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AT&T 4G LTE Lights Up in 9 New Markets Today

What is the point in having the newest and greatest mobile device if you live in a city that can’t access the newest and greatest network? At this point in AT&T’s 4G LTE rollout, the company is well past the larger metropolitan areas, starting to get coverage out to the smaller towns around the country. 

Today, customers from Oregon all the way to parts of Michigan are getting the increase of 4G LTE speeds. With the new handful of markets, AT&T should be well past the 500 market mark.

Grab the full list below.

New Markets

  • Altoona, Pennsylvania
  • Alpena, Michigan
  • Worthington, Minnesota
  • Alice, Texas
  • Bay City, Texas
  • El Campo, Texas
  • Klamath Falls, Oregon
  • La Grande, Oregon
  • Roseburg, Oregon
Via: AT&T
  • besweeet

    Compared to T-Mobile, just to see how they are in the above areas:
    – Altoona, PA: 2G
    – Alpena, MI: Roaming
    – Worthington, MN: 2G
    – Alice, TX: 2G
    – Bay City, TX: 4G
    – El Campo, TX: 2G
    – Klamath Falls, OR: 4G
    – La Grande, OR: 3G
    – Roseburg, OR: 3G/4G

    Not a pretty list.

  • Christopher Lee

    It’d be nice if Destin and Fort Walton Beach, Florida got LTE…. Verizon has had it in the area for the last three years and AT&T hasn’t even thought about this area… coverage already socks and this just adds fuel to the fire…. Time to head back to the ever expensive VZW….. At least the expense covers quality service….

  • James Polk

    Pretty obnoxious that only two of this list have MSA populations over 100k, and my MSA with a population of 165k still has no LTE from AT&T… Making me reconsider my next month of Cricket/AIO

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      I mean to be honest At&t has been rolling out LTE for a while now. Maybe you’re just not in a demo that is very important to them.

      • James Polk

        Evidently… My HSPA+ is still just as fast as LTE on VZW was before I switched, so it’s not awful, but still…

        • Carlton Crasher

          Only thing i miss is lack of upload speeds on lte with Verizon. Where i work is hspa+ bit still where i live 10 minutes west I’m off network edge

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Must be pretty annoying to be near last on the list of cities carriers care to upgrade.

    • Ray

      I know when was the last time Verizon had a LTE announcement for new markets seems they are in every city I’ve visited.