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Sony Xperia Z2 vs. Samsung Galaxy S5

As promised, after comparing the Sony Xperia Z2 to the HTC One (M8), we have another comparison of Sony’s 2014 flagship to the Samsung Galaxy S5. At this point in time, until LG and Motorola give us something to talk about, these are the three phones of 2014 that you should all be curious about. While Sony’s won’t arrive in the US for another couple of months, it has generally received praise from anyone who has put their hands on it, which includes us.

So in this clip, we are following a similar format to the previous comparison. You will hear general thoughts on the differences between each phone, how their specs compare, see how their displays look side-by-side, which Android skin we prefer, and ultimately, which of the two (or three) is our favorite phone thus far.

Our full review is on the way, along with what we are hoping is an epicly long camera comparison of the One (M8), Z2, and Galaxy S5. For now, watch the video below and then let us know if there is anything in particular you would like to see. 

  • jips

    Samesung only gets a lot of attention because it spends significantly more — we’re talking billions of dollars — than its competitors do on marketing. It also got busted for paying people to write bad, fake reviews of the HTC One (you can Google it) so it’s not surprising to see a lot of Samsung trolls here.

    Sony Z2’s is superior to the S5 in performance. The S5 is also ugly and just as expensive as other premium smartphones. Contrary to what some Samesung fanboys are saying, the S5 isn’t fully waterproof either. In fact, its water protection is a 7, immersion up to 1 meter for a 30 minutes, whereas the Z2’s water protection is an 8, immersion up to 3 meters with no time limits. Moreover, Samesung never made good cameras so the claim that Samesung photos are better is completely false.

  • Bender McLugh

    Also, about the IP rating for the Z2…………..I’ve read different things, IP55, IP67 and IP68. Which is it????

  • Bender McLugh

    I’m reading here that the Z2 may not be available in the US? T-Mobile will certainly have it, and I’m hoping Verizon does as well.
    Amazon.com is selling the Z2 International version unlocked for under $700 (too pricey). Anyone know if this phone will work on Verizon/T-Mobile or is ti GSM & AT&T only?
    Does anyone have a Z2 yet? Thoughts on using it in real-world?

  • bigdaddy

    One question always baffling me. What’s the point people talking about build quality or premium feeling of phones when people always put plastic cases on their phones? Iphone has more metal, yet I have never seen one without a ugly case. M8 may have more metal, again, never seen one without a case. Although their cases seem more sexy, but that’s the case, not the phone. Personally, I quite like the plastic on Galaxy, it’s light, and easy to change. And overall, you ALWAYS WILL PUT ON A CASE ON ANY PHONE. So sht the fuk up when talking about the stupid premium feeling of your stupid metal. Maybe something iron or steel can give your more of that feeling?

  • Jonathon C-A

    I was able to hold the Z2 today for a little while. I was expecting it to feel too large as my current phone is the Moto X, but it was not nearly as large as I was expecting. The build quality was superb and the rounded edges made it very comfortable to hold. While it does give off a slight iPhone 4/4S feel, the rounded edges and thickness are on another level completely. The phone was also lighter than I was expecting. The biggest complaint I have besides the software is that the from bezels on the top and bottom of the phone are huge. This was disconcerting at first as I attempted to return to the home screen and ended up pressing nothing but the bezel several times. While I did not like the skin very much it was certainly better that the Galaxy S5, but not as nice as Sense 6.0. If this phone were to come to Verizon I would have a hard time not picking it up.

  • Anthony Johnson

    I am suing Galaxy S5 from last 1 month and could say that it is the best phone I have ever had till date with features like water and dust resistant body, dotted back case for perfect handling, touch wiz finger print scanner for tough security, heart rate sensor, 16MP camera and 2800mAh battery backup that after fully charged on wireless charger runs all day long. So South Korean Samsung, clearly a winner over Japanese Sony Xperia. What’s your call?

    • greyhulk

      If you like the phone so much, why would you want to sue Samsung?

      • Anthony Johnson

        That was mistyped! Lol..

    • Vasboz

      I agree and disagree. So say it’s a clear winner misses the boat as to me I’m buying the Z2 today because I love the dedicated camera button. Simple as that… everything else on any HIGH END Phone will work well… whether it’s smoothness, battery life, OS support, perfromance..

      I have a few problems with my S5….

