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Kickstarter Project 2Heads Makes Navigating a Smartphone Easier for Dyslexics

Dyslexia is a punishing disorder that makes reading tasks that seem simple to others – like making sense of a book or a menu in a restaurant – quite difficult for the afflicted. Treatments exist, but dyslexia is a lifelong condition that can never be fully cured. That’s why entrepreneur Dusten Pecor is Kickstarting 2Heads, a smartphone app that aims to help the dyslexic function better in everyday life.

2Heads works by presenting contextually relevant data, mostly by relying on location. Drawing from a database of web, manually entered, and OCR-scanned documents, the app tries to present the most helpful information at the right time.  That could be a menu at a restaurant, for instance, or signage at a public facility.

Pecor hopes to partner with retail and restaurant chains in the future, so that the app can one day greet users with custom audio recordings and instructions. Beyond that, the team aspires to integrate the app into everything from grocery store products, to pharmacy prescriptions with QR codes.

At the time of writing, the app’s funding sits at $3,800, which is sadly far from the team’s goal of $35,000. If I had to guess, the deficit may have something to do with the relatively expensive donation required ($20) to gain access to the beta app, but here’s hoping the team adjusts the funding tiers and donations pick up soon.

Via: 2Heads
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  • Renan Rennó

    Dyslexics of the world, UNTIE!

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  • discopunkk

    Carly Corinthos!!!!

    Interested to see how this plays out.

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  • Craig P

    I can’t believe there’s people here making fun of people with a disability. Disgusting.

    • fritzo2162

      I have dyslexia (mild) and my brother has a severe case of it. Good natured ribbing isn’t a big deal 🙂

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  • fritzo2162

    This is a stupid idea because the dyslexics won’t be able to read the controls to turn the feature on.

    • NikAmi

      You’ve actually made a great point that we’ve already considered. To make sure the app does not create extra barriers for the dyslexic, we’re using iconography where we can and all text within the app will also be able to be read aloud. Thanks for the interest!

      • fritzo2162

        How dare you make a sensical and meaningful reply to one of my posts!

  • DJyoSNOW

    Since my friend let’s his son suffer with dyslexia. Yeah I guess there would be a need for this. :/ NO there is not a P or E in your mother’s phone number. 🙁 today’s parenting 1st hand. :'(

    • michael arazan

      The school system should have classes set up for people with learning disabilities. Dyslexia is a totally normal reasonable dysfunction that can be overcome. 30 years ago it was a lot harder for children, but now there are tested means in overcoming it.

      • DJyoSNOW

        He’s just being lazy hell grow out of it, it’s just a phase. Dad says… He Is a 7 yr old boy still pooping and peeing his pants. Dad says it’s OK and condones its. They whole family does not help them self and dad spills beer on there home work so they have to quit …. but nothing i say does any good.

  • Guy Pierce

    They should call the app “Yoda” instead!

  • j

    “Think DifferentLY”

    I’m not even dyslexic.

  • markgbe

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    • athorax

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      • markgbe

        Nuf yllatot tuB

    • jadeveon da destroyer

      common man your better than this

      • SpellingBeeChamp

        *come on *you’re

  • Ray


  • KleenDroid