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Straight Talk Ups $45 Plan to 3GB of High Speed Data

Straight Talk, the leader in prepaid wireless service in the US, announced today that its $45 unlimited talk, text, and data plan will now provide 3GB of high speed data per month before throttling customers down to 2G speeds. The plan previously included 2.5GB, yet was still considered to be one of the best values in the business. 

Straight Talk, for those unfamiliar, is a prepaid wireless service provider (MVNO) that has plans available for purchase at Walmart or online. As an MVNO (mobile virtual network operator), it doesn’t own the network that it sells service for. Instead, it cuts deals with companies like AT&T to use their network, almost like renting space, and then sells service to you and I. Straight Talk’s service has always been incredibly affordable and a solid deal, but is even more so now thanks to its support of AT&T and T-Mobile’s LTE networks.

For years, Straight Talk refused to talk about its data limits. It was only last year that they finally admitted that they were throttling customers after 2.5GB of high speed data.

Their website has already been updated to reflect the bump to 3GB. There isn’t a mention of all customers automatically being moved to the 3GBo threshold, but I would imagine that is the case.

Straight Talk Wireless, Available Exclusively at Walmart, Expands Their $45 Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data Plan to 3GB of High Speed Data.

Straight Talk Offers Consumers Up To 10 Times More High Speed Data than Other $45 Plans

MIAMI, May 13, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Leading U.S. no-contract cell phone service provider Straight Talk Wireless® today announced its industry leading $45 Unlimited* Nationwide Talk, Text and Data plan just got better. Now offering up to 10 times more high speed data than other $45 plans, Straight Talk has increased the high speed data from 2.5GB to 3GB for the same price. With Straight Talk Wireless there are no contracts, no credit checks, no overage fees, and you can keep your current phone number.
Exclusively available at Walmart, Straight Talk offers the top smartphones on America’s largest and most dependable networks for half the cost when compared to contract plans.**

Straight Talk has also enhanced the $30 “All You Need” service plan. The plan now offers unlimited text, 1500 minutes of voice and 100MB of data. This plan is the perfect option for consumers who do not use smartphones.
In addition, Straight Talk offers the Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) program with universal activation kit. Consumers can keep their existing phone, their number, and their network with unlimited talk, text and data for only $45 a month.

“We know our customers want wireless plans with a lot of data but often settle for less due to the price,” said Mehrdad Akbar, vice president of wireless for Walmart U.S. “Being able to give our customers even more value is another reason why Straight Talk continues to be one of the best no contract options on the market.”

For the remaining Saturdays in May, Straight Talk and Walmart are giving consumers the chance to experience Straight Talk first hand, offering in-store demos in the wireless center. As an added bonus, consumers will receive a $25 Walmart gift card with the purchase of a Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy Centura or Discover phone, both in-store and at Walmart.com during the month of May.
For more information, please visit Walmart, www.straighttalk.com or www.walmart.com/straighttalk.

*30 day Unlimited Plans include 3.0 GB of high speed data per 30 day cycle. After 3.0 GB, your data speed will be reduced for the remainder of the 30 day cycle. High speed data is restored once a new 30 day service plan is redeemed at the end of the 30 day plan cycle. Other restrictions, terms and conditions of service apply. TracFone Wireless reserves the right to terminate your service for unauthorized or abnormal usage. Please refer always to the latest Terms and Conditions of Service at StraightTalk.com. A month equals 30 days.

**”Half the Cost” is based on the savings of the two largest major carrier’s online published prices for individual contract plans and the Straight Talk Wireless 30 Days Unlimited** talk, text, data and 411 service plan, excluding the costs of the phones. Plan features, coverage and limitations vary. A month equals 30 days. Source: Carriers’ websites as of May 2013.
About Straight Talk

Straight Talk is a service provided by TracFone Wireless, Inc., America’s largest no-contract cell phone provider with over 25 million subscribers. TracFone Wireless is a subsidiary of America Movil S.A.B. de C.V. (“AMX”) (BMV: AMX; NYSE: AMX; Nasdaq: AMOV; LATIBEX: XAMXL). AMX is the leading provider of telecommunication services in Latin America. For more information about Straight Talk Wireless®, go to StraightTalk.com.

  • j

    I switched to Straight Talk 6 months ago from Verizon.The service has been great for me and my wife.I use the unlimited plan
    and she is on the basic phone plan.Customer service helped me port both our numbers with no issues at all.They were very
    helpful on the phone so I don’t understand the negative comments.You can’t beat the price savings!

