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And Here is the Verizon Sony Xperia Z2 (Updated)

Over the weekend, a report quoted Sony as saying that the Xperia Z2 would not make its way to US shores any time soon and would instead only be available at some point as an unlocked device sold through Sony’s website. While that still may be the case, what the heck is the official Sony Xperia Google+ page doing, posting an image of the Sony Xperia Z2 with Verizon branding? See it? See that big ol’ “Verizon” logo at the top of the device in the spot where it would normally say “Sony?” 

The post on G+ does not mention Verizon or the specific model, only that you should “Be prepared for every adventure in the great outdoors with the waterproof and dust-resistant Xperia Z2.” The fine print underneath does not mention anything Verizon-related either.

Is this just a screw-up? Is the phone coming much sooner than expected, and to Verizon? Or does this simply confirm that a Verizon variant is in the works, but it still may not arrive until late summer? Tough to tell, but hey, Verizon Xperia Z2!

Update:  As you can imagine, the post was pulled by Sony pretty quickly. They also had this to say in a statement to us:

A mock-up image was mistakenly posted to the Sony Mobile Google+ page. The image has since been removed and we apologize for any confusion this may have caused. For our U.S. customers eager to find out more information about the availability of Xperia Z2, we are excited to share that the device will be coming to the U.S. unlocked this summer.

We are now back to waiting for the unlocked model this summer.

verizon xperia z2

Via:  +Sony Xperia
Cheers Damian, flosserelli, and NB!
  • eddiea

    My contract expired more than 2 weeks ago, and I’ll gladly buy one of these if offered on Verizon.

  • 213ninja

    mock up my ass, that’s a real picture of a real Verizon phone.

  • Donny Miller

    Well if Sony can get an unlocked / developer model on Verizon , I already have my cash waiting since forever!

  • cgalyon

    Alas. Would have considered it if they would actually bring it over here. Sony is making some nice hardware.

  • paul_cus

    Sony with the send off, haha.

  • M3D1T8R

    So far we’ve had, “Yes”, “No”, “Yes”, and now in the same day as what looked like Yes, what seems to be a “No” again. Just tell us one way or another, Sony. Is it coming to Verizon or not? Been waiting about 4 months already for an answer.

  • charles moore

    This sucks for T-Mobile

  • aizen

    Ok by sonys response I guess we are back to looking forward to the g3. Darn was really excited about buying this phone

  • “excited to share news about an unlocked model this summer” Google Play Edition announced on/after Google I/O boom

  • Higher_Ground

    How many times have we gotten our hopes up over a poor Photoshop effort? I hope it comes to Verizon, but I don’t think this is any more proof than before.

  • Db0y505

    There is still hope!:D

  • MH

    Photoshop trollery?

  • Christopher Garofalo

    my next phone if it comes to Verizon. dont mind paying the price 🙂

  • 213ninja

    i’m all about choices, this is awesome news…..but…..why would anyone want this over the G3? seriously, not sarcastically or prickishly…. better camera? waterproof? is Sony?

    • Steveo

      I wanted the Z1 last year, but settled for the G2. The G2 is great, but the comic-y interface, compared to this more sophisticated Sony interface seems to do it for me, and the camera is selling point as well. If this (Z2) does come to Verizon, I’m willing to wait it out, and willl definitely upgrade.

      • 213ninja

        G3 camera could be pretty money though, right? i heard the G2 camera is one of the best…

  • Johnny Steele

    OH, well then….this is interesting. How do I sell a Sony phone on VZW? A challenge!

  • Jkdem85

    I want to like this phone so bad but I just don’t get the appeal. Boring design, horrible skin, etc.

  • Josh P.
  • DC_Guy

    I would seriously think about buying this. I’ve never tried a Sony phone and I think I’m over Samsung.

  • Danny

    GREAT NEWS! Even though Me and everyone I know is either Tmobile, AT&T or Sprint. Not looking to switch but glad that Xperia are released and available on such carriers. I myself prefer unlocked and unbranded, but hope the Sony Xperia success

  • Rob Schoenfeld

    And of course just picked up an HTC One M8. Damn you Verizon..

