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Motorola’s Punit Soni Posts Screenshot From Motorola Device With 1080p Resolution?

Motorola currently has a number of phones on the market – Moto X, Moto G, Moto E, and a whole line of DROID phones. Can you tell me how many have a 1080p display? The answer is zero. So why is it that Punit Soni, the company’s VP of product management, is posting screenshots that weigh in with a 1080p resolution? Your guess is as good as mine.

The screenshots comes to us in a response that Soni posted about the Moto G displaying current network names in the statusbar. He shows a shot of a box that can be checked to toggle that option on or off in a new update to Android 4.4.3 for the phone. But the thing is, the screenshot couldn’t have been taken from the Moto G. The Moto G only has a 720p display. So in other words, he is showing the carrier name status bar option check box from a phone that we have yet to see or has not been made official by Motorola.

Is it the Moto X+1? Maybe. Current rumors suggest that the next Moto X will be updated with a 1080p display that could be 5 inches or bigger. It may even look like this. We know that a new Moto X is supposed to arrive this summer, so you would hope that their top execs are already well into testing these devices in the wild. It could be that Punit just gave us our first real evidence of its existence.

Thanks, Punit, the hypebeasting is back in full force.


Via:  +Punit Soni
  • damien

    Give me a droid 5. I think a good number of people would agree with me on this. (i know the qwerty keyboard market is diminishing) But above avg hardware, 4.3-4.5″ screen, keyboard similar to D3 or D4, great battery life , (if possible make it aws as well…) then am sold. might even buy two.

  • JackMeOffski

    Dude needs to cut his hair…..

    • Abhijeet Mishra

      He’s Punjabi, that hair of his is like tradition, not sure he needs to cut it. Those fangs he has on both sides could do with some trimming though. xD

      • JackMeOffski

        I first saw him with short hair…Looks better IMO

  • Abu

    1080p is so 2012
    Sent from a DNA with my best 7-11 accent

  • LOLOL. The fact that 1080 is news for Motorola shows just how behind they are in terms of hardware.

  • I love my droid maxx. I hope they evolve this phone with some new features or it’s tough to buy another android with the iphone 6 looming.

  • droidrazredge

    This week has definitely felt like a Moto Holiday because each day they’ve been teasing and surprising us with something new.

  • M3D1T8R

    Bring it. And please no larger than 5″.

  • 216Monster

    Screen shot ran thru something like Genuine Refractals? .. And for the record to other user comments, Motorola has never had top of the line specs almost since the Original Droid line up; OG Droid , Droid X. Since then, every manufacturer has had fast cpu’s yada yada yada.. But the motorola X8 is by far one of my favorite user experiences ever, and great to work with.

  • Tony Spencer

    According to MAKKAPATI HARSHA in the comments it is the Moto X+1 Proto.

    • On2Vegas

      And Punit Soni posted a smiley

  • christophermcconkey

    I can’t wait to see it. I am debating on going to Straight Talk or Aio/Cricket if this impresses me enough to leave my Razr Maxx and Big Red.

  • KCCO

    Choo Choo .. Hypetrain acoming…

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Wrong Hype Train Pic. I’m down voting you for improper use.

      • KCCO

        Agree.. but this one is G rated for everyone.. the one I typically use is not.. 🙂

  • Orion

    Just give me that moto phablet along with the 360 and I’ll be happy.

  • Michael Bassett

    Nah, going to wait for the Google Play Edition Moto X+1 Prime Special Edition.

    • Joe

      in GOLD

  • chris125

    Hope they can get a decent camera in this version. Jk it is moto, they have never been able to put a good camera in their phones

    • On2Vegas

      Well this LinkedIn job posting was filled almost 2 months ago, so there’s hope.


    • NexusMan

      Just like almost EVERY other Android manufacturer.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Samsung and LG beg to differ.

        • NexusMan

          Samsung and LG = 2… 2 does not equal MOST.

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            There aren’t that many Android manufacturers that matter. LG/Sammy/HTC/SONY . . . that’s 50%. . .

          • NexusMan

            Should I alter my original comment to include “that matter?” Oh, and if you want to only discuss the one’s “that matter,” It could be argued that you should scratch EVERY name from your list except Samsung.

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            Please alter your original comment.

          • NexusMan

            No thanks. But please feel free to alter your original response to my original comment, since it’s inaccurate.

      • chris125

        No Samsung, lg and even sony do well in the camera department. Moto is at the bottom and always has been

        • NexusMan

          That’s 3. Not most. (With Samsung & LG only recently stepping up their camera game). Android cameras have for a long time been a subject of jokes in comparison to the iPhone.

          • rawr

            So name all the top Android manufacturers…

            Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony, Moto.

            How is 3/5 not ‘most’?

          • Scott Capodice

            3/5 is more than half so it is most..

          • NexusMan

            I never spoke of “top” manufacturers. I spoke of manufacturers. Stop trying to add things to my original post to justify your argument. I am curious, however, to what criteria you are using to define “top,” as HTC’s sales and revenue are horrendous, yet they are on your “top” list.

