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AT&T Brings GoPhone Plans to Compatible Tablets

AT&T’s GoPhone plans are no-contract, 30-day, hassle-free plans that allow you to pay what you want, for exactly what you need. Starting this week, you can pick up a GoPhone plan for your tablet, as long as your tablet is compatible.

To set up a GoPhone plan is easy. Choose your plan, buy a SIM, then activate your account. The account is live for 30 days, then at the end of 30 days, you simply add more money to keep it alive. 

For now, there are three tiers to choose from for tablets – $15/month for 250MB of data, $30/month for 3GB, and $50 for 5GB. Of course, this is data only, so the GoPhone price is a bit cheaper than for a smartphone which uses messages and minutes on top of data.

I personally use a GoPhone plan for my phones, the $60 for 2.5GB of data. It’s a good deal, plus AT&T’s 4G LTE network is fast and reliable.

Own a tablet that is compatible? Check it out.

Via: AT&T [2]
  • HeHateMe

    I wonder if I could use the tablet sim in my Nexus 5 for data only. Anyone know if this would work?

  • Hothfox

    I went to the AT&T store at the mall yesterday. The two guys there first had no idea what I was talking about, and then one of them finally remembered that they just got the SIM kits the other day. Great.

    So we sit down, and they can’t figure out how to activate the plan, because they can’t punch in the code in the dialer. So I tell them that if I were to do it online, I would punch in the SIM number online and then choose my plan. Apparently they felt like ignoring me, because they couldn’t figure it out. One of them then decides to just put a normal SIM in it and try that way.

    So I’m on a HSPA+ only, 3GB half-assed “GoPhone” plan, and they won’t give me a refund because they tell me the only GoPhone plans that are LTE are the $60 smartphone plans. I’m going into my normal store today to see if they can fix what bozos 1 and 2 did yesterday. If they cannot, I’ll just deal with the month of HSPA+ and then order the damn SIM kit myself online.

  • a) youth.in.asia

    Let me do you guys a solid and suggest callingmartdotcom every month they have a discount code for AT&T GoPhone for like 10% off, brining that down to $54 a month and they don’t charge sales tax (in my area) and if you get like 1% as a credit that you can let build up or use it the next time that you buy from them. What is another good feature is that you can refer people for another % from whatever they buy

  • Flat_Stanley

    How does this differ from both AiO/Cricket and AT&T’s other no-contract BYOD plan?

    • a) youth.in.asia

      Aio/Cricket throttles your LTE to 8MBPS download

  • Hothfox

    How timely! I was just considering getting back on AT&T with my Nexus 7 LTE. This is great.

    Does anyone know what happens if I decide I don’t want to pay for it one month, and then do the next month? Does the SIM “expire”, or would I just add more credit to it?

    • Ex Att salesman

      As long as you activate once every 90 days your go phone number will stay active

  • Luxferro

    I like the $30 T-Mobile prepaid plan a lot better. 100 minutes, unlimited text, 5 GB LTE.

    • a) youth.in.asia

      I bet you like the coverage area too

      • Luxferro

        yep, works great for my area.

    • CHRIS42060

      Why would I pay for 100 minutes on my tablet?

      • DanaRoaredi

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  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Good idea by At&t. No unnecessary contract lock in. Now I can feel confident buying an LTE model tablet. Come on Google Let’s get that 8 inch nexus tablet out the gate.

  • Ryan Haffner

    I use the $45 GoPhone plan on my Nexus 4 (Walmart Unlimited + 1GB plan). It was kind of a pain to get switched to it, since it is not really advertised much. So far, for me this has been the best though. I have experienced T-mobile pre & post paid, verizon, Sprint (via Boost) & StrightTalk. I have to agree that GoPhone has been the best value when considering all factors such as reliability, usability, customer service & total price. I like that GoPhone customers are not treated like 2nd class citizens either.

    • CHRIS42060

      How exactly was it a pain to get switched to? When I got a Nexus 5 I just walked into an AT&T store, and they handled everything. I ended up switching from GoPhone because anytime I tried to add money to my account over their website I would have to wait for them to call me related to their credit card verification process. It was weird because they would call me, and then call my bank. My bank would request I not give my account passwords over the phone with a 3rd party on the phone, but the AT&T rep said if the automated system was used they would be disconnected. I just did not feel comfortable with it, but I am perfect happy paying less at Cricket for the same coverage. I don’t mind the data speed cap either.

      • Ryan Haffner

        It’s a pain because the AT&T stores will not start you on the “Walmart exclusive” GoPhone plan. You have to take one of the other Gophone plans, then call customer service & tell them to switch you to the Walmart one. All this without having to step foot in a Walmart store. It seems kind of ridiculous to me is all. Anyway, that is really my only gripe so far. The service & coverage have been excellent.

        • CHRIS42060

          Oh ok. I didn’t even know about a Walmart exclusive plan. At least there was a way to get around it without having to go to Walmart. I hate that place.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    ” I personally use a GoPhone plan for my phones, the $60 for 2.5GB of data.” – Me too Tim! . . . Me and you? We’re the same.