have issues if we try to do anything without her help. Some stores even try making you keep a device active for 24 hours before switching when doing an alternate upgrade. That’s actually commission fraud. Good to know.

    We only use 1-3 gbs a month per smartphone. But it seems like once or twice a year there will be either a hineyInternet outage or family emergency where our usage goes to 10-20gbs per device.

    I even make the reps look at our history. We don’t abuse our unlimited. I’m sure some will get mad that I even say that. Luckily comcast Internet in our area is unlimited and affordable. If that weren’t the case I suppose my usage would be higher. But I try to adjust my habits.

    My roku doesn’t even offer an option to lower the quality. So I usually just turn on 3G only and that solves the problem.

    I will say when the next line of droids are released I pray to God they aren’t some next generation lte with voip where grandfathered plans aren’t covered. Although my current phone is better than any of my previous ones.

    It would be nice to not buy something carrier exclusive so my accessories aren’t so limited. But my phone gets great battery life and AWESOME reception. Hey, it didn’t score number one on the top 5 list of worst radiation for nothing!

  • Jeff

    I think I’ll be keeping my unlimited data.

    • John Friend

      Awesome! But man, doesn’t that notification bar bother you…

      • Jeff

        Doesn’t bother me…

        • Dude… root that thing. Ain’t no one got time for that.

    • Ben Tapia

      105.92?? How…

      • Jarred Sutherland

        “XLTE” I am guessing.

    • Damn, son! Do you live on top of a cell tower?

  • randomyut

    It’s easy to keep your unlimited data if you are in family plans with phones off unlimited data. Transfer upgrades to dumb phone lines or other lines without unlimited data, upgrade phone, don’t activate on that line and activate it with another line as if you bought it full price. I use 15-20GB a month alone, cannot imaging living like everyone else with only 2GB shared across a family. Complete BS forcing such price gauging upon customers for using a small amount of data in a world where data is used when just sneezing.

  • Does the “transfer-upgrade-to-second-line-without-unlimited-data” trick still work? That’s what I did for my Moto X to keep Unlimited Data. Of course, that workaround could change over the months but it’s way easier to do and doesn’t require buying off contract.

    • John Friend

      Yes it works. And has always. There were some system glitches last year where people could upgrade, keep data plan, even with single line.

      • morpheus282

        Yes, there was a glitch, and I took advantage of it with both of our unlimited lines. My only regret was going with the Galaxy S4 instead of the Note 3. I’m praying for another glitch late next year, but not banking on it.

  • Pancakes

    It seems these payment plans are mostly for those who are forever in debt.

  • Patrick Crumpler

    So now how attractive does Prepaid and a Nexus or One+ or any other sub $400 phone and $55 5 gig/month plan look?

    • hoosiercub88

      Still not very attractive to me, seeing as nobody with a plan like that can offer me LTE coverage here.

  • David Dudovitz

    I’m lucky to have a couple of family members sticking for dear life to their flip phones so I can mooch their upgrade and keep unlim. data

  • PENDULUM1976

    I’m bought a new one still in the box s4 off ebay just slipped in my Sim card got it for 400.00 Verizon wanted 750.00 so I’m good for now

  • King

    Or you could just budget for a new phone yourself. $25 a month over 2 years will get you a $600 phone. For some (like me) it’s worth it to keep unlimited data. My S4 has another year to 18 months in it… A phone with strong dev backing can make all the difference. I wish T-Mobile had a network anywhere near Verizons. I’d be gone in a minute.

    • John Friend

      Or buy from swappa.com they have brand new Droid maxx for $250…

  • dizel123

    And my concern level over this is Zero. Oh the joy of having 5 lines where 3 of them have feature phones whose owners don’t seem to ever want to upgrade so I can just rotate upgrades and keep unlimited.I still loveth thee Verizon

  • Michael Hammond

    Looks like I won’t be upgrading any time soon….though I really don’t need to…GS4 holding strong on unlimited!

  • Tomek G

    That makes me want to move to T-Mobile more. Half of the year I blow over 2GB a month, once a year, I reach like 6 or 8GB especially when working remotely. My droid4 is barely alive, so leaves me only choice

    • John Friend

      Why not buy a droid maxx for 250 new on swappa? Or add a $10 line and always swap upgrades?

  • Well, if you can resist the temptation to buy a phone the moment it’s released, you can always buy them in a much lower price a few months after its launch. Android phones’ prices drop rather quickly — you can see a discount in just 3 months after a launch.

  • RoboCop

    Moto X for $299 and Motorola’s no interest financing…now let’s hope the X+1 is only like $450…

    • Godzilla


  • enjoi

    Don’t hate.
    Watch free porn.

  • grayson360

    Well crap. Now what do I do?

  • turbonut20v

    its funny seeing all the people who dont have unlimited data bitch to those who do acting like its their fault BECAUSE WERE MONSTERS THAT USE WHAT WE PAY FOR OMG!, HEADLINES PEOPLE these companies change policies and plans so that it can bring them more money, these new policies make people go through not only plans but devices faster than ever, and place ridiculous data caps so you can reach the cap well before the months end so they can slap you with a penalty charge. money money money! you can keep bitching tho, that way we can see your jelly bellies

  • Jeremy Finn

    It’s hard out here for unlimited data, it’s hard, for unlimited data, it’s hard, for unlimited data, it’s hard….