      At first I almost RIPPED out the USB Charging port cover because as you pull out the Micro USB or USB3 usb charge cable you naturally hold it with your grip being on the left and right side of the cable… which accidentally means without changing how you do things you’re prone to ripping it out at some point which means well done to waterproof right there!

      Second I love the Home button as it’s apple-like and from a practicality perspective helps you turn on your screen when you’re lying down say in bed and just want to see what time it is… as the button is on the phone easy to feel and no need to fumble on any side….

      But… big but… the Fingerprint sensor? Very BAD. Apple’s iPhone 5S that I used for a few weeks before giving it to my fiance worked.

      I always find myself swiping with different angles to get the S5 to let me in…. Pain in the ASS.

      Apple actually implements technology that it see’s can be matured. samsung not so much but that’s OK because they’re “bleeding edge… pioneering”

  • Kaostheory

    Would love to find out how the noise cancelling of the Z2 compaires to the Bose quietcomfort. This feature alone might be worth the upgrade.

  • Samson Okoro

    These guys here are talking bout the display from their web page and then claim the s5 is rated best from display mate who aren’t in anyway an authority in display calibration and/or ratings. Go see the display ratings done by several other top sites including btert, phonearena, etc and it’s agreed the s5 is slightly brighter at max brightness and has better whites so web pages in white will look better on the s5. But when it has to do with rendering other colours other than black and white the S5 is no way near the Sony, the S5 gets colours wrong with over saturation and even the various adjustments available don’t do justice compared to the Z2. The z2 definitely is better for watching videos and viewing pages with other colours other than white. Guys should do their research properly.

    • Vasboz

      Samson I hated the Galaxy S1, S2, S3, S4 and the first First and Second NEXUS… Why? They all used samsung’s DISGUSTING LCD panel that created BLUISH HOSPITAL LIKE White’s! Yuck Yuck Yuck… also the S3 that I owned was the biggest let down compared to the iPhone 5 when it came to actual screen brightness. What a JOKE AMOLED used to be… it improved with the S5 but by how much?

      People don’t notice just how about Galaxy S1-S4 screens are until you put it next to a HTC ONEX/ONE or an iPhone…..

      • Santiago Fernández Devoto

        It’s AMOLED what it’s used on S series ¬¬ go and research before speaking…

  • abrahan

    there’s a lot of hate towards the GS5 obviously, anyways, why would you want 20 mp camera if their display is worst than the gs5, more “premium” because is not made out of plastic? that has its cons and pros obviously, more ram? i bet you wont exceed the 2gb ram on gs5, i any case the gs5 would smoke the z2 in bout anything! trust me, bigger battery? in my experience the gs5 will last the entire day with moderate use and in fact, it charges lightning fast!! .. so what do you like about the z2 again?

    • flosserelli

      Sounds like someone is having buyer’s remorse.

    • Pasan Gonakumbura

      Moderate use isn’t acceptable for a flagship device, duh.

    • Vasboz

      Again you’re speaking from emotion and not FACT. I have used a Galaxy S5 from launch until today and guess what? I have come ULTRA close to capping out the 2GB of ram without doing too much what a freaking JOKE from Samsung.

      Give the Note 3 3GB give it’s premium flagship LESS. Idiots.

    • Vasboz

      I will agree about the battery life on the S5 is the best I’ve used so far…. but again the Xperia M1 prepaid $199 phone from BIGW in Australia also gives me good battery life… and it’s only a 4″

  • teevirus

    Poor carrier availability will kill the Z2. At least in the US. Same really.

  • James Briano


  • ShockWave

    Sony should realize that I will be looking at the screen when using the device, I won’t look at the 3 GB RAM or the IP67 rating I will only see a screen that produces unreal colors with bad red tint.I mean, how could they even do that, the device is just amazing in every aspect but display.Alright, now it’s your turn LG, you either screw everything up or get us a real piece of art which hopefully you do.

    • Brandon Dean

      You can change the white balance on The Z2. It’s in settings. You can make the whites appear cooler if thats your taste.

    • Vasboz

      Please talk with FACT and not EMOTION (the biggest problem with almost everyone in this world) I work as a Systems Admin so I am used to also dealing with extremely incompetent end users who don’t respect what you do for a living why? Because to them it’s CHINESE because they can’t understand it.. ,’, dismiss it as useless well they can F8CKoff lol 😉 I tell them as it is!

