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After Rough Q1, Verizon Won’t Overreact to Industry Swing, Says CFO

Verizon had a rough Q1, at least according to analysts and interpretations over their earnings numbers. After looking at their net new subscribers, it appears as if they lost phone subscribers for the first time in their history – yikes. CFO Fran “ShamWow” Shammo isn’t worried, though (of course he isn’t), saying today at the Jefferies Technology, Media and Telecom Conference that his company will not overreact to the changes in the industry that T-Mobile and AT&T have quickly adopted. Verizon will “react rationally” to market changes and also hope that their new MORE Everything and Edge programs continue to pick up steam. 

In other words, Verizon is not ready to follow T-Mobile, which has decided to give up on making money with service contracts and is instead playing their hand in the hardware installment plan business. AT&T seems to have adjusted to this model as well, which at least in the short term, seems to have been a smart move. While Verizon really only saw growth in tablet add-ons in Q1, AT&T and T-Mobile both added plenty of new phone customers. As you may recall from last week, T-Mobile rolled in 1.3 million postpaid subscribers and almost 2.4 million total net adds.

Shammo did note that Verizon ended the quarter much better than they entered it, saying that he feels much better about the outlook of Q2.

In the end, your take-away should be that Verizon is going to continue doing what it has always done. Contracts will play a big role in their business, as will the focus on the reliability of their network.

Via:  CNET
  • Aaron C

    “Verizon will “react rationally” to market changes” -> We will continue to bleed our customers until we don’t have any left and we’re forced to change. Long Live Legere!

  • gunslinger

    in order to keep profits up amid losing customers, verizon will raise prices on existing customrs to entice them to stay while lining the CEO wallet.

    It’s a briliant plan, with no downsides what-so-ever

  • Patrick Crumpler

    Spoke with my wallet and got out if that dysfunctional relationship over a year ago. Peace out VZW. Maybe if you weren’t jacking your customers you wouldn’t be in this situation.

  • Joel Gautraud

    They are about to lose 2 more… I guess I’m thinking the same way as lots of other people.

  • Mark Knight

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  • jrgray27

    Oh, Verizon…reading that article and seeing the arrogance of them makes me think of a quote my parents use to tell me “A hard head leads to a soft behind.” Don’t expect at the end of every quarter for you to miraculously recover. I being an unfortunate Verizon (with unlimited so hated even more by them) wish T-Mobile nothing but the best. I hope they gain the investors to expand there network and teach those other 2 “hard heads” a lesson. : D

  • Beakler

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  • Didn’t they just announce that people can save $10 from their monthly plan fee if they bring their own devices? When did you last hear about Verizon giving you a price break on one hand when they don’t try to steal money from their other hand? Like, never? And, that’s not a reaction to T-mobile’s threat?

    • ThomasMoneyhon

      not what ive seen. att is $15 if you bring your phone or use one out of contract, while Verizon is $40 for the same thing (on a 10gb/$100 plan)
      not only that but the selection of phones you can bring to Verizon is terribly small because you CAN NOT bring a Verizon prepaid phone (unlike att or T-Mobile, unless that phone has been paid up for 6 months on a prepaid plan), you CANT bring a gsm phone.
      even if you are correct its $10 off per phone 40-10 = 30, att is half that per phone.

  • I would also love to Verizon to T-Mo but T-Mo doesn’t offer their service in my area which sucks. I’m stuck Verizon. But at least I still have unlimited data.

  • Slvfox

    I have 5 lines all with unlimited data. I also get a 22% employer discount plus get $20 promo off every line. My unlimited costs me $9.95. I called Verizon today and asked about upgrading without losing my data and she said no way. She did tell me that the 4 lines that are month to month are entitled to a $10 discount per line. She said it does not effect anything else on my plan. So now my data plan is free. Gota love verizon (sometimes).

  • Jason B

    Companies that are slow to change are quick to fall.

  • Bill Mattheis

    Was a Verizon customer and just today my new Nexus 5 on T-Mobile arrived in the mail. Bye bye Verizon.

  • Marsg

    Its what they deserve, they never listen to there customers, there new plans made no sense other than making them more money. Seriously why would anyone pay full price for a phone and still end up paying the subsidized fee. Of course they changed the plan like 8 months later after everyone realized what they were doing, but up until that time they made a pretty penny or two. There phone support sucks, updates on Verizon roll out like 3-4 months later then all the other carriers. They completely fudged up galaxy nexus support, and now they get no Nexus devices. The galaxy s3 now almost 2 years old is starting to get the KitKat update on other carriers while Verizon’s brand new Galaxy note 3 is still on jelly bean.

  • billy


  • MrCrusha

    Funny… since he says one thing and the company does another. I recall an article out there saying that Verizon wasn’t going to do anything in lieu of T-Mobile and AT&T offering better plans. Now if you go to Verizon and look at their offerings they indeed changed their offerings to something more palpable for consumers wallets.

