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OUYA Testing Annual Subscription Model, $60 Nabs You Almost Everything

The retail packaging for OUYA states that the little Android-powered console “has big dreams.” Unfortunately, dreams don’t move sales numbers, so OUYA is trying something new to get their little-console-that-could up and running in today’s market.

In an effort to encourage OUYA owners to try more of the games they worked so hard to cultivate on their platform, a new annual subscription model has been announced this week.

OUYA opened up a small batch of invites to owners and developers of the console to sign up for a subscription model, which for $59.99, buys you a year’s worth of games on the platform. Although, there are a few rules you need to follow. Games over $30 will not be knocked down to the free price, and the $0.00 purchase price doesn’t cover in-app purchases, something that mobile games have hung their profits on in the past few years.

This first round of invites was not only to see if there was enough interest in this kind of model to justify going public with it, but also to see if OUYA can make money while still helping the game developers on their new system. If it takes off, you can be sure that we will see this subscription model become something a bit more permanent.

The only question is, if you have or had an OUYA, would $5 a month be worth having access to that many games?

Via: Engadget | OUYA
  • disqus_7XunpanFgK

    Funny to think that an old Galaxy S3 is still more powerful than the hunk of crap Ouya. PT Barnum was right. A sucker is born every minute. I think Ouya got every one of them in one shot.

  • Steveo

    It was tempting to fund this, because of the cool factor, but yeah, you never know how these things will turn out in the end. This is a perfect example on why I need to stay away from projects like these. Glad I didn’t fund it!

    • Keg Man

      it had so much potential until I learned it was going to use it’s own game store. instant failure.

  • this thing was doa…another kickstart failure funded by idiots

  • ritapoutige

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  • Nasty Nate

    Should change the name to OUShouldntHaveBoughtThis!!!

  • Robert Boluyt

    Ouya’s story is a little sad. They overlooked the one thing that needed more than anything else; games. Mobile gaming is almost universal freemium suckage. Perhaps if the Ouya had some real games, one’s not loaded with micro transactions, it would have done a little better. As it stands now, its about to have several competitors in the mini Android game console market.

    • MadFerret9

      Ouya games are not loaded with microtransactions.. you have it backwards– that’s mobile games. List one Ouya game thats ‘loaded with microtransactions’ please..

  • MasterEthan

    My Ouya is collecting dust. But when it was/is used, it’s not games from Ouya’s store. Mainly runs emulators that are side loaded.

  • bogy25

    I still have my original Ouya in the box unopened lol – is this thing any good? I might open it this weekend

    • John

      opening would be a complete waste of time.

    • Ben

      Wanna sell it to me? I’ll give you $20 for it 🙂

  • Noya

    I’m in!!! They pay me $60 a year to use a Ouya. Seems reasonable as long as I don’t have to use it more than a few times.

    • NeilGeorge

      eh you are paying $60…

    • BadOUYA

      1 in 21 would pay for this, not the numbers that will help

      OUYA should not have left out the play store with access to 1000’s of great established games. They got too greedy in their business model and will probable be dead by next year.

  • JMonkeYJ

    Didn’t they say they were going to rev the hardware every year? What happened to that? It’s pretty woefully out of date now. If the subscription covered a new console each year (maybe you have to return the old one or something) that would be very interesting.

    • Keg Man

      phone mirroring to tv will make this idea silly. might make me finally pair that ps3 controller to my phone

      • JMonkeYJ

        I have the sixaxis app, and even though I only use it occasionally, it is great for certain games (such as most platformers).

  • MH

    I cant figure out which is worse….this or the nvidia shield.

    • TopXKiller

      Shield isn’t bad lol

      • MH

        Everything tegra is bad.

    • Jason V

      I have the shield and it rocks. Nothing like playing my PC games or android games with a nice controller. It has the best wifi I have seen in a device. Doing a speed test I am getting the same rate as my wired connection. 120 down and 20 up 🙂

      • Robert Boluyt

        I have a real PC for my PC games, with a proper K+M for controls. No need to play on the Shield’s tiny, low resolution screen.

        • Tres Waters

          The Shield is also used as a console. You can plug it into your TV and play on a Bluetooth kb and ms/gamepad.

          • Keg Man

            how did I not know this? Still the shield is a bit pricey

          • Tres Waters

            It’s a relatively new feature, I think.

        • Tres Waters

          Which the shield streams games from your “real PC”

      • Tres Waters

        I want your connection. I pay 85 a month with Comcast for 50mbps and usually don’t even get 40. But I’m in rural South Carolina so I guess I should be happy I even have the option.

    • LeeannaThomsonrap

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    • ur an idiot for posting this comment…the shield is a premium little device…this this was another kickstarter failure funded by a bunch of suckers

  • j

    No. This thing does nothing my phone can’t do with a PS3 controller and MHL dongle.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    No thanks.

  • Nope, dead on arrival. Android TV for the win.

  • J2886M