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T-Mobile LG G3 Arrives July 16, Available for Pre-order Today

The LG G3 was announced back on May 27 and went on-sale the following day in Korea. Since then, we have been watching closely for any news out of a US carrier related to a potential launch date, since the G3 is easily one of the most anticipated Android devices of 2014. Today, we have something concrete from T-Mobile.

The LG G3 will arrive in T-Mobile stores on July 16 and can be pre-ordered today. 

You can pre-order the T-Mobile LG G3 here. Don’t forget to check out our hands-on time with the device as well.

Via:  T-Mobile 
  • Andrew White

    It appears the 16GB (2GB of ram) version is all that will be on offer in quite a few markets internationally.
    Sorry LG, this means Oppo will be getting my cash.

  • Mark Mann

    It’s apparently only pre-order via their website, went to the store today to pre order and the rep looked at me like I was nuts, told him I received an email saying it was up for pre-order and he looked and nothing in the system at the store level

  • CaptM

    I’ve got a chat open with a t-mo rep right now and she is telling me that it is indeed up for pre-order starting today. She even gave me a link to go to, to order right now, check below.

    Jennifer: Hi. I’m a T-Mobile chat specialist. Is there anything I can help you find?

    You: No, just looking

    Jennifer: Thank you for visiting us! Please enjoy your time on our site. I’ll be right here if you have questions about our

    services or completing your order.

    You: Thank you very much. 🙂

    Jennifer: While you’re on the site please take a look at our phone page where you can compare multiple phones at once.

    You: Just interested in 1 phone, the LG G3 but I can look around

    You: Is the pre-order for it actually starting today?

    Jennifer: I’m happy to inform you that you now pre-order the Lg G3 here online.

    You: Ok, that’s great, I’ve heard from people that they have called in and were told that it was a typo.

    Jennifer: Thank you for letting me know.

    Jennifer: You can pre-order the Lg g3 on this link. http://www.t-mobile.com/cell-phones/lg-g3.html

    You: Thank you, that is very helpful, I need to go through all of my options, I am currently a Verizon customer but wanted to

    take a look at what you were offering.

    • John Garlits

      Anyone notice the Tmo chat person is always “Jennifer”?

  • shooter50

    G3 Mini Review: I purchased an International G3 and used it over the weekend. Here are a few things I found: Screen is amazing. No surprise there. Brightness compared to S5 is lower, but at full brightness it is awesome. However, screen dims due to heat almost 80% of the time. Still looks good at 85% brightness as long as you don’t compare to the S5, then it looks dim. Personally, I still love the screen. Battery life is not good. No formal test, but not nearly as good as S5. This explains why the International G3 comes wiith a spare battery. The G3 lags about the same as the S5. Not terrible, but its there. This is on the 32G 3G ram version. Interface is clean and flatter. I’m fine with that. Bottom line, I’ll keep using the S5 as my main phone and the G3 for my photography business. It’s definitely a keeper, but there are many things I like better on the S5.

    • Interesting feedback. I’ve been on the fence about pulling the trigger for the European G3 and I think you just talked me out of it. Better wait and see what else comes down the pipeline. Thanks for the heads up and for saving me $685!

      • shooter50

        FYI, i just received an update this morning and also switched from davlick to art. not sure which one helped, but battery is down only 8%in 3 hours. a big improvement

        • Kane Desousa

          Well if you have at&t do NOT get a European one, only Korean as you won’t get LTE.

  • Just flashed the G3 ROM on my G2, I’ll pass 🙂

    • Bane

      I have been tempted to do just that, but with a G3 on the way, I figured I’d just leave my G2 stock so I can sell it. How do you like it? Is the camera shutter faster?

  • Ballerado

    How come this phone isn’t eligible for the monthly payment plan? Bummer.

    • Xavier_NYC
      • Ryan Chapman

        ATT’s plan is different than T-Mobile’s… No contract with T-Mobile and as soon as the phone is paid off your bill drops considerably. You get a phone financed at 0% and you can pay it off after 2 years or early if you want, and your monthly bill reflects the difference depending on how much you owe.

      • Ballerado

        When your only options are paying outright or paying monthly at no finance cost, the monthly payment plan is actually the better option.

      • Jon

        Yeah that’s AT&T. Not at all what the T-Mobile plan is like. I think T-Mobile is the only good plan. Particularly for those who got in on the JUMP plan in its early days before T-Mobile tweaked the JUMP plan a bit.

    • Ryan Chapman

      I talked to a rep and asked the same, I have a feeling that once it’s released they will add it, but since it’s preorder it’s not

      • Ballerado

        Weird because I got an email from T-Mobile advertising the pre-order and it says:

        $0 down + $24.95/mo. x 24 mos. If you cancel wireless service, remaining balance on phone becomes due. Total $598.80. 0% APR, O.A.C. for well-qualified buyers. Qual’g service req’d.