  • brett

    Verizon needs to adjust the fee for a smartphone being on the line. It’s 10$ for a tablet, why 40$ for a smartphone? Been with vzw for 7+ years now, i still don’t understand why I need to pay a fee so high. TMO has no service where I am (northwest CT) otherwise I would have switched. Dealt with the 2g with hopes of getting 4g ‘soon’. But I bought a g2 the past week with hope’s that verizon changes a little bit more than just these ‘simple more’ plans, which are still terrible. My contract is up at the end of the year, we’ll see what happens till then after their quarter 2/3 reports come in.

    • flosserelli

      “I still don’t understand why I need to pay a fee so high.”

      Because it’s Verizon.

      • brett

        lol. too true

  • cmorty72

    After being with the “Evil Empire” since their Bell Atlantic days and constantly getting more than my share of harassment to change my plan from my grandfathered unlimited, I’m seriously thinking of moving over to T-Mo. They have a far better selection of devices, and their network does seem to be improving.

  • Stang88

    I’ve been with Verizon for 15 years and as soon as I can get another carriers service at my house, I am GONE.

    • fillyo75

      Lol, I can’t wait to get rid of the only carrier that works for me. You get service don’t you? Be happy

  • landon

    I’m sticking to my 4gb promo plan on verizon, until T-mobile can get some coverage where I live.

  • Gr8Ray

    If AT&T and T-Mobile actually had decent coverage where I live, I’d probably switch tomorrow. So until they do, I’ll keep throwing my money at VZW.

  • Arthur Dent

    “In the end, your take-away should be that Verizon is going to continue doing what it has always done. They will continue to view their customers with as much contempt as they do today, and they will continue to screw their customers as hard as they do today.”

    TFTFY, Droid-Life. Free of charge, that one!

  • sagisarius

    I just switched from VZW to TMO in the last year, and so far the coverage isn’t as good, but I get way fewer dropped calls, and most importantly of all, my text messages all actually go through!

    • David Benson

      I switched to T-Mobile a couple months ago and since I am in a metro area my service is actually better. My bill for two phones with 3gb of data each is $65 less than what I had with Verizon. When I travel this summer we will see about coverage though…. but for $65 less a month I am not going to care as long as I can make a phone call.

  • Bigsike

    There are multiple reasons to leave Verizon for company like Tmobile for me it’s the locking of bootloaders that VZW is famous for. Others do it but they took it to a whole new level, I’ve had it with them done done off to TMO I go.

    • Bigsike

      PS I’ll be giving up my unlimited data on a business line paying only 50 a month that’s how much I can’t stand Verizon. I’ll be basically doubling my bill just to get the freedom we all should have.

      • jimt

        It’s only $80 for unlimited everything and that includes 2.5 gig for the tablet. Probably higher data speed, a N5 or whatever, and the knowledge that you have sent the evil empire a small message. I haven’t looked back since Verizon Freedom Day 12/15/13.

  • InclusiontoInnovation

    Move after 15 years to StraightTalk with Google Nexus. I got tired of the Verizon bait and switch… Very pleased …

  • TheUI

    Well, here’s the thing; Verizon played the short game all those years ago in order to roll out a “sexy map.” Dropped calls and wireless whiplash are just a few reasons why the *true quality of their network is not at the level they claim it too be. For example, if I’m on AT&T’s network and I leave an LTE coverage area, I slide gently back into a very generous HSPA+ network that offers me real life use speeds very comparable to LTE. In that same scenario with Verizon, because they chose CDMA as their initial coverage paradigm, I go from LTE and dropped voice calls to EVDO and dropped voice calls in the snap of a finger.

    Couple all of this with crap-tier customer service and an awful corporate attitude (you should be honored we let you use our services) and you’ll find that it’s no big secret why VZW is finally being exposed to the masses (read: not us nerds, but everyone else).

    Oh and then there’s the shady practice of them using inaccurate coverage maps on their “look at our coverage map” commercial which also feels like lies and regrets without the benefit of a night full of cheap sex.

    • Adrynalyne

      I hate Verizon as much as the next fool, but switching from LTE to evdo does not drop calls.

  • joe

    if they don’t get some decent damn phones i will be leaving soon…you hear that verizon…stupid fucks…

    • crazed_z06

      What “decent phones” are missing on Verizon? GS5? Note3? M8? MotoX?

      • flosserelli

        Anything with an unlockable bootloader.

        • sirmipsalot

          Subsidized phones on Verizon and AT&T are unreliably boot-unlockable. My developer-edition Moto-X, however, is most definitely boot-unlocked. On Verizon.

        • TopXKiller

          LG G2

      • ItsTrue

        Nexus 5 is the only decent phone.

        • crazed_z06

          riiiiiiiiiiiiight /dr evil

        • fillyo75

          I agree, if you are on a budget

  • br_hermon

    “…it appears as if they lost phone subscribers for the first time in their history…” DAMN RIGHT! And I was one of them! 😀

    • crussell

      Ditto and I could give a #@%# about the the two unlimited lines I gave up…. FFFFF UUUUUU VZW!!!

