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Report: AT&T Readying Acquisiton of DirecTV for $50 Billion

No, it’s not Android related, but it is still big news for anyone interested in the telecommunications industry. The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg are reporting that AT&T and DirecTV are in talks to announce a deal in the next two weeks, in which AT&T is to buy America’s largest Satellite TV provider for roughly $50 billion. 

According to sources familiar with the deal, AT&T will look to strategically place itself in the running for America’s TV watching habits, potentially offering a bundle of wireless, television, phone and high-speed broadband services.

DirecTV’s board would continue to run the company as a unit of AT&T’s if the deal goes through, with CEO Mike White planning to retire after 2015. Bloomberg reports that both companies are planning on a 12-month regulatory process to review the deal, as we have seen with other major deals of this type in the past. 

If we have any current customers of both AT&T and DirecTV here, let us know how you feel this deal could affect you below in the comments section.

Via: Bloomberg | WSJ
  • LaFave07

    I don’t know why people aren’t wanting this to happen.

    If anything it will increase competition especially with cable companies.

    AT&T would have a nationwide triple play for TV, Phone and LTE to compete with cable companies. It’d basically be wireless vs wired.

    AT&T could also eventually give more perks like if you subscribe to their TV service and use their TV anywhere app it won’t count toward your monthly wireless data allowance. Endless possibilities.

  • Mahercs

    Worst plan ever. Had AT&T for phone and Internet, tried Uverse and dropped it like a rock to go back to DirecTV. UVerse had poor picture quality and when I called, they said it was my TV. Nice try, but no dice. Overall, AT&T has the absolute worst customer service, while I have nothing bad to say about DTV. I finally get away from them only to get sucked back in. Damn

  • Tom Z

    I just hope this doesn’t mean the DirecTV picture quality standards are going to go the way of U-Verse. I have DirecTV and the picture is great. Two people I know have U-Verse and the picture is horrible compared to DirecTV. I just hope AT&T doesn’t screw up Direct… Maybe Google Fiber will get to Chicago before DirecTV goes into the dumper after the possible AT&T takeover.

    Another thing that could be a negative… DirecTV always seems to have North American customer service agents when I call. Let’s hope this doesn’t change.

    Can you tell I’m not too happy about At&t messing things up!

  • RTR2011

    I just switched from Dish to DirecTV. Aaarrrrgggghhhhhh!

    • XboxOne

      Should’ve stayed on Dish.

  • dizel123

    Please let this mean NFL Sunday Ticket is coming to U Verse

  • Godzilla

    I love DTV. I will never leave it, unless of course someone buys them out and totally changes the way they do things……..

  • Been with AT&T U-Verse for almost 4 years, love it. We are moving in 2 weeks to the next city south of here and U-Verse isnt available so we went with DirecTV to avoid standard cable company. Pricing wise DirecTV had better deals than U-Verse but im interested to see what they do with service. My sister had sat and it seemed ok but i remember pixelation about 20% of the time.

  • Wyveryx

    Good thing I’m about to ditch them. They’re already over priced, and their service sucks.

  • Spencer Walker

    Art has 50 billion to buy direct TV but don’t have money to uncogest there networks

  • James Serao

    I have att home internet and DirecTV for TV and this is a bad idea since I have nothing but problems with my internet! If this happens I’ll probably switch do dish no matter how much they such.

  • EveryonePoop5

    Doesn’t matter to me. I’m a cordcutter.

    • Irvene

      Directtv doesnt have a cord.

  • LucileDAdams

    According to sources familiar with the deal, AT&T will look to strategically place itself in the running for America’s TV watching habits, potentially offering a bundle of wireless, television, phone and high-speed broadband services. http://num.to/7648-4856-8624

  • Allen George

    Well, there goes the DirecTV customer service. Right down the crapper with AT&T buying them.

