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LG G Watch Available in Select US Retailers, Best Buy Included

The Android Wear-powered G Watch was launched through Google Play on June 25, but LG announced today that the smartwatch is coming to retailers all around the world.

Twelve countries will have access to the G Watch online and offline, with those countries including the US, Canada, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, and Japan. In addition, a total of fifteen countries will have access to the device exclusively offline through retailers, with a few of them being Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Singapore, and New Zealand. 

Naturally, LG did not give specifics on which retail stores buyers can head towards to pick up the device, but here in the US, we could probably guess a few. Best Buy is already carrying the G Watch online, and you would do well to call ahead to see if they currently have it in store for you to pick up.

The G Watch is priced at $229, and we are still determining whether that is a fair price for such a generic design. If you were planning to pick one up, do it because you want Android Wear, not because LG has given us a design to be inspired by.

Via: LG
  • Dustin Gerlach

    So after calling all the Best Buy stores in my county, I finally got an answer from one of the store managers. “The devices have been released by the Manufacturer for sales, but we do not expect to see them on shelves for a few weeks.”

    • Michael Falzon

      what does that mean – will LG be fulfilling the best buy online orders?

      • Dustin Gerlach

        I think it means that LG has given retailers the go ahead to sell the item, but haven’t shipped the devices to said retailers… Though I just heard that AT&T will be selling the G Watch in stores July 11th.

        • Michael Falzon

          i just contacted Best Buy regarding my pre-order for the lg g watch and was told, although not shipped yet and no eta on ship date, i should expect it between 7/17 – 8/01. I immediately canceled my order from Best Buy and ordered from Google play.

  • AeroSlingShot

    Nice. It’ll be nice to be able to play with it myself at a Best Buy before deciding to buy.

  • Christopher Moore

    Nice! Gives me a place to go and price match Amazon when this drops to $100. And trust me, it will drop.

  • glimmerman76

    Notice the line you can get the g watch for half price if you get a g3

    DALLAS, July 7, 2014 – Starting July 8, you can order the LG G Watch for $229 and pre-order the LG G3 smartphone with 4G LTE from AT&T2 for zero down and no annual contract. You can purchase both the LG G3 and LG G Watch in AT&T retail locations starting July 11.

    For a limited time, save 50 percent on select LG premium accessories including the G Watch, popular Tone Ultra Bluetooth Stereo Headset or G3 Quick Circle Folio Case with wireless charging capability when you pre-order or purchase the LG G3 or LG G Flex with AT&T Next or a two-year commitment.4 (Visit att.com or an AT&T retail store for more details. One discounted accessory purchase per smartphone activation.)

    – See more at: http://about.att.com/story/att_lg_g_3_and_lg_g_watch_available_on_july_8.html#sthash.81WCI6a2.dpuf

  • sj0808

    Android wear devices are complete failures in terms of battery life.. one day battery is unaxceptable when tizen os lasts 3+ days…

    • Ryan N

      I’ll take one day of wear over 3 of tizen any day.

    • needa

      as someone who never plans on purchasing a tizen product, i completely agree.

    • Christopher Moore

      If Tizen is so great why did Samsung release a Android Wear device on launch day? They have no faith in that watch OS and they know Google will steam roll them.

  • glimmerman76

    best buy site is pre order

  • Dustin Gerlach

    I just called my local Best Buy, they haven’t received any Android Wear watches yet… 🙁 I was hoping to walk into the store and buy one today.

  • Ryan N

    Recipe for IFTTT.

    If article does not contain “moto 360” then remove from feed…

  • schoat333

    I don’t understand this smart watch craze. My first cell phone, 13 years ago, completely eliminated the need for a watch.

    • htowngtr

      Probably because the main reason people check phones these days is the notification aspect. If my watch can tell me about a new email, message, text, nav directions, etc. without having to take a phone out of my pocket it’s a win for me.

      • Exactly. And that’s just the beginning.

      • Franny

        nav is a huge one for me.

  • ROR1997

    Is there really a point to a watch tho? Anything special on the GWatch? Haven’t been paying attention to it

    • htowngtr

      Unless you have to have their design over Samsung, it’s not worth paying $199 vs $229.

      • guest

        3 days vs 1 day is pretty big. My G watch gets 3 days of use with screen on 24/7 a week if i turn it off at night. and I can say ok google from anywhere to open it. The Gear live you have go into google now then say your commands.

        • jamaall

          So its not really “live” then huh

        • htowngtr

          What are you basing that on? I’ve seen reviews say the Samsung is one day while the LG is maybe a few more hours. Everyone should plan to charge these daily.

    • guest

      a main thing is that you can say ok google anywhere on the G Watch. You have to go into the voice commands on the galaxy gear

      • tu3218

        Where are you getting this info? On google play for the gear it says all you have to say is ok Google. This would be a deal breaker for me. Why would the g watch be always live but not the gear live, both running android wear.

  • Tony Byatt

    I saw a metal band on the G Watch and it looked pretty good…

    I may get one alongside the Moto 360…

  • Moto 360 or NOTHING!!! On the positive side this gives me the chance to go to Best Buy and get familiar with the Android Wear Software so when the 360 is released I will know how it operates..

    • Ryan N

      This guy gets it.

  • enigmaco

    According to the best buy website the release date is tomorrow. Still waiting for the 360

  • Ben Landwehr

    Personally I like the look of this better than Samsung’s. Yes, it has more of a design cause of the metal.. But the design isn’t really good looking.

    Again, my opinion. Feel free to disagree.

  • htowngtr

    I’d rather have the Samsung watch. Supposedly “coming soon” on their site.

    • tu3218

      I’m waiting for the Gear too. I’m hoping its this week at least.

  • ChrispyAndroid

    Obligatory “But I want a Moto 360” comment.

    • Threaten Me With A Good Time

      Obligatory “agreement” comment. Followed by an upvote.

  • Mark

    Its on Best Buys sites.. but its only for pre-order…. and I do not see the Samsung Gear Live on Best Buys site… I thought both were suppose to be available at best buy stores today… can anybody confirm this?

    • glimmerman76

      gear live does not ship from google play till the 8th