  • Nicholas Ruiz

    I left VZW for AT&T in March and I actually get better reception where I live

  • Chris VanAnden

    So for those of you that ditched VZW for T-Mo. Did you notice any type of service issues? I’m generally concerned about when I leave the area I live in. Where I live, I can use any provider and have no issues, however, when I travel to visit family…VZW had always been the most reliable.

    • flosserelli

      Do what I did. Get a cheap GSM phone from eBay or craigslist. Or even better, borrow one from a buddy. Then buy a month of T-Mobile service. Make calls and test download speeds in every area you frequent. After one month, you will have a good idea which carrier has the best service.

      • Chris VanAnden

        That is actually not a bad idea. I’m surprised in the quality of that suggestion haha. I’m also upset that it never occurred to me…

        • flosserelli

          If you decide to switch, try to hold onto your unlimited data lines. Right after porting your number, you must request a new number from Verizon (I did this on my girlfriend’s phone, which we weren’t switching). There is a small window of time in which VZW won’t know you are porting your number, but they will give you a new one. When you walk out of T-Mobile/ATT/whoever, you will have ported your number to your new carrier and still have your VZW unlimited line (but with a new number). Then sell it on eBay or craigslist 🙂

    • Aaron C

      Rural service is definitely a concern, but I was surprised how much of a non-issue it turned out to be. Here on Long Island, most T-Mo coverage is faster than Verizon LTE was. We travel to rural NH a couple times a year, and I while I was on EDGE in places and service was slow, I still had service in most places that I had with Verizon. Probably due to AT&T tower-sharing. T-Mobile knows this is their biggest problem area, and are likely to pay special attention to this in the next 12-18 months with their 700Mhz rollout. I would imagine if you can’t leave Verizon right now, you should be able to within a year.

  • Hershel


    • EC8CH


  • Blue Sun

    I couldn’t be happier on ditching CDMA. Verizon’s slow to update process, & savings by switching carriers is was forced me to ditch unlimited & find a new carrier.

  • yummy

    It is a good business decision for us to keep pissing off our customers, because we calculate the competition is not yet robust enough to make sufficient inroads to make it a bad business decision. Because, we are in business solely to piss people off because its fun, and making bank off it, well we’re rubber and your glue.

  • i love verizon besides the fact i had to pay $400 for a new phone…but well worth it to keep my unlimited service and get my dad a newphone(my old hd)….but as anyone here prob would agree…once they take my unlimited data they lose my business and im off to tmobile

    • EC8CH

      I can’t wait to see the comment section on Droid-Life for their post announcing VZW is killing Unlimited Data on existing customers. Total FACKWORS!

  • EC8CH

    So he hoping on their More Everything and Edge programs… which means he basically is counting on the stupidity of his customers and/or their lack of any real choice in the US wireless market.

    • flosserelli

      That has worked pretty well for Verizon so far….

      • EC8CH

        Yes, except for this bit of bad news, but I agree he shouldn’t worry. I’m sure their lobbying efforts will ensure silly things like losing customers to competition that better services customers at reasonable prices won’t win at the end of the day.

  • JWellington

    The tepid arrogance.

  • James Burkett

    Customers are tired of having their eyes gouged out. I think Verizon well continue to lose customers. When T-Mobile finishes their 700 mHz rollout (and subsequently 600), and keep their competitive pricing, Verizon won’t stand a chance with their current business model.

  • Justin Tierney

    Its funny, I was one of those tablet activations! Because I swapped my line out of Verizon and got the family plan to be cheaper with an old unused Xoom and switched to one of the other companies listed in the article

  • jasenm

    I’m UNFORTUNATELY one of those lost subscribers to VZW. Having said that, the moment I can get my two N5’s sold off I’m jumping back on Verizon. For me personally the coverage from TMO is lackluster. I spend a lot of time on the foothills and mountains around the Central Valley and I always had service before the switch. Now as soon as I get into the country, it’s gone. Albeit I should’ve done more research. I called my wife on our anniversary from the top of Mt. Whitney on Verizon. T-Mobile would laugh their asses off if I tried that on their network.

    • flosserelli

      That is why I tested T-Mobile service for a month before switching.

      • br_hermon

        Same here! (Except with an AT&T MVNO)

    • jimt

      TMO roams to AT&T when it cannot talk on TMO’s network so that says that the only provider that would work on Mt. Whitney would be Verizon. The question would be how often are you on the top of Mt. Whitney. There are also places that you can only have AT&T and have zero signal with Verizon, but in those places TMO will work for a phone call even if TMO’s network is not present.

  • Matt Hunter

    Hahahahahhahah screw Verizon!! T-Mobile all the way. Love my nexus BTW

  • chris125

    Of course they won’t. Verizon beats to their own drum and won’t lower prices to get more customers on board. They only care about profit which they are unable to see that tmo is doing it right. Good for tmo, let Verizon keep thinking they do what they want and people will blindly buy in

  • me

    I left with my two lines. I was sick of their locked down CDMA network. No Nexus/No Thanks.

  • Jason Kahn

    Count me as lost subscriber. T-Mobile $80 unlimited with 5 GB tethering, actually cost $87 after tax. and a Nexus 5 32GB saving about $200 a year, and at least in the NY Metro area the service is fantastic.

