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Verizon Announces LG G3 Pricing and Availability, Pre-order Now Live

LG G3 Verizon

Finally, after what feels like forever, Verizon announced pricing and availability for the LG G3 late last night. A pre-order for the device is up on Big Red’s site, with the G3 being priced quite affordably, just as we expected yesterday.

Customers can pick up the G3 for just $99 on a new two-year agreement, or can opt for Verizon’s EDGE promo, which has you paying 20 equal monthly payments of $29.99. Off contract price is listed at $599.99. 

Both the White and Black models are available, and for those of you who are curious, the spec sheet confirms that this is the 32GB of storage plus 3GB of RAM variant we were all hoping for.

Verizon states that pre-ordered devices will ship by 7/17, which is next Thursday.

Who here is picking one up?

Via: Verizon
  • SkiGuyNH

    And it’s now up at BestBuy for $99. (Black only)

  • 4g63mark

    I’m looking forward to trying out that phone. I’ll definitely return it within the 2 weeks if it isn’t as impressive as my Moto X.

  • rogue05

    still seriously considering this phone, but i’m going to wait to see how the new Moto x is before i decide.

  • thatdouchebagwithaappple

    i cant say about the g3 but the g2 has a themer built into the actual LG ui and i have a “vanilla rom” theme on my g2

  • matsman

    Excited to receive mine, but wish Verizon would ease up on all of the same old bloat. I wonder how many people Verizon swindles into buying Caller Name ID. Sure you can disable it, but wish they’d just stop adding it.

  • Snowcrash

    Why did Verizon feel the need to change the entire look of this phone? They are the only carrier I know of in the ENTIRE WORLD that did this.


    • DanThompson87

      JUST LOOK! Why do they want to completely ruin the look of the phone???

    • DanielMena9

      Nice link! I’m surprised not even an HD voice logo on Sprint. Completely bare.

  • chris125

    Its a shame a device with these specs lag…

  • NeilGeorge

    Any one know how long is this deal for?

  • Richard

    I wanted to buy one. But those freaking Verizon logos on front screen ruins it. Why Verizon why? I don’t mind the Verizon logo on back. But why on the front. F u Verizon

  • test_disqus

    test disqus

    • Tommysmallss


    • Trevor

      Did you pass?

  • chris125

    Just goes to show how overpriced iPhones really are. No reason a 32gb iPhone should be $150 more than a device like this full retail.

  • Derrick Jefferson

    I was hoping that they wouldn’t put the branding on the front of the phone… bummed.

    • Another reason why I like the Moto X. Not a single brand on the front, and only two on the back, one being the dimple 😛

  • SG

    that front logo .. thanks for ruining a clean design.. big red needs to eat a big bag of di*ks for that douche move

  • Danny

    Does that best buy glitch still work??anyone know the one where you order from best buy and not swap Sim card and use your own

  • Kyle

    How is LG at getting Android version updates put out? I know Verizon has to do their thing too…..but HTC seems to be pushing faster now.

  • cheapsuits

    DANG! so the base $199 G3 model is gonna have the 32gb with 3gb of ram??? I’m in! I thought they were gonna pull a Samsung and charge $249 for the 32gb…


    Ok, I have an upgrade. How can I get the get the G3 without LOSING my UNLIMITED PLAN?

  • Humberto

    Anyone knows if the verizon G3 in black a different color than then dark brushed grey we have seen in other pictures? For some reason the Chin looks black vs the brushed metal look…

    • Big EZ

      I thought that the US models didn’t have the color matched chin. In this pic it looks like the white does, but the black/Grey doesn’t. IMO it looks better without being color matched.

      • Humberto

        im the opposite, i hate it, makes it look more like the G2 🙁 Tmobile has the brushed chin. Also the back looks to be darker than the Tmo one, perhaps verizon needs to hire better photographers lol

  • As the guy who gets to order for the corporate lines, I just got 6 on order.

  • Tommysmallss

    I’m really looking forward to the G3, but will wait until I get my actual hands on it in the store. It might be a week or two before I get one. I like to try before I buy.

  • zUFC

    Just ordered it. Gave up unlimited after all this time. That’s how much I loved the G2. And can’t wait for this. it is the best phone I have owned by far. the best part is you can make their software almost stock. I think better than stock because some of their stuff is nice and I want to keep. I can’t believe that after all these years an LG phone is the best one(for me). I can’t say enough good things about it. Unless we get another Nexus(on VZW) I can’t see me wanting anything else for a while.