    ….It’s hard out here! Because a bitch is unlimited data, and unlimited data is a bitch.

    I’ll just watch Lily Allen’s music video all day long and keep babbling about Major Lazer Bubble Butt on my Chromebook than fight against Verizon’s economy and “fair rights by data usage and overages”.

    If you want to do something illegal, it’s unlimited data. There is no other choice. #MAJORLAZER #BUBBLEBUTT

  • No_Smoking

    What phone is that in the picture? Looks like a samsung but not sure?

    • DanSan

      note 3

      • No_Smoking

        ah ok thanks

  • Every Verizon employee I’ve ever spoken to told me that this program didn’t even exist. I know it does, but it was obviously rarely used.

  • chris125

    That’s why I use best buy credit card. No interest and can keep unlimited data.

  • NyReynolds

    Granted I’ve never used the DPP, but this may be the last straw that makes me leave verizon. Yeah, it doesn’t make sense, but i’m sick of Verizon’s plans/practices/locked down phones/no Nexus’. might have to join Tmobile and their small coverage footprint…..

  • Ryan Dombroski

    Glad I still have Unlimited Data and I plan on keeping it as long as I can – If It means I have to pay full price for a new phone then that is what I will do 🙂 Especially when I use 20+ Gigs a month

    • Mickey A Valentine

      Get a simple phone then you can swap upgrades at Costco and pay a subsidized price

      • NyReynolds

        so how do you do that when you can’t simply swap the sim card from the old smartphone to the new?

        • Mickey A Valentine

          I don’t swap sims, Costco dude uses the upgrade from the simple phone number to show that it’s been upgraded. Both phone numbers are deactivated. Then I’m entitled to a subsidized phone. I pick the M8. Pay 199.99 (I got 100 back a week later since it dropped in price to 99.99) and he then activates with my other number. But wait he upgraded the simple number. Well that’s been off since there’s no activation on it yet. The system supposedly just needs to see a new activation. After my new phone with my smartphone # is active. He reactivated my simple phone and I’m done. Once Verizon bans upgrade swaps, I won’t be able to do that anymore. Of course as they explain it at Costco

        • jim

          Well actually you can

        • 6stringslinger

          You just call VZW and tell them you are switching your two phones around. No sim card moving necessary. I have done it several times in the past. Never had a problem. Never had to switch a sim card.

  • kali bred

    Funny thing I tried to do this payment plan a couple of months ago to get a new phone and the guy denied me and talking about they’re not in the business of financing that I would have to use edge to get a payment plan on a phone

    • LionStone

      Your past payment history has to be good or they won’t. If yours is good then he was just jerking you around!

    • yevgeniy spiridonov

      The same with me, try to use dpp plan on July 10, the guy told me no .they didn’t do anymore this.need to switch to edge..So I sad no.and cancel and moved to T-mobile and very happy with speed and service and can pay monthly for phone I want.

  • Daniel Russell

    We still have a dumb phone that we can pass upgrades to and then transfer phones to the account we want. It’s worked well for an iphone 5s and two droid maxxs. I’m keeping unlimited until they kill this option! When that happens, hello T-mobile?

  • B!

    Damn! I didn’t even know about the DPP. I added another line to get the Note 3 & keep my unlimited data. Oh well. I just changed my plan to save $70/month since I’m only averaging 2GB.

  • Jim

    Why not just save some bucks a month yourself so you can just buy a new phone up front? Why essentially do the same thing plus $2 a month with DPP? Then again, I’m not one who keeps a credit card balance from month to month but pay it off each month.

  • JonBLong2

    You can have my unlimited data when you pry it from my cold dead lifeless fingers….

    • Franklin Ramsey

      Or when they change the available plans. You know, whichever comes first.

  • sr20s13

    Yeah I’m basically stuck on Verizon, the only 2 carriers where I live are AT&T and Verizon and since I can’t switch to AT&T and keep unlimited data and I used about 10 to 20gb a month with no tethering like some people and don’t download things to my phone just straight music streaming. So i’ll stick with my 78 dollar a month plan and say that i’m saving the cost of not switching my plan but I planned on getting the G3 this weekend with DPP looks like that is not happening now haha

  • Disqus_n00b

    If you need a payment plan, you can’t afford a smartphone.

    • TechTitan

      You must pay cash for your vehicle purchases…and home purchases for that matter.

      • lobo

        Ya, $600 is the same as $600,000…

        • TechTitan

          The principle is the same. And for some, $600 is the same as $600k…as in impossible.

      • Disqus_n00b

        A home doesn’t lose half its value in 2 years

  • Greg

    I’m willing to give up my unlimited data and switch to either AT&T or T-Mobile. If I’m going to get screwed, I’d rather get screwed on a Nexus….

    • Jason Kahn

      If you switch to T-Mobile no need to give up unlimited. That’s of course you live in the city or Suburbs. Or do like I do with my Nexus 5 keep a prepaid AT&T sim on hand for when you travel into the country side.

      • Disqus_n00b

        is there a daily plan you use in those situations?

        • Jason Kahn

          Yes, you can use pay as you go, if it’s for only a day. If it’s for a two weeks like my upcoming trip to VT you can take a monthly plan.

