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Deal: Nexus 5 16GB for $335, 32GB for $375 in eBay Daily Deals

The Nexus 5 in both 16GB and 32GB variants is on sale today through eBay’s daily deals. The 16GB model in black can be had for as little as $334.99, which is $15 cheaper than you would pay through Google Play. You also get free standard shipping, which would run you $9.99 if ordered from Google directly. The 32GB model in black, white, or red is available for $374.99, which is also $15 cheaper than you would find on Google Play. The same free shipping deal applies.

I know that the Nexus 5 seems to be aging at this point, but for under $400, you won’t find many smartphones this good.

ebay Links:  Nexus 5 16GB ($334.99) | Nexus 5 32GB (374.99)

  • Jeffrey Fazal

    really a nice deal. I will definitely consider gifting the new Nexus 5 32GB
    internal storage model to my friend along with wireless charger, on her upcoming

  • kretz7

    I know you don’t have to pay taxes in Oregon, but I’m surprised you always fail to mention how beneficial these deals are to people that do have to pay taxes.

    The 32 GB model for someone paying taxes is $443.75 so saving almost $70 is a great deal.

  • DanielMena9

    I got a Sony Xperia Z1 Compact for $15 more and am so happy!

  • “I know that the Nexus 5 seems to be aging at this point…” Nope. I had this device for about a week, a week ago and it was awesome. I even installed Android Preview L and loved it. However, since the Nexus 6 will be coming along Android L, I returned it and waiting patiently for Nexus 6.

    • James

      You just made the author’s point. The Nexus 5 is aging in relation to the fact that we’re closer to a new Nexus than the launch of the last one. If you weren’t comfortable with the length of the waiting period for something better, you wouldn’t have returned it.

      • lol…now that I’ve re-read my comment, you’re correct, James. I had the Red, 32GB – beautiful device and performed well.

        • James

          I agree…it’s a great device. But I think you’re right to wait at this point – in fact that’s what I’m doing too!

  • Ralph Bretz

    The Nexus 5 may be aging but it is by no means outdated. Probably one of the best Android phones available still. If it worked on Verizon I’d be all over it.

  • wheelock

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  • Trevor

    Psst, it’s a $25 difference for the 32GB one…

  • Caveat Emptor

    Once again you recommend a seller on ebay with lousy feedback ratings…why are you doing this? You are setting your readers up for potential misery.

    • emoney

      Thanks for saying this, I just checked and they have 120 negative reviews in the last month. Mostly devices being sold as new but actually refurbished

    • RapidMagma

      1. The positive to negative ratio is pretty good for both sellers.

      2. I think the readers are intelligent enough to decided whether or not they want to risk buying something from eBay.

    • Alex Boro

      Are you an idiot? This seller has almost 500,000 ratings 99.3% of them being positive.

      • benmlockhart

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  • Guest

    Aging? Not even a year old yet. (Sigh)

    • Hohlraum

      It’s only “aging” if you author a blog about android devices. 😉 It won’t be “aging” when it’s one of the first devices to get L.

      • James

        Well, when you compare it to the Nexus 6 (or whatever the flagship launch device for Android L will be), I think you’ll be proven wrong. It’ll still be a good device, but aged in comparison. I don’t know anyone who chose to buy a Nexus 4 once the 5 launched.

        • JoshGroff

          < This guy did. I'm always like a year behind, but I prefer waiting for the used price to stabilize before buying.

    • gg_money

      Still a great phone, I love mine.