  • Cael

    If you’re contract is up after 2 years and a new one isn’t signed, Verizon should remove $10-$20. DO IT

  • John Davids

    Uh, Verizon already immediately copies both ATT and T-Mobile. Their EDGE program was a direct response to T-Mobile’s “JUMP!” program. Their More Everything is a direct response to AT&T’s Mobile Share Value plan. There is a reason it costs exactly the same to run 4 non-contract phones on a 10GB bucket on ATT and VZW ($160).

    Verizon has already shown quite clearly that they are willing to rapidly copy almost anything AT&T and T-Mobile do. They just don’t want to be vocal about it because, hey, if they can get a few more million people to lock into fresh 2 year contracts before they start pushing / advertising their no-contract options…why the hell not? Not everyone follows telecom news and they know that. Easy extra dollars.

    • John T. Wildman

      They still have the best network, but it’s not that much better these days. THEY are horrible with updates..galaxy note 3, need I say more? Horrible customer service, expensive, and are more interested in backend deals(bloatware) than giving their customers what they want. I’m
      I’m still with them, but can’t say I’m not tempted.

  • pyro74boy .

    I’m not surprised about this because it’s not cheap to be on Verizon’s network. The ONLY reason why I’m still even with Verizon is because of my unlimited data plan.I’m no longer on contract with them so as soon as they try to take me off my unlimited plan T-mobile here I come. i also told many people who work for Verizon that once I lose my unlimited data they will lose me. It’s a game that these companies are playing that needs to stop.

  • coolsilver


  • PSU_DI

    I’m one of those people they lost in q1 2014 to t-mobilr. I’m really happy to see this happen to them. Unfortunately I’m not sure if Verizon is listening yet.

    • flosserelli

      Same here, but I don’t give a damn if Verizon is listening.

  • Chris King

    This is great for us Verizon customers. Verizon used to Run some pretty good deals like the 9.99 for unlimited data That I got thanks to droid life. Also when they first went to tier the offered 8 gbs for the price of 4. I don’t buy that’s he’s not nervous as they have stock holders to please

    • calculatorwatch

      I agree, all they would need to do to get me to upgrade out of unlimited data is offer at least 5gb for the same price. I’m not a crazy data user I just hate how expensive their plans are now.

  • Tony Byatt

    VZW and AT&T failures are good news for the consumer…

    • TheUI

      In the interest of bringing balance to this conversation, I would like to point out that not everyone in America lives in a metropolitan area and if you are one of those people who do not, then T-Mo and Sprint aren’t really an option. If I travel outside of my city’s bus/train route limits, T-Mo falls off instantly. Problem with that is, if I’m near a train and my car craps out – yeah it sucks – but I have options. If my car craps out in the country side and I have T-Mo, I hope I also have a bicycle and day’s supply of water with me.

      • vzwuser76

        The closest area that I could sign up for service with either T-Mobile or Sprint is 200 miles away. Wish they would expand their service. Maybe if the merger goes through it’ll happen.

  • GlennHarris

    I switched at the beginning of this year to Republic Wireless. I am on the $25/mo plan ($33 after all the fee bs). Sprint service mostly sucks, but almost everywhere has good enough wifi to supplement it. They make the transition seamless.

  • teeerex

    I’ll keep my truly unlimited data with my plan thanks. I wouldn’t pay half what I pay now for a limited data plan with service that isn’t available pretty much everywhere like Verizon is. Some of the small towns I go to, you can’t get t-mobile and att. I have service everywhere I go for the most part with Verizon 🙂 Plus I save money on not having to pay for a separate internet bill at home. I’ve looked into both, pre-paid plans and internet for home and it was going to cost me more that way lol

  • Giovonni Fareed

    thats fine, dont over react because WE will…been with verizon for 12 yrs, LOVE the network but my NOTE 3 is still on 4.3…IM OVER IT …might not be a problem for you guys but its a BIG problem for me…tired of this waiting game

    • WickedToby741

      Nexus on AT&T = coverage and update nirvana

      • TheUI

        Thank you! To me, it’s not just about price, it’s about reliability and value in a network. I moved from Sprint to TMO about 1.5 years ago and was dropping signals quite a bit as I ventured outside city limits for work/play. So I tried AT&T and haven’t looked back. The network is fast and stays fast, I get a RELIABLE signal everywhere and I also qualified for next so I have 4 upgrades just sitting there and can use them whenever and however I like. iPad for the wife this Christmas should keep me stocked with brownie points well into bikini season if you get my drift.

  • Franklin Ramsey

    I can only see them really responding if they lose customers for another 3-4 quarters.

  • DanSan

    i was going to ditch my unlimited verizon plan and jump on tmobile and save some money but I just moved from Long Island, NY to South Eastern Pennsylvania and T-mobile coverage seems absolutely useless unless you’re in Philly or Pittsburgh. Guess im sticking with verizon for now.