          If it’s for business take whatever your company will pay for. It’s the best option if you have an unlocked device and rely on it heavily the data plans on AT&T are pretty bad though so only use it as an option if you frequently travel out of T-Mobiles coverage


      • Greg

        I’m considering T-Mobile. I’m in LA, so coverage should be fine. I think I’ll go their test drive program to see how it goes.

    • DanSan

      im in the same boat. i know they are going to take it from us. you have to be very foolish to think you can hold onto it forever. t-mobile coverage isnt that great near me ever since moving from NY to PA so i cant go that route. already tried their test drive for a week and it didnt work out. only other option is AT&T, which will save me money but ill lose my unlimited data. i dont really use that much 2-4gb so its not a huge blow to me

  • Ralph Bretz

    I’m getting ready to leave Verizon for Cricket until T-Mobile rolls out in my area

  • Mickey A Valentine

    I fear the day when upgrades are no longer transferable. New contract price and unlimited data kept, win win.

  • philnolan3d

    So happy I switched to T-Mobile. None of this crazy nonsense.

    • Defenestratus


      I took the plunge last fall when the Note 3 came out and swtiched to T-mo. The only times I’m unhappy are when I have to travel outside the city. It really it atrocious coverage out there if you’re not in a metro area.

      • philnolan3d

        I don’t even live in the city, I’m about a half hour outside of Philadelphia. My 4GLTE is great outdoors. It only gets a little slow sometimes in my house, but in the house I have Wi-Fi calling.

        • DanSan

          which direction? im near west chester and i tried out t-mobile for a week. the coverage was great when i had it… the problem was getting it.

          • philnolan3d

            I’m north of the city, near Lansdale and Montgomeryville.

  • adbFreedom

    It’s ok, I will be financing the new Moto device (Dev Edition) from motorola.com directly with zero interest anyway. F VZW

  • King of Nynex

    I’m curious to know what percentage of Verizon customers still have an unlimited data plan at this point.

  • coh303

    Robbed a family members upgrade to get my G3 because he just uses a flip phone anyway. Can’t wait to spend an hour on the phone with VZW customer service to get it all switched and set up correctly. Wish it wasn’t such a pain in the ass to keep unlimited

  • Matt Groff

    You do have to give up Unlimited Data for EDGE, but it does not force you into a MORE Everything plan.

  • tomf80

    I realize no one wants to put up $600 for a phone. But, are we really putting phones on credit now? I suppose if it was an absolute need for a developer (surely there would be far cheaper options!), but for a toy no reason to put it on credit.

    • Defenestratus

      You must not be American.

      In America, we buy things that we really can’t afford all the time. The average American household is $15,191 in debt with credit cards alone. We like to hem and haw about our freedom but we’ll willingly enslave ourselves to a credit bank in return for some shiney things to stroke.

      • tomf80

        Pretty much. Yes, I am American, but I try my hardest not to be a typical one.

    • chris125

      I put it on best buy card and pay it off completely the next month. Only reason I do that is to build up credit. Now most don’t do it like this but just because you use credit doesn’t mean you don’t have the money then and there

    • TC Infantino

      A Toy?!?! How dare you, Sir! I’ll have you know that we simply cannot live without our pocket computers (which 10 years ago a large percentage of people didn’t even have a standard cellphone), bottled water (which I still don’t understand because I grew up drinking from water fountains and a garden hose outside in the summer), 200 channels of cable- mostly brain cell killing reality TV shows (up from the 3 main channels plus PBS during my childhood), and of course a choice of $500-600 dollar gaming consoles for our children to spend hours playing (instead of going outside and playing with the other neighborhood children until our parents had to threaten us to make us come inside for the night).

  • teebone

    Ummm noo, I pay full price for my unlimited data. I’ve never done the payment plan screw that. I’ll continue to pay full price and keep my unlimited data 😉 thank you very much!!!!

    • The Device Payment Plan, in my opinion, was the way to go for unlimited data users. I walked into a Verizon store, plopped down $200, and walked out with a new phone. No new contract, no signing up for Edge, no hassles. Then the remaining cost was split over my next 12 bills. In the end, it was much easier to do $200 down plus $35/month tacked on to my bill, rather than paying $600 up front for a new phone.

  • Silver Veloz

    When I got my Moto X through MotoMaker, when first available through Verizon, I clicked on Keep plan as is. My Unlimited stayed on for the two-year subsidized cost. I was thankful it was overlooked. Next time, I may not be so lucky.

  • TC Infantino

    While I realize that it can be difficult, the best option is to put $50 or more aside each month. Then after 12 months, you have the $600 or more that you would need to pay for the next big thing. A new phone every year isn’t doing bad at all.

    • This is exactly what everyone should do, but very few do heh. Cash is so much fun to spend. 😛

      • David Ust

        Get points/cash back/miles etc with the card purchase, then use the cash to pay it back at the end of the month for double bonus!

    • jamaall

      what i do is upgrade my phone every 2 years, then steal parents upgrades the other year so i get a new phone every year at a subsidized price. they dont care about the latest tech like me

    • I’ve found you can usually get top phones for closer to $400 on Ebay, new or mint condition, if you’re willing to wait a few months after release. It’s a significant difference, if you can bear to wait. I haven’t gotten one from Verizon since the Galaxy Nexus, and I also feel better that I’m not contributing to their profit margins any more than necessary.