          • needa

            nah. the gs2 was better than the 4s.

          • NexusMan

            It’s all subjective. And depends on when and how your using your camera. So many people are claiming their camera is “the best,” and clearly they all can’t be right. They should say it’s “the best for me.”

          • needa

            the sites that tested it, like anandtech and such, said it was better. significantly better in fact. the gs2 had a bad ass camera in it. back then… it actually was the best smartphone camera. no phone was capable of decent low light and such. cept maybe for the 808.
            still though, i am agreeing to disagree. cause i know where you are coming from.

          • John Kitchen

            My M8 camera shits on my 5S’ camera. Fact.

          • George264

            Only in some lights. And it only goes so far. It’s a beautiful beautiful camera, and if it was 8MP it’s really change the game along with OIS. It focuses insanely fast, has great color reproduction, but HTC needs to tweak their post processing. Apple always does something that make the colors come out extremely accurate and good looking to everyone I show it to. Android manufacturers have always been lacking in that department and it’s not in the hardware.

          • MicroNix

            Comparison photos in detailed reviews show a totally opposite picture (pun intended). Fact.

          • John Kitchen

            Me owning both and using both on a regular basis every single day of the week proves that the M8 is better. The iPhone is a little better outside in bright light but in literally every other use case I’ve run into the M8 wins.

          • NexusMan

            Okay. That’s great. Any reason you’re sharing that fact with me?

  • Green

    I hope it’s a 6″ Droid. 🙂

    • Blue Sun


  • BigTexas

    It is confirmed that the “all new moto x” which will be the name the moto x +1 is a product marketing name for the any new moto x product matched with the new Moto 360. The all new moto x will have 5′ inch 1080p display but to try to take advantage of using an older technology when the mobile OEM’s are looking to UltraHD moto will be using a live “OLED cross patern technology” that will have it’s pixels adapt to whatever situation you are using the screen for. The screen will take on a “situation awareness” of sorts. The best way to describe this feature will be to think of Samsung’s multiple screen mode’s such as vivid, or cinema but changes automatically. So the 1080p resolution is not the big deal Motorola will push that is a true “smart display” which is the next step in evolution in Active Display.

    • Michael Graef

      Per Sarge.

    • needa

      thx. so glad you confirmed the name.

    • needa

      i just had a great idea. if you could somehow get a pic/blurry cam of the ‘all new moto x’ moniker… and tweet it to evleaks. then all of these fools would stop calling it the x+1.
      just to add to it all. evleaks said on the 30th to expect the release “on the last days of september”.

  • crazed_z06

    But I thought you couldnt tell the difference between 720 and 1080P doe

    • John

      HAHAHA this guy. All the Moto Fans will be jumping all over you.

    • Big EZ

      In a 4.7″ device you wouldn’t notice much of a difference. On a 5″+ you will. I wish LG would have stuck with a 1080p display on the G3. I think anything past 720p for smaller screens, and 1080p for 5″+ is perfect. Anything beyond that has diminishing returns.

      • Carlos Lopez

        Eh i agree on the smaller screens but i feel it should be 5″-5.5″ 1080p and then 5.6″+ 2k display

    • lop

      I can’t on < 5" screens.

    • George264

      I thought the same because I never really payed attention to my X. But lately after using the M8 extensively, when I look at the X it looks blurry. Even though it was crystal clear to my eyes before. It’s not a big deal, not like an iPad 2 screen, but it’s a subtle thing that I now notice.

  • jeradc

    Does screenshot resolution always match phone screen resolution?

    • Aooga

      Almost always, but there are ways to change it.

  • My body is ready…. and my wallet.

    • Android_Silver

      your body+wallet are ready from your eyes looking at 1080*1920 generic system screenshot PNG file?
      you’re easy to satisfy.;)

      • Oh, I’m very easy. #callme

    • EraserXIV

      And my Bow!

  • Jpx

    Well love my Moto X, but might have to get this +1 and moto 360. I understand people love the size of the moto x, and I can agree its a every ergonomic phone. But I have had a 5″ phone for over 3 years and I definitely could go for a larger phone

    • hkklife

      Moto needs at least match what LG did last year with the G2 (strong battery life + 5.2″ 1080P screen w/ narrow bezels) if at all possible.

      • MacNificent

        But no bigger than that!

  • Ali Akram

    With that mug, he’d be better off using the lowest resolution possible.

  • Derek Duncan

    seems obvious Moto would release another phone. Also seems obvious Moto’s next phone would be 1080p..I’m not seeing the huge deal.

    • Mike Aurin

      Whoa whoa whoa….you mean to tell me that in some crazy scheme to turn a profit, Moto would make ANOTHER phone and include specs that every other flagship already has? I call shenanigans.

      • feztheforeigner

        Actually other flagships have 2K displays

        1080p was so last year

        • michael arazan

          since I have yet to have seen a 2/4 k device 1080 is more than fine for me.

    • Oblivion_of_Mediocrity

      Motorola is lagging behind ALL COMPETITORS, in terms of hardware, features, patents, marketing, naming, launches and software.
      Also it is losing $200+ MILLION every quarter, which is “probably” a result of the problemS mentioned above.

