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Revamped 1Password Coming to Android, Hits Google Play June 10

Popular iOS and Mac application 1Password is already available for Android, but if you view the screenshots on Google Play, you may come away horrified. The app’s UI appears to be from the Gingerbread days, and an update is desperately needed.

Thankfully, the application’s developer, Agile Bits, announced that an update is set to hit Google Play on June 10. The update is a completely rewritten version of the application, complete with new UI, features, and more. 

1Password allows users to securely store all of their protected information in one place, ending the worry that many people have of losing or forgetting passwords. The following line is from the app’s description on iTunes. “1Password creates strong, unique passwords for every site, remembers them all for you, and logs you in with a single tap. It’s the best way to stay secure and the fastest way to use the web.”

Stated in the press release, the new and improved 1Password will be launched free for a little while, then will switch to feature IAPs for pro options.

It is an entirely new and full-featured app, built for both phones and tablets!

It is also an experiment. All new features will be unlocked and free for everyone to use through August 1, 2014. After that, 1Password 4 for Android will go into a reader mode, and all features can be unlocked for an in-app purchase.

When it hits Google Play on June 10, we will let you know.

Via: Agile Bits
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  • rggarrison

    Does nobody use mSecure? I really like it. Should I consider using one of these other apps mentioned?

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  • David Hyman

    I’ve been part of the beta and its a huge improvement over their current version. From what the developers have said on the beta site, they are planning on implementing something similar to lastpass’s auto login in other apps

  • Is a password manager really necessary? People have really bad memories.

  • ryguy1860

    Just do what I do: use sticky notes. No one can hack it, its very cost effective, and I’m in control of my password destiny!

    • xclusiv8

      Using sticky notes for passwords is the stupidest thing ever. Whoever is responsible for security in your workplace should be fired if they allow that. That is if you actually do that at work. If not ignore my last statement.

      • ryguy1860


      • turdbogls

        its usually hard to pick up on sarcasm over the internet….but not in this case.

        unless this post is sarcastic…then I’m all sorts of confused.

  • Marko Šaric

    Yuck. I’ll stick to a variation of 1234 for my passwords I think.

  • I prefer LastPass. It’s cheaper for almost the first 6 years (LastPass is $12/mo, 1password is one time $70), much better mobile experience, and open crypto.

    • cwillen

      I think you mean $12/yr (not /mo). Also, bonus points for the Steve Gibson reference.

      • Syntakk

        Ah yes, that is indeed what I meant!

  • Chris Hilbert

    There is a public beta that’s fairly open/available. Been using it for a few months, seems solid.

  • Andrew O’Connor

    Just use KeepassDroid and sync with your cloud service of choice. A good balance between price (free), features, security, and usability.

    • Kevin Vesga

      I don’t know how KeepassDroid works but with Keepass2Android, you have to open it and search for the site you want and then copy the username/password. Definitely not convenient.

    • drathos

      I’ve been using KeePass on my PC and Nexus for a while, syncing with Google Drive, and the sync experience SUCKS on the Android side.

      • Andrew O’Connor

        Oh, no! Don’t use Google Drive; Dropbox works far better in this role. Just make sure that the .kdbx (and .key) file(s) are favorited so that you may use them while offline.

  • Royal2000H

    I’d go with Lastpass. It does cost $12/year but it’s seriously worth it.

    • cwillen

      Definitely have to agree. For $1/month, you get a better UI/UX, 2 factor authentication, and a development team with a better track record. Nothing personal against these guys, but it sounds like with every improvement they make, they dip their hands back in the cookie jar. Granted, LastPass charges for their “premium features” as well, but I’ve yet to see them hit me up for a separate in app purchase for new features.

      I’m glad there’s competition in the market, but I’ll stick with what I think is the better service.

      • Andrew O’Connor

        When LastPass suffered a data breach several years back (granted it was properly hashed and salted data), I realized that I’d much rather be responsible for my own password data.

        • cwillen

          I was in the same boat for a while. I used local text expanders as a means of dealing with complex passwords, but it eventually got to be an issue when I found myself having to login to services in apps and in the browser on my phone. So with LastPass’ ability to manage passwords in applications on my phone; easy win there. That was the point I moved off of local and took the dive into LastPass. However, I’d also mention that before actually deciding to migrate to LastPass I did a ton of research into it as an option. I saw the breach you mentioned, but like you said, everything was salted and hashed, so there wasn’t that much of a concern. Also, considering I use 2-step auth on LastPass as well as every service that offers it, I feel pretty safe.

        • Paull Smith

          I would suggest you to look at Enpass Password Manager. This app costs me onetime for lifetime license and no further monthly or yearly subscriptions. I am also enjoying its free desktop top.

          The app is best app for managing passwords as it saves all the data locally on my device not on their servers like other app do. So I am pretty much relaxed that no one can access my data. Moreover they are using AES-256 Encryption which gives more security to my data. The app is so secure that even it doesn’t affected from Heartbleed bug.

      • XxPixX

        I seriously recommend lastpass with a yubikey 😉

      • They definitely have a better track record for development on OS X and iOS. Good to see them finally update their Android app, though.

    • senor_heisenberg

      SafeInCloud is also worth a look. Even has a PC client.

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  • Aaron Kramer

    i have this app on my computer and ipad……the developer is about as backward as they come…..i bought the app for ios, when they updated they pulled support for the current paid version and released the update as a new app and tried to force users to shell out more money to get an update to they already purchased

  • FknTwizted

    How does this app fair against msecure?