    • WickedToby741

      Check out AT&T. No, it’s not unlimited, and no, it’s not as affordable as T-Mobile, but the 10 GB share plan is a killer deal, the coverage is much better than T-Mobile’s and about on par with Verizon’s, and you can get a Nexus 5. I made the switch with a Nexus 4 and I’ve been much happier with AT&T.

      • DanSan

        AT&T? lol im not trying to downgrade here…

  • epps720

    AIO FTW. $45/month for 2.5 gb data unlimited talk and text on a good network. Loving it so far

    • dizel123

      Yep, that sure beats my $40 Verizon unlimited data and text on an outstanding network…oh…wait…

      • epps720

        You pay $40, or $40 for the data plan alone plus call plan, taxes and fee? I pay $45 all inclusive. I have also never used more than 2 gb of data (typically use 1.5 gb) so that’s not an issue. Actually it uses AT&T network, which is fantastic and is just as good as Verizon in my area (I used to own Verizon so I know).

        If you use a lot of unlimited data, Verizon is well worth it, just isn’t the case for me.

        • vzwuser76

          We’ve got 5 unlimited lines, unlimited text, and 1400 shared minutes for $45 a month on Verizon. Mostly due to a discount we got in late 2011, which gives us a $20 discount per line if they have unlimited data on the line. So essentially we’ve got unlimited data for $10 per line. Two lines don’t use much data, but the other 3 use around 10GB of data per month each.

          If Verizon does find a way to push us off our current plan, we’ll start shopping around. For the other four lines coverage isn’t an issue, but I live in a rural area. We only have Verizon, AT&T, and StraightTalk in my area, but Verizon has better coverage, and StraightTalk runs on Verizon’s network so CDMA phones and their selection sucks. Hopefully by the time that comes, At&t improves their footprint, StraightTalk improves their phone selection, or someone else brings coverage to this area.

          • Aaron C

            I had that deal on two extra lines — no one could believe we were getting unlimited data for $10 extra a line.

            Man, it was tough giving that up. But even with that crazy discount (and 12 years on Verizon), I was going to save almost $100 a month on T-Mobile. It got to a point with Verizon — they started charging more for upgrades, started tacking on fees for this and that, and their LTE was getting totally saturated in my area. T-Mobile announced their uncarrier plan, and I wanted to switch just on principle at that point — vote with my dollars that I liked what T-Mo was doing, and hated what Verizon was doing.

            I broke the news to my family — we would be leaving Verizon and unlimited data for a 2.5GB each line plan. My stepson was a bit worried, as he was in the 8GB range, but he said he could make due with more WiFi. The good news for me was that he had to manage his own data, and it wasn’t like he’d be cut off after 2.5GB, it would just be slower. Paid the damn ETF fees and said FU to Verizon.

            Last month, T-Mo increased those lines to 3GB/line which has been perfect for us, and the speeds are just crazy fast, even with all the new T-Mo subscribers. Way faster than we had with Verizon.

            There is life after that $10 unlimited data plan, my friend. 🙂

          • vzwuser76

            Apparently you missed the part where I said all we have out here is Verizon, AT&T, and StraightTalk. StraightTalk runs on Verizon’s network in our area, and AT&T’s coverage is spotty. The nearest place I could get service with T-Mobile or Sprint is 200 miles away. Both can roam here, but I can’t sign up for service living in a roaming area.

            This is what many people don’t get. They just say to get T-Mobile and everything will be fine. But there are many places to live besides a major city. I would love to have more choices for my mobile service, but sometimes that’s just not an option. And I’m not going to move for better cell service.

          • Aaron C

            You misunderstood me, or I just wasn’t clear. I was more responding to the difficulty of giving up that Verizon plan. I know T-Mobile doesn’t reach in a lot of rural areas – yet. 😉

            I’m saying when it does, I wouldn’t be terribly afraid to switch if you’re so inclined.

          • vzwuser76

            Like I said in my last reply, I welcome more options for service, I don’t fear it. I just don’t have that option. My Verizon plan is good, but if they drop my plan, it’s pretty much a tossup between Verizon & AT&T. Verizon has better coverage here, AT&T is slightly less expensive.

      • WickedToby741

        How much do you pay for phones? And AT&T’s network is actually pretty fantastic (AIO does throttle though). Don’t knock it until you try it.

        • Aaron C

          Totally depends on where you live. AIO and AT&T here were just awful when I tried them. Data speeds were crawling. AIO’s customer service was the worst I have ever encountered.

  • DJyoSNOW

    I got my note 3 $100 cheaper at best buy & my co worker got the S5 $100 at target. (screw you vzw)

  • bmos18

    As soon as the g3 is out I’m switching to
    T-Mobile. Here in Los Angeles I find that my friends have faster Lte speeds than I do on Verizon. And there coverage isn’t that bad out here either.

  • Ian Woloschin

    I left VZW in Q1, because prices were too high. I’m now on Ting (Sprint MVNO), and mostly happy. Service sucks outside of major cities, and I’ve got trouble staying on networks in some areas inside buildings in major cities. But, with Hangouts soon to support calling and WiFi everywhere, that’s kind of mitigated for me, so I’m happy to have left. Their network really is great, but it’s just not worth what they’re charging, to me at least.