      Secondly… don’t come on here and bag out the Z2. I’ve used the Experia M1 actually am currently using it am I severely complaining about screen quality? Actually compared to the S5 I can’t tell a difference. I’m picking up the Z2 today and I’m sure it will be as good as the reviews I’ve read.

      After all isn’t your phone all about MAKING phone calls? That is and should be first and foremost the most important aspect on any phone. Actually darn CALL QUALITY.

      In Call Quality (voice/clarity) the cheap Xperia M1 trumps the Galaxy S5 in all my “real world” experiences.

      • ShockWave

        Firstly, don’t come here and tell me about your job for three reasons:

        1) I don’t give a f***

        2) It is useless to brag about your job as a system administrator, here most of the people around here including me know how is it to interact with people who know nothing about programming or the tech world in general

        3) It is totally off topic and that makes you look like a douchebag trying to brag about a normal job

        Secondly, you talk with FACTS not EMOTIONS your M is by no way comparable to either phones whether in the screen or the processing power or any department it has got a TFT screen with much lower ppi, also if you saw the video the reviewer clearly explained that it totally produced unreal colors with red tint like when he said that his table is not orange and the Z2 bad tint changed its color to orange so it’s not me who said that it’s the reviewer.

        And for that statement I must say you sound like my old great grandfather because even my grandfather have a Facebook account, it is not 1995 here ,granny. Smartphones main usage is no longer just making calls, you can use your phone to play games, watch movies, take notes, listen to music, read the news, take photos, record videos etc., so NO, the phone is not about making phone calls and that exact capability is pretty much equal in most cell phones or not really affecting the whole experience a user have with his smartphone, also don’t tell me about your “experiences” I need facts not any biased “experiences” you had.

        Also, I am not defending the S5 I dislike many of its features and it’s not the smartphone king or anything but its display is much better than the Z2, that’s why I am awaiting eagerly to see the G3 6 days from now, I wish it can become an all rounder.

  • 2 products and outstanding features we can see, with my personal opinion like a Samsung Galaxy S5

  • Wall Breaker

    the Galaxy S5 is actually a lot better device than people give credit. The Dimple design looks no where near as bad in person and I actually like the feel in the hand.

    Ive tried out Sony devices, not as great as people claim. its the GS5 for me.

    • jnt

      I’d have to agree. It’s being held back on the tech sites by Samsung hate. Does it blow other devices out of the water? By no means. It and the M8 are simply different experiences and different philosophies, with positives and negatives in each. Reviewers fault the S5 where they feel it’s weak, and apologize for the M8 where they feel it’s weak (besides the camera).

      I’d have to agree on the dimple design on the black S5 – from what I hear the white model is a lot more plasticky and slippery than the black.

      • Vasboz

        I will also agree when I used the HTC ONE at work (on our Optus network..) I rooted the darn thing to 4.4 big mistake.. and finally with the S5 I didn’t need to root a phone to get something that worked quickly out of the box.

        Hate is just people that HAVEN’T lived with the device to know just how good it is. Also we need to be mindful that YES we are on the internetzzzz and yesss there are 10 year olds also posting on here that have nothing better than to be an arsehat! Oxygen thieves of society.

        I will also I was guilty of the same thing I looked at the S5 launch and was like “oh is that it…?” but use it in real life use the camera, use the phone it’s actually rather phenomenal and the battery life is excellent.

        Here are some pictures i Just took of my S5 prior to handing it to another user today which I snapped on my Boost unlocked Sony Xperia M1. 🙂

        If anyone is curious I used Airdroid to simply transfer pix to/from PC whilst charging my phone on a 2AM charger 🙂

        Within 10 minutes it’s already on 12%!

    • Vasboz

      I’ve said it before… Fanboys prematurely like to ejaculate and flame the S5’s dimpled back but if your phone is slightly WET which it is certified for… then the Dimples like when your fingers PRUNE can only HELP GRIP. But logic is not something a lot of people posses that post on websites….

      I’ve learnt 9 times out of 10 if someone is giving a one line reply that they are trolling…#ignore.

  • HappyS5Owner

    Personally I love my S5! I’m coming from a GNex so EVERYTHING about this phone is a + for me. Options are overwhelming, sure, but the fact that there are options there makes me satisfied. The S-View cover makes me miss my LG enV2 lol #waybackwhen

  • bassman418

    Why lay them on the cement, face down? (As I twice about them getting scratched….) lol

  • The Narrator

    More ram, better camera, bigger battery, fully waterproof, better build design and quality. The Z2 is definite winner for 2014 so far, at least to me. Can’t wait to see the G3.