    • Bunklung

      Also, if you sell your old phone you can normally get $50-$200. I am a HUGE fan of using Swappa and eBay to purchase and sell old phones when it’s time to upgrade. Craigslist is good too since the fees are non-existent. If you have Asurion insurance too you can always get a refurbished phone for $100 deductable. You can sometimes pickup used/cracked screen phones on eBay for less than $100. I picked up a clean ESN Moto X for $25.

    • Sporttster

      I like this idea! Then the wife wouldn’t razz me so much when buying the ‘next big thing’….

    • Scott

      With this latest decision, I think it is only a matter of time before Verizon pulls unlimited out from underneath off-contract users too.

  • Ben Murphy


  • tiev

    Never even knew about the DPP. I just buy my phone outright and keep unlimited.

    • Derek

      I just did the same thing, bought a new phone cash. Screw those a-holes. I’m going to start downloading everything using my unlimited data.

  • Ramana

    Lets see how long unlimited stays around. I have a feeling most people will just give up when a shiny new phone comes around.

    • Matthew Toomey

      Had my eye set on the MotoX+1 DE, which is full price anyways. Need dat root.

      • kashtrey

        And Moto offers no interest financing anyway, so screw VZW and their terrible financing options.

  • Mech_Engr_09

    Wow fuq off Verizon. Seriously. I’m so tired of their bullshiit

  • jonzey231

    T-Mobile for the win!

    • Matthew Toomey

      T-Mobile coverage doesn’t win for a lot of folks, including me – in the city its great; just five miles outside it, no service whatsoever. Trust me, I’ve given them every chance I can, but my nine month experiment with them will likely end soon.

      • Mech_Engr_09

        I tried it for a month and couldn’t take it anymore. You forgot to mention their god awful building Penetration

        • Jason Kahn

          I live an work in Manhattan and My verizon GS4 didn’t work anywhere indoors, not in my office not in my apartment.

          Switched to T-Mobile using the Nexus 5 it works everywhere, with the exception of the elevator.

          Even works in about half of the NYC subways stations, i think that’s because T-Mobile was one of the first to sign on to the cities new under ground cell service system.

          • Matthew Toomey

            Agreed. Columbus, OH – I get good building penetration and service up to the 40th floor of my building on T-Mo. Until VZW flipped the switch on AWS it was dog$hit slow and didn’t get five feet into the building. Now both are about as good.

          • Cody

            CBUS REP!!!

          • Jason Kahn

            Matthew are you using a Nexus or an unlocked phone. When I head upstate I take a prepaid AT&T sim along just in case I leave a T-Mobile service are

          • Matthew Toomey

            N5 on T-Mo and M8 on VZW, sick of carrying two phones 🙁

          • jimt

            How much does it cost to have a prepaid at&t sim? Is this out of a burner phone? It could have very little data on it if you used it for just calling if no T-mo service. It sounds like a good idea for those times when you are out in the boonies.

          • jonzey231

            Hell yeah I’m in Columbus too!!! And T-Mobile consistently gives me 30+ Mbps in whitehall/, reynoldsburg, westerville and Lewis Center!

          • Matthew Toomey

            Not to one up at all, but I’m getting 50+ Mbps in Hilliard/Dublin on VZW, but yes T-Mo is good inside 270 and even the areas you play in. But Marysville and far South side (Groveport/Rickenbacker) with no data/no service on T-Mo is killing me.

          • EdubE24

            How are you guys getting these crazy speeds in C-bus? I’m in the Dublin/Powell area and the most I can get is low twentys!! Using an iPhone 5s…

          • Matthew Toomey

            How, I really don’t know. I did test speed like 1/4 mile from my house (while driving about 25 MPH) and I got like 2.2 Mbps. But sure enough, pull into the garage and run it again – 55 Mbps. Just ran it again 46/16 (down/up).

            I guess how – location, location, location.

          • EdubE24

            Just did another test….

            This is banana’s!!!

          • jonzey231

            Yeah I was in Groceport a couple months ago while car shopping for my gf and I was so happy my ’14 Corolla had GPS built in because Google Maps wasn’t gonna happen. I’m from Coshocton and there is legit ZERO service there, like I can’t even call 911 lol. So I know what you mean. Luckily I only go back for a day or two for the holidays and I bought a Lumia 521 so I can still use WiFi calling/texting when I can.

          • jonzey231

            I was in Marysville near the Honda plant over the weekend I and I had LTE on my N4. Maybe they recently expanded a little?

        • Mickey A Valentine

          Can’t even get good penetration in my patio

          • Jason Kahn

            Where do you live what city?

          • Mickey A Valentine

            Whittier, Ca. the rep always says, “you’ll get great coverage”. Not the case, I like relaxing outside but not with 0-1 bar of signal. Yet as soon as I go down the block boom full bars.

          • Guest

            Never had an issue in Whittier or LA habra for that matter.

          • Mickey A Valentine

            East/South Whittier is okay but I didn’t get good signal in uptown off of Hadley, by the quad where I work, or at my house by Norwalk blvd

          • jimt

            You can get an extender for in the house that hooks to your comcast that will get you 5 bars, and there is also wifi.