  • MichaelFranz

    Im curious as to how many people still have unlimited data and hold on to it. I wonder how many customers they would lose if they took that away from them?

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      Not a whole lot but probably most of the readers here. Poll it guys.

      • Still have unlimited data. Gonna buy the next Moto X (2? or +1?) off contract to keep it going 🙂

        • El_Big_CHRIS

          Yeah I want to get a new one but moto maybe to far out. Maybe LG will sway me 🙂

    • Shawn Spring

      Me! And as soon as its gone, so am I from Big Red.

    • flosserelli

      They would probably lose most customers that had unlimited data, but that number pales in comparison to the number of people on tiered plans.

    • SeanPlunk

      I’d bail with a quickness.

      • CasperTFG


    • C-Law

      I’d be gone if I lost unlimited

    • Richard Jackson

      As soon as I got the letter stating they where pulling my UDP I would port my number. The real question is what phone to buy for the switch.

  • T4rd

    I’m sure even if they continue to drop in customers, their profits will remain through the roof. It will take Verizon hemorrhaging money for them to change any of their plans or policies to benefit their customers.

  • MH

    If they would release the death grip on their devices (ie allow them to be easily unlocked) and let the various mfg’s handle warranty claims/tech support they could smash all other carriers into the ground.

    • BillySuede

      that means nothing to the average consumer.

      t-mobile is winning people over with lower prices with family plans. money talks. the last thing the average person cares about unlocked bootloaders. more people care about coverage area than they would about the ability to root their phone. until verizon sees a drastic reduction in growth with a reduction in legacy customers, they will see this as nothing more than a temporary blip on the screen.

      verizon isn’t scared. they will wait t-mobile out to see how long they can sustain this path and then react.

      • MH

        When they start forcing their legacies off the unlimited plans, they’ll notice a drop.

        • El_Big_CHRIS

          This. If I loose my unlimited and the discount I have I’m gonsies. 4 lines would leave out the door 🙂

          • Aaron

            I would imagine that the number of customers still on unlimited plans is relatively low when compared to their total number of customers. They would probably prefer unlimited customers to leave since they won’t switch to the more profitable share plans.

          • chris125

            Same. Once they take that away I’ll go to gsm prepaid. Too many options out there.

          • El_Big_CHRIS

            I hate it whenever I see a good phone (nexus) and it’s gsm only. Someday maybe

      • CasperTFG

        Reading this reminded me of my coworker asking me what navigation apps I would recommend for her Cricket phone because she said it didn’t come with one. SHM….a lot of these people are out there.

  • antwonw

    I can proudly say that I am one of the culprits to this moving 3 lines from VZW to T-Mobile in the first quarter of this year. Oh, and I couldn’t be happier, even after bring on VZW for 12+ years.

    • I was also a VZW customer for 12 years, just switched to T-Mobile and so far so good.

      • T4rd

        I’m still taking advantage of my unlimited data on Verizon, just renewed another contract with my UDP (by transferring my upgrades to another family member’s 2GB line). Whenever T-Mobile decides to expand their LTE where I’m at, I’ll switch over. As it stands, I’m still spending less on Verizon with 3 lines than I would be on T-Mobile too (with their Jump program at least).

        • DanSan

          did you have the upgrade on your line and transfer it to another line, then upgrade that line and take the phone from it or did the other line already have an upgrade ready to go?

          i used my moms upgrade to get my S4 last april when the preorders came out and I still want to hold onto my unlimited data when I want to upgrade again. my line has an upgrade ready but theres no way im going to upgrade my line and lose it. ive been hearing mixed things about doing the transfer upgrade solution. verizon says even if i transfer the upgrade from my line to another line i’ll still lose my unlimited data, hence why i asked what you did because i definitely know they are blowing smoke..

          • T4rd

            Don’t listen to the Verizon Reps, literally half of them I asked gave me opposing answers on that subject. I’ve done it twice now with no issues. If your line has unlimited and an upgrade available, you can transfer the upgrade to the tiered data line and not lose your UDP while still renewing your contract with the UDP. When the phone arrives, just take the SIM out of your current/old phone and put it in the new one and you’re good to go.

            You have to do this online because no Verizon store will admit this is possible and (like I said) half of the online chat reps either don’t know or don’t want to admit it either. But I guarantee if you try asking a few different reps on there, you’ll get a smart/truthful one that will tell you what I just told you. I’ve made it a point to find someone that will tell you this so I can send the transcript to myself should something go wrong and I can refute it to CS if need be, but I haven’t had any issues when I got my wife’s GS4 last year and my newly acquired One M8 just this week.

            I just discovered this method as well: http://androidforums.com/verizon/844803-upgrade-your-device-maintain-udp-using-best-buy.html. But I didn’t do it because Verizon has the One M8 for $50 cheaper right now and 2-day shipping. But several others on there have reported success.