  • pissed off

    Horrible!!!!!! I went over my thirty days and phone was deactivated..I bought a refill card and it didn’t work..called customer service and they said I need another SIM card bc when your phone becomes deactivated the SIM card has to be replaced…the replacement SIM card is free but it has to be mailed they USPS and it takes 3-5 business days…HORRIBLE!!!!! SERVICE…so you pay for thirty days of service but in order to avoid having to replace your SIM card you must refill your account before thirty days which this causes you to lose days of service bc your new thirty days of service starts once you refill..this is why your thirty day due date keeps changing HORRIBLE Service please this is caveman service no one should have to pay $45 dollars plus tax and still wait 3 to 5 business days for service in 2014..but you get what u pay for!!!!

  • Yep

    I’ve been a happy ST customer for several months. Came from Verizon and was pleasantly surprised that that ST’s T-Mobile LTE is just as fast as Verizon in my area. Also, never a dropped call, never any other service issues. Yes, customer service is terrible, but once everything is set up, one (hopefully) rarely needs it, and I’m paying *half* of what I paid at Verizon. Two-year contracts are a thing of the past, and have been so for a long time in many parts of the world. I’ll never go back.

    • bigsister86

      Exactly what I was going to say. I got fed up with Verizon and AT&T inflating my bills every month with random “fees” and “taxes”…not to mention being trapped in a contract with them. I know my bill with ST will be the same every month, and I get the same coverage that my Verizon friends have. Win win.

  • Hank

    All please read the terms and conditions with ST. If you ever plan to cancel the service use all minutes. ST will not refund or transfer remaining minutes.

  • Gerry

    So it goes from unlimited which was contractual 100000 billion GBP a month to 3 gb and people are happy? Hadassah?

    • zazakik

      Straight Talk data was never unlimited though. They used to say it was unlimited and then take customers data away indefinitely without ever telling anyone how much data use is too much.

      Personally I left straight talk a year ago, but came back quickly when they finally put a number onto their data plan and added LTE. Count me as one of those happy people.

  • djf

    More data, just don’t use it

  • Peter Parker

    I am curious too if Straight Talk’s AT&T service throttles or just cuts off. I reached out to them and hope to get an answers.

    Keep in mind T-Mo has 25+ resellers to choose from. In the NYC metro area I’ve had great luck with MetroPCS personally.

    This is the list of MVNO’s (resellers) by network for example, http://www.allprepaidplans.com/network/t-mobile

    • Kyleinstyle

      it throttles to 2g after 3gigs of 4g are used

  • Joe

    Even if you’re using their AT&T based service, you get throttled instead of cut off now? Or is the throttling only on the T-Mobile based service while people on the AT&T one get their data cut off?

  • Danidin

    Here in israel unlimited plan cost 14 dollars per month. It’s good to know that something is cheaper here compared to the United States…

    • Jeremy Gross

      which carrier? how much data is high speed? i plan on living there next year

      • danidin

        all carriers offer that price or close. its 14 dollars (in sheqels) for 3gb highspeed data and unlimited calls and sms. theres also a 20 dollars plan for 6gb highspeed data and unlimited calls and sms if 3gb is not enough.

  • Dane Carpenter

    I just don’t like how Straight Talk and Net10 data and voice priority is much lower on AT&T network. I might be willing to go to AT&T value plans just to get higher priority.

    • Trevor

      This is the thing that worries me too. I don’t want to get booted off of a tower or whatever because I’m using an MVNO. I’m currently paying $60/month for 2.5 GB directly from AT&T. Saving $15/mo is tempting, but I’m not going to risk it at this point.

  • Derek L.

    I’ll still stay with Aio. Their customer service has been amazing the few times I’ve contacted them. Plus, every now and then, they like to credit your account for absolutely no reason. I’m on the $45 ($50-$5 auto pay discount) plan, and I think this year, I’ve paid $150 for my service instead of $225. They’ve credited my account that many times. It is awesome.

    • ilovetechnology

      Funny you mention that, I just logged into my AIO account yesterday and noticed an extra $5 credit (on top of the auto-pay credit). Either their systems screw up a lot or they really like to keep customers happy 🙂

    • bigsister86

      Sprint does that too, I’ve never heard of Aio. Only reason I dropped Sprint to go to Straight Talk was because there was no cell coverage from Sprint at my new home. I am pretty happy with Straight Talk though.

