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Lost Toys Puzzler Game Hits Google Play, Only for Tablets

A new game called Lost Toys, exclusively for Android tablets at the moment, is now available on Google Play. Priced at $2.99, you play as a repairman for old wooden toys. By twisting and spinning the toys, you bring them back to life, suitable for years more of adorable child’s play. 

In the game, there is a soothing piano track, as well as plenty of awesome 3D graphics to be seen. There are no points, stars, or anything else that would judge you within a level. The game is purely a brain challenge, which makes playing much more enjoyable than the usual “beat your friend’s score” deal we are used to seeing.

If you want to fix old and broken toys for a living, this game is a good place to start.

Play Link ($2.99)

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  • James Hill

    A dollar cheaper through the play store vs the app store.

  • zionlion02

    That bear looks incredibly well end….

  • Kevin

    The irony. It says it’s designed for phones in the Play Store.

  • s23

    Tim, does DL give you a budget to buy and review games?

    • tharealoc

      Maybe he’s just rolling in surveys. I’ve personally totaled about 8 bucks so far.

      • creed

        That’s about what I’ve done. My wife on the other hand, has gotten almost $30. Not sure how or why.