          • Edwin M

            I need to try this now. My wife wants the S5 and I have my upgrade. I have UDP she doesn’t. She used her upgrade on the iPhone 5s but is looking to get a different phone. I’m going to call and check the online support to see what they say. If this is true, I am definitely doing this.

          • T4rd

            I promise you (as an anonymous internet person =p) it’s true and works fine. Like I said though; you’ll prolly run into a couple reps that will tell you it won’t work, but if you keep calling back or chat with someone else (my preferred method since you can get a transcript), someone will eventually tell you the truth. I don’t think they’re all intentionally lying though, I’m sure most of them just assume there’s no way to re-new a contract and keep unlimited data on it.

          • Chris King

            My wife used her upgrade to get the phone I wanted then we just switched the phones ourselves online she took my phone I took the new one

          • DanSan

            thats exactly what i was suspected and was going to do the whole time. just didnt want to screw myself over with my unlimited data.

          • Ryan

            You could also go to best buy Mobile if there’s one near you. They moved my upgrade to my mother’s line, I bought the S4 at the discounted price, let it sit until midnight when it turned to the next day, popped my sim in and that’s all she wrote. UP still fully intact.

          • Jason Brown

            I can cosign with this. went to the vzw store one time and asked about transferring trick to cheap unlimited and he said that they were not allowed to do that in store bc they would be “gaming the system.” he did admit though that you can go online to transfer upgrades and use the loophole to upgrade to a new and still keep unlimited data.

          • Pakmann2k

            I am one of those guys. Have three lines, 2 with Unlimited data on an old Alltel plan and one regular old line. Pay $140/mo. When I upgrade, I use the switcheroo trick and cross activate the two smartphones and keep my data. When I have a hankering for another new phone in the middle of the contract, I transfer the upgrade from the regular line and use it. I get a new LTE device every year and my wife every other year. (she doesn’t care and hates switching phones) Used this as recenltly as last October.

            Trick is to order two different phones, if even just the color. My wife wanted a Red Ultra for her line and I wanted the black one. I ordered the red for me and the black for her. When the phones came, I called in and told them I screwed up and got the wrong phones assigned for each line. They manually activated the devices and my plan never changed.
            I learned that if any updgraded phone you buy is not activated on the line it was intended for, the plan will not change until that phone is actually on that line. It is an automated process that makes this happen. It is really a software oversight on Verizon’s part and I am sure it will be fixed someday, but in the meantime, take advantage.

          • If you want to keep unlimited you need to wait for your moms next upgrade. What she does is go in, or you if you are the account holder, and upgrade. Once she is done she comes home and you take your sim out of your phone and put it in yours, providing you both have the same type of sims (nano, micro, etc). Then she puts hers in yours and you have an upgrade. I do this with my Mother in law. She has a line on my wife and i’s plan. She doesn’t care about the latest and greatest so I give my wife my phone, my wife gives her phone to my MIL and the MIL new smartphone goes to me. Like right now. I have the 5s, wife has the 5, and the MIL has the 4s.

          • kali bred

            Its called an alternate upgrade…when they access your account and they go on the upgrade screen they have a drop down box that has choices to upgrade, change to owned phone, alt upgrade etc. And all they have to do is choose that option on one of the lines it’ll ask which line they want to take the upgrade from and then they process it through as if the upgrade was from the other line (not your line) and that information gets updated with the new plan while yours stays the same but just gets lengthened for two more yrs then they just swap the phones to the appropriate lines and your done. Sorry kinda long but yes you can keep your unlimited and get two yes tacked on I use to do it when I still sold Verizon phones the corporate stores most likely won’t do it for you but authorized dealers will

          • kareem goddard

            You sir know our systems well

          • J. Dubya G.

            you’ll only lose your unlimited if you buy a subsidized phone on contract. go to swappa and get a slightly used phone. keep your unlimited data.

          • T4rd

            You won’t lose unlimited data if you transfer your upgrade to a tiered data line as I described above, or use that Best Buy trick that I linked to above too.

        • trumpet444

          F those “upgrades”. It may hurt a little but buying retail is the way to go for me. Been doing it for 3+ years and it saves me the hassle of swapping upgrades or locking myself in for another year or two

          • T4rd

            If you’re not on contract, there’s nothing keeping Verizon from changing your plan on a whim. There is no hassle in swapping upgrades, it takes a mouse click on their site. If I can lock in unlimited data for another two years, I’m going to do it.

          • Bob

            Verizon will not change your plan if you’re out of contract. Will never happen.

          • HarvesterX

            Bob said it as well. If you are paying month to month on Verizon, then you are still on contract….just a month to month contract.

      • Aaron C

        Me too. 12 years with Verizon. Switched three lines Q4 2013. Now have five lines on T-Mo and everyone’s happy. 🙂

    • SomeDooD

      I’ll be doing the same to my family plan once the main line contract ends in July. So ready to be done with VZW.

    • jamdev12

      Same here. I sold my line and moved over to T-Mobile prepaid.

      • flosserelli

        Ditto. I sold 4 unlimited lines and couldn’t be happier.

        • Pedro

          Or richer.