        • Ryan Chapman

          Just got the pre-order email that says that, but when I tried to sign up a few hours ago online it didn’t give the option, and the rep said you had to pay in full, so I have a feeling they don’t know whats up yet

          • Ballerado

            They updated the site. You can now pre-order with 0% financing. I pre-ordered one, not sure if I’ll end up keeping the phone though.

  • Jeremy Gross

    we need more X+1 news

  • joe23521

    I’m starting to wonder if ATT will ever release this thing.

  • Bryan Mills

    I like how everyone is in a rage about 2gb but didnt rage at Samsung..

    • Bane

      It’s not that. It’s knowing that there’s a better version out there and then seeing the carriers not get it. AT&T and Verizon always seem to gimp their phones one way or another. AT&T usually removes Qi charging, Verizon removes features and crams their logos all over it. Then, if there are hardware variations, they always get the weakest one with the least storage.

      T-Mobile doesn’t seem to adhere to this strategy, though, and I suspect it’s just a typo. I’d definitely rather have 3gb than 2, even if it doesn’t seem to make much difference in performance.

    • PoisonApple31

      Not in rage – just laughing at it.

  • Bryan Mills

    Not bad LG.

  • yummy

    T-mobile? Might as well be Korea, for all the good it does me.
    Must wait for the red ogres to decide to bring it to the hinterlands

  • Matthew DiGiacomo


  • Matthew DiGiacomo

    It’s a type. Here’s my T-Mo G3.

    • Xavier_NYC

      How’s the battery life been treating you? Want to pick one up for AT&T

      • Matthew DiGiacomo

        Very well. Always get through the day with battery left and I use it alot.

        • Xavier_NYC


        • Bryan Mills

          Good to see people will be eating some crow 😉

        • Brent Cooper

          Whats “a lot”? How much screen on time?

          • Jon

            Have you even bothered to read any reviews? Just about every review on the net and YouTube states the battery life is excellent and most say it tops the Galaxy S5. My wife has the S5 and it has excellent battery life, so I’m impressed.

    • Is there much carrier bloat on there?

      • Matthew DiGiacomo

        Lookout, Hotspot, T-Mobile My account, TV, Visual Voicemail and Name ID

      • rawr

        Does T-Mobile usually have a lot of bloat anyway? They strike me as a carrier who doesn’t have much reason to. Though that might just mean internal apps, I’m sure they need the money from paid bloating of their phones by other companies.

    • Prox

      How is the camera? Can you compare it to the Nexus 5?

      • Bryan Mills


      • Matthew DiGiacomo

        Camera I haven’t used a TON but from what I have used it’s been very good.

    • illrigger

      Does it have wireless charging? I noticed that it’s conspicuously missing from the TMo site.

      • Matthew DiGiacomo

        It doesn’t, or atleast it doesn’t work with my Nokia charger. The back cover I could have sworn had wireless charging but apparently it doesn’t.

        • illrigger

          Damn. That might be a deal killer for me, I really love my bedside wireless charger.

          • Matthew DiGiacomo

            Back cover is removable remember. You will be able to get a relatively cheap charging insert or a replacement cover with it. It has the ability just not included with the US versions. The Euro version has it though.

          • illrigger

            I did a bunch of googling on the subject and here’s the story: none of the US carrier versions of the G3 have wireless charging backs. Instead, you get to pay $50 for their circle case, which snaps on in place of the back cover and adds the feature. Basically, the US carriers see wireless charging as something they can make a few bucks on.

            All I can say is I hope there’s a source for standard wireless charging backs, because I hate flip covers with a passion. Maybe I will wait for the Note 4 if not, although I hate Samsung’s OS mods.

          • Darknut

            They also released back cover replacements with the charging coil, minus flip cover.

    • k.houan

      What comes in the box?

    • NorCalGuy

      Does it have tmo WiFi calling/SMS ? This is the only negative about having the N5 on tmo

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  • LivingLife4Real

    I justed called and asked they said its a typeo. That they will have the 3gb/32gb version. He also said it will be the same version as the beta phones they where giving out.

    • Bryan Mills

      America gets the best stuff. Love it.

      • Xavier_NYC

        Yes we do.. Waiting for an AT&T announcement..

      • flosserelli

        America gets good stuff, but Korea gets even better stuff.

  • dannyWHITE

    Review coming soon?

