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Google Will Now Detect if a Website Won’t Work on Your Device, Warn You

Starting today, Google will use yet another of its algorithms to detect if a website may not work on your device and then warn you. Should you search for a website in Google Search on your Android 4.1+ phone that may be an Adobe Flash laden page, Google will toss in a note under the search listing to explain that you may not receive the best experience should you visit it. 

Of course, Google also took a moment in this announcement to explain to developers that they should probably think about adopting universally supported technology, like HTML5 in their sites going forward.

Here is an example of the warning you will see.


Via:  Google Webmaster
  • mgamerz

    Incoming lawsuits from the rear! Drop altitude.

  • HTML5

    Whats flash? ..the super hero right?

  • j

    Pretty pathetic how many ‘mobile optimized’ sites run horribly on mobile devices. Site starts with a m. and still looks like utter trash and is slow as hell? Yea sorry, you lost me.

  • Miguel

    Kellex by the way, Google Drive on Crhome received an update that looks a lot like the L Material Design, FYI.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    After Steve Jobs lent a heavy hand on the demise of flash for mobile, serious websites should have been adjusting…. i mean how long as it been since flash was even a thing on Mobile… If your website isn’t optimized for mobile devices you really don’t deserve any traffic

    • Innovation Hindered

      Pretty sad that major media sites only use Flash, comedy central for instance only uses flash when I was trying to watch extended interviews for the daily show, and a lot of News agencies only use flash as well. Even today, only about 70% sites seem to be using html from my experience and eclectic searches.

      It’s going to be a long time till every site gets to HTML5. Two years ago sites were saying it wouldn’t be till 2020, and it seems on par for their predictions.

      The stupidest thing was for flash to cancel mobile flash when their wasn’t something viable to replace it when they cancelled it out of the blue, with most tech insider’s saying Apple did some back door deal to kill it because it would hurt android.

  • DJyoSNOW

    Such as this page adobe flash player needed (;blah who needs ads any way;)

  • Eddie R

    How about the websites that don’t render correctly? What a PITA.