    • Ks Montoya

      I will be in the same situation. 12 + years customer about to move 3 lines over.

      I love when I call Verizon and they tell me they’re standing by their network, meanwhile I can’t get phone calls and the t-mobile guy next to me does.

      The edge program and prices are a joke.

  • Grasshopper239

    They will continue to lose customers unless they lower prices. People may be sold on their brand, but more are realizing there is huge savings to be had using GSM prepaid.

    • Ian Case

      Yup.a basic dumb phone for my father on Verizon was $49.99. On Consumer Cellular, he’s paying $19.99 for the same minutes and texts. My wife on ATT went from $114 a month for her iPhone to $48 a month on Straight Talk. I was on ATT but work has a deal with Verizon and they just had me open a new Verizon account and then they took responsibility for it. I never see a bill. If it wasn’t for that wed have gone from $165/no on ATT to $96 a month for straight talk.

  • aye_winchell

    In other words, we would rather pay hundreds of millions of dollars to buy laws to protect our business model, then change anything to keep customers.

    • Guest


    • El_Big_CHRIS

      Haha if people speak with their Wallets then they may budge. Good Hustle to T-Mobile tho

      • michael arazan

        To get people to vote with their wallet, you have to organize those people to be on the same page. We need some type of Consumer Union to make our voices heard as well as organized.

        • T_Dizzle

          No union needed, people just need to keep leaving Verizon for other carriers and that will force Verizon to change. Shareholders demand profit and losing clients and eventually profitability isn’t the way to provide that.

    • Cowboydroid


      • JonathonFlores

        I remember a company that didn’t want to change… They once reigned the market and are now obsolete… Trying to think of their name.. Oh Yeah! Blackberry.

        • bsnowify

          Not even an accurate comparison. Verizon is on the leading edge of LTE and will roll out VOLTE before anybody else. They invest more money in their network than T-mole and Sprint combined. If you want reliable coverage in more than just one city VZW is best and will continue to push the latest cell technology before anybody else.

      • TheUI

        I +1’d you because you reminded me of Civ IV.

    • Willie D

      Seems he doesn’t need to keep customers, as majority will stay due to two models of fear Verizon plays on people… Coverage and family plans that are decades long with each line having a different end date, families rarely leave once locked in.

      • ^This. Single guy has verizon and single girl has AT&T. They date, get engaged, then get married. She goes on verizon so when added his date and hers are opposite. Years later when their first turns 12 and gets a smartphone, she is added and her date is different. A few years later little brother turns 12 and he gets added. His date is different. Grandpa passes away and to make things easier grandma gets a feature phone on their plan and her date is different. Verizon now has 5 ETF HANGING over the family if they want to leave. Family never leaves.

        • Reginald Jefferson

          ^This guy. He gets it.

        • yellowdgg

          This sounds just like my family!! I walked my family down to T-mobile and they paid for all my ETF’s ! now i have a fancy N5, I am glad i can be apart of these numbers 🙂

          • GuidZilla

            I tried leaving Verizon when the N5 came out. Bought the phone, grabbed a tmobile sim… Loved the phone but the coverage just wasn’t even close in my area sadly. So here we sit with our family plan. However, my wife and I still have our unlimited plans which is nice. /meme

          • Aaron C

            700Mhz rollout coming soon. One more year I think before T-Mobile can really play with Verizon in the rural space.

        • Aaron C

          Wow. 100%. This was me! Until T-Mobile launched their first Uncarrier campaign and I finally said, “I’m paying the damned ETF, getting four Nexii, and I’m DONE with this BS.” I was leery that I’d hear from my family members once we switched that “my calls are dropping,” or “I can never get data,” but none of that came to pass. I mean, part of Verizon’s appeal for “premium cash” is that they’re a “premium network.” That gap between so-called “premium” and the other carriers is so small now, it’s just not worth it to pay it anymore. But like you said, it will be a long while before the reality sinks in. Plus, Verizon’s marketing arm is VERY good at “catapulting the propaganda.”

      • trumpet444

        That and grandfathered unl data plans…. I suppose that could fall under “coverage”.

      • ThomasMoneyhon

        Well when att is $15 if you bring your phone or use one out of contract, while Verizon is $40 for the same thing (on a 10gb/$100) plan you can see how customers are being milked because they are too stupid to leave. Edge doesn’t offer anything for the customer over att next, except paying more.

        • Bob

          ^This info is completely wrong. Verizon takes $25 off of the line access of on edge making it exactly $15. Get your facts straight!

          • dave

            Correct. Verizon changed to this last month. If you’re off contract they knock off 10/line if you are 8gb or less, 25/line if you are 10gb or higher… So it’s the same cost to have 2 lines and 4gb, as it is to have 2 lines and 10 gb… Att knocks off 15/line if you are 6gb or less, 25/line if 10 gb or more… So att is cheaper on smaller plan but only By 5/line….

            It all comes down to coverage because no discount is worth it if you can’t get good service, or service you are satisfied with…

  • So the “MOAR LOGOS!!!” strategy didn’t do squat? Huh…who’d-a-thunk-it?