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Download: Android Device Manager Version 1.2 with Guest Mode

I would argue that Android Device Manager is not quite as seamless or pretty as its iOS equivalent, but it is getting better. Google debuted the app form of ADM late last year, but for people without a second Android device, it was not of much use if their one device was ever lost or stolen. Today, the company has made Android Device Manager a little more practical with the addition of a guest mode.

Guest mode is exactly what it sounds like: it allows you to manage your devices from another person’s Android phone or tablet. Once you login to the ADM app, you can ring, lock, wipe, or find the location of your various gadgets. After you finish, a “Sign Out” button will remove your credentials from the device you used.

Guest mode seems to be the only major change in Android Device Manager 1.2, but we will keep looking for more.

If the update is not live for you yet on Google Play, we have provided a download link below.

Play Link | Download Link

  • SHunter

    Mobile Defense app does all the same things except it has the “Last known Location” feature. If they can implement it, Google can too. Watch, a month from now you will see Google has purchased the company and moving it to mountain view….

  • JSo

    You don’t NEED a second android device to make use of this. You can access all this from a computers web browser as well.

    • Jason Kahn

      It’s a little hidden to get to, but definitely there. See the screenshot of the PlayStore

    • Kyle Wiggers

      I understand that, but the app itself is pointless unless you have a second device.

      • Jason Kahn

        There’s a better way to word the article to imply that intent. Perhaps along the lines of, now if you lose your phone while out on the town you can locate it via a friends phone using guest mode, it’s no longer necessary to frantically hunt around for the nearest computer.

        • Kyle Wiggers

          That’s what I was going for.

          • JRomeo

            that’s what you were going for, but it went straight over JSo’s head.

      • JSo

        Don’t you need the app itself on the device in order to find it (with another Android device or Computer)? If so, the app isn’t pointless. If you don’t, then my bad, the app would be kind of pointless then. I always thought you needed the app installed to be able to locate it.

        • Kyle Wiggers

          You’re thinking of Google Play Services.

          • JSo

            So I dont actually need this app on my phone unless I need to hunt down a different device? Hmm. Well then the app by itself is pointless without a second device then.

        • MasterEthan

          I don’t think you need the App just google play services, then allowing it in the Device Administrators.

    • JRomeo

      you no longer need to hunt down a computer if you’re out on the road, you just use your friend’s phone.

  • GJV

    Google still can’t get it’s app to do everything that Cerberus has done for years.

  • mcdonsco

    I’m a bit stunned that it STILL does not log a devices last known position.

    Lost a nexus 7 months ago…all device manager showed was the last day it was used…not the location.

    Seems kind of stupid.

    • Woo Du

      I’m guessing Google only provides the location info to the appropriate government agency.

    • Jason Kahn

      You’re right might NExus 7 is sitting on my desk at home with the WiFi off for several days now. If Google can’t contact the device it will not tell you where it last was. Kind of a big oversight on their part.

      • mcdonsco

        Yup…I tend to wonder what the point of showing its location is at all if its not specifically to locate a lost device and if that’s the point, isn’t it reasonable to assume the battery could have died?

        Seems a simple update that pings location coordinates to DM regularly, say every hour would do the trick, and maybe a low battery ping as well.

        Come on google!

        Any who…I REALLY need a 7″ or so tablet again now but I can’t bring myself to buy the 7 again knowing the next iteration of it is right around the corner…so holding off, having to do all light tablet stuff on my phone instead…grrr…been tempted a few times to knowingly use my 45 day return period with BB…get the 7, use it till the next one hits then return it. But…not honest/fair.

    • Wait, wtf is this app even for if it doesn’t help you locate lost devices?

      • mcdonsco

        And THAT is the question google needs to answer.

    • BK

      ^THIS. If the lost device is powered off, the whole service is useless. I’ve had the service crap out even when the lost device was definitely on and the correct settings enabled. It would seem a simple addition for the service to say, “Hey, the last time your device checked in it was here: XXX.”

    • morpheus282

      Meraki Device Manager. It’s free and will tell you the last known location along with several other bells & whistles. The only problem is that it needs a data connection in order to get the location. In your case, unless whoever made off with the device got near a wireless network that you’d already joined then it would only show the last known location when it was online. Unless the device is cellular enabled I don’t think you’d get a good idea of the last known location no matter what software you use to track it.

      • mcdonsco

        Yes, that is an issue for sure…but even so, would still be useful especially if you do have it connected to your phones hotspot a lot (which I do); then at least it has a chance of logging last known position.

        But, it could also be set to trigger a ping every time it connects to any network, so once the guy that swiped it connects it to a network himself, boom, location logged.

        The only BIGGER issue I see is factory reset…would be nice if it were password encoded/baked into the factory ROM once setup, so even after a factory reset you can still locate it even if someone else set it up as their own as soon as they connect it to a network…would really help with theft issues if you could get that pinged location once the thief thought he had wiped it; though I doubt police would do anything at all even if you have a location; illegal theft or not; were talking less than $300…would probably have to knock on their door yourself.

        • morpheus282

          The problem with a factory reset is that if the ability to track the device were baked into the ROM, I could sell you a used phone/tablet and use device manager to track your location. What I’d prefer to see is that the device manager required a code to perform the factory reset. If the thief of your Nexus wipes it then there’s no way to track it at all. That is assuming that his first thought after the theft is to perform a wipe.

          Here’s another thing to consider. A friend of mine had his phone stolen out of a locked car. Broken windows, the whole nine yards. The thief then removed the Google account from the phone but continued to use the data plan. Verizon was asked if they could locate it based on cell tower pings but they wouldn’t do so without threat to human life or a court order. The police wouldn’t seek the court order since it was considered petty theft. Ergo, the thief got away with the phone and no worries.

          • Wow

          • morpheus282


          • Wow = that’s a bunch of bullsh1t that they wouldn’t locate a stolen device for you and the thief was just allowed to get away with it. They have the ability to stop a crime and just didn’t. F#ck that. Protect and serve… if it’s convenient.

          • morpheus282

            Ah, gotcha. It’s just the way things work. The police are over worked and under paid and can’t take the time to clog the justice system (also overworked by frivolous lawsuits) to catch a petty thief. In the meantime, if my fried had Meraki or some other software installed that would show the last known location of his cell phone he could have went after it with a trooper, got an arrest, and prosecuted the guy (or girl as the case may be). Gotta love it.

    • michael arazan

      Maybe their was no signal to detect if it wasn’;t close to a wifi point or the battery might be dead