  • GJV

    G2 user here with an upgrade sitting my account. I just don’t see enough to warrant an upgrade from the G2 to the G3. Battery life will almost certainly be worse and the G2 is too big as it is – last think I want is an even larger brick in my pocket. Waiting to see what the Moto X+1 looks like.

  • Dan_17z

    Just wondering, but I have an upgrade available and I have UDP with my GS3. My wife just used her upgrade to get an iphone 5s (I know, don’t start) Can I transfer my upgrade to my wifes line, preorder the G3 for $99, then when it arrives pop in my sim and be good to go?

    Anyone have done this before? I need help, dont want to loose my UDP. And dont give me the “Just buy the phone out right if you want to keep your UDP” BS

    • GJV

      Dan – yes you can do exactly what you said and use the upgrade on your wife’s line.

    • hoodieNation

      I hope so, cuz I just used my wife’s upgrade. Hahaha. We both have a UDP and I moved her upgrade over to her sister’s phone that is on a 2 gig plan. If it works I’ll do that same for me. I’d feel bad about testing it out on her’s but I’m sitting at just over 20 gigs for the pay period and she’s at 2.

  • Nick X

    Just got mine!! VZW’s order status site shows ship date of today with an anticipated delivery of 7/14.. Pretty stoked for Monday!!

    • Guest


      • rich

        How does that show proof??? All it shows is an order has been shipped.

        • Nick X

          what are you looking for a picture of it on the truck?

          • rich

            Yes…that would be nice. In all seriousness, that could be an accessory. How can you be the only one???

    • compujas

      Mine shows the same thing except the tracking number seems to be the IP of the computer I placed the order from, not an actual fedex tracking number. Clicking either the tracking number or fedex link give “invalid tracking number”. I’m not assuming it has actually shipped yet.

  • Guest

    I just got mine.. Order status site shows a ship date of today with an anticipated deliver of 7/14.. Pretty stoked for Monday!!

  • guest

    Skipping this, waiting for Note 4

    Basically, the screen is stupid, costs more, wastes battery, slows down performance, heats it up so it throttles more, and isn’t actually noticeably different compared to 1920×1080 at viewing distance.

    Yeah, so predictable. LG is doing the worst kind of spec-sheet oneupmanship.

    Anandtech review:

    “Without question, the G3 has been the most interesting smartphone to learn about this year. With a 1440p display, laser autofocus, and all sorts of new power saving methods, there was a great deal to learn about. However, just because a device has a novel design doesn’t mean that it’s a good phone. On the other hand, a novel design makes a good phone that much better. The HTC One (M7) is a great example of the latter, with a radio system that is novel enough that people continue to misunderstand how it actually works. In some ways, the LG G3 draws similar parallels. Before launch and during the launch, there was pervasive misinformation on how the laser focus system actually worked. Even now, it’s not uncommon for people to say that there’s no significant delta in battery life from the 1440p display.

    Unfortunately, if there is any real flaw in the LG G3, it is the display. The goal of attaining a ~540 PPI has come at immense cost. Relative to the competition, the LG G3 definitely sees a noticeable reduction in battery life, although it’s still firmly above what we’ve seen from 2013 (Snapdragon 600) flagships. Outside of the power trade-off, the display doesn’t get particularly bright for daytime viewing. There are also issues with the saturation compression that causes obviously oversaturated colors in almost every situation. LG has also added significant artificial sharpening to the display image, which causes noticeable artifacting in some situations.

    Overall, the G3 is frustratingly close to perfect. A much-improved 1080p display, smaller size, and staying with the stacked battery design would’ve made this phone much easier to recommend as the best phone of the Snapdragon 801 generation. Unfortunately, as-is I can only say that it’s equal to everything else on the market. Everything seems to be similarly imperfect in their own way, and it comes down to personal preference which imperfections are tolerable and which aren’t. HTC delivers the best audio experience, LG provides the best balance of camera experience (from day to night shots), and Samsung offers the best display. Perhaps this is a taste of what the future will hold for enthusiasts. However, if the past is any indication, there’s still hope that there will be one phone to rule them all.

