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Download Select Free Apps From Amazon Over Memorial Day Weekend, Get 1,000 Coins

Amazon kicked off a new Memorial Day deal this morning, which allows Appstore users to get up to 1,000 free Amazon Coins, a $10 value. For the coins, all you have to do is download up to five different free apps, all giving you 200 coins each. Download all five, get the 1,000 coins. These coins can be used towards IAPs in the games or you can use them to purchase other games in the Appstore.

The games are not the most thrilling titles we have ever seen, but they could certainly be a lot worse. We have iHeartRadio, Strawberry Shortcake Bake Shop, Don’t Step the White Tile, Food Network in the Kitchen, Dr. Panda’s Restaurant.

A few of the titles may sound extremely painful to download, but think of the free coins you can have.

To take advantage of this deal, click the Appstore link below.

Appstore Link

  • jonathan

    is the event over already ? I didn’t get any free coins from those apps. 🙁

  • Is this offer available only in select countries, because I downloaded the apps but received no free coins ! I am from India

  • Eddie Coronado

    Got 2400 coins but nothing worth buying on amazon. Just gona savem I guess

  • epps720

    This is awesome, I now have $30 worth of apps to purchase. Does anybody know of any really good kids apps for a preschool kids? Have a Kindle Fire for the little guy.

  • master94

    Sad, the only way they get users is to pay them

    • cizzlen

      Maybe if it didn’t suck so bad people would actually use it.

  • I only use their appstore to get the free coins. I may buy one of those Amazon Fire deals one day but the Chrome box gives me second thoughts

  • Detonation

    Might as well use those 1000 coins to then buy GTA: San Andreas for 699 coins, which gives you 2000 coins back. A quick 2301 free coins

    • gunslinger

      did that, works just fine! all bought through the web store on my account, via PC

      • gunslinger

        but it charged me 741, with coin tax?

    • hoodieNation

      Lol, you’re awesome. I don’t have a kindle fire device so I can’t even play the game, but I now have 2,500 coins. Thanks!

    • dns2k

      worked great. thanks for the heads up!… Now what to do with the 2301?… hmmm … i got nothing.

  • argeebee99

    Can’t the apps be installed and then promptly uninstalled after getting the coins?

    • You can’t launch apps downloaded through their store without it being installed.

      • argeebee99

        I’m saying that since each app gives 200 coins…. so download all.. get coins… then remove apps. I know their AppStore is needed.

        • duke69111

          just purchase them through the browser.

          • argeebee99

            Great! Worked perfectly 🙂 Now I have to live with the fact that ‘Strawberry Shortcake Bake Shop’ will be listed under my orders FOREVER.

          • duke69111

            You could technically remove it from the list of apps you purchased under digital orders.

        • anon

          I hope they are not an Indian giver like that lol….Sorry Native American…..have to be politically correct nowadays

          • Barack Obama doesn’t approve that message. Lol

      • Detonation

        But you can “buy” them from the browser, and they just get added to your account. I don’t even have the Amazon Appstore installed on any device sbut got the coins.

        • SumiDos

          I did that too just now. I bought the apps through the browser but never installed them.

        • But what’s the point if you need to purchase the apps to use the coins? It looks like only the apps purchased through Amazon’s marketplace will use the free coins.

      • Lucky patcher

    • epps720

      you can “download” the apps, which is really just purchasing them and not actually install them to your device.

      • michael arazan

        Just purchase the apps through your PC and they don’t download to your device and the coins added to your account

  • No… No…

  • JDH213

    Nothing could persuade me to download the amazon app store again.

  • The Narrator

    inb4 amazon store complaining…

    Guess I’m too late.

  • Mark2134

    They should give people 1000 coins monthly just to keep their app store on anything other than an Amazon device….

    • BK

      I made a similar point on the photography app giveaway a couple days back and saw a lot of flack. Anyway, I agree wholeheartedly, sir.

    • michael arazan

      And they should show how many coins you have at amazon.com. When I am on my pc shopping, they will not show how many coins you have or used. You are forced to get your mobile device instead of just showing you on their site

      • disqus_FQgrm4l56P

        You already can check your coins on amazon.com.