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Beats for Android Receives an Update, Adds Landscape Mode and SD Card Support

Beats may now be under Apple’s management, but that doesn’t mean the dev team is ceasing support for the Android app anytime soon. CEO Tim Cook said as much, and it seems he’s a man of his word – Beats Music received a substantial update yesterday.

The new version of the Beats Music app includes a landscape mode, plus the ability to transfer offline downloads between an SD card and your phone’s internal storage. Additionally, some UI tweaks are in tow – the ‘Find It’ button in the left-hand navigation bar is now ‘Browse,’ and song recommendations have been tweaked. Finally, the new app improves playback and fixes bugs.

Beats is available for download from the Google Play Store. For how long is anyone’s guess.

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  • Thaddeus Brown

    Why not inverted Pandora?

  • paul_cus

    Landscape mode is a really welcome addition. It was painful using the app on my tablet before the update.

  • hoosiercub88

    I really wish that Spotify would add SD card functionality back into the app.

    • bradavon

      It does. It’s a little odd though. When you first install Spotify it checks which has more space internal or SD card and then sets that for downloading music. The trick is to ensure SD card has more space “at the point you login or mark for offline use your first track” I’m not exactly sure.

      My SD card has roughly 20GB free and I can confirm Spotify since reinstalling Spotify is downloading music there. My tablet has more free internal space so Spotify is downloading it there. Annoyingly I didn’t check before so have to delete all my downloaded playlists (which is all of them), clear saved data and download them again.

      See here: https://support.spotify.com/uk/problems/#!/article/How-do-I-store-Spotify-on-my-SD-card
      And here: http://community.spotify.com/t5/Help-Android/Save-to-SD-Card/m-p/405336/highlight/true#M16213

      It would be nice if the option to manually pick where Spotify stored music would return. Along with Spotify scanning the SD card for MP3s and adding them to Spotify searches.

  • Guest

    More and more apps adding SD support yet most phones don’t have them these days.

    • lesprince

      They are returning in most of this year’s flagship devices by popular demand.

    • BOB Dudek

      They will…and are…maybe even the I phones of the future.
      MY HTC1 m8 of mine has the newer Samsung 32g. class 10 rating ..loaded it with Hi Def videos and renders Images and plays videos just amazing !

  • cizzlen

    If there was a way to transfer my Starred playlist from Spotify I would consider switching. No way I’m going through all those songs one by one.

  • After the Spotify breach I may actually gives Beats Music another try. It wasn’t that bad. I’m looking for a good streaming app.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Play Music? I mean the whole breach thing isn’t much of a reason to leave since it can happen to anyone. I like Spotify though.

      • I’ve only tried Play Music when it was first released and they didn’t have much music. And a couple other problems I don’t remember. Are they worth checking out again? I may look at them also.

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          For a while I had both. Spotify and Google…. Google has come a long way with catalog in a short time which I why I finally let go Spotify. Then there’s the ability to add my own music.

          • Oh yea I forgot about that feature, my local music and streaming all in one app. I may check both Beats and Play Music out again and see which one I like better.

  • Maranello Santiago

    Already have access to Play Music and Rhapsody. Noone over here is trying to support that hater Tim Cook neither and his cronies.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      It’s really not that serious.

      • Yea really though. Lol

      • Maranello Santiago

        If I don’t like them especially how Tim Cook is, then yes, it is that serious. I have a lot more options besides Beats Music.

  • Guy Pierce

    Thanks Apple!!! (sarcasm)

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Is it still Dre Day? . . . AK?

    • Shane Redman

      Now’a days every body wants to talk like they’ve got something to say, but nothing comes out when they move their lips. It’s just a bunch of gibberish. These *blankity blanks* act like they forgot about Dre.

  • Chippah

    Zero “F’s” Given

  • Lance S

    I uninstalled it. Im not supporting Apple and their evil ways. Now i am going to also have to find another pair or mediocre overpriced tacky headphones.

    • Guest

      What are their “evil ways”? I’m just curious what people mean when they say that. I’m an Android fan by the way…

    • proparham

      then support google and their evil ways. seems the same to me.

    • Constance Gardener

      Wow dude, it’s a phone.

    • A Skylit [S]unjΔy

      Get the V-Moda XS or V-Moda M100.