    • MicroNix

      A better camera would take pictures faster. That thing is a turtle compared to just about anything else on the market. Hell my S3 can snap great pics faster than that!

      • The Narrator

        Ohhhh it takes pics faster! So special!

        • Arian

          It’s definitely important to some people

          • kieraeastedi321

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          • Vasboz

            Absolutely SPOT ON.

            I work in IT and have used as primary phone’s a HTC ONE (ultrapixel is rubbish) and also an iPhone 5S for a few weeks before I gave that to my fiance as that was on my personal contract renewal and also now a Galaxy S5…. The Galaxy S5 takes amazing photo’s with clarity when zooming in that I’ve never had on a smartphone before, that is until I tried the Xperia Z2.

            What I’ve since done is purchased a Sony Xperia M1 (as a spare phone when someone breaks their iPhone….out of the 50 in the fleet I manage) and can I tell you something?

            If you ASKED me 1 year ago would I recommend Sony my simple answer would’ve been NO. They had initially a very poor relationship with Android but a lot of manufacturers actually suffered this same issue where Apple would have updates for all their (albeit almost identical) phone’s immediately Android was prone to waiting, and waiting, and waiting….

            Sony did say they were going to get their act together and I can put my hand to my heart and say that with normal use the Xperia M1 is actually as FAST if not FASTER than the Galaxy S5 in the UI operations/interactions.

            I then worked a plan to give my Galaxy S5 to a senior staff member who’s had enough of their iPhone after I showed them the beauty of Android (USB OTG… plug any usb stick/mouse keyboard etc…. excellent business benefit) and also the fact you can simply copy an MP3 and make it a ring tone normally wins over these users who are oh-so used to their simplified iPhone 5’s.

            To be fair I recommended 90% of our staff go iPhone’s because from an Administrative perspective (Me being a systems admin) I wanted as little maintenance to keep the fleet of phone’s going and quite frankly when the iPhone 5 came out Android still didn’t have a phone as good and smooth as Apple’s that “just worked”.

            I’ve owned/used the following in the past 5 years (at some points having two phone’s when you see Apple 3GS/4s as I had my personal Android…):
            – iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4
            – Dell Streak, Galaxy S1, HTC Desire, Motorola Atrix, Samsung Galaxy S3 non-4g, HTC ONE, Galaxy S5.

            Apart from the S5 which finally gave iPhone like “smoothness” to an extent and the Sony Xperia M1 which phone did I hold dearest to my heart? The Dell streak which I bought with Android Donut on their but boy was it awesome!

            I had a phablet before they were cool so that just shows how “visionary” let’s say I was…. my colleagues and CIO at the time made jokes about the Chillean miners and the Dell Streak not fitting down the rescue shaft as a joke when I bought it…. they also joked about me needing a trolley when I walked out of the shopping centre/optus store with it in 2010-ish…

            What’s happened today? 5+” is the norm for a high end phone and 6″ is phablet territory… lol hindsight is amazing.

            But BACK to this whole Z2… I fell in love with the M1 (even though I purchased it as a spare phone for work) purely by the fact there is a dedicated camera button! I love taking pics of scenery/cars/people etc… and having that simplified with a hardware button to me makes all the difference.

            I also love what Sony’s done with Android and that they in the last year finally got their act together.

          • roeshak

            Now that was one hell of a post. So much to say lol

        • Pumpkin King

          And better more detailed pictures as well. Yes more saturated, but more crisp.

      • Ali F.

        I had the z1 and I sold it because of the camera. Wow, I thought I am the only one who has this issue. I am using now a BlackBerry z10 and using the camera although modest but it is better and very fast for average use which I want.

        • Vasboz

          Could it not be “operator error” or “end user incompetence?” I know it’s a tough question to ask but you’re only giving us one side of the story…..

    • LiterofCola

      The Z2 definitely wins this round.

    • Pumpkin King

      S5 has all around better camera.
      Z2 is not fully water proof. It is one level higher water resistant and only because it’s completely sealed.
      How is it better build quality? Design is preference. It’s nothing but a square.
      S5 has better camera, comfort, ergonomics, practicality, overall durability, display, and features.

      I fault Samsung for having 3GB of ram, giving Sony and others 3GB ram chips, having 4GB around the corner, but only using 2GB on the S5.