  • Michael Nyitrai

    It was tough to let go of my unlimited verizon plan and go nexus 4 now 5 straight talk, but its been great, i love no hidden fee’s. $46.95….thats it. i cannot comment on CS because i have never had to call them.

    • bigsister86

      It wasn’t tough for me to let go of Verizon…I moved 4 times in the few years I had them and when I read my bill at the latest address I discovered they were charging me a tax for every city I’d lived in since I got a contract with them. They just tacked a new one on every time I moved. Stupid me for not reading all the details earlier, but I don’t like sneaky. I love Straight Talk.

  • Dr. Steve

    I’m super happy i left VZW, got a Nexus and rock that StraightTalk.

  • Kyleinstyle

    I got rid of verizon back in Dec. and ported 2 numbers to ST. One Nexus 5, one Moto X. Went over my 2.5 in the first month (mostly doing speedtest, 15-18mbps just about every time btw). I was then throttled to 2g. After that, the 2.5 gigs has been enough. As far as call quality and everything else, the service has been perfect and only pay 42.50 a month per phone (45-2.50 for auto-pay). Both my phones run on the at&t on ST tho so don’t know about T-Mobile.

  • Ryan Haffner

    I was on the $45 Straight Talk plan for awhile. I made it past the number porting nightmare, CSR insanity, and the lameness of not being able to stop auto-pay myself, w/o calling the CSR people again… The thing I could not stand any longer was the insane battery usage on my N4! Since ST uses a proxy for data, with AT&T/Tmobile customer priority 1st, my data service was always “flipp-flopping” & causing massive battery drain. Just sitting there on my desk… No problems now that I am on AT&T directly.

    • Chris DiMisa

      Huh, number porting worked fine for me. In fact the call got dropped and my new phone rang while I was still talking to the CSR because it ported over that quickly.

      • Ryan Haffner

        Yeah, a CSR had to fix it for me when it went bad. I ported into ST from T-mobile. I was switching to the BYOP plan & ordered an AT&T LTE straight talk sim. I went through the online process to create my ST account & port my number. I had everything I needed. T-mobile acct # & PIN, ST air-time card & a new ST sim card. During the process, the web page displayed a generic error & I spent the next hour on the phone with a CSR trying to straighten it out. As always with these things, YMMV 🙂

    • acras

      ST uses a proxy for AT&T? Doesn’t for Tmo . Just double checked my access point info to make sure I remembered correctly.

  • teebone

    Sorry, that won’t work for me. Even though I pay 115 for my Verizon plan, I have unlimited data, so no worries about getting throttled. I would hate to have to worry about how much data I use on my phone..screw that. I still save money cause I don’t have to pay 50 dollars a month extra for a separate high speed internet plan as I use my unlimited data plan for my wifi and it’s always fast where I go. Now sure 45 per month plus 50 minimum with cable high speed internet would come to 95 not including taxes…it’s still the though of that changing over time. All in all I still save money staying on the plan that I am.

    • Andy

      what app do you use for tethering?

      • teebone

        Foxfi.. works great after the kitkat update on a factory non rooted phone

  • Disqus_n00b

    How are Straight Talk ping speeds compared to AT&T GoPhone or AIO?

  • Erstam

    But I’m assuming they still close ports after a period of inactivity. Ie no push messages after a few minutes of phone being a sleep. At least this was the case 3 months a go when I used them.

  • JRomeo

    does straight talk take advantage of BOTH at&t and t-mobile data?

    • moelsen8

      you pick one or the other on the GSM side.

  • PuttsMoBilesiCit

    A little too late. Had tons of problems with their autopay system, and almost released my number that I ported from Verizon that I had previously had for almost a decade.

    Since I decided to switch to AT&T not only do I notice faster speeds, but my work now pays for my plan.

  • feedhead

    I’m a happy Straight Talk customer. Moved from Veri$$$on when the Nexus 4 launched and have never had issues.

    • Miguel

      I moved 4 months ago with my N5 and I’m saving a bulk load of money, now that they upgraded to 3GB it’s even a better deal.
      The only down side to their service is that their signal is too inconsistent, too much jumping from LTE to HSPA which is basically 3G.

    • Christopher Moore

      This might be the year I do the same thing. Either with the one plus one or Nexus 6.