    • mcdonsco

      Unless you picked it up on eBay you still have a return window…glad my gs5 return window expires June 13th (Best Buy Elite Member).

  • Diz

    Please let this be TRUE Verizon… no more waiting already! Sony vs Samsung vs HTC = Sony all day, Android device of the year

  • Some Tech Dude

    I’d buy one tomorrow and retire my Galaxy S4. It’s either this phone or the LG G3. I will not buy another Samsung phone. I hate KNOX.

  • M3D1T8R

    Oh HELL yes. And I’d just given up hope after last weekend. Hope it poves true. Z2, G3, X2 coming, already M8, going to be a lot of good options to choose from this summer.

  • Taglogical

    Finally, a phone that can replace my Bionic w/o losing important features.

  • Kasper

    I’d buy it

  • Cesar

    Just in time for me to make up my mind about leaving Verizon.

  • And sploosh…

  • Ronald Lockwich

    It’s so strange to me (and I’m sure a quick LMGTFY might explain) that I remember AT&T always having the Sony (Ericsson) phones. Now T-Mobile gets them, and whatever is going on with this Z2 on VZW….Why aren’t they putting this on AT&T when Sony has history with them? I guess I could always go the unlocked route, but I do a lot of Craigslist selling/trading of cell phones and without them on AT&T nobody has them to trade or sell for a lot less than retail.

    • Cael

      Maybe they weren’t selling at all on AT&T and then AT&T was like, we’ll pass since the only marketing effort you want to do is a Bond movie and thats the only thing that made money out of the two.

  • calculatorwatch

    Woohoo! Now we just need the Z2 Compact to come out and be immediately released on Verizon… yeah right


    At least the phone isn’t face down on the rock. *cough*Kellen*cough*

  • Count me in? I think…

  • Anthony

    Just as I was waiting for the LG G3 to replace my G2 .. If this is released on Verizon I might just go for the Z2..

  • TJWaterskier

    They said unlocked.. And all Verizon phones come unlocked. Works for me!

    • ki11ak3nn

      That’s true but they also are missing some on the GSM and LTE bands for AT&T and T-Mobile. I used a Verizon Note 3 on T-Mobile and when LTE was on I had data, but couldn’t make phone calls. Then GSM mode I could make calls, but could only use HSPA+ data. So it’s best to get international unlocked version or the carrier branded.

  • B-Rad

    This is my next phone if it comes to VZW

  • Dr. Steve

    Well this is an interesting turn of events.

  • Joe

    Cool, I may get this next year. I tend to buy phones 1 generation behind for non-contract pricing. This year I’ll be buying the G2 this weekend.

    • John Davids

      G2 is a super underrated phone. IMO better than the S5 or M8. You will be happy 🙂

      • grumpyfuzz

        g3 is pretty soon

      • pyro74boy .

        The G2 is a good phone but It’s not better then the S5 or M8.

        • John Davids

          That all depends on how you define “good”. The G2’s camera is better than both due to OIS and having the largest aperture size & sensor size. G2 has the least amount of bezel than either phone. The G2 is lighter than both. G2 has the largest screen. G2 has the largest battery. VS980 (VZW G2) supports far more bands and frequencies than either. No native Qi wireless charging on the M8. Oh, and the G2 is cheaper than both.

  • mcdonsco

    You have got to be kidding me…really?

    Anyone familiar with Sony’s? I’ve never had one, cause, I’ve been on Verizon!

    Always thought they seemed nice though.

  • YouSeeLA11

    Didn’t @evleaks say that VZW was getting the Xperia X2 (Sony Sirius) a few months ago? No one should ever doubt them, they’re pretty much the TRUTH…

  • Jeremy Martin

    The post appears to have been removed.

  • BigMixxx

    Oh hell no! Anyone wanna buy an m8?

  • DKDigitally

    Anyone else notice how the Z2 is now taken off Sony’s website as well?

  • Colin Huber

    Oh boy, since been deleted. Fun!

