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Moto X Now Available With 64GB of Storage for $449

From day 1, Motorola’s Moto X was available in two storage options – 16GB or 32GB. Since the phone does not support micro SD cards for expandable storage, you can imagine that some were begging for more, especially in a time of growing image sizes, HD video, and massive game files. To give heavy downloaders an option, Motorola added 64GB of storage as a choice in the “Memory” section of Moto Maker.

We now have three pricing tiers for the Moto X of 16GB for $349, 32GB for $399, and 64GB for $449. Even at $449, the Moto X with 64GB is still quite the reasonable price. Most other flagships, even ones from last year, retail with no contract above that. 

With that said, we are fully expecting a new Moto X from Motorola within the next couple of months. While we love the original Moto X and even called it our best phone of 2013, we would recommend waiting just a bit to see how this new model shakes out. Also, the LG G3 should arrive on US shores within that time as well.

Via:  Motorola
  • Dt Bell

    Credit for a creative way to soak an extra hunny-bee out of a product already riding off into the US sunset.

  • C-Law

    Ive been in love with moto since last year when they announced the moto x. They’ve had a lot of great deals on this phone and this storage option helps, along with the new test drive options, to possibly get a few more people interested. I bought my vzw dev edition moto x the first week of October and paid $699. I wish I could have predicted in 4 weeks or whatever it was that the price would drop so much but o well, it really is the best phone I’ve ever owned by a long shot. (Droid, D2, RAZR maxx, RAZR m, gnex, gs2, fs3, gs4, note 2, iphone5). I just hope now that Google has left the company, that it won’t change its current formula. I would love for my next phone to be the next .moto x

  • Brandon

    If my Note 3 had 64 GB internal I couldn’t care less whether or not it had a MicroSD slot.

  • Dre Fay

    I hate my life!

  • Tomek G

    Does it come with improved camera?

  • Jeremy Gross

    not available for verizon

  • Jared Denman

    I ordered 1 for the try then buy with the walnut back!

    • Ditto! black front and blue accents, here.

      • Jared Denman

        Sounds like you ordered the exact same phone! Mine is the “unlocked” version

        • Great minds! admittedly, i just had to use this opportunity to try it out. I’ve already got a blue back yellow accents, but if i like the walnut look and feel, i’ll sale the blue one and keep the walnut version.

  • Raven

    Ugh, my 32GB Moto X DE got run over this weekend (I dropped it getting in the car and my wife backed over it). Fortunately I had an ADH warranty that will probably take about 2 weeks. Already missing my poor X greatly. I wish they would up the Developer Edition to 64GB as well.

    • nosedive94

      I know a guy who’s done that to 4 separate phones

  • nosedive94

    Maybe someone here can help me out. I get my upgrade next month (Jul. 17th), and I’m caught between buying a Moto X outright this minute, waiting a couple months for the X+1, and getting a G3 in July. My best option is clearly to wait for the X+1, but I can’t wait that long. I also think the G3 is kind of ugly except for that gorgeous display, and I don’t like LG’s UI. My only concerns with the X are the specs and camera.

    • Nikuliai

      That long? the X was released mid August (you would wait “just” a month)

      I would wait, I have the X and it’s AMAZING (touchless = priceless), but considering it’s only August I would wait in your case to get it on contract

      • nosedive94

        Well probably the end of August, near September. You’re probably right, but I still might get an X in the meantime.

        • needa

          evleaks said the last days of september. so it might be longer than ya think.
          edit:his tweet rolled out on may 30th. in case you can go back in time on the twitter site and see it. i dunno. i don’t do the tweeting thing.

        • Nikuliai

          It’s a pretty amazing phone, so be my guest 🙂

    • I’d wait to see what the X+1 truly is/will be. what are you using now that you “can’t wait that long” to quit using?

      • nosedive94

        A Galaxy SIII. Great phone when I bought it, but it’s been 2 years now.

  • Marc

    I think it’s interesting that a lot of the premium devices brought back sd card support, but 32gb should still be the standard minimum for anything but the lowest end phones. my s4 has sd card support, but it still uses internal for a lot of games and apps. With games frequently coming in at multiple gb’s and picture and video files getting larger and larger. 32 and 64gb should be the options on all premium devices.

    • needa

      my 16gb is plenty for me. if 32gb can be had for the same price as 16gb, then i am all for it. otherwise…

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    I think we missed the most important question here……….Is this a part of their “Penny for your credit card info” sale today?

    • Jared Denman

      Yes they are if you got a code. I ordered 1.

    • Franklin Ramsey

      I don’t see the point of the sale. Try the phone out for 2 weeks then return it, or get charged the full amount for it. I’d rather wait for the X+1

      • Nikuliai

        Try the phone out
        Some consumers will fall in love with it
        Some consumers won’t return it (and you have clients who wouldn’t buy the phone up front but since they liked it they now want it)


        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          Let’s not forget the chunk of people who miss the ship back date and get slammed with a full price phone, calling Motorola to demand they remove it, and take their phone back.

          • Nikuliai

            True, I always forget the ammount of people that aren’t that “aware” of things (and that won’t ever read a freakin’ contract)

            Either way, they will get new customers with that, and that’s what they want, for people to test the touchless, to like it and to get potential new consumers, even if they return the phone they will most likely keep it in the family (let’s face it, all the other OEM UIs are garbage)

        • Franklin Ramsey

          But in all honesty, how many people outside of tech enthusiasts even know about the “sale”?

          • Nikuliai

            No idea, I don’t live on the US

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Yea, anyone really wants an Moto X there are always actual sales, like last week with the $100 off. Instead now, you’ll be getting charged full price for the “luxury” of having the phone free for 2 weeks.