          • Ryan

            Haha I live in Whittier too. Phones matter. My tmobile phone works great. Same data speeds almost as att. Verizon I get 75 down.

          • Mickey A Valentine

            I used Nexus 5 & iPhone 5C. Even AT&t doesn’t work around my house or little areas where I just happen to be with my girlfriend.

          • Maison Pulaski

            That’s what she said. /obligatory

      • Aaron C

        I’m a big T-Mo fan, just because of what they’ve done to shake up the industry. As soon as they announced Uncarrier 1.0, I paid my ETFs with Verizon (w/ unlimited data), bought a bunch of Nexus 4’s and said never again to contracts. However, I just got back from ten days in NH and everything north of Holyoke, MA was pretty brutal. Never before had I seen the “G” designation on my Nexus 5 (which I found out just means 2G). I saw E, R, G and service from UNICEL, AT&T and even Verizon (tried to attach pic, but it doesn’t seem to show up for some reason — i have no idea how I was allowed to “roam” on Verizon). Where T-Mobile had tower sharing from AT&T all you got was Edge, and although the Network Info app was telling me data was connected, it was unusable. Even when connected to T-Mobile, I was still often in 2G with mostly unusable data connection. Phone calls and SMS texts always worked fine, no drops which was nice. But as much as I love T-Mobile, I can see why for some people it’s AT&T or Verizon with no other option. I hope T-Mobile fixes that soon and gets that 700Mhz spectrum rolled out, or next year on vacation I’m definitely making some kind of alternate plan to get my data. I know the point of vacation is to get away from tech, but I realized how much I’ve come to rely on easy access to data when I need it (to view restaurant location, GPS routing, etc.).

        • Guest

          Pic didn’t show up in first post for some reason.

  • Eric G Canoy

    welp, there goes upgrading to the LG G3 with the DPP…

    • Ben Murphy

      Yep =(

      • 🙁

        • Eric G Canoy

          I guess I’m stuck with my G’Nex

          • Fozzybare

            then that is your fault. no one should be using that phone anymore.

          • Eric G Canoy

            you’d be surprised

          • jimt

            I still have a working Gnex also but it only works on wifi, dumped Verizon for the Nexus 5 and Tmo, best move ever.

    • verizonchris

      Message me on rootzwiki under the same username. I may be able to help with that unlimited data plan 🙂

      Edit: same goes for anyone else wanting to upgrade with unlimited data.

      • Mech_Engr_09

        Can you help me as well. I wanted to get it on thursday

      • Eric G Canoy

        what are you proposing verizonchris?

        • verizonchris

          I have already assisted several people from dl upgrade with unlimited (at discount pricing). I am offering to assist you as well.

          • Mech_Engr_09

            Awesome 🙂 thank you so much. How do I contact you on there.

          • teebone

            I’m thinking of using your assistance as well. On my current plan I have an upgrade..have 2 lines right now

          • teebone

            How do we get a hold of you?

          • verizonchris

            Send me a PM on rootzwiki. I’m under the same username there

          • Minh

            Awesome, all he needs is your number, address, account number, credit card number and SSN.

          • verizonchris

            Don’t forget pin number and date of birth! Lol

            Seriously though…. I know it’s a BIG leap of faith trusting someone commenting online, but I promise that I am legitimately trying to help people. There are several people who I have helped through the dl forums already (feel free to chime in guys).

          • Chris Wedel

            I messaged you, would really appreciate your help. Thanks!

          • bonbon

            He has helped me with my lines. I was skeptical at first too, but it has been fine. I just hope he doesn’t get in trouble for it. I know that some carriers troll the threads.

        • lobo

          It’s just opening a second line and using it to get discounted upgrades. In the end you won’t really save a lot over the course of the 2 year contract. I guess it’s still savings though.

      • Mech_Engr_09

        How do I message you on there

      • teebone

        I tried messaging you on rootzwiki but it stated you weren’t accepting messages

        • verizonchris

          Inbox was full. Sorry about that! You should be good now.

      • Shawn Spring

        Are you by chance on XDA as well Chris?

  • David

    Still transferring upgrades to my Brother in laws line. The Verizon Rep even suggested it in order to keep my unlimited data.

    • ASV505

      That’s what I do with my mom’s feature phone plan

    • This is about the only option left, outside of buying a phone at full retail.

    • admmck

      There are pretty good phones (and prices) on Craig’s list, still. Just got a Brand New President’s Club Droid MAXX for $250. This is what I paid for my last “new every two” year upgraded phone. Why pay full price? And… I have a 3rd line that I use for ‘upgrades’ too.

  • RoadsterHD1

    I got my Droid Maxx which I paid full pop for but I’m good for a awhile now. This phone is awesome. I do 30 to 50 gigs a month on my unlimited data and do not intend on giving it up any time soon.

    • Defenestratus

      I still cannot fathom what people are doing with the phones that they’d go through that much data….

      • teebone

        It’s called using your phone like you want to, downloading movies, music, streaming network television, Netflix you name it. On unlimited data no worries about using your phone a certain way. Hell I use 100 gigs a month sometimes easy!!! I also use my data plan for tethering on my phone that’s the biggest data hog!!! Save myself hundreds a year by not having to pay for a separate internet connection at home 🙂

        • Mickey A Valentine

          Woot 100 gig club

        • TechTitan

          Exactly why unlimited is no longer available to the masses.