  • greyhulk

    I’ll bet Verizon loves this phone because there’s so much room for their logon on the bezel. Maybe they’re going to carry this phone instead of the G3 because there won’t be enough room to cram their logo on the G3. Not that that would stop them from trying.

    • ki11ak3nn

      They would replace the LG logo on the bottom and put a Verizon logo there!! Hhahaha

    • WickedToby741

      Just wait until you see the back…

    • jonzey231

      Remember the Galaxy phones with it crammed on to the button? They’ll figure a way…

      Screw you stupid red.

      • TSY87

        ” will find a way”

    • pyro74boy .

      To many people are making such a big deal out of such a stupid little thing like the Verizon logo. Really people are missing out on so many different kinds of phones if they are only basing how good or bad a phone is just based on the carrier logo, Really people stop this nonsense and just get a sticker and cover it up it this is that big of a deal for people for god sakes this is not the end of the world and really when you go out and buy a car the company’s logo is all over the car people are just being very stupid to act this way.

      • trumpet444

        Company logo yeah, because that makes sense. They made the damn thing. But what if after buying your new $30k+ car it automatically came with your local gas station’s logo or your financing company’s logo all over it? Sounds a little odd now doesn’t it?

        • pyro74boy .

          I have heard that some people won’t be buying some of these phones based only on the fact that the Verizon logo is on it. THIS is the stupidest thing that I have ever heard of. People need to grow up and stop crying over a stupid little thing. It’s like this without Verizon service the phone would not work so if anyone is unhappy about it? then just go out and buy a sticker and cover it up.

        • Droidzilla

          A lot of dealers around here slap their dealer logos on the cars as a permanent insignia. Same thing Verizon does, and just as distasteful. It’s brand marketing plain and simple. Hey, if I’m going to be a walking billboard for your company, at least pay me for it or give me the stuff for free. Otherwise, I’ll enjoy my used car purchases from Craigslist and my phones unlocked. Corporate douchebags.

          • michael arazan

            But the Verizon logo on the front is like the Dealer Putting Their Logo On the Hood of your car for free advertising after you bought it.

  • NeilOMalley

    Definitely my next phone! Or the G3…Or new Moto phone… I’m so conflicted.

  • Jesus. Dat Verizon logo…

  • Rashad

    Looks like the post was deleted

  • Eric G Canoy


  • Zoloft_User


    • G-Nex_22

      If this is true, then……………….

    • memyself&i

      At least its rugged, so its less likely to be caught in a landslide…

    • TC Infantino

      Caught in a land slide
      No escape from reality…
      I’m just a poor boy,
      I need no sympathy…..

  • Robert Bailey

    Just bring the Z Ultra to Verizon already!!

    • Cael

      Z2 Ultra w/ Flash*
      fixed it for you 🙂

  • Greg

    This just made my day!

  • Zach K

    This has to be fake…if not – how / when do i ditch my S4 for this?!?!?!

    • Marikel

      It’s on Sony’s official page. Why would they make a phone with a Verizon logo on it just for fun?

      • ki11ak3nn

        To tease people. Why Verizon of all carriers?? I know they’re the biggest, but most people are only into their S5’s and iPhones on Verizon. I only see a few Android loyalists buying this. If anything it needs to come to all carriers. Or T-Mobile at the very least.

        • Marikel

          I’m sorry but that makes no sense whatsoever. Besides, evleaks confirmed long before the Z2 was even announced that the Sirius (Z2 codename) would come to Verizon. So I was expecting this. Just wish it was sooner. I would’ve loved to get one of these instead of the HTC One M8.

          • ki11ak3nn

            I know I remember the evleaks post. I’m just saying unless Sony steps up on marketing I don’t see this taking off on Verizon. At least there are already Sony phones in T-Mobile stores. So people on T-Mobile should already have a good idea if they like Sony phones or not.

          • Marikel

            If Verizon can get people to buy a Galaxy S3 mini in 2014, then they can get them to buy an Xperia Z2.

