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LG G3 Makes Appearance in Two New Photos

lg g3-2

LG is going to announce the G3 come May 27, yet somehow, the company has managed to keep its next flagship mostly under wraps. We have seen the backside’s button arrangement a couple of times, but nothing like the leak that showed up tonight, assuming these photos are the real deal. In two photos posted to Korean site, Seeko, we are getting both front and back shots of the phone that should be awesome, if it’s anything like last year’s LG G2. 

The photos aren’t giving us a ton of info, but you can most definitely see the massive screen on the front (pictured below) that is running edge-to-edge with very little bottom bezel. We also have a micro USB port on the bottom, along with a bottom headphone jack and microphone. Obviously, the color of the phone is white.

On the back (pictured above), we can see the button arrangement for volume and power. The design matches up to the two leaks we have seen with its circular power button, coupled with flush volume up and down tabs. The camera is centered above the buttons, with a dual-LED and other sensor (could be IR blaster) straddling it. Last, there is a speaker grill to the bottom left.

The phone looks quite large, and is rumored to have a 5.5-inch QHD display, but then again, we could be looking at a person with small hands. We won’t know for sure on the size until we see it sitting next to another phone.

Assuming these photos of the phone are legit, what are your thoughts?

lg g3-1

Via:  Seeko
Cheers Kevin!
  • oneofthem

    Its rumored to have a removable back. looking at the leaks, it does not look like it.

  • Jon Rojas

    I can’t wait!

  • Jui

    It seems to be slightly curve at the bottom in the frontview picture, but so straight in the rearview pic.

  • I have the LG G2 and hated it for one reason. I couldnt get cool cases from Seidio and Spigen because I had the VZW one. So I don’t think I will get the LG G3. Loving my S5 right now anyways. But knowing me and my wife we will have another phone in a few months im sure. I figured out a few days ago that I spend way to much money on phones. Between cases and accessories and phones my cost a year is around $2450 times 2. Me and my wife. That is 3 phones full retail and about $500 in accessories. Just for me. My wife is about the same. Maybe $250 for her accessories. Thankful for money.

  • Kevin

    can the pictures be upright or do they have to be sideways?

    • Just another someone

      What does it matter? The phone looks the same regardless of the direction it’s flipped. It’s not like you can see a lot of detail from these photos anyway.

      • Kevin

        i just see the background and it’s slightly annoying.

  • roberthenderson

    Looks like more idiot engineers possibly put the speaker on the back

  • Eric

    looks like the HTC One X, plastic unibody.

  • Jesse Torres

    Headphone jack on the bottom! Lol

  • I just hate how they don’t offer removable batteries, and SD Card expansions. This is the main reason as to why I’m sticking with Samsung because they still support that.

  • WallBreaker

    If the Nexus line does die out I will Most Likely be sticking with LG products I actually find their software more bearable than touchwiz Of Course i will hold onto my nexus 5 as long as possible before I switch to a Non Nexus device, hopefully by then Android Silver will be up and running,

  • Blue Sun

    Two things:
    1.) Nice purse dude.
    2.) DL, can we rotate the photos 90 degrees clockwise?

  • Bruce

    want some more?

    • supremekizzle

      Strange. The top pic on the right shows the micro USB port in the center while the bottom image depicts it on the left, off center…

  • OF

    Lets go LG! Please don’t let me down like the others have so far!

  • mcdonsco

    It just doesn’t look much different than the g2…???

  • Mudokon83

    sd card slot? removably back? no? no?

  • Alan Hardin

    To keep my G2 or upgrade to G3. Decisions, decisions.

  • yummy

    I already like it. Gimme. Gimme some candy LG

  • Ralph Bretz

    Phone jack on the bottom… kellen loving that I bet

  • Orion

    Headphone jack on the bottom is always a win.

  • 213ninja

    big phone bitchfest.

  • Daistaar

    “That’s looks huge”
    – She

  • mu

    I wonder if it’s going to have the same GPS issues a the G2?

    • chucklehead322

      I’ve never had an issue with GPS on my G2.

    • alan

      Ya, I read a lot of people having problems with the GPS on the G2. It takes a while to get a lock. 30 seconds, 1 minute, never or sometimes it gives you the wrong location. When I was looking into the G2 this week, the GPS problems seems to be the biggest issue with it.

    • Jason

      The GPS problems seem to be brought up a lot when I was researching the G2. At least for some of them, it’s hardware/build quality issue. Squeezing the case where the GPS antenna is or opening it up and placing some paper between the case and GPS antenna fixed some people’s locking problems. I use the GPS a lot on my current phone and not just for driving. If the G3 has GPS problems or other build quality issues then I’m going to pass on it too.

      • mu

        That’s what I’ve been reading. It seems there’s more than just a few with build issues that causes the GPS to have a bad signal. I’ve also read about the improper antenna contacts as the cause for a good amount of the users with problems.

    • Captain Spaulding

      I’ve never had an issue with GPS on my G2.

    • MicroNix

      WAIT! The Narrator says the G2 is PERFECT! This can’t be accurate because what The Narrator says is gold.

  • Mike

    I wonder if this is the 1080P version or the 2k version assuming there are two version? I’m hoping there is a more premium version with a brushed metal look like in the invitation they sent out.