      • Vasboz

        I actually completely agree with you. As an IT professional I continuously was worried about my S5 running out of memory as it’d frequently and easily hit 1.7~ gig ram usage.. I only also had 3 panes on the home screen launcher and didn’t have any widgets outside of those that came with the phone running….. They did a better job with the Note3?

        • Pumpkin King

          That’s the only actually big thing with it. While 2GB will suffice most and is indeed good. They should’ve used 3GB. Especially when the Note 4 may very well have 4GB, and they are the ones supplying others with 3GB. They supply at least 70% of the world’s phones with at least Ram and or memory chips.

          2GB gets it done though. Everything else it’s basically on top or right there. And as an update it’s larger than most of the other updated devices around.

      • Damian Magson


        • Pumpkin King

          I agree that you are as well. Glad we see eye to eye

    • Paul Schinider

      Yeah Right because I read review about Samsung galaxy s5

    • David Martin

      I agree with you as you’re right. I also went through a post http://www.onlinephonecontracts.co.uk/blog/samsung-galaxy-s5-vs-sony-xperia-z2-detailed-comparison/ that given me same knowledge as I got from aforewritten piece.

  • jbdan

    Thanks for the comparison. It’s a very interesting thing comparing color temps on mobile phone screens. I watched the vid 1st on my N5 then had to watch again on both my calibrated plasma TV then calibrated IPS PC monitor. The S5 white looks blue and the Z2 white looks white albeit a little dirty. The colors on the Z2 look more natural as well. Goes to show how different people see different colors and have a very varied preference for screen tech

    • Vasboz

      Every single Galaxy S has had extremely poor colours which in reality are distorted.

      When I had the HTC ONE I bought an S4 at work just for “testing” then gave it to a work colleague… I took photo’s side by side it is actually PHENOMENAL how badddd the Galaxy S series are in colour reproductive (white’s…..) but when you have a Galaxy S you’re never comparing whites there isn’t normally anyone else there next to you saying “show me your whites…” so without a Point of reference you have nothing relative to compare it to and go living your life thinking that it makes the best darn screen.

      Sorry… if the phone can’t do one of the two most basic colours properly (Black and White) then it’s a throwaway and useless to me.

  • christopher miles

    Well the Z2 let’s you change the white balance of the display, so that particular issue is easily rectified.

  • snobrdr2324

    I would have gotten the Z2 in a heartbeat if it were available on ATT officially near when the S5 was. I know I can buy it unlocked (not until summer though) but that 700 bucks up front just doesn’t appeal to me. So this really isn’t a competition for 95% of the US market considering this phone will be too late to even unlocked to be a real option.

  • callumshell1

    I still can’t get over how ugly the S5 is.

    • Rod

      Nor how laggy.

      • Pumpkin King

        Come back to reality and try that again

        • Damian Magson

          Do you work for Samsung? Click on pumpkins profile and you will see that all his posts are fanboy attacks on other better phones than the S5. For impartial views don’t read Pumpkins posts!!!

          • Pumpkin King

            So pointing out logical fact to lies and fanboyism is fanboy attacks????
            Oh I see…attacking fanboys…You know…you might actually be right.

  • jnt

    2 things – First, I never see reviewers talk about how incredibly fast the GS5 charges, and IMHO that’s an important factor to the overall battery life picture since you can’t use your phone until it’s charged (generally speaking). Second, Kellen, you’re the only reviewer that I’ve seen that hasn’t had great battery life on the S5 in general. Would it beat the Z2? Obviously not. But since it likely charges in half the time, it might not be as big a discrepancy as people might think. My experience with the S5’s battery life mirrors your description of the Z2s.

    Good comparison and thanks for the info!

    • marco mendoza

      any phone with a snapdragron 800 or higher has quick charge 2.0 so they should charge just as fast

    • Vasboz

      I actually agree with you jnt. Finally you’re not someone that just gives “one line troll answers/responses….” but you’re right.

      What did I always love about the iPhone’s? (albeit not much to love for the simplest of smart phone’s….) but… it Charged super quick!

      On a 2AMP charger the S5 does charge super quick. 50% within the hour. Under my previous android’s It’d only have 13-14% by that point if it was being used as it was being charged… What a crock of crock.

      • jnt

        Yeah charging time is a pretty important factor IMHO, and I think it’s because I’ve always had iDevices alongside Android. When you’re low and can plug your phone in for 20-30 minutes before leaving and actually make some headway on charging your phone (in addition to the power saving mode on the S5), it comes in VERY handy.