  • Ryan Chapman

    I just tried to pre-order, and am talking with the customer service and they are saying it’s not eligible for integrated pricing… She couldn’t tell me if that’s because its pre-order or not… I will be holding off until they don’t make you pay for it all up front

    • Bane

      I buy all of my devices outright anyway. It looks like it has the bands for AT&T and is unlocked. I wonder if that’s true. I just ordered the Korean model last week, though.

      • Cory S

        I usually did…but with T-Mobile might as well let them finance it for free. Throw that money in a savings account or something. Why did you get the Korean model? Seems all the reviews pointed out lots of radio issues in the US on that one.

    • illrigger

      Yeah, just saw that myself. I still have the old JUMP from before they neutered it and was going to trade in, but it’s not eligible at this point. Hopefully once it hits stores that will change.

      • Jon

        T-Mobile will have hell to pay if this phone is not available on the JUMP plan when it hits stores. It makes sense that you have to wait for it to hit stores as you have to bring back your old phone for inspection anyway.

  • nwd1911

    Kellen, you guys going to post a review of the phone? I liked the overview, but I need more of what is in your brain 🙂

  • Ryan Chapman

    I am pretty sure the demo units they were giving away as promo were 3 gb, I would assume they wouldn’t release a phone for free that is better than the one’s for sell

  • Sam

    3 GB or no deal for me. I need 2 year phone!

  • Bane

    Ha! They have it listed as the 2GB RAM version. I knew the U.S. would never get the full-spec’d version. At least they left it at 32gb storage. Europe got 2gb/16gb.

    • Europe also has the 3GB/32GB variant

    • Matthew DiGiacomo

      Cheeel brah check my screenshot above.

    • hkklife

      I am honestly surprised to see that. I was assuming the US would get 2/16GB across the board as everyone tries to copy Samsung. I honestly didn’t even know there was a 2/32 SKU. In this day and age, 3/32 or GTFO. And as some of the other posters have echoed elsewhere, I am “over” this device as I still say it’s too many pixels to be pushing for a “mere” 801 and the lack of standard wireless charging and microUSB 3.0 concerns me a bit. I’ll wait until the Note 4 and see what it brings to the table.

    • yankeesusa

      It is a typ. Just checked and the 3gb is the model coming to t-mobile. But if it isn’t a typo then I would never pay that much when the 3gb is available elsewhere.

  • Mike Aurin

    Is anyone else kind of “over” this phone?

    • rawr

      We get it, you love complaining about things being old 2 weeks after they are announced. You are so bleeding-edge metagame hipster we can’t even comprehend. Perhaps The Verge is more your style?

      • Mike Aurin

        No….douche. It’s just that there is a possibility the majority around here will be upset with the RAM (I think 2 gigs is fine though), the app compatibility with a screen resolution that isn’t widely adopted yet and the furthering rumors that the next Moto X installment may be released with the 360 at the end of the summer and that phone is clearly the fan favorite around here. I’m asking if the excitement has died down for hopes on the horizon or if people are still stoked about it. Did typing that reply feel good though? Hope it did.

        • Ryan Chapman

          T-Mobile gets 3 gigs.

          • Bane

            Not according to the listing on T-Mobile’s site.

          • Ryan Chapman


          • Since the phone doesn’t actually exist in that configuration we can hope it is a typo. Either that or some former Verizon employees have taken over T-Mo’s purchasing department.

          • Bane

            It wouldn’t be the first time a manufacturer made a special version of a phone for a carrier. Look at the G2 for Verizon last year with the trippy buttons and wireless charging. I could definitely see them doing that.

            That being said, I’m inclined to believe that there’s a typo somewhere. I really wish the carriers could get their $#@! straight.

          • The G2 was my basis for the Verizon purchasing comments. (;

          • Carlos

            LGUSA confirmed via twitter it was an error.

          • Matthew DiGiacomo

            It’s wrong.

          • Mike Aurin

            So one would hope the other carriers follow suit

          • Giggity

            Giggity, Giggity Giggity = 3 Gigs

        • To be fair, you said “Is anyone else” which implies that you are “over” the phone and want to know who else is with you.
          In you’re defense, you aren’t making a new comment. Others have voiced the same.
          In rawr’s defense, others have made the same comment and if it had been one of them his comment would have fit properly.
          In the phone’s defense, it hasn’t come out yet and the hypebesting pre-announcement makes it feel like we have been waiting for a century or more.

          • rawr

            What about in America’s defense Mr. NSA. WHEN WILL YOU DEFEND AMERICA!

          • Carlos

            Love it!!

        • rawr

          Woah bro, Moto X2 comes in plaid backing and a free Moto 360 Fedora?

          Should always know when someone QQs about non-moto phones on DL it is the moto-squad who refuses to admit Motorola is a lost cause being shipped to China.

