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BillGuard Comes to Android, Brings Easy Budgeting and Fraud Management to Phone and Tablets

We know it is hard to keep track of all of the monthly subscriptions, online transactions, and bills in this day and age of direct deposit and online banking. Thankfully, BillGuard has released for Android through Google Play, and wants to help us all keep things a little more in order. 

BillGuard brings a host of features right to your phone and tablet, helping you keep an eye on your money and bank accounts wherever you are. After adding your debit, credit or other bank accounts, BillGuard scans through all of your transactions and brings them up for you to approve or dispute. If you did not make a purchase that is on your account, BillGuard can help get your money back from the merchant by contacting them on your behalf.

Combine all of this functionality with the easy-to-read layout that lets you switch between bank accounts in a breeze, and BillGuard shapes up to be a very useful application.

One thing to note is that you can not transfer money between accounts, but that is because BillGuard has read-only access to all of the information to grant to it. The company takes a heavy stance on privacy and security, so users should feel secure when granting BillGuard access to their financial numbers.

If you are looking to get your budget and finances in order, give BillGuard a try.

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  • tom riddle

    I would like to try this app, but as with other finance apps, USAA does not work. USAA is even one of the preinstalled banks…sheesh.

  • Wyveryx

    How’s this compare to apps like Check or Mint?

    That would be a good article.

  • I’m not comfortable with giving a third party app access to all my financial accounts. 🙁

  • Akashshr

    Incompatible with Nexus 4! Uh…Wow!

  • AndroSync

    I have been using the beta for awhile and I have to say it is a really great app. I use it with Mint and with out a doubt it is the best combination out there. The nice thing is that if you have a unknown charge it helps you find the company and if you did not charge it, they will work with the company to get you the refund.

    It’s great!

    • Mike Cole

      I use Mint as well and am pretty happy with it. This app looks pretty slick (I’m about to check it out). Do you mind saying why you like using them both in combination?

      • Matt

        I use both as well. Billguard helps me accept each transaction so I’m not being cheated/wrongly charged. Mint does a much better job categorizing budgets based on spending categories (fast food v. restaurant; fuel v. car service) and that way I have a better idea if where my money is going and how much I have left to spend/save by the end of the month.

  • Nicholas Shaun

    I’ll try it out!

  • Bigwavedave25

    Tried it, and will probably stick with it for a while. Nice easy to use UI. Simple, clean and easy on the eyes… as long as it shows I have enough money left 😉

  • NOCHnoch

    Writers: How come whenever I click a link in a Droid Life story in my RSS feed it takes me to droid-life.com, not the play link or article link?

  • droidify

    Just downloaded. I hate doing budgets but this actually works great. It nearly got everything categorized right on its own.

  • brownchris{မင္​းညိဳ}

    Test it.

  • Going to try this out. I still have the Mint app even though I haven’t paid any attention to it in like a year.

    • Jason Downing

      I’m pretty happy with Check. Free bill pay as long as you pay from your checking. Saves me a bunch of time by not having to log into every single account to pay.


      • That actually does look like a pretty good app. Except I have Chase bank and they also auto pay things for free thru my account. I just set it up once thru my account and it’s done.

        • Jason Downing

          Yeah. Chase definitely makes it easy, however I belong to a credit union and it’s not AS EASY through them, so I use this. Plus I linked my investment accounts and car loan so I can see the status of those on the fly too.

  • El_Big_CHRIS

    Thanks for the tip. I’d give it a spin

    • StockGS3er

      That’s what she said.

      • El_Big_CHRIS

        Walked into that one….

  • Jason Downing

    Did they really type “wtf?” in the describe what happened field?

    • Colton

      I watched the video just because of this comment… haha that video was so nice, it’s funny they did that!

      • Frank Messner

        where’s the funds?

        • Colton