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Google Now Will Show Cards for Products You Searched for While Out Shopping

There is no doubt that Google knows everything about us. We use their services, grant them access to all of our search history, and all that we ask in return are for services that help make our lives more simple. Lately, Google has been adding more cards to Google Now, to help with the simplifying of day-to-day tasks, and today the company has announced yet another card which is perfect for the online window shoppers among you. 

Once you have updated to the most recent version of Google Search, Google will begin reminding you of products you have once searched for, all while you are out shopping at a particular store that carries the item you were looking at online. Only semi-creepy, right?

For example, if you were looking online for the new Godzilla figurine to put in your man cave, but didn’t exactly know how big it was so you decided not to purchase, the next time you are in Toys “R” Us or near a location that stocks that particular Godzilla toy, Google Now will show you a card about it. The same goes for clothing and any other product that you might search for online that a retailer would carry in store.

You can go grab the updated Google Search app from Google Play by following the link below.

Play Link

Via: +Google
  • herschelsalas

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  • Gideon Waxfarb

    Can I just Google search for something and have it tell me which stores nearest me have the item?

  • Bruce Wayne

    Do not want

  • Johnny Steele

    Still working on how to find out where I parked my car this morning at the mall. Why won’t you help me Google Now…WHY?!

    • Guest

      I agree. I can’t get the parking card to work.

  • jak_341

    Google Now. Place this next to Google Plus. All phones have it, few use it.

    • Sentimental Fool

      I use mine all the time.

  • EdubE24

    Wouldn’t use it, to keep the clutter down, but the more options the better!!

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    could’ve come in handy when the chromecast was released.

  • Trysta

    And this is why I don’t use Google Now. I think for the right kind of person this pseudo machine intelligence is great but it isn’t for me and I can imagine that the continued addition of features to this always on service has an impact on performance and/or battery life.

    • James

      In my experience, the impact of Google Now on performance and battery life has been minimal.

  • Jprime

    Probably wont work. I also don’t look at google now all that often. What are the chances I would even see this in a store?

    • Same here, I don’t look at Google Now that often.

  • flosserelli

    Note to self: Clear browser & Google Now cache before coming home.

    • Joe

      Google saved it already. No deleting it now.

  • Mark Aaron Collado

    +1 for this

  • paul_cus

    Another reason to not use Google Now.

  • Guest

    Hmmmm will adult toys show up lol. That would be awkward when someone pulls up my Google Now

    • The Narrator

      Why would somebody do that on your phone? Maybe i’m missing something

      • guest

        Well I have multiple phones that I show for training…..