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Contest: Win an NVIDIA SHIELD and $15 Google Play Gift Card From DL and NVIDIA (Update: Winner Picked)


We have teamed up with the good folks at NVIDIA, offering you a chance to win a brand new SHIELD portable gaming console, paired with a $15 Google Play gift card for good measure. You can use the gift card to pick up a number of Tegra-powered games on Google Play, or anything else that your heart desires.

SHIELD is still one of the cooler niche Android products, featuring a built-in 5″ HD display, Tegra 4 processor with a 72-core NVIDIA GeForce GPU, console-grade controls, high-fidelity speakers, access to the GRID Cloud Gaming beta, and now comes running Android 4.4 with lots of proprietary tweaks from NVIDIA to give you an awesome gaming experience, no matter where you are located.

To make things easy and fair for everyone, we will use our trusted Rafflecopter widget. Follow the instructions on the widget below, and good luck! 


Update: We have chosen our winner and they have been emailed!


1 (one) NVIDIA SHIELD + 1 (one) $15 Google Play gift card.

How to Enter

a Rafflecopter giveaway


We will select our winner at 10am PST on Monday, May 19.

  • Aleq Janson

    Dont Tap the White tile, Dead Trigger 2, Can Knockdown 3

  • Emmanuel

    Modern Comabat 4 😀

  • rohit

    Fifaaaaaaa 14

  • Karan Dania

    Dead Trigger 2 and asdphalt 8

  • hkalant

    Need for Speed Most Wanted.

  • droidrazredge

    My all time favorite game to play on android so far has been Crazy Taxi.

  • CoC. =)

  • Shantel

    I play Star Wars Angry Birds!

    • Guest

      That’s a fun game 🙂

  • LightofHonor

    Little Stars for Little Wars!

  • Carlos Machado

    How about a good old tetris?

  • AL

    Final Fantasy!!!

  • Kyle

    Riptide Gp

  • Ryan

    I want to win

  • Cole

    Love the Nvidia Shield and I can’t wait to own one!

  • Jon Stephenson


  • Kie

    Puk always has me coming back to it

  • patt

    Smallest chance to win but what the heck.. 😀

  • Stephen

    Super Metroid (gotta love emulators)

  • MZerrouk

    My alltime favorite game on android is Castle Clash ^^

  • Amar

    Blood Brothers

  • steelew

    Can’t wait to play the walking dead

  • agottschling


  • Torin

    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was a great port, and I bought it on its first bug-filled day. It was fixed promptly and is great fun on my N7. Some of these new ports coming up seem pretty awesome too.

  • Jonathan Sosa

    Well this is cool.

  • Gregg O’Connell

    lets win this!

  • Hill Climb Racing!

  • VBM

    Silent Age is awesome.

  • Peter

    Right now: Marvel Run Jump Smash

  • George

    Probably Dots. Although this thing will become my Android game device if I win!

  • John Carlson

    Probably GTA SA, old school gaming right there

  • 994196003

    gta san andreas

  • Zadex

    Monument Valley is the best game forever.

  • Michaelson K

    Dead trigger 2 is my favourite 🙂

  • Michaelson.sk

    Dead trigger 2 is my favourite

  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life


  • Joydeep

    FIFA 14 all the way!

  • Humberto Hernandez

    Come on, Dead Trigger all the way!

  • Robert Dziedzic

    I can’t wait. I would love to have something like this! Final fantasy 3 for sure!

  • UtopianSnucka

    Granny Smith!

  • rheerani

    Injustice is my all time favorite game on Android.

    • Andrew Fouts


  • akash santhosh

    out there is my all time favoraite game

  • Asphalt 8

  • Steve Whitney

    Lately I’ve enjoyed Radiant and Ittle Dew. I think Riptide would look great on the Shield too. (Plus I’m a developer. It would be fun to port my work to Shield.)

  • smisa27

    Lately I’ve been all over “Smash Hit”. It’s a fun and simple game which can get quite addicting. I love it!

  • Jason Shaw

    I am loving Delta Strike

  • IntelCore

    Plants vs Zombies 2

  • pushkardua

    give away ;D

  • JoeN

    Too many, but currently playing Heros of Dragon Age the most

  • Josh

    I always wanted a Nvidia Shield :3

  • MrWicket

    Rise of the blobs is a fun one, we’ll call that my favorite since I don’t really have one.