    • wow

      Why are you so negative? LOL

      • guest

        My Note 3 is perfect, not close to perfect, only issue is locked bootloader, was looking to purchase G3 if the bootloader is unlockable, but no more now (not willing to make compromises for an imperfect phone like rear volume keys, i use long press volume keys to control music and i can’t even imagine using rear volume keys for this)..

        • Big EZ

          The Note 3 is far from perfect. I have a Note 2 and my co-worker has a Note 3. I get decent reception with the 2, but she is constantly b!tch!ng about dropping calls, and not having any reception in the same office as me. If I can’t use a phone then it’s far from perfect.

          • guest

            lol, sour grapes

        • Nick

          perfect = being without fault or issues….. so your comment that it has an issue of a locked bootloader negates your prior statement and draws attention to your lack of detail.

          • guest

            lol, unlockable bootloader is a wishlist item, Note 3 hardware is rock solid and perfect, very good 1080p screen, very good battery which is replacable, SD card, SD800, 3GB ram, great camera.. even though it’s 8months old It trumps G3 in almost every aspect (except physical size and processor).

    • Mike

      I saw this review. It is mostly based off of benchmark tests in my opinion. I also saw several reviewers like MKBHD and others who loved the phone and claimed battery life was better than the S5 and had virtually the opposite opinion as Anandtec. After reading the Anadtech review I was ready to wait for something else, but the other reviews convinced me that this is still a great phone worth considering.

    • LosttsoL

      If you want a good review on a computer case or an SSD, then go there. I don’t put much stock in Anandtech for mobile devices.

    • b00sted

      Sold my note 3 to get this phone. Got tired of touchwiz, locked down BL sucked. reception on the phone was piss twds the end flashed the eclipse rom to try to go sock aosp rom and started to get massive batt drains like last 3hrs then dead. said eff this and she went by by.

      • chris125

        Well thats what happens when you flash roms..

        • Tillmorn

          I’d have to disagree with this statement. Hyperdrive for my S4 has improved battery life significantly over the stock Touchwiz experience.

  • yummy

    Need to hear how hard display sucks battery, like my gf, or like my wife?

    • SG

      joke fail

  • BostonB

    Hey those of you that do the Swap line keep unlimited data upgrade method. During Checkout the Website tells my unlimited is no longer available and to choose a new plan. Is that something I should be concerned about? I know I will end up activating it on a different line, I have done this before but I don’t remember if I choose a new data plan and it fell off because I never activated.

  • wtd2009


  • CaptM

    I am so in, both my wife and I have had upgrades available for a while now but just haven’t been too interested in what was out there. I am so excited for the G3, already bought multiple cases and wallets for it (really cheap on amazon and already have them waiting to use). The only thing I would like confirmation in is if indeed the battery is not removable, that is what it shows on their pre-order spec page.

    • PoisonApple31

      On the In The Box tab, the battery is listed there. Wouldn’t that mean it is indeed removable?

      • CaptM

        Just read on another site that it was a mistake and that they removed it from their page, then went to check and it has been changed, it does now state that it is a removable battery. Now I just want to have the freedom to choose what I want, not what the carriers say I can only have, if memory serves correctly, LG announced this phone being available in 5 different colors, what happened to that? I was looking forward to the Gunmetal but I guess the Black will just have to do. 🙁

        • PoisonApple31

          It seems like other colors always arrive later on the carriers 🙁

  • Pdewet

    Time to put the Note 3 on craigslist….sorry Sammy

  • Tyrone Biggums

    Why the hell is it $199 on AT&T?!

  • vlogo

    That Verizon logo on the front is like a child-clown’s feet, disgusting.

  • DigitalEnforcer

    I just upgraded to the LG G3 today on Verizon and from what I’ve seen… I should keep my Unlimited Data plan. It still showed my data plan as the “Smartphone (unlimited) Data Usage. The only features removed were the Mobile IM Self PROV Flag… whatever that is.

  • Shadowstare

    I have another 4 months before i’m eligible for an upgrade, but the G3 is a very serious competitor the race for my next phone. Its a new phone race, G3 and M8.

  • KeepItReal

    My G3 from T-mobile was delivered today.

  • uninterrupted commentary

    My T-Mobile G3 has shipped and arrives tomorrow. Vzw is now just announcing availability.

  • Christopher Moore

    Pretty impressive on-contract pricing out the gate especially since it’s the higher end model.