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And Here is the Verizon Sony Xperia Z2 (Updated)

verizon sony xperia z2

Over the weekend, a report quoted Sony as saying that the Xperia Z2 would not make its way to US shores any time soon and would instead only be available at some point as an unlocked device sold through Sony’s website. While that still may be the case, what the heck is the official Sony Xperia Google+ page doing, posting an image of the Sony Xperia Z2 with Verizon branding? See it? See that big ol’ “Verizon” logo at the top of the device in the spot where it would normally say “Sony?” 

The post on G+ does not mention Verizon or the specific model, only that you should “Be prepared for every adventure in the great outdoors with the waterproof and dust-resistant Xperia Z2.” The fine print underneath does not mention anything Verizon-related either.

Is this just a screw-up? Is the phone coming much sooner than expected, and to Verizon? Or does this simply confirm that a Verizon variant is in the works, but it still may not arrive until late summer? Tough to tell, but hey, Verizon Xperia Z2!

Update:  As you can imagine, the post was pulled by Sony pretty quickly. They also had this to say in a statement to us:

A mock-up image was mistakenly posted to the Sony Mobile Google+ page. The image has since been removed and we apologize for any confusion this may have caused. For our U.S. customers eager to find out more information about the availability of Xperia Z2, we are excited to share that the device will be coming to the U.S. unlocked this summer.

We are now back to waiting for the unlocked model this summer.

verizon xperia z2

Via:  +Sony Xperia
Cheers Damian, flosserelli, and NB!
  • eddiea

    My contract expired more than 2 weeks ago, and I’ll gladly buy one of these if offered on Verizon.

  • 213ninja

    mock up my ass, that’s a real picture of a real Verizon phone.

  • Donny Miller

    Well if Sony can get an unlocked / developer model on Verizon , I already have my cash waiting since forever!

  • cgalyon

    Alas. Would have considered it if they would actually bring it over here. Sony is making some nice hardware.

  • paul_cus

    Sony with the send off, haha.

  • M3D1T8R

    So far we’ve had, “Yes”, “No”, “Yes”, and now in the same day as what looked like Yes, what seems to be a “No” again. Just tell us one way or another, Sony. Is it coming to Verizon or not? Been waiting about 4 months already for an answer.

  • charles moore

    This sucks for T-Mobile

  • aizen

    Ok by sonys response I guess we are back to looking forward to the g3. Darn was really excited about buying this phone

  • “excited to share news about an unlocked model this summer” Google Play Edition announced on/after Google I/O boom

  • Higher_Ground

    How many times have we gotten our hopes up over a poor Photoshop effort? I hope it comes to Verizon, but I don’t think this is any more proof than before.

  • Db0y505

    There is still hope!:D

  • MH

    Photoshop trollery?

  • Christopher Garofalo

    my next phone if it comes to Verizon. dont mind paying the price 🙂

  • 213ninja

    i’m all about choices, this is awesome news…..but…..why would anyone want this over the G3? seriously, not sarcastically or prickishly…. better camera? waterproof? is Sony?

    • Steveo

      I wanted the Z1 last year, but settled for the G2. The G2 is great, but the comic-y interface, compared to this more sophisticated Sony interface seems to do it for me, and the camera is selling point as well. If this (Z2) does come to Verizon, I’m willing to wait it out, and willl definitely upgrade.

      • 213ninja

        G3 camera could be pretty money though, right? i heard the G2 camera is one of the best…

  • Johnny Steele

    OH, well then….this is interesting. How do I sell a Sony phone on VZW? A challenge!

  • Jkdem85

    I want to like this phone so bad but I just don’t get the appeal. Boring design, horrible skin, etc.

  • Josh P.