    • tomgillotti

      Can’t be any worse than DirecTV… THE WORST company! I’ve been waiting for the day when they lose the NFL Sunday Ticket package…

  • Kevin

    I used to have Verizon DSL and was bundled with DirecTV for a discount. I still have DirecTV but have changed to the much faster Time Warner.
    I’m a bit saddened to hear about this. I’ve always enjoyed – or at least not hated – Verizon and DirecTV customer service. Besides the price, I hope the service doesn’t change for the worse.

  • Bionicman

    i cut the cord from Time Warner’s TV services and haven’t looked back. i still have their internet so as long as they don’t add data caps its allllllllll good.

  • Trevor Cook

    If this happens I am finally cutting the cord.

  • FiberTV

    FCC should BLOCK this deal.

    Verizon and At&T gain too much monopoly-like power.
    They simply squeeze out of the market competition.

    • LaFave07

      This won’t create less competition.

      The only places it will are the U-Verse TV areas because I’m sure you won’t get a choice for either satellite or IPTV. But who knows.

    • Peaky

      If Comcast can buy Time Warner then there is no reason this shouldn’t be allowed…

      • antinorm

        Same with Sirius and XM merging. The government doesn’t care about monopolies anymore.

        • Jeremy Sheehan

          This isn’t even a fair comparison. Neither Sirius nor XM were making much money at all and it was a VERY niche market. How many people do you know that have satellite radio? Yeah. That’s what I thought. Not that many.

      • Lucky Armpit

        I sure as hell hope THAT doesn’t go through. I’m a TWC customer and DO NOT want Comcast.

  • flosserelli

    Because less competition is good, right? /s
    At least DirecTV is not being swallowed by Comcast. I have DirecTV and if Comcast bought them out, I would rather have no service at all.

  • LaFave07

    I feel sorry for Dish Network now. AT&T will be able to have a three bundle package throughout the entire country now with TV, phone and LTE for data.

    You know there’s going to be some discounting if you bundle.

    Maybe Verizon will end up buying Dish one day. At least AT&T picked the blue DirecTV logo and Verizon could get the red Dish one lol.

  • indifferent

    Since AT&T has virtually stopped there Uverse expansion, I could only hope that bundling (more than the 10 dollar credit a month currently) would discount both services more, right now paying about 140 a month to Direct and 140 to AT&T for unlimited phone and slowest tier DSL. 140 for BOTH would be a dream

    • grammatical corrections


      • flosserelli

        You know you can edit your own posts.

  • TopXKiller

    And here I thought my DirecTV bill couldn’t go any higher

    • T4rd

      Call and complain. They will knock $10-20 off for virtually nothing. DirecTV CS has been nothing but stellar for me in the last 18 months I’ve had them. They credited me almost $400 for NFL Sunday ticket after I realized they were charging me for it and I never asked for it and they didn’t question it. Then gave me an extra $20 off and free Starz/Encore for the rest of my contract just for the troubles.

      • hrbib21

        Exactly right. I had an issue with a dish that was already on the house when purchased. Said I had to pay $49 service call since no protection package. I obviously complained since equipment was not new so they added protection package, gave me a $10/mo credit, and a couple channels free for a year. I’m happy.

      • Ryan Hume

        I have Timewarner and after threatening to leave for DirecTV they took of 30$ and gave me upgraded internet and HBO for free lol. Oh my TV is great in any weather scenario hahahha. Love yah bro.

        • T4rd

          Lolz, trolling IRL and online.. nice =p.

          I haven’t had any TV outages due to weather in the last year though.. seems to be less of an issue nowadays.

    • Tom Z

      It’s actually one of the more reasonable options. Compared to Comcrap it’s a bargain.

  • Robert

    Hurry up Google Fiber Austin!

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      ah if only they could expand to all of the US, or just my town, either way I’d be happy 🙁

  • King of Nynex

    $50 billion? That’s almost three full years of NFL Sunday Ticket!

    • ronnieb1958


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    • michael arazan

      $50 Billion, all the money they saved by not paying their fare share of taxes too.

  • cadtek91

    That’s a lot of money.