          • Smith

            Should have kept it instead of complaining.

          • teebone

            Tech my man YES IT IS. It’s called paying full price for your phone. Unless that has changed in the last few years. As far as I know you can still get unlimited data or at least you could have back when it first started. I know I jumped on it right away knowing I could keep unlimited by paying full price for the phone.

          • Mickey A Valentine

            I don’t pay full price

          • TechTitan

            I still have unlimited data on two lines. The third line i to float for whenever I need a new phone and want to do an alternate upgrade. Not complaining. I’m just saying speed limits on the road were made for abusers. This is no different. I love my unlimited and I use around 11GB a month. I just think a lot of these cats push it to the max to give carriers the finger not realizing they’re not helping.

          • JRH 61462

            I was told last week no more using your other lines to upgrade. Full price or use a friends upgrade on a non unlimited line. But you’d have no warranty.

          • jbegs

            If my wife (locked in on the 2 GB tiered plan) has an upgrade soon and we upgrade her line, can we still switch SIM cards so that my line (unlimited still) gets the new phone and we set her phone back to what she currently has?

          • Big EZ

            Several in store sales reps and the store manager told me this before we upgraded my wife’s phone. I called a tech at the same store and the call center and they both said that was bs. I went to the store and had the same tech do the transaction for me and no problems. They are making a commission on converting people, so of course they lie to you to increase their pay. Some said it couldn’t be done at all, others said I’d lose the warranty, both were wrong.

          • O RLY?

            “I’m just saying speed limits on the road were made for abusers. This is no different.”


            Yes. Public safety. That’s *exactly* why they limit bandwidth…

            Did you even fire up a single brain cell for that comment, or did you intentionally say the dumbest thing you could possibly think of?

            I’ve seen people try to blame the users for the lack of “unlimited” (those carriers with unlimited apparently *don’t* have those users), but that about takes the cake for the lamest attempt. Congratulations. You should be so proud…

          • TechTitan

            Obviously you struggle with concepts. I see I’ll need to stick to literal examples for you. Laws are typically created to reduce “excess”. Is that a difficult connection?

          • O RLY?

            “Laws are typically created to reduce “excess”.”

            Yes. Because it is a false statement. You are an idiot. Laws are “typically” created for any number of reasons (i’d wager the majority have to do with Safety rather than something as subjective and un-quantifiable as “excess”). That’s not even remotely the point. Your example sucked. That’s really all there is to it.

            You can still go ahead and believe the absurd idea that it’s the user’s fault some carriers have chosen to remove “unlimited”, though. It’s idiotic – but it’s perfectly alright if you want to be in ignorant jackass. I understand. really. Some people are just that easily brainwashed by marketing.

          • Carlosdchef

            I have unlimited and woul dnot give it up…. I sort off found a way to up grade with out losing my plan, anyone with out it doesn’t get it and or are bitter bc they are on a leash. Companies will change anything to get more revenue regardless of how is made. Check out what Mark Zuckerbeg is trying to acomplush with lower internet cost, whether is for selfish reasons it makes sence. Internet.org but of course intern et companies are pushing back. Any way most companies don’t really care about their costumers is about profit. That’s why AT&T bought Cricket because they were becoming a competition….. And for the record if there’s a car worth driving to me is my baby ’65 GTO

          • Drootz

            I went in to VZW to try to do exactly what you describe….upgrade a phone on a dumb line and then transfer the upgrade to an unlimited line and was told they were no longer able to do that and all “loopholes” have been closed off.

            Has anyone else had the same experience? Or was the guy at the store full of B.S. like a typical VZW employee

          • TC Infantino

            Actually, no, that isn’t the reason. It is because the wireless carriers found that their original cash cow (minutes and text messages) was no longer bringing in the extra profits. They saw that people were using data much more than making calls, now that the smartphone was taking over. So they did what every for profit company does, and monetized the service that the majority of the people were using.

          • Mickey A Valentine

            Especially if you can text with data. What happens when voice over data goes live, gigs go thru the roof.

          • yvonnerchandler

            my Aunty
            Allison recently got a nice 6 month old Jaguar by working from a macbook.this website C­a­s­h­f­i­g­.­C­O­M­

          • Jarred Sutherland

            VoLTE isn’t going to make them worry one bit. When VoLTE goes live for all devices verizon gets to reclaim the spectrum used for EVDO. For clear VoIP you don’t need much anyways …

          • Verizon Sucks Bags of Dicks

            Allegedly VoLTE will only usea few MegaBytes an Hour, but I too would like to know how they are going to decide and monitor the differences in data plans for data and voice.

            If they could do that now Google would already be doing it with Google Voice and it would have had an option to show you how much data you have used.

            I think once VoLTE goes in affect Verizon is really going to turn the screws on Data plans and milking people even harder than they do now.

          • picaso86

            @TCInfantino:disqus You definitely hit the nail in the head Sir!

          • Patrick Jewell

            Why offer unlimited data and speak in the same breath “limit your data use. save some data for other customers!” Then its not truly unlimited.

            Why offer it in the first place?

