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LG G3 in Gold Pictured, Front and Back


Two more photos have made their way online this morning, which show off the upcoming G3 from LG. We have seen the device photographed from the backside a couple of times now, in both grey and white, but this is our first good look at the G3 in Gold – both front and back. 

Looking beyond the silly paint job, we get to see what the front of the G3 will look like, after learning last night from LG that it will be in fact a QHD display, sporting a resolution of 2560×1440 with practically no bezel to be found. LG’s logo can be seen on the bottom side, as well as a thin speaker grille up on the top.

The photo’s source claims that what was once thought to be an IR blaster pictured to the left of the camera, is actually a “laser beam that is intended to help the camera produce better night shots.” Whether it utilizes infrared technology, and will also double as a remote for your TV, is currently unknown. 

We do wish there was a type of reference in these photos to give us an idea at how large the phone is, but this is better than nothing. After seeing the frontside pictured, with no bezel, and the overall look of the backside being quite pleasing, May 27 can’t come any sooner.

What do you think? Hate it? Love it?

LG G3 GoldLG G3 Gold

Via: GSM Arena
  • JeffColorado

    When did gold become a thing?

  • Mike H.

    That is one ugly gold phone….much like all gold phones.

  • Jon Rojas

    LUL! Where is the bezel?!

  • heldadavid

    I just played with a G3

  • artsr2002

    If you adjust levels on the front pic, you can just about see those slim slim side bezels. Nice.

  • Thomas Wolfe

    Put a case on that phone and good luck. I’m a bezel hater, but I think edge to edge will create problems for case users.

  • EnterTheNexus

    Hopefully they fix the headphone jack issue and GPS.

  • Chippah

    Huge IR BLaster = NIGHT VISION!

  • duke69111

    That looks horrible.

  • SilentSpring

    hmmmmm I wonder if the white outline on the dev screen board may lend itself to the size of the G3….

    I’m thinking this device will have the same foot print as the G2 =)

    • Drew

      I’m thinking this device will fall somewhere between the G2 and the Note 3.

  • bogy25

    Yeah that looks a lot like metal to me and not plastic – May 27th seems like Dec 25th

    • Drew

      No.. Your avatar looks like Dec 25th

  • ModernMan

    Yup. G3 in brushed gunmetal please! Keep the leaks coming. Need to ditch this S3 ASAP.

  • John

    Aww man it just looks like a stretched G2. Was hoping it will be a little more styled. I guess there really isn’t anything you can do about a face covered mostly by screen. They could have styled the back a little differently than the G2.
    Plastic or metal is moot a moot point. People will slap a case on it anyways.

    • TopXKiller

      I am actually rocking G2 without a case, feels much better in hand. Do have a screen protector since a lot of stuff can scratch gorilla glass etc.

  • Mitch Fultz

    How is this phone going to be in comparison to the LG Dare?

    • vcmstone

      Shut it down guys. We got a winner.

      • Mitch Fultz

        Engadget had a headline when it was released that read something like “The LG Dare, the iPhone killer?”

        • Chippah

          DID DEY?!

        • vcmstone

          I worked at VZW when the Dare came out. EVERYONE bought it thinking that it was the next iPhone. They even compared Get It Now to the App Store. Of course they compared any touchscreen to the iPhone. Just look at how they launched the Storm.

    • mcdonsco

      Can’t tell…sarcasm?

  • pd240

    Hopefully they shrunk the bezel enough so Verizon cant slap their logo on the front.

    • epps720

      It’s Verizon, if there’s no bezel they’ll probably just utilize the entire 5.5″ of the screen for their logo.

      • mcdonsco

        Yea, when Verizon put their logo on the FREAKIN BUTTON(!!) of the Note 2; it was obvious then they have major branding issues.

        That one was amazingly bad; I literally thought it was some sort of joke when I heard about it; until I saw it myself…absurd.

  • Pdewet

    Any less side bezel and the screen would wrap around the edges. Love it! I cant wait for this phone

  • epps720

    Who buys these gold phones that they keep making them?

    • flosserelli

      Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian wannabes.

    • Chippah


    • Drew

      Sheikhs from Dubai, Qatar and Saudia Arabia…

  • Chris King

    The problem with small bezels is it easier to crack you screen with out the extra protection

  • Jeff Miller

    How in the heck are you guys bitching about how “tall” it is when there isnt even anything in the picture to compare it too. Jeesh

  • Tyrone Biggums

    Sorry Nexus 5, THIS will be my new phone soon. What a f*cking beast!

  • Caveman

    As much as I dislike gold phones, if it was the only color offered on the G3 I would still buy it. Hope it’s as awesome as the hype!

  • TopXKiller

    Picture taken with a HTC M8