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Deal: Grab a Nest Thermostat on Amazon for $229, $20 Off Retail

You know what would make an awesome Father’s Day gift? A Nest thermostat. For a limited time only, you can grab a Nest smart thermostat from Amazon for $20 off of the retail price, bringing your total to $229. Not a bad deal for your tech savvy dad.

For those not familiar, Nest is a thermostat that you can install by yourself, in your home, in place of your current thermostat. The company claims to save you money throughout the calendar year by performing more efficiently than your current thermostat, since it learns your patterns and adjusts temperatures based upon them, automatically. 

Nest has apps on both Android and iOS along with a web interface, so more times than not, you can control Nest from anywhere. It sports a modern industrial design, is easy to setup in your house, and can be paired with multiple Nest thermostats throughout your home. It’s a pretty sweet accessory for any homeowner (or renter).

Follow the link below to grab the deal.

Amazon Link ($229)

  • ChrisDG74

    These have been recalled:

    • Adam Intinarelli

      The smoke detectors were recalled, not the thermostat.

  • jimmyf101

    I kinda want to wait until Google has tweaked it more. Then, I may buy.

  • Sixy

    Check with your utility to see if they offer a rebate. I got $100 back.

  • turdbogls

    I was so happy when my wife told me about my neighbors new Wifi Thermostat…asked if we should get one. I immediately showed her the Nest….hopefully I’ll be picking one up soon.

    • needa

      i have been wanting a nest for quite some time. but after seeing this new honeywell i am certainly happy that i did not make the buy. nest got to feel what it is like to become outdated today.

  • yummy

    Good name job, keep working on sec

  • Winston Anchant

    Has anyone had legitimate experience with it? Some of the reviews on Amazon and elsewhere seem to point towards having constant issues with it.

    • ApplesNAndroids

      Haven’t had a single issue with mine. I like it a lot.

    • Travis Walls

      I’ve had mine for a few months now in an apartment. It is hard to see the savings, because I just went from getting a low power bill from cooler weather to dealing with the lovely heat of a Florida summer. I also had a pretty decent programmable thermostat previously, so the change wasn’t as dramatic. The big difference for me is the comfort of away mode only being used when I’m actually away at work, errands, etc.

      I used to have a generic 9-5 M-F schedule programmed on the previous thermostat, and I rarely stick to that schedule. The result was not being comfortable if I was running late in the morning, being uncomfortable if I got home early, or knowing I was wasting hours of A/C usage on the nights I stayed at work late. I tried doing auto-away with the motion sensor on the Nest, but the location of the thermostat is in a hallway that I may not walk past for hours, which resulted in accidentally triggering away mode even when I was home all day on the weekends. I’ve read that having other Nests or Nest Protects can mitigate this problem, because they can communicate with each other and cover more areas of the home where there is likely to be traffic.

      While it can seem like a hassle, I now trigger away mode manually as I walk out the door, and kick the A/C back on as I’m on the way home from work so things are nice and cool when I arrive. I can do this from my Pebble watch, the Nest app on my Moto X, or from the Nest web site. One of the common things I’ve heard about doing this is that you waste just as much energy by cooling everything down when you get home than if you had just left the temperature the same all day. Based on the energy usage graphs I get from the Nest, I cut my usage almost in half by setting it to away. This seems to depend on a lot of variables like what temperature settings you’re using, how long you’re away, what kind of weather you’re having that day, and how efficient your home is at keeping hot air out, cool air in, etc. I like to compare the away mode to having an app for your car where you can start it remotely and have the A/C or heat on and your car comfortable by the time you get in.

      Basically, the benefits come down to having away mode, a nice overview of your energy usage each day, automatic schedules (I have mine eek out a slight bit more in savings by raising the temperature a bit when the sun goes up/down), and an interesting feature called AirWave, which runs the fan to push leftover cold air around when possible instead of running the whole A/C unit (which is apparently supported by my A/C unit). Seeing things like humidity readings are also neat to me, since most apartment thermostats are pretty crappy. The remote access to your thermostat status over the Internet is a neat novelty at first (“Yay! We’re in the future now.”), but you eventually stop checking that after awhile. You also get other neat things like air filter reminders based on actual usage, an ETA for when the desired temperature will be reached, etc.

      The biggest issues I’ve heard about are either faulty backplates or temperature sensors. Apparently, they used all kinds of funky, high-tech components that may be less reliable in the interest of form over function (small, round shape). So far, I’ve been happy with mine, but I don’t know if I’d trust it where heating is required to avoid serious property damage (frozen pipes bursting) or life/death situations (pets, etc.). The worst that can happen for me is my A/C goes out and I’ve dealt with that before many times in the hottest of summers. Sure, it isn’t comfortable and all the gadgets get turned off, but nothing is really at risk in my situation. I do wish they have would have put a 5 GHz capable NIC in there since it depends on a Wi-Fi network connection for lots of functionality. I guess I can see that the range might be diminished, but 2.4 GHz is really crowded, especially in an apartment building.

      The install was quick and easy for me and my dad. I had never done anything like this before, but he’s had plenty of experience with various things like putting in light fixtures, ceiling fans, etc. The only thing we didn’t know was a question about the heat pump and which kind of wire it was. It was one of those questions where they tell you “you probably have this kind” and we ended up having the other kind after all. This all resulted in a funny story where the A/C said it was running, hot air was blasting out the vents at a rapid pace, and we feared for our lives as we realized the singularity had occurred and this sentient device’s first decision was to eradicate all humans by starting with us.

      Hopefully this helped. Sorry for the wall of text. Apparently, once you buy one, you can’t shut up about it…

      • Winston Anchant

        Definitely a lot of great information, thanks. The backplates and sensors were what I was worried about. I’m close to installing a new HVAC system and I was thinking about getting a Nest to support it.

  • Drew_VA

    I’ll wait it out until v3 comes out, hopefully as part of a larger Google smart home suite.

    • maratu

      Same here, really excited to see if Google implements anything new.

  • O Vato

    Hmmm, only $229 to have google monitor my home activities. Normally, it’s free.

  • Jonny D

    If you have an Amazon Visa Rewards card use promo code THI20ARC and get an extra 20% off making the total 183$

  • Spider210

    $187.49 through Verizon wireless if you have an employer discounthttps://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&ei=1UWXU9byLMfn8AWZ4YCIDw&url=http://www.verizonwireless.com/accessories/nest-home-thermostat/&cd=1&ved=0CC4QFjAA&usg=AFQjCNFpMJwC4L_G9d7mh2F3ipvmN6vH6g&sig2=1wtUO3MQjsfbjMSJ3B4eCQ

  • charesa39
  • Sean Lally

    Amazingly easy to install. Had it installed, configured and working in 30 min.

  • David Jacobs

    Get another 20% off that if you have an Amazon rewards card