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Up Up Rocket Appears to be Pleasant Game, but is Actually Quite Frustrating

All you have to do is press on the colored box that is indicated in the spaceship’s window. It really shouldn’t be that hard. But in a new game called Up Up Rocket, it’s aggravating when you are trying to get your little ship into space, only to accidentally press the wrong color, exploding your rocket into a thousand little pieces. It’s just not fair.

The goal of the game is to see how high up you can get your spaceship. By pressing colored boxes at the bottom of the display, which are coordinated by the color in the spaceship’s window, you only have a few moments to keep your rocket powering on. 

In an extreme mode, the location of the colors keeps changing, adding even more of a challenge to the already difficult game. To top it off, once you make it to a certain altitude, another rocket appears, instantly disorienting your mind as to which ship you should focus on. It’s rough being a rocket pilot these days.

To try it out for yourself, download the game for free right through Google Play.

Play Link

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  • Lucky Armpit

    Just installed, specifically because there appears to be wonderful developer response. Thanks!

  • Mike

    I hate Tim.

    So many hours I play of games thanks to his suggestions, now excuse me as I go and play this.

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  • andrew

    So what’s the tip for two rockets! I always get both exploded immediately.

    • upuprocket

      Slow down when you are getting near the second rocket! Use the Tracker on the right, to tell how close you are getting to the next rocket as well! Good luck!

  • caroldotson

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  • LeadTheLeader

    This game got me going crazy!

    Led Lampen

  • upuprocket

    Up Up Rocket here! Thank you so much for reviewing the game! We just launched it and are working hard to improve on it. We welcome anyone with feedback or suggestion to share it with use. Find us on twitter or facebook!

    • zain

      Thank you for Creating this Game, I quite enjoy it. And thank you for not including In App Purchases. Thanks a lot! And congrats on the Game.

      • upuprocket

        Zain, glad you are enjoying the game! We are working fast to enhance the game. We have great plans ahead for the game, such as VS mode, to name one, where you will be able to challenge anyone in universe! But if you want to be the best, we suggest you put in some practice time!

        • virginiacferguson

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  • Jeff Broders

    Great. One more thing to fail at being color blind…

    • upuprocket

      Jeff, thank you for pointing this out to us. We will add a feature to support people with color blindness as soon as we can. We will keep you posted.

    • upuprocket

      Jeff, could you take a look at these colors and let me know if they work for you. Thank you! Direct link: http://i.imgur.com/JnbxrmK.png

      • Jeff Broders

        Wow. Really wasn’t expecting anything, but yes, those colors are easily discernable. Now I feel obligated to play it!

      • ianhamilton_

        it depends entirely on the type and degree of your colourblindness, although it works for jeff it won’t work for other people. I’ve left you a few tweets about it that hopefully should help.. best way is to use something else in addition to colour

        • upuprocket

          Thank you Ian! With your help we where able to further fine tune our game to help people with color blindness.

          This will be our new Color Blind mode:


          • Rojo623

            Wow. this is awesome. I’m not color blind, but I’m super excited to play a game by such considerate devs. cheers.

    • evelynfmorrison

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    • upuprocket

      Hi Jeff, the update should be available in the play store in a few hours, we just need Google Play to update its list. Here is the link http://goo.gl/8ai5dG

      We hope you will enjoy the game now. The game should be challenging and difficult because of the play, and not because someone can not distinguish the different colors.

      Please keep in touch. We sincerely mean it that we want hear what ever feedback and suggestions you or anyone else has.

  • Brandon Nicholson

    Apparently I am not a multitasker! I cannot control two rockets for more than like a couple seconds!