          Oh and even the 16GB/2GB G3 will have better internals than the MotoX2 so I’m not sure how that comes into play? Moto is finally getting 1080p when everyone is moving on to bigger and better things.

          Thanks though, enjoy your next frappuccino on me.

          • Mike Aurin

            I use an S4. You’re really not good at this internet thing…

        • Carlos

          Confirmed error via twitter from LGUSA

    • Bane

      Still think it’s a great phone. I’d still want it with a 1080p screen. The G2 was a great phone and it’s really about the size-to-screen ratio for me. I think it’s definitely a better overall phone than the GS5.

      • SpaceJIMM

        So far, I have read all of your posts in Bane’s voice. Quite amusing!

        • Bane

          You merely adopted the G3. I was born into it, molded by it. I didn’t even see a cell phone until I was a man.

    • Definitely

      Yes. I’ve looked forward to and owned most of the flagships (back to the DroidX) and the G3 had built up the most anticipation for me. Coming from the G2 I was eagerly awaiting the refresh albeit it not a huge upgrade. But waiting nearly two months, being 2014, just completely took the excitement out of it for me. Maybe I’m just snooty in my old age but I don’t like the rest of the world having the phone before me.

    • OF

      I am. I was so excited for it, but now due to many design choices and the two month wait it’s now a meh. I’ll wait for the fall round of phones.

      • Carlos

        Then, when you have to wait…. you wait again.. then again… and again..

    • Jkdem85

      I specifically said this would happen and was beaten up for it on here. You can’t announce a phone and then wait months to launch it. This is especially true in America

      • Bryan Mills

        Cough cough

        • rawr

          You live in Europe Mr. TheNarrator?

    • Ray

      Nope its just you name a phone that comes out between when it was announced and when it will be released that’s better.

  • chris125

    Hm wonder if all US carriers are only getting 2gb version?

    • Derrick Jefferson

      That would be a deal breaker for me.

      • rawr

        Same, still have a gnex but won’t “settle”. Guess I’m waiting for Galaxy S5 Prime or Note 4.

        Foreign manufacturers need to start treating US customers better, they assume we don’t want premium devices (I guess that is why everyone but Samsung is getting rolled by Apple in sales).

      • Bryan Mills

        It’s a typo

        • Jon

          So can you clarify? Cause on Google Plus, I followed the link to pre-order page and it says 16 / 2 gig model. That’s a hell of a typo if they mean 32/ 3 gig model.

          • Mark Mann

            It’d been confirmed awhile ago that the tmo version will be the 3/32,while the other carriers will be 2/16

  • Sir Wilhelm

    So what’s up with T-Mobile getting a 2/32gb model? I didn’t know that was an option. They are also calling it a smartphone phablet.

  • eibook

    The phone they have up for pre-order doesn’t even exist, 2GB Ram/32GB Storage.
    It’s 2GB/16GB or 3GB/32GB…
    It would be nice to know what exactly I’m pre-ordering.

  • C’mon VZW…

  • Alexander Z Great

    Link won’t go anywhere 🙁

  • BiggiePhat

    hmmm only $600

    • Joseph A. Yager

      Well, it does feature a calculator.

    • Bryan Mills

      Yep going to Verizon on July 17th and picking it up

      • tu3218

        Is it confirmed for July 17th on Verizon? Haven’t read that anywhere. This the first thing I’ve seen for dates for the G3 in the US.

        • Bryan Mills

          Yes it’s confirmed. Already talked to my fellow LG reps and Verizon employees.

          • James_75


          • Bryan Mills


      • yankeesusa

        have fun, let me know if verizon has it

        • Bryan Mills

          I will and they will have it.

    • That’s a great price for the 32GB variant, I’m sure Verizon and AT&T will charge $699 for it though…

      • Top D

        Cheaper price probably due to last gen chip. Getting note 4, prob launched in a couple of months with 805. 40% greater processing power at 20% less power usage.

        • Bryan Mills

          Add in non integrated modem on that 805 and you’re gonna have a bad time.

          801 is perfectly fine. Far from being a last gen chip.

          • Myron

            Right because apple and samsung had so many problems with discrete modems ( or “non integrated” as the little brains call it) on their phones.

            Hay, if you want to buy old tech, go for it. I don’t really care.

          • Bryan Mills

            At least know your shyt before talking. The 801 is the widespread Processor being used. It’s not old. 805 isnt coming til late 2014.

    • p0k3y

      Doesn’t look like u can preorder one without contract yet. If it can be bought without contract, does anyone know if it will work on AT&T network? Presumably it would be unlocked since I pay full retail, right?

    • That’s what my invite says. Happy to see its not $750…