        • el oso borracho

          At least this comment thread shows me a few people to blame if they ever axe my unlimited. Using it as your tethered main internet connection is ridiculous. The data on your phone connection is intended for your phone use, not your PC. And, in fact, it is illegal if you are bypassing the provisioning fee to do so. The court ruling that they couldn’t force provisioning charges for tethering only applied to capped data plans, not unlimited.

          • Adrynalyne


            Which law would that be?

            Anyway, am I breaking the law because Verizon never removed my tethering provisioning that I don’t pay for?

            If you blame anyone but for Verizon for axing your very old and dead grandfathered plan, you are a fool.

            Verizon was posting record profits when unlimited was offered.

          • Bob

            I need to get a bigger rock next time…

          • Harbo99

            I look at it like this, Verizon charges for Visual Voice mail but they don’t care that I use google voice. They charge for VZ navigator but don’t care that I use google maps. The fact that they charge for tethering does not mean I have to agree to pay for it when I can download an app and get it for free.

          • Derp Hurr Durr

            Yes! Do exactly what the carriers want you to do, little sheep.

            Man, they saw you coming a *mile* away. You bought it all, hook – line- and sinker.

          • Chris Hannan

            Why is it ridiculous? I pay Verizon an extra $30/month for unlimited tethering. I’m not using anything more than what I’m paying for.

          • TylerCameron

            What other option is there if someone lives in a rural area where the best internet is less than 5mbps? There isn’t one.

      • C

        Go ahead and hate. Dumped Time Warner and Tether with my paid in full rooted G2. Three weeks and I’m at 74 GB. 35 in torrents and 40 in general surfing

        • Jarred Sutherland

          I don’t hate on anyone, I just find the lack of understanding to be sad. Wireless spectrum is a finite resource, there is only so much that can be packed in. The system cannot support many users doing what you do, that’s just how it works. Oh well, I don’t care. Lost my unlimited a long time ago but it doesn’t cause me a single problem.

        • Theif

          Downloading movies/music/tvshows for free all while teathering!!! ….. This guy

      • Eric James Salcido

        If you suddenly had unlimited gas for your car, don’t you think you would use it more than before, maybe even do careless things with it?

        • Mickey A Valentine

          Unlimited gas for ’15 Mustang.. Drive it into the ground.

          • Jason B

            I’d need a 458 Speciale, but I could do a Mustang GT too. The mountain roads near me would collapse from all the driving I’d do.


          • Mickey A Valentine

            Now that.. That is a car

          • Jbateman


          • tu3218

            that would be the best thing ever! better be the 5.0 too.

          • 21chip

            I would love the gas for my new 2014 Shelby GT500 it gets real thirsty too. If you have the data use it!

          • jordanchernandez

            my Aunty
            Allison recently got a nice 6 month old Jaguar by working from a macbook.this website C­a­s­h­f­i­g­.­C­O­M­

          • Subarnoob

            Does this come with unlimited tires too, or similar to OtterBox I’m only under warranty for the first year?

        • TechTitan

          Careless and grossly excessive are a little different to me but I agree.

        • No.

        • Jarred Sutherland

          No, unlimited fuel would not make me do careless things with a car.

        • malcmilli

          It’s more like having unlimited gas in your vespa scooter. As much as i love my phone, its still 1,000x more efficient for me to do things on my PC.

        • lumpysherman

          Lets see, SiriusXM, Netflix, Play Music streaming, backing up to G Drive, and other misc data driven processes. I do between 25-30gb every month.
          Paid 600 for my G2 last fall just to keep unlimited data. Has been well worth it.
          Also, my home internet is only 2MB down, suck living in rural amerika. My home interent is rarely used.

          • vzwuser76

            Also living in rural ‘Murica (South Dakota). I’m getting around 10-15M down. My friend who I went to tech school with (Telephone & WirelessWireless program) works for a rural telco in Iowa. They were the first local telco in America to get their entire service area on fiber. Their customers can get up 30M down. Not Gigabit like Google’s but not bad.

        • Christopher Bement

          Eh, I drive a shitload as it is, I can’t see unlimited gas increasing it much.

      • Bryan Mills

        4K Pron.

        • Scott

          OK buddy. Now stop cat finishing. Change your profile pic!

      • MH

        Let’s all stop using our data plans because you cannot fathom it.

        • Not a Hater.

          Stop using data plans and start watching free porn. You can’t believe the increasingly damn high number of Verizon data overage haters across the Verizonverse. If you can’t watch porn, read Homestuck on MS Paint Adventures. If you can’t do either, give up on the internet and live offline.
          How hard does it hurt?

      • LionStone

        I have a dumb tv that I turn into a smart tv by using my Chromecast, streaming Netflix, etc from my phone’s mobile hotspot. Plus I stream all my music Pandora/Slacker

        • evltwn

          I haven’t had home internet since 2010. With chromecast there’s no reason that I can see to ever get a smart tv either. I’ve been using my phone as a hotspot ever since 4G LTE came to VZW. I’d rather spend an extra $30 for the hotspot, and take it with me on trips. I know about foxfi, but that is unreliable. Not really interested in rooting anymore either. VZW reps are happy to take the commission on my full price purchase too.

