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Report: Samsung is Creating a VR Headset to Pair With Its Phones and Tablets

According to a report out of Engadget, Samsung is currently working on a VR headset that will pair with its phones and tablets to potentially bring you an intense gaming experience. Similar to the Oculus Rift or Project Morpheus from Sony, a VR headset tries to insert you into a game in the most immersive way possible. The content is in your face, looks as if it’s surrounding you no matter where you turn, and reacts to your movements – it’s as if you are in the game. VR headsets are all the rage these days as a potential, future game changer. 

The details are scarce on Samsung’s supposed headset, but sources claim that Samsung will try to undercut both Oculus and Sony on price in a rush to market. The device will also connect with phones and tablets (via wire, not wirelessly), so that your Android games will enter a virtual world. Of course, developers would have to build out games specifically for Samsung’s headset, since current games wouldn’t exactly work properly or in any way different, even with a VR headset on.

And that’s about all we know. The report states that this VR headset will arrive some time this year and is different than Samsung’s rumored Google Glass competitor.


Via:  Engadget | IMAGE
  • TowelieMeBanana

    Does Samsung do any innovation of its own?

  • willl03

    Hai look a game with Touchwiz UI

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  • Sofia Caden

    Samsung have previous experience of announcing that they are going into a market late, then beating others to the sales counter, but it tends to be for the sake of publicity and at the expense of developing a decent product. I’m thinking specifically about their smart watches, which were universally greeted with “average at best”. http://bit.ly/1jKn0PH

  • jesus…i might just boycott all samsung products going forward out of principal…they just wanna release half-assed products of every aspect so they can put their name in every corner of every market and dont even care how good they are they just want to push them on the masses of stupid people that inherit this world….this is such a stupid idea yeah lotsss of people what a giant vr headset so they can browse through their app drawer and open the 1 app some dumb samsung developer made for this….vr is still years away from being good enough to care about with oculus leading the way with sony and microsoft copying and following…why would anyone care about sammys version that will be pushed way to early will not be good and work on only their sh*t tablets and stupid phones lol this must be a joke

    • dayzs

      except no one knows what type of product they will set out, unless you can see in the future?

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  • jerdo

    I think it’s good that they’re doing this more competition is a good thing people just like to whine even if they’re not going to buy it

  • Ry Sav

    this is just dumb.

    • hosein

      Yes because competition is bad

      • smh lol

      • Ry Sav

        Not when it’s going to potentially ruin a good thing. I have multiple friends that “hate android” because their s3,s4 all lag and hate TouchWiz. I try to show them the difference on my Moto X, But they still have the bad taste in their mouths because of Samsung weighing down software. Oculus has a great thing for going for them, but once Samsung promotes theirs more and it’s a inferior product, people will think the Oculus is a POS. I want to stay optimistic, but it’s hard when every year I’m pretty much let down by Samsung products. My $. 02

  • kellyshaun

    Galaxy Head Prime S2…. Wait for it…………. MINI!

    • Kevin

      but i want the active version

  • crazed_z06

    Samsung be like, “I thought I told you that we wont stop”

  • Cathrine Jhones

    Hahahaha…..lolz samsung what samsung is doing……..he is totally copying every other’s Idea it’s not the way to attract audience http://bit.ly/boozVideO

  • Shawn John

    I heard you must scream samsung five times to log in.

  • supremekizzle


    • flosserelli

      Lol. Is that a Band Aid or an unfrosted Pop Tart?

      • anon

        Neither! Its the back of an S5.

        • The Narrator

          That just flew right by your head, I see it’s heading to space right now.

    • michael arazan

      Thought it was more like this

  • Voltism

    They are truly the jack of all trades. Every single enterprise that springs up samsung is instantly there

  • People can talk all the crap they want about Samsung but the facts are they’re making products and making money hand over fist. They will most likely soon corner this market just like they have the wearable and Android smartphone market. Samsung is in a league of its own while other handset makers are struggling to turn profits. So say what you want about Samsung and Touchwiz but when you mention the best people think only 2 companies Samsung and Apple.

    • The Narrator

      Lots of people have made it to the top selling crap products. No surprise. Consumers are stupid and lazy. It’s a done deal.

