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Humble Bundle 10 Adds 3 New Games, Pay Over $5 and Get $164 Worth of Titles

True to form, the 10th edition of the Humble Bundle has added a few new games to its lineup after the initial launch that took place a couple of weeks ago. All you have to do is pay more than the average, which right now is at $4.90, then you will get over $164 worth of games in response. Who can say no? 

Fieldrunners 2 was released in the initial version of the Humble Bundle, but there was so much demand that they decided to bring in the original for you to play as well.

Alongside Fieldrunners, Frozen Synapse bills itself as the “ultimate tactical game” that allows you to plan out your squad’s moves in advance and once you hit “Prime” they will run what you tell them to. Different game modes and even multiplayer against other people make this game definitely worth the $5 by itself.

The last new game is Ittle DewAfter all the tactical fighting and shooting in the rest of the Humble Bundle, you can wind down with Ittle Dew and her sidekick Tippsie in this modern take on the classic Zelda-style adventure games.

These three games and seven more for any price that you want to pay. And of course, you get to choose where and who the money goes to. Head on over to Humble Bundle’s website to get the low down.

  • James De Angelis

    Just dropped $5 for developers let’s see how this works out.

  • JMonkeYJ

    Has anyone played the Galcon games? I really enjoyed Auralux/Archipelago/Eufloria and it seems similar…

    • calculatorwatch

      Just tried it and it’s quite fun if you like those games. I would say it’s very close to Archipelago. It’s nice because you can cycle through sending 25/50/75/100% of your ships on an attack. There seems to be very good variety of difficulty levels and AI strategies, but the map layouts seem pretty similar so far. The one downside I would say is that ships don’t cancel each other out in the air, they just move through each other.

  • j

    Frozen Synapse is great, but requires patience.

    • OF

      Like my girlfriend…

      • Mark G

        Like my wife lol.. I see a pattern here

        • bkosh84

          Because women are cold shrews AMIRITE FELLAS!! *roll eyes*