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From the Weekend: Google and Nest Reportedly Looking into Home Security with Dropcam

Google’s movement into smart home territory has caught many people’s attention and with a new report, they might be looking to expand that reach even further. After a $3.2 billion acquisition of Nest, the smart thermostat company, reports are now coming out that Google is also contemplating bringing Dropcam on board as well.
Dropcam has made a name for themselves with its IP webcams that stores images and videos in the cloud and allows users to check them from wherever they have internet connection. By bringing them in, this will build on the smart home platform that Google is already working on with Nest thermostats and monitors. Adding in Dropcam as a potential home security system with video feeds that all work into Android and Google’s existing ecosystem would make its offering into smart homes more diverse and comprehensive, if it happens.

At this time, the report states that Google has only considered adding Dropcam, this is far from any kind of a done deal. However, during the acquisition of Nest, Google hinted towards getting into the home safety sector as well.

Would you think about picking up Dropcam for your home if Google acquired them?

Via: The Verge
  • ICU

    Oh boy Google and NSA with access to a camera in my house? No thanks.

  • JRomeo

    I want to see a product that is even comparable to the canary……. http://www.canary.is but I have not found one yet……… it still appears to me that the canary is better at home security.

  • Paul

    Just bought a Dropcam last month and it’s pretty awesome. I really like that it’s location aware so that when I’m home, it turns off the camera and doesn’t record me. Then as soon as I get within a few houses it enables it again. Great for seeing what trouble my dog is or isn’t getting in to and to see when people enter your home when you’re away.

    • JRomeo

      is it better than this solution http://www.canary.is ?

      • Paul

        I hadn’t heard of that before but it sounds pretty neat. The nice thing is that the Dropcam also has the tabs so you can monitor doors and windows and other things. I do wish the Dropcam detected temperature and humidity though, that would be nice!

  • The Narrator

    Privacy level- 0

  • Viralsense

    got dropcam already

  • Paul

    I’ve always been a bit cautious about pictures taken in/around my home being uploaded to the cloud without me first approving them. Now if I could set it to store the pictures/video to my home server, that would be interesting.

    • anon

      What happens when someone breaks in and steals the home server you’re recording to?

  • Watchdogs lol

  • geocab

    Depends on cost. Nest is cool, but too expensive for me to justify a purchase. Home security is more important though.

    • Shane Redman

      But Nest can potentially save you money in the long run…

      • James Polk

        My Nest thermostat paid for itself in 6 months. My Nest protect likely won’t pay for itself…

    • The Narrator

      Dogs are free

      • JoeTi

        Sure. But “Free” like a free puppy. There is some ongoing costs related to food and torn up articles, shots, trips to the vet to pump their stomach if you don’t keep a watchful eye…just saying 🙂