      • Yea keep thinking you’re the only smart person in the world that knows the Moto X is the best phone ever and every other phone is crap. Sales and facts are everything, opinions mean nothing. Crap doesn’t sell good products do.

        • The Narrator

          Never said the Moto X was the best. It’s a known fact a lot of consumers are lazy and don’t do any kind of research, they grab whatever the TV tells them too.

          • Colin Huber

            Too what? I’d like to see some known facts that say Samsung device buyers are lazy and don’t do research.

          • The Narrator

            I’ve worked in a Best Buy. I know.

          • Big EZ

            When I was doing research for my new TV I talked to about 5 different salesmen between 2 stores. Only one had any clue about what he was talking about. I had already done most of my research online and was trying to decide between 3 tv’s. I learned a lot, and could tell that 3 didn’t have any clue about tv’s, one had some knowledge on tv’s, but not the specific models and was just pulli ng answers out of his @ss, and one knew what he was talking about and if he didn’t have an answer he looked it up instead of just making something up. Most people won’t do the research before they make a purchase, and will just buy all the garbage coming out of the salesman’ mouth.

          • this guy gets it

          • The Narrator

            They also just flock to the “$129.99 Galaxy Tab 8.0 Tab 2 4 6 whatever it is” because all they hear is “everyone I know as a galaxy”

            It was very disappointing showing people a Nexus 7 which is infinitely better at $199 and they just say “oh I never heard of it, I’ll get a galaxy”.

          • Nicholas Ruiz

            Don’t bother with Narrator. He’s an anti-Samsung troll

          • Big EZ

            That’s not just Samsung owners, but the vast majority of all consumers. Sales people no longer have a clue about the products they sell, and talk all kinds of bs to sell products. If you went into Verizon over the last few years, up until about a year ago, you would see that the first item they pushed was a Droid branded Motorola product. Than any other Droid branded product. Now when I go in it seems like the only thing they push is Apple unless you specifically ask for something else.

          • lol walk through the city and look around…goto a bar see what phones people have and ask em why…i wanna say 75% of consumers are just stupid and get what others have bc it works and bc they can ask the next guy w t f is going on with my phone how do i do this n that

          • I only brought up the Moto X because here they praise that phone like it’s God when in fact it’s on nobody’s radar but a couple Android blogs. If I walk into any phone store right now and say what’s your best phone they’ll point me to 2 brands guaranteed “Samsung and Apple” it’s not what the TV is saying it’s good products and word of mouth advertising which is better than TV ads. People here will never admit that though. No worries.

          • The Narrator

            Whatever helps that boat of yours float.

          • Big EZ

            I currently have a Note 2. It was okay when it was unlocked and I had different roms and kernels on it, but now that it’s locked and on stock software it’s horrible. My co-worker bought my old Droid X a few years ago, and just recently got a Note 3. After about 2 weeks she said she liked the old X better, except for the size. The X with Liberty rom on Froyo was faster than the Note 2 & 3. Also she’s constantly dropping calls at work which never happened before. A few others I know with Samsung phones have major issues with cell signal , as have I in the past.

          • Ummm we’re talking cellphones here, if you have T-Mobile or Sprint you have no right to complain about dropped calls and service as you brought those problems upon yourself when you signed on the dotted line. Samsung dropping calls, yea right check your service. Anyway, I remember the Droid X with Liberty rom like it was yesterday, oh the yellow theme was beautiful. But back on subject, I’m not a fan of stock Sammy either (running PAC 4.4) but to say it’s horrible and it’s crap is a flat out lie. The only thing I don’t like about it is it doesn’t have a lot of features that custom roms have. But it’s not bad.

          • yes bc those sales guys in verizon and at&t store are such intelligent smart tech savy people….

          • if a store has 10000 boxes of one phone in the back…theyre gonna push to sell it…when they have 20 boxes of one phone thats been sitting there for to long…theyre gonna push to sell it…which is why u do your own research

          • crazed_z06

            So why doesnt Moto get on TV and tell people to buy Moto Xs lol?

          • The Narrator

            All they need to do is “Hehehe were better than Apple” and they’ll sell.

          • bc moto doesnt have billions of dollars to piss away like samsung does…

          • im shocked im agreeing with u for once

        • lol ur such a troll/fanboy/moron i cant even deal…im sure that kia sells 10000000 more cars then ferrari does a year…does that make a kia a better car then a ferrari?