      • Dominick White

        Planning on moving over once I have the one plus one, never thought I would leave Verizon. But I got to have that phone

    • Brandon M

      I did this exact same thing, left verizon for the nexus 4 and ST. no regrets at all. There was nothing more gratifying than the call i made to VZW the day i received my nexus telling them where to shove it.

  • niuguy

    Is it true that with straight talk that YouTube and Netflix are prohibited?

    • feedhead

      Not true.

      • niuguy


    • nside1

      I believe there is a daily limit of some sort (100-200mb)? Can anyone confirm?

      • SION1771

        That’s what I heard too, but can’t find anything in their legalese.

      • Brock Norman

        I believe that used to be the case before they openly declared the monthly high-speed allotment. I haven’t heard of anyone having troubles since then.

    • Mele Kalikimaka

      It’s not prohibited, but I (and others using ST) had problems with YouTube. Sometimes it would work, sometimes it wouldn’t.

      • niuguy


      • Kyleinstyle

        That’s youtube in general

  • jeramie

    I used to love straight talk until those assholes shut my data service off completely with 2 weeks left in my monthly cycle. Not throttled. No. They completely turned off my data service on an UNLIMITED DATA PLAN. Customer service was a complete joke and refused to turn it back on. I don’t understand how you can call something unlimited and put a limit on it.

    That was the last time I would ever use their service.

    • PuttsMoBilesiCit


      Don’t forget that “*”

      • Jeramie

        While asterisks are shady to begin with I understand how T-Mobile and others can get away with having unlimited* data plans because they clearly define the limit of high speed data and give you unlimited 2g data after that.

        However in straight talks case they hadn’t defined the limit of high speed data before they started throttling people. And in my case they shut my service off completely which in no way should be legal since that is clearly a LIMIT on and UNLIMITED plan. Not slow unlimited. Limited unlimited.

        • PuttsMoBilesiCit

          It states everything you just mentioned in their sites homepage footer.

          • jeramie

            Like it states in the article they only recently defined the 2.5gb high speed limit (which is now 3gb). Back when I had their service they were extremely sketchy about defining their terms of service. People were getting throttled/cutoff randomly and with no warning. Some people weren’t able to go over 100mb on a single day or they would get cutoff. Others could use 20-30gbs of data and be completely fine.

          • Gin825

            This has happened to me a number of times. When I called about it, they had me download an app from their company through Google Play. It updates your network and resets everything. They told me if it ever happened again, to open the app and follow it’s instructions. Haven’t had a problem with it past that. …even when I was paying $100 dollars a month with verizon, I never had fast service. So I’m sorry, I’ll pay the less on an unlimited plan… for the same service on a pretty decent phone and be just content with it. I don’t need high speed internet on my PHONE. If I want that, I’ll open up my laptop. I get how others need/want it but yeah. You’ll hear no complaints on my end for Straight Talk.

    • moelsen8

      yeah, they moved my service end date around a few times without any notice. i don’t even know why they have a customer support line, anyone who you connect with can just barely hold conversations in very basic english. talk about frustrating.. try telling a ST rep that your service end date was moved and you were wondering how the new one was calculated. it was such a bitch to get ported out to aio, but i’m much happier and never going back.

      • michael arazan

        Another reason why the Telecommunications Industry needs heavier regulations from the FCC. These carriers just make up the rules as they go for everything

    • JRomeo

      what they do when they shut off internet is lower your speeds, not shut it off completely, are you sure you just weren’t in an area where 2G was available?

      • moelsen8

        no, i believe him. ST is great until you have a problem. then it’s a nightmare just trying to get someone to tell you what happened and why.

      • Jeramie

        No it was off completely, the CS rep even admitted that the data was shut off due to “excessive use” and wouldn’t be turned back on until my next cycle. By the way the “excessive use” was a little over 3gb. Requesting to talk to hire up management resulted in me getting put on hold and then getting disconnected, each time I tried calling back there was a 30-45 minute wait.

        I had service with them for a little over a year and in that time I had been throttled once. Most months I could use anywhere from 2-10gbs with no issues. But that last month I had their service was ridiculous I used 3gb and they shut my data off completely.

    • teebone

      That’s what you get for going to a 3rd party type of connection lol I will never ever use these cut rate data plans. I’ve had friends who have and ended up going back to their regular plans, less hassle and better service!!

  • Captain Spaulding

    That’s great news. My service expires tomorrow and I just got throttled back yesterday, so the extra .5 GB should get me through the month.