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Verizon Galaxy Note 3 Kit Kat Update Available Through Kies and Upgrade Assistant

verizon galaxy note 3

The time has come, owners of the Verizon Galaxy Note 3. According to readers of ours, the Kit Kat (Android 4.4) update for your device is now available through either Kies or the Verizon Software Upgrade Assistant. 

If you have Kies already installed on your computer, a simple plug-in of your device to your computer with Kies open should prompt you to download and install the update. If you would rather use Verizon’s Software Upgrade Assistant (SUA), you will need to access the SUA after plugging in your device through either Finder (Mac) or Explorer (Windows). Verizon has instructions for accessing the SUA here.

If you do not have access to a computer, you are out of luck for the moment. Verizon has yet to post the changelog or confirm that the update is available. We will more than likely see this computer rollout for a day or two before the over-the-air (OTA) file goes live.

Let us know how the update goes!

note 3 kit kat vzw

Cheers Dahron, Shaun and schlanz!
  • beaucoupdeforce

    Downloaded the 4.4 2 kitkat late last night OTA on to my Verizon Note 3 FINALLY!!!! Presently, im not seeing a big deal, or really know what I’m supposed to see as a change

  • Bryan Whydoihavetodothis

    The Ota update worked for me in Las Vegas.

  • Ken Sissons

    w00t! SCHWEEET!!

  • Lester T

    I tried the Kies and Verizon tools and both indicated that I was up to date. By chance, I then tried OTA. And there it was. It’s now downloading the new version. It is odd that Kies and the Verizon tool both were unaware of the update. Nevertheless, I’ll take it.

  • Ben Ninety-four Nunez

    Ota just came in for me…Anyone else…anyone had changelog?

  • Tyler Harris

    Mine went through the update OTA

  • Dan

    I can’t upgrade using OTA, keeps telling me that Update Failed. Maybe because I’m rooted? Also removed SafeStrap.
    Any ideas?

    • s2k_848

      I’m getting the same thing. I even put root into survival mode. Didn’t have an issue update before to 4.3 with the same method so something changed.

      • Dan

        I’m just going to wait to see if I can update through Kies or Verizon Upgrade assistant, this happened when I had to upgrade to MJE

  • Emil Helfer

    Just grabbed the update OTA, 1pm Central Time. FINALLY!