          • TSK

            Most VZW reps don’t make a lot of commission on full price phones. They’re paid on the contracts that you sign. Some commission structures may have them pay out for sales of devices, but most of them pay commission based on the 2 year agreement.

          • tomn1ce

            Since vzw forced my hand in paying full price on my smartphone so I can keep my unlimited I made it a point not to buy my devices at a vzw stores and instead buy them from BestBuy. Especially if you have the BestBuy card where you can go and buy a device and not drop a penny on the day of the purchase and finance the phone interest free for 12 months. 6 months owning the Note 3 it already paid for itself and for the rest of the life of the device I’ll be saving a lot more when compared to the 20-30GB plan that verizon has. On top of that I only pay about $5-$10 more then the unlimited plan on T-Mobile without the headache of dropping service if I go out of town.

          • Randy Lee Martin

            Smart man….My co-worker turned me on to buying a phone from Best Buy. Not only can you use your Best Buy card, my wife was able to get her Samsung at a sale price that Verizon was not doing. Personally, I have unlimited data and I’ve gotten 3 calls over the past 9 months from VZW asking me to move to a different plan….”not today” I told them.

          • vzwuser76

            I’d never go that route. Any phone I’ve ever looked at through BB was always $700-750 full retail, where the same phone would be $550-650 through the carrier or manufacturer. Unless things have changed in the last year or two, that’s what I found.

          • PoisonApple31

            Verizon reps don’t get commission on a full price purchase, they make their money off of contracts and accessories! Well corporate reps anyway…

          • teebone

            My phone is rooted and I am on the latest hyperdrive rom. I don’t pay for foxfi anymore, but when I did, I had no issues with reliability or connectivity for that matter 🙂 Love my high speed tethering. I get around 50 Mbps download speeds where I live 🙂

      • Stevie

        It’s called the next “fair use” just like paid music downloads & Digital Rights Management.
        Now there’s data caps and overages. Verizon is super greedy.
        I could just start a counter-culture revolution by persuading Verizon customers to switch to Sprint or T-Mobile, so that the less people spend their money on Verizon, the more chances the company will risk getting filed for bankruptcy.
        Or Verizon could be friends with Yahoo! and Photobucket and Ustream, and endorse Interscope-label music artists and Universal Pictures and 20th Century Fox. Who knows? Eminem might get dibs to keep Verizon more greedier to surpass one of the se7en deadly sins.
        Or I could just stop posting comments and watch Lily Allen’s dirty music video with Major Lazer Bubble Butt on my Chromebook.
        It’s your choice, America. Don’t blame Conan O’Brien.

        • CapnShiner

          Were you high when you typed that?


        Streaming and tethering make up the majority of my use.

      • Tim Swann

        I’m not as heavy a data user as the guy above, BUT I still chew through ~10gb – 12gb. Lots of music and video streaming…at work I turn off WiFi just so I can run up my data usage at make sure I’m getting my money’s worth 🙂

      • Laughting Tree

        P0RN most likely, a lot of it.

      • SJ

        Just letting my kids stream PBS KIDS or WATCH DISNEY JR used 5gb for the week we were at the beach. That much data really isnt hard to hit. I’ve been up to 20 but usually stay under 6. I would HATE to see what that would cost me without unlimited. Although, I’m about ready to sell my 2 unlimited lines and quit caring…

      • Christopher Bement

        Probably tethering their entire home internet to it.

      • CinCityKid80

        I use mine as a hotspot so I could cancel my home internet.

      • FknTwizted

        I get the benefit of having both plans and would say when you have unlimited you don’t care or opt to use 4g instead of wifi hotspots especially when it comes to watching movies, playing games etc. However, with my phone that has the limit on it i have it hooked up to wifi at my house, work just so i don’t go over. Problem i have is this deal with the net neutrality (all isps) being it will either throttle what we do on the internet or pay-per-use style that these models that cell companies are going to.

      • primarchlion

        I create an open hotspot most everywhere I go. If you ever see connect to “SuckItVerizon” try not to do anything illegal to get me in trouble k 😉

      • John Davids

        I still cannot fathom people who don’t understand what the word “tether” means.

      • TylerCameron

        Ever heard of YouTube? How about Netflix? Maybe even music.

      • Awesome Alex

        Depends on your job. I have a job where my whole purpose is to be a body in a vehicle. …now you think how much data I use on Netflix

    • sr20s13

      you will give it up when they do VoLTE and they say “you have to have a VoLTE plan to use these new phones, i’m telling you that will happen and when that happens its the only way i’ll go to sprint or AT&T just to say F you verizon

      • Keng Jung Chen

        VoLTA = Void Licking Treacherous Assholes = Bjork. #volta

      • RoadsterHD1

        I’m not worried about VoLTE cause I don’t make a lot of phone calls anyway. I’ve never gone over my minutes. I share them with three others and 1400 minutes and none of us have ever gone over.

    • WAldenIV

      Do you not have access to WiFi?

      • RoadsterHD1

        Yes, at work, but I download a lot and the company frowns on using their wifi for that. While I’m on the road I use Netflix a lot.

    • I’ll be paying full price for an HTC One M8 soon. First thing done is ROOT. {{-_-}}

      • RoadsterHD1

        Good for you….. M8 is a great phone. My niece just got one and loves it.