    • Gaurav Mehta

      Quite sad. Check up XDA for the S4’s charging patterns.

      In a nutshell :

      ‘the phone will ONLY charge at full current… when using the supplied charger … AND the supplied usb cable, OR any other usb cable, provided its shielding …..

      …. is possibly an effort by Samsung to avoid the scenario of sticking 1.5 amps down a flimsy cheapo cable, the wires of which will likely be too thin to carry it’

      On a stock charger it’s really never taken >1.5 Hours to hit 95% and that’s enough for me.


  • shamatuu

    I WOULD pick the z2 for sure

    • The Narrator

      Everybody should

      • shamatuu

        yeah if i can actually get my hands on it but so far Sony is so dead in the US.

    • flosserelli

      I’d pick the Z2 over the S5, but I will probably take the G3 or OPO over the Z2.

      • shamatuu

        Agree though i might pick the HTC Prime over the both of them.

      • Vasboz

        I am going to BUY the Z2 today as my primary work phone after I gave my Galaxy S5 to a senior colleague (convincing him that Android is better than apple and that I finally have faith in him to be an advanced user! ;)) but the G3 from LG will be just another missed opportunity from LG.

        Rear buttons just DO NOT WORK. I can imagine the amount of people that will grease their camera lens after eating mcdonalds/kfc and wanting to take a pointless selfie!

    • Vasboz

      I agree.

      I’ve used an HTC ONE for 11 months… in the end? The Camera was the biggest let down… yes it had a bigger sensor but when you can’t crop a photo and still have detail in 2014 that’s just not acceptable in our first world list of problems 😉

      Secondly Ive had now a Galaxy S5 which I’ll write a review for at some point, but besides the very low amount of RAM for a high end phone what’s really wrong with the S5?

      If you ask me what’s wrong with the S5 is the simply fact that when you get the phone to a family member/elderly that you want to show a photo they f*king press the Back/Multitask button.. all of a sudden they look at you and say “what just happened…?”

      Is this their fault? NO. If there is ANYTHING they should’ve thought about with Samsung it’s to put soft buttons like the new M8 like Sony’s so people aren’t pressing accidentally keys which is embarassing and very illogical of from Samsung but they’ve kept this same design principle from the first S1 smartphone.

      That’s my phone gripe with the S series which is where their ACTIVE series comes in much better with actual hard buttons if you’re going to have them “that low” within the bezel.

  • MicroNix

    Well this ruled out the Z2 for me. The display looks like crap compared to the S5. So boring and blah. I was expecting a LOT more out of Sony with all the hype behind it. I also expected their camera to deliver a better shutter speed than that. Definitely not waiting around for THAT.

    G3 its all up to you now. Show me better and I’ll show you my wallet.

    • Spencer Walker

      Or a nexus 6 based on the g3 drools in anticaption

    • Walter

      That boring and blah is actually high colour fidelity and lifelike images. Not over saturation and neon like the Samsungs have. People don’t really glow like Samsung would like you to believe.

    • Brandon Dean

      You can change the white balance on sony phones.

  • Warwick

    Those phones on the ground though ):

  • Carlos Lopez

    Only reason the s5 would be better is because its smaller

    • Vasboz

      Display is average if not mediocre at best. I know this is all a first world problem, but you want a nice display go use the HTC ONE with its 4.8″ fullhd screen.

      • Carlos Lopez

        I’ve used it, both the 2013 and 2014 variants the S5’s display is much better, And is also a fullhd display

        • Vasboz

          Yes but Carlos can you say the same about the Galaxy S1, S2, S3, S4? I think not! 🙂 I agree the S5 they finally fixed to an extent the blue tone’s… but my god in the S4 which my brother in law has when I showed him the disgusting white reproduction compared to my HTC ONE at the time he couldn’t believe it….

          • Carlos Lopez

            But we’re not talking about any of those, we’re talking about the s5, the s4 also had a great display though not all that much better than the htc one 2013 but they were equally on par. And i just realized you were wrong about display size on either htc one it is 4.7″ and 5″ respectively. And the white reproduction wasn’t a problem on either it was roughly the same as every other phone. I do hope you’re not one of those people that just tries to trash on samsung devices

  • moew

    USA carriers, USA carriers, LTE… ok, reading the article now!