      Why we should hypebeast or dream about Moto X+1 1080p in 2014 is unclear.
      X+1 even sounds funny.


      • Nathan Bryant

        To be honest all you need is a 1080 screen, nice form factor, 5″ screen, latest processor, great camera, and your choice of skin. That’s it. No 2K screen will be standard until next year. LG jumped on it and executed it well, but that alone doesn’t make a phone better overall. The OS itself, icons, and UI isn’t even optimized for it yet. So the experience won’t be any different when looking at it unless you’re watching some 2K content.

        If they can simply do that and market well without doing any exclusive mess, then they can gain a little ground. I understand their budget phones and what not, but it’s honestly overlooked in the bigger picture. They need to execute their simple ideas on a larger scale. Just make a solid ass phone and execute it well. Keep the custom colors and choices like that. That is a good touch. Just no exclusives. You don’t win anything by doing that. The idea is done and over by time it reaches others when exclusives are put into play.

      • Marketing, patents, launches: I agree

        Hardware – May not be the best, but they have a good design down.
        Features – MotoMaker, ActiveDisplay, Touchless Control, Quick Capture?
        Software – Optimized X8 Architecture.

        But, the above three are useless without the first three. That is why they’re losing money.

      • Thejungle

        Motorola is already sold to Lenovo. Only some formalities are pending to finish transaction.

    • AbbyZFresh

      It’s a huge deal because they are just now catching up to what most Android phones have been doing since late 2012. I’m not even confident that the X+1 will even sell at all outside of its fans. They hardly did much marketing for the original Moto X.

      • adbFreedom

        Until you use a moto x as your daily driver, I don’t think you can comprehend the fact that we are at a point where upping the specs are not always a direct result of performance. This is clearly shown when I compare the Galaxy S5 to Moto X and the smoothness/performance is very close, may even go to X and the S5 is running a snapdragon 801! I think the way Moto built the device and how the processing components interact is just superior to what most other OEMs are doing. Quad HD is an excellent example of this as well when you consider that the content in that resolution is almost non existent at this time and the difference is minimal on a smartphone size displaydisplay anyways, 1080p is perfectly fine. I am extremely excited for what Moto has to offer this summer!

        • staticx57

          That is great until you consider the S5 is a terrible device as a whole.

        • David Caccavo

          while there is obvious room for improvement for the Moto X, i think they did an awesome job making a phone that is intuitive and easy enough for novice users but providing enough options/features for a power user. using it every day for the past 6 months has opened my eyes to the hardware v. software debate. and as Kellen previously pointed out, there are several features that seem like throwaways or shouldn’t be a difference maker, that turn out to be so great (Active display/twist for camera). i picked up my wife’s iphone the other day to take a pic of our baby and tried twisting for the camera and got very annoyed when it didn’t pop up.

        • ckeegan

          I wish I could somehow swindle my wife’s Moto X and give her my S4. Much like convincing my 7 year old that my shiny dime is WAY cooler than his boring piece of paper with Washington’s face on it.

        • michael arazan

          Got my dad the moto x, it’s a great device, too small for me and what I want to consume media, it’s identical to my GS3 in specs but blows it out of the water with it’s voice control and speed. I passed on last year’s moto x to wait till this year’s moto x for a 5 inch screen and a bigger spec bump.

    • Akbar Akmed

      So excited, snapped a pic just after shower.

    • lop

      I care more about power consumption, color accuracy, saturation, outdoor visibility before 1080p+ resolutions on a phone. I have a šMoto X and outdoor visibility with the OLED screen isn’t as good as my old LCD screened phone. Indoors, though, the Moto X wins.

      JDI screens ( http://www.phonearena.com/news/JDI-announces-a-7-display-with-1000-nits-of-peak-brightness-and-40-lower-power-draw_id56847 ) seem promising when it comes to better outdoor visibility without sacrificing battery life.

  • Mike Aurin

    That screen size is too damn big….

    • nate

      Resolution and size aren’t directly related. There’s no way to tell the size of the screen from a screenshot like this

      • Mike Aurin

        God dammit, does every dry joke need that little “/s” at the end of it??

        • BAM1789

          Welcome to the internet have a nice stay!!

        • Jpx

          no it needs the proper too damn high jpg https://imgflip.com/i/9ctkh

        • trixnkix637

          Short answer…? Yes. /s

        • nate

          Well considering people legitimately complain about that with every new phone, yes lol

          • Mike Aurin

            Most intelligent people know that you can blow up a screen shot to the size of a billboard and know it didn’t come from a phone with a 15 foot screen. You’re a Pats fan…I’ll let you off with a warning.

          • nate

            Keyword: intelligent. Which is something that is hard to come by on the internet lol.

          • It’s not his fault he corrected you. When in doubt, it’s safe to assume the worst. The worst being, you’re retarded.

          • Mike Aurin

            The conversation ended 3 hours ago. Nice word choice though.

          • Haha I know, I just thought I’d defend him since you “let him off with a warning.” At least I wasn’t replying three days late. Hate that bs