          • I’m a moron because you’re butt hurt by the facts?! Yea preach on.

          • And you call me a fanboy troll but I always state I don’t like the hardware button on Sammy phones and I’m planning on buying the G3 if it has an SD slot and IR Blaster. You’re just full of assumptions no facts. Now you sir are the troll idiot moron that I can’t cope with because you’re so focused on winning an argument you’ll say anything to look smart. Shut up guy.

    • Colin Huber


    • Kevin

      Moto X phone. Best phone.

    • samsung spends a billion dollars on marketing…theyll put their logo on urinal cakes for people to know their name…this is why their number one…they are a huge electronics company they make a lot of items that make money(TVs ect)…its easy to compare a huge company that makes a ton of products to one like who? moto and htc that mainly only focus on mobile products?…ur a moron

  • JeffColorado

    This product just screams “Me too!”

  • Dr. Steve
  • Rashad

    Why Samsung?? Quit while you’re ahead. Please.

  • tu3218

    I don’t think anyone would want to experience a virtual reality TouchWiz.

  • TSY87

    Samsung. Please. Just because someone is making some cool new tech gadget does not ALWAYS mean you need to make your own laggy and bloatware infected knock off.

    • jonas

      why should they listen to you?

    • rawr

      VR isn’t new, at all. And it certainly isn’t cool, VR is nothing but what 3D was a few years ago.

      It too will go away until yet another company comes up with the next best thing.

      Turns out, it doesn’t matter how far you shove something down consumers’ throats, they will just vomit up the bad stuff.

      • the way samsung wants to use it yes ur right…now how oculus/sony/microsoft want to use it…they want ti use it strictly for gaming and will make games for it…and it wont die or go away

        • rawr

          Umm no, people don’t want to game VR either. They have had gaming VR for as long as VR was around.

          They don’t want to wear big goofy 3D glasses, or even bigger and goofier VR glasses.

          Gimmicks are gimmicks and that is all they are.

          • gambit07

            You are extremely short sighted if you think VR tech will always be tied to ‘big and goofy’ VR glasses and that there is no interest in that field. Technology is only just now getting to a point where VR is viable both for manufacturers to produce and consumers to have a good product. The next 10-20 years will see huge leaps in that area, it is a natural progression from the screen tech today.

          • rawr

            I’m sure they said the exact same thing when VR was first released decades ago.

          • gambit07

            Like I said, you are short sighted. A few decades is an extremely short period of time. Two decades ago desktop computers were less powerful than a smartphone from 2-3 years ago. Wearable tech is where we are at right now, but integrated is where it is going. Contact lenses (for VR), bio chips, etc. The goggles are the first step in the VR field, and they are finally getting the tracking and graphical output down in that area. It will continue progressing like everything else.

          • Laura Steven

            So say what you want about Samsung and Touchwiz but when you mention the best people think only 2 companies Samsung and Apple.

  • Guy Pierce

    Don’t buy this version. I have insider knowledge of a prime and a mini being released.

    • The Narrator

      Galaxy Head Prime S2

      • Guy Pierce

        Galaxy Head Prime S2…. Wait for it…………. MINI!

  • Droid Ronin

    Dubbed the Galaxy Head Gear.

    • monkeyboyep

      Or just Galaxy Head

      • Ryan N

        * Something given to a driver by a passenger whilst traveling intergalactically.

        • flosserelli
          • Ryan N

            NDT. He keeps it real.

          • flosserelli

            Agreed. I really enjoy watching his shows. He is incredibly intelligent, yet he explains things in ways that anyone can understand. He seems like the kind of guy you’d like to have a beer with.

          • Ryan N

            Absolutely. Many-a-times when I have had drinks I’d get off on tangents about existence and ponderables like that. Haha. He’d no doubt perpetuate that.

  • So much lag that you vomit.

    • NextPlease

      the next bug thing:
      SAMSUNG Galaxy Blink OculuS5 Fit Gear Prime Mega.

      in fake gold, cheap white and pathetic gray colored ugly plastic cases!

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  • The Narrator

    Nope. VR is not made for phones.
    But for Samsung it’s Monkey see monkey do, so no surprise.