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Feedly is Down From DDoS Attack

If you use Feedly as your RSS service of choice (like I do), then you probably noticed that their web and mobile apps are not working at all this morning. Well, there is a reason for that. According to Feedly, around 2AM Pacific, “criminals” began attacking Feedly with a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. Those same criminals are asking for cash in order to stop the attack, which of course, Feedly has refused to do, so the service remains down.

As of 6:25AM Pacific, Feedly began making changes to their infrastructure to allow them to bring their RSS service back online, but has admitted that it could be a number of hours before the process is complete.

They also noted that “none of your data was compromised or lost in the attack.” I certainly hope not.

So, if you use Feedly, you will likely be without all of your RSS feeds for a while. We will update this post as we learn more. 

Via:  Feedly
  • Cory Corrupted

    It’s back up. I’m posting this from Feedly

  • steve

    ITS BACK!!! I can calm my ocd need to clear out my unread articles now….

  • Kevin Guinn

    This was the first site I chose in my first attempt at site browsing when I noticed feedly wasn’t working. It

  • Anon

    Switched to InoReader because of this.

    • Justin W

      Huh. So one day of lost service makes you switch RSS aggregators? You obviously weren’t too fond of Feedly it seems.

  • Zhi An Liu

    Back to ACTUALLY browsing websites for updates like the old days. Not sure how much longer I can withstand this

  • Nayners

    I can’t remember the last time I typed ‘Droid-life.com’. I bet for as long as Feedly is down, most sites are going to see a decrease is page views. Humans are lazy.

  • MikeSaver

    Lousy criminals. Where’s Batman when you need him?

  • Bill Stebbins

    So this wasn’t Verizon throttling them for more cash, right? Cause it kinda sounds like the same thing…

    • michael arazan

      knowing Verizon, this is what they do now to generate more profits, then mask the isp and ip since they own the servers.

  • JSo

    I don’t use the feedly app itself. But I log in with feedly with other RSS apps. They aren’t working either (obviously). Stupid “criminals”

    • Justin W

      Press here, and unfortunately since the entire backend of Feedly is down, absolutely no feed-reading app relying on their back-end is working 🙁

  • I can’t do this whole “actually visit site home pages” thing much longer.

    • mustbepbs

      You’re not a mod anymore?

      • jbegs
        • Nayners

          I’m glad he took his crap writing to an equally crappy website. See ya!

          • How is my writing crap again? And how is Pocketnow crap?

          • Nayners

            We’ve gone over this…

          • No, we have not. All I’ve ever got from you are “corrections,” most of which were absolute crap. I’ll have you know that every writer makes mistakes, and I am no exception.

            Again, how is Pocketnow crap?

  • Anthony

    Now i have to manually search the internet for news?! What is life?!

    • Curtis

      It took me this long before I remembered I could just browse to droid-life.com!

      • Jeremy Sheehan


      • Justin W

        I… I’m sad to admit that I had the same problem… I was thinking more or less “now I have to look through each site’s list individually” and that’s a downer 🙁

  • James

    Just another reason to say…RIP Google Reader

    • Guest

      Does Google Newsstand support RSS? I’ve never used the app, if not would be great if Google incorporated it.

      • if they did, and supported importing the exported list from feedly, I’d gladly switch.

  • morgan boyle

    i just see this DDoS attack for cash getting worse as time goes on. i hope no one EVER caves and they just stop doing it. or perhaps some new laws come into play that make this crime have severe penalties. it sucks because the biggest targets are the small guys who cant afford to have down time.

    • There are laws against various forms of hacking. Depending on the type of breach and the confidentiality that was breached, the penalty can even go up to life in prison. In my OS class I heard about some pretty bad incidents, and those that were caught did not get off easy. It just saddens me that people use their computer programming skills to do stuff like this.

      • LosttsoL

        Ya, that’s all well and good if the hackers are based in the US. Usually the attacks are coming from places like eastern Europe though. Very little reciprocity in those cases.

    • DanSan

      small and medium businesses are the biggest targets now. Mostly because they have a lack of knowledge, have insecure networks and infrastructure and also take the longest to even notice an attack has begun. Hackers can sit inside and collect all they want for an extended period of time without anyone even noticing and when they do it takes awhile to close the holes.

      bigger companies are usually victims of simple smash and grab tactics.

      • JMonkeYJ

        These type of attacks don’t allow the attacker to take or collect any info from the site. Their goal is to disrupt the site rather than actively steal from it.

  • coolsilver

    Feedly is nice. Though still never got used to the whole RSS reader thing.

  • Eh, after their whole article rehosting and link hijacking kerfuffle I switched to Newsblur.