      • aQuickBit

        I think maybe its an opportunity for people to love a Moto phone and then return it to wait patiently for the XPlus1 (like I am). I told a few of my hardcore iPhone friends to just try it out and see if they like it because Moto is the closest to stock Android experience as possible. I got only one to go ahead with it.

  • JZ

    Heads up: No 64GB Moto X for Verizon.

    • jimt

      Don’t you just love Verizon.

      • Brent Cooper

        Lol +1 ^this

    • Shawn Spring


    • aQuickBit

      Yeah that was a bit of a low blow last night at 1:00 a.m for that TryThenBuy offer.

  • Brady

    X+1! X+1! X+1!

    • ki11ak3nn

      If the X+1 turns out to be a watch or tablet I’m gonna be so pissed.

      • Brady


  • ki11ak3nn

    I was going to get the 64 GB version for my try then buy X last night. Then I thought to myself I’m not gonna be able to fill it up with that much stuff in such a short time. Went with 32. And if I like it I’ll keep it as my backup phone.

  • yummy

    Hard to understand why they waited until now to release 64GB

    • jimt

      They want you to sell your 16gig phone and buy a 64 gig phone. Simple business.

      • po

        Why would anyone do that? Or are you talking about a 3 year old 16 GB phone and not a 1 year old Moto x?

    • joe

      I’m hoping the next Motoroloa device has an externally accessible microSD card slot now that other flagships are putting it back. Especially with only USB 2.0 on most phones still and the typical slowness of MTP compared to UMS for long file transfers, I’d rather take out the card then plug it into my PC to transfer my videos, photos and other files to possibly transfer to another PC. Wireless anything to a LAN connected PC isn’t that fast and cloud storage is even worse.

      Of course, even with that, I’m not sure I’d get the next Motorola phone. That LG G3 seems very enticing on paper so far.

      • Jared Denman

        Everything is cloud based for me now. I could care less about a micro SD. I went with the 64 option only because games and other apps are getting larger and larger!

      • michael arazan

        Not to mention it is faster uploading over lte than basic wifi for media

  • Guest

    16GB needs to die, 32GB needs to be the standard on all “premium” phones. I don’t understand why company charge so much the difference in storage, lord knows those chips don’t cost that much.

    • jimt

      They want to sell new phones.

    • ki11ak3nn

      I don’t think it needs to die. Not everyone needs that much storage. Like my mom. She doesn’t download games or movies. Just takes pictures and has like 2 or 3 apps. 16 is perfect for her.

      • 216monster

        Even with photos, 16gb I could fill in a week just snapping photos of my nephews, but really, 32gb should be standard thanks to the dreaded formatting , 16gb becomes 10-11gb useable and 32gb becomes 23-24gb useable, they should market the storage for the true amount. I suppose you could make do if every few days / once a week dumped all images onto a PC, but the defeats the purpose have having photos on your phone to share and see, and .. lets not throw in cloud storage (which I care not to use..)

        • ki11ak3nn

          When I got my Nexus 5 I remember it being closer to 27 GB free. So you’re off by a few. And so let’s say a 16 GB phone has 12 free. No apps installed. Each picture I take seems to be around 5-6 mb. With 12 GB free that comes to a little over 2,000 pictures. That’s a lot of pics man.

          • hkklife

            1080P video? 4K video (as seen on all the latest devices)? A little Google Music cache and a handful of new/modern 3D games and that 16GB storage space is TOAST. No, 32GB needs to be the baseline minimum for all upper-midrange devices nowadays and 64 needs to at least be offered on the high end, especially if a device doesn’t have a microSD slot.
            FWIW, Color me as stunned that HTC, LG and Moto all brought back microSD slots this year. I figured everyone had jettisoned them for good other than Sony and Samsung

          • Nikuliai

            Cuz’ downloading 1080p and 4K video on a 720p display makes a lot of sense, all the other manufactors are giving you the SD option, so it’s not really that important. Let’s hope Moto gets back to that too now that it’s not “pure Google” again

        • fish1552

          With all the cloud services now days, I have no problem with my 32GB MotoX even coming close. Since I have the phone set to upload photos after taking, I delete the local ones, and keep stuff streamlined using online storage. My home HDD can share movies, music, files, etc, and with netflix, hulu and other sites, I find no need to have everything on my phone. Hell, throw in the wifi HDD and I need a microSD even less.

          It’s like people are digital hoarders or something.

          • Guest

            Don’t trust the cloud man, Obama is looking at your vacation photos, esp the one of you in your bathing suit /partial s

      • Guest

        I doubt my mom uses more than 4GB on her’s, but that’s not the point, the point is company’s are over charging for storage, you’re basically over paying for that 16GB when you could have 32GB for the same price.

      • nosedive94

        Sure, but 32 usually costs only $50 more, which I can’t imagine being a limiting factor. Plus you know that price differential is jacked up anyway. It costs next to nothing for them to include the extra storage.

        • ki11ak3nn

          Maybe people want to save $50 then. That’s a case, extra charging cable, screen protector, etc.

          • JoshGroff

            That was my logic in purchasing the 16. No reason to spend $50 extra when I have tons of free cloud storage and stream everything.

          • Nikuliai

            It depends on the person, if you are a guy that downloads tons of music and you don’t have unlimited data (not really an option on my country) you need the extra storage since you’re not -usually- always home.

            In my case, I’m not gonna need 64gb any time soon

          • nosedive94

            What I’m saying is that they don’t even have to charge $50 more for the 32GB option. OEMs continue to do so because it’s a cash cow.

  • Android_09

    Are they making this option available for the developer edition as well?