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Improve Your English Skills With Spell Up, Google’s Latest Chrome Experiment

The voice recognition that Google has developed for almost all of its peripherals is a fairly advanced one. It powers Google Now, Google Translate, and a ton more services that we use all of the time. Today, that recognition system is taking on a more educational and human use. Spell Up is the new spelling and pronunciation game that Google has released, to help everyone get their word enunciations correct. 

Spell Up is a game that urges you to progress by speaking out loud to your computer. The game asks you to spell words, re-arrange jumbled letters, and fill in the blanks on words. By doing all of these correctly, you slowly build a monolith of words that shows your progress. Google consulted game developers and designers to make the experience more enjoyable, and easy to use to encourage people to educate themselves instead of being frustrated with failing to get something right. The game features achievements, milestones, and other pieces to keep you pushing forward.

By building Spell Up off of Google’s Web Speech API, almost everyone with a mobile device or desktop can get in on the fun. Desktops with Chrome, Android phones and tablets, and even Apple devices can play the game (although Apple product users have to type the words instead of speaking them aloud).

If you are reminiscing to those younger times when you won your school’s spelling bee, make sure you try it out here.

Via: Google
  • Kevin

    Very annoying app. Takes so long to recognize what I am saying — and can’t tell the difference between “m” and “n” — that the mind wanders. If this is supposed to be “fun”, why can the app only hear one letter every second or two, instead of several a second like real people?. As you say, the voice synthesis is nearly unintelligible. All in all, not fun. It’s testing my ability to make the app do what it it supposed to, not my ability to spell or pronounce. Bleh.

  • I love games like this, they need to make this an app though

  • AbbyZFresh

    Lemme guess, this was made by an intern on their 20% free time project?

  • Savan Ghetiya

    voice recognition sucks .. unless google can manage to identify all accents .. its not gonna work

  • bozzykid

    The hardest part is not spelling but understanding what word she is saying. It is almost impossible for short words.

    • Derrick Slayton

      That’s why you have to listen to the definition

  • zwrose

    I wonder if this is also a tool that Google is using to help improve voice recognition? They theoretically will be receiving a high volume of samples where they know exactly what word the people are trying to say/spell, which sounds like it could be great training data.

    Total speculation here: perhaps even they can pair that to the geographic region where the player is coming from and help better understand different accents?

    Regardless, a cool experiment!

    • Macalee Harlis Jr.

      my thoughts exactly

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  • hfoster52

    I am going to send a link to this app to all my redneck friends in the South.