        • rawr

          Probably because the S5 and iPhone are the only modern phones Verizon carries. If they always got the top tier of each manufacturer, there would be more of a range. I don’t understand how you expect to meet someone on VZW with a Z1 when it just doesn’t exist…

        • chris125

          I know awhile back there were rumors that this would be a verizon exclusive in the US so looks like that may be the case.

  • Patrick Crumpler

    This part of the business I don’t mind. I hope that Sony is planning on releasing an unlocked phone though, and this Verizon version is the one Verizon will be purchasing from Sony. This is an awesome phone and would do Sony no good to end up a carrier specific lock down. Even if it is six months too late.

    • Cael

      I doubt it’s a lock down. Verizon is probably finally biting after all the years since the Xperia Play and T-Mobile may be taking a break since it pretty much released the Z and Z1 within what 6 months of each other? Probably trying to avoid the Z2 canabolizing the sales of the Z1 because I’m sure the Z1 did that to the Z. What’s AT&T’s issue? Who knows..

      • ki11ak3nn

        At least if T-Mobile released the Z2 it would give people choice. Everyone doesn’t need the latest and greatest. And if I can get a Z1s or whatever for cheaper I would probably go that route if I wasn’t an avid Android Fanboy.

        • Cael

          Yeah it promotes choice but the Carriers do not want a HTC First situation.

  • ki11ak3nn

    I just wanna know what this means for other carriers?? Specifically T-Mobile. I don’t want to buy an M8 or G3 next month if this is coming out!!

  • droidify

    I would like a little more screen with my bezels

    • EC8CH

      Just think of them as permanent banners ads on the front of your phone.

    • ki11ak3nn


  • chris125

    So much for thinner bezels. Guess sony didn’t get the memo lol

  • Chris King

    Has anyone used Sony’s take on android. Thoughts?

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      I would like a response on this too. Last time had a sony android device in my hands, it was the Xperia Play

      • It’s not bad. Their skin isn’t the greatest by any means, but you could argue that everyone’s skin isn’t great. And if the skin begins to bother you, toss on a launcher. By no means should their skin be a deciding factor, especially with how we can customize almost everything on an Android phone now without root.

        • Aooga

          I would agree with this. It’s really not a skin at all except for some icon changes and the launcher.

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          Well I can actually argue that Sense UI 6 is the “greatest” 🙂 . . . . Stock a close second.

          • mcdonsco

            Its all preference though…I actually completely and totally HATE sense (and yes that includes 6 on the M8 I returned yesterday).

            Believe it or not, I prefer touchwiz with GNL on it to Sense 6 every day of the week.

            But my number 1 skin is no skin, stock aosp android but I can’t get that on Verizon without using a ROM or getting a moto phone (damn close to stock, almost straight up stock)…but I can’t handle the camera on motos these days. Back when cameras generally sucked on all androids I was die hard moto, but when cameras on other devices started making moto look really bad, I had to ditch moto then.

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            What is gnl?

          • mcdonsco

            Google Now Launcher…I guess sometimes called GEL (Google Experience Launcher).

            Its on the play store as Google now launcher though; but can’t install on most phones, have to sideload it.

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            Lol oh GEL. I was like Wtf is gnl? Thought I was out of the loop on some new android lingo.

        • Geekdad

          I love the skin on my Droid Maxx. Near stock. I still stick with Nova Prime and don’t think I will change it any time soon.

    • snobrdr2324

      I used it on the Xperia Z and like it second to Sense. My favorite skins are Sense>Sony’s Timescape>Stock kit Kat>LGs optimus UI>Touchwiz. It’s very close to stock but looks nicer in my opinion and has just the right amount of extra features like their excellent stamina mode.

      • Chris King

        Thank you

    • Mark Mann

      I have the xperia z, and what started out as the best Android phone I’ve had since the og Droid has became a bit of a let down… The skin is awesome, almost as good as moto’s, the camera is fantastic as a point and shoot, but the low light show come out a bit grainy… But the screen has response issues(not lag, but sometimes I tap something and it doesn’t respond, other times I try to scroll and it thinks I tapped something) , and the battery life is horrