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Hangouts Debug Activates “Migrate” to Google Voice Menu, Doesn’t Work

What happens when you root your phone and tell it to “DebugAllTheThings?” You find interesting debugging menus in apps like Google Hangouts that activate never-before-seen pop-ups that mention things like migrating to Google Voice, so that you can receive voicemails in Hangouts. Wait, that feature isn’t live yet, is it? No it isn’t. It still doesn’t appear to be live either, even if you debugged all the things to find this hidden gem. 

Thanks to a user on reddit who discovered this pop-up (the one included above), the Google Voice-to-Hangouts enthusiasts are running wild hoping that the integration has finally arrived. Unfortunately, this menu that shows “Not now” and “Turn it on!” does not seem to be working for anyone willing to test it. It could be that Google added this menu in a recent update and has yet to activate it or maybe no one debugged all the things up until now and simply hasn’t found this menu until today. We do not know. Hopes crushed. Apologies. Go USA! Err…

If you want to open up debugging fun in Hangouts, you need to root your current phone and then head to this XDA thread to sideload an .apk. Let us know how it goes.

Via:  reddit
  • Syed Mohammed Ameen

    Google Voice Now Features Calling In Hangouts Without Using Google+

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  • deeksha5

    Video quality is uncomparable with Skype. Skype is simply awesome and only Facetime can compete with. Hangout is nice but much more to improve. I personally use Skype for voice call and Photo4tune for chatting.

  • r3pwn

    I, too, noticed that menu (I made the app), but noticed it wasn’t working. Sorry, Google, if I spoiled your secrets early… 😛

  • carl mason

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  • bacon8tor


  • hangouts still has work to be done, every so often I get someone that says they never got my text when I use hangouts but they get my texts when I use the normal sms app. Could be a glitch though in my GNex.

    • gintoddic

      nah it’s a bit buggy. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s hangouts.

      • yeah I have that feeling too, I was even able to figure out that it only happens to those that have iOS devices. So it could even be iOS not playing fair.

    • tarrance

      Sometimes I don’t get texts sent to me and sometimes my sent texts aren’t received. Also group texts will sometimes show up as “unable to download” from the individual’s number, until I reset the app. Of course, I have a Nexus 5 running Cyanogenmod nightlies on T-Mobile, so it could be any number of things at fault there.

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  • Christopher Bement

    I just want to make VOIP calls with hangouts, gdamnit.

  • Tomek G

    The question is if that integration will retain FULL google voice functionality. I use callback feature a lot and use it txt people from desktop computer. GV is linked to like 5 phone numbers and very very convenient. Google is notorious for doing-evil by removing critical features, so I am awaiting that integration with anxiety

    • AJ McKay

      Agreed. I can’t use the Hangouts App on my PC, and I get 0 cell service in my office. GV online is my main way of communicating with my wife from work.

      • James

        Why can’t you use Hangouts on your PC? Do you not have a Google+ account?

        • Tomek G

          They force you to use that weird chrome extension instead of standalone app.

  • Sam Del Valle

    R.I.P Google Voice…..

    -gets out champagne-

  • Lucky Armpit

    I’m still searching for a good SMS app (don’t like Motorola’s native app). I can’t use Hangouts because Google is still trying to cram G+ down our throats by forcing you to join if you want to be able to send pics via Hangouts. So until that STUPID requirement is eliminated, Hangouts is not an option for me. Anyone have any suggestions for a good Android SMS app?

    • {maximus}

      Textra. The quick compose/reply puts it over Hangouts and others in my opinion.

      • Jon Lewis

        Only problem with this is it requires an SMS plan. I have opted to save an extra 20 a month by using texting that works off of data. Whatapp+ (the modded version not the original), is what I switched to a few months back and I love it

        • JoshGroff

          What carrier allows you to split sms? The 4 main have them included, even in their prepaid options. Also, text+ is a pretty good free text client but I’m not 100% sure if it works off data or sms.

          • Jon Lewis

            I’m still on the old Verizon package that is 450 min for 39.99 and unlimiteddata for 29.99. So with my work discount and insurance added on, I pay roughly 71 a month

          • Jon Lewis

            Text+ is good yes I also use textnow

    • TylerCameron

      You didn’t sign up for Google+ the day it was created? What kinda nerd are you? :p
      Seriousy, though, may as well do it. I did it many years ago and no longer use it, except for Hangouts and YouTube commenting. Hangouts is the end all best messaging app in the world. Next to iMessage. They still have to figure out how to make it as seamless as iMessage ha.

      • Lucky Armpit

        Haha, yeah, I’ve been doing my best to continue to use Google’s services without creating a G+ account. Sorta like a challenge at this point. So far the only limitation I have is sending pictures in Hangouts. Which is an odd requirement, but I don’t make the rules. I’m probably the only person left on the planet that doesn’t have a Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Pintrest/Snapchat/Google+/ account. But anyways, thanks for the suggestions everyone.

  • Matthew Toomey

    What else in Gods green earth could Google be working on besides making this work? It is absurd iOS has this in both Hangouts and their own iMessage app and we can’t get it on Android.

    I’m starting to feel like I’m using my Blackberry Storm that was incapable of something so simple as flick scrolling through my address book.

    • OMG the BlackBerry Storm was such a disaster it’s not even funny. I went thru 10 of those things (no exaggeration) before Verizon just gave me a free upgrade to the Tour. Still loved it though.

  • Flexo

    I believe must be some effect to unblur screenshots.

  • valapsp

    Its happening

  • moew

    Can you still make it call you and connect to your sip number?

    Used to be able to use grooveip perfectly with GV. It died, and many of us moved to a free voip line with GV calling your phone to connect, the dialing into the voip number.

    Sounds like they are killing this fast.

  • Cody Stamps

    If I was a betting man, I would bet that this doesn’t fix MMS yet though. (even when it goes live)

    • Dominik Rozek

      Fix MMS? MMS isn’t broken go talk to your carrier about this issue.

      • Cody Stamps

        No it is. If someone sends an MMS to my GV number, I don’t get it. Especially if it is a group message.

        • Dominik Rozek

          Yeah I know, go talk to your carrier, GV can easily handle this. Your carrier is being dumb about it.

          • Cody Stamps

            It doesn’t even show up right in the GV web app so I don’t know how talking to my carrier will help.

          • James

            This used to be a carrier issue, but AFAIK is isn’t any longer. At least, it is no longer an insurmountable technical hurdle on the carrier’s end. For example, iMessage handles MMS and group message just fine – whether iPhone to iPhone or not, and across carriers – and the scenario is the same. Google could make this happen, but for whatever reason hasn’t deemed it a priority.

    • Jason Kahn

      It’s incredibly annoying receiving MMS works great sending not so much and group messaging is a flipping joke. I have given up and started telling family and close friends to just use my T-Mobile number

  • I forgot all about this feature being on IOS I’m going to download it on my gfs iPhone and check out what Android is missing.

    • droidrazredge

      hahaha I just made a post about this down below. It has all the same features I use in Google Voice incorporated into Hangouts: Voice messages, calling, MMS, and SMS. I know the android version of Hangouts does MMS and SMS but it seemed much better implemented in iOS

      • Lol. Your post is what reminded me to download it on her phone and try it.

  • droidrazredge

    So I was using my girlfriends iPhone 5 and was using Hangouts and noticed it integrates hangouts with your phone book and you can make phone calls to US people for free add a charge for international and receive voice messages and of course MMS and SMS. Is this how the merger of Google Voice and Hangouts is supposed to work ? Because when I showed her hangouts on my Moto X she was like why aren’t these features in the android version of hangouts yet.

  • James

    I’m throwing a party when this actually happens. You are all invited. Except Ron. OK, Ron can come too but he has to leave his iPhone at home 🙂

    • ragnarok180

      He’ll keep on using iMessage but we should use hangouts.

      • James

        Let’s be honest – he probably should keep using iMessage until Google can make Hangouts better.

        It pains me to say it, but iMessage is currently a better and more comprehensive solution (for iPhone users). Apple has shown the will to make messaging a priority, Google has left Hangouts more complicated to use and less feature rich, at least for now.

        • guest

          It’s “better” except that Apple messes up stuff even after people disable their iMessage accounts when switching to Android. I’ll say it’s actually better once Apple gets around to fixing their service so it knows when someone isn’t using an iPhone anymore.

          • James

            That’s why I said it’s a better solution “for iPhone users.” Since iMessage is iOS only, Android comparisons aren’t relevant. Many Google Voice users have experienced similar problems when trying to port their number out from Voice – at least this used to be a major problem. The point still stands than iMessage is a better solution on iOS than Hangouts is on Android…currently. Full Voice integration, along with seamless handovers of SMS and instant messages – would change that.

          • zurginator

            I do have to agree – and the absurdly slow app load times don’t help (Nexus 5)

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  • James

    Can I get excited yet? But wait, what am I going to complain about once this hidden gem finally brings Voice to the promised land?

  • What a letdown.
    At least USA won.
    *softly crying*

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      Oh the feels! 🙁

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio


  • boogie_monster

    ok AP, you telling me this, is like taking me to a restaurant and showing me a lobster and saying, Hey they say that thing is delicious!

    I want the DAMN thing!!! Please.

    • Bryan Mills

      Ron Swanson prefers the Turf n Turf.

      • trixnkix637

        I learned this from the Swanson Pyramid of Success.

        • El_Big_CHRIS

          From gladiators to Swansons!