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Google Play Games Receives Update to Version 2.0, Includes XP Indicator and UI Tweaks

Google made it very clear at Google I/O that Play Games would receive a lot more attention in the coming weeks, and the search giant is beginning to make good on that promise. A noteworthy update to the app began rolling out yesterday, bringing a refreshed UI and other adjustments inside.

The most visible improvement is a beautiful card on the Play Now screen that displays XP that you have accumulated from using apps which tap into Google’s game service. A blue progress bar indicates how many points you require to advance a level, while your current ranking is displayed next to your profile picture.

Other minor tweaks include the resizing of cards in the All My Games, as well as the resizing of Player tabs.

If you are the patient type, expect to receive the update sometime within the next few days on Google Play. If patience isn’t your thing, download the apk file from the link below.

Play Link | Download Link

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  • Greyhame

    I wonder if this would help fix the “Google Play Services has stopped working” crashes I’ve been getting ever since I/O on my MAXX…

  • vwbeetlvr

    Any good free games to boost up my experience level quickly? I’m level 20 and want to be higher.

    • AMPthe13th

      If you’re not already playing it, I’m enjoying Boom Beach. It’s by Supercell (Clash of Clans & Hay Day) and has achievements. If you’ve not played Injustice: Gods Among Us, it’s quite a decent fighter game featuring DC Comics super heroes and villains.

    • Thomas’

      You’re out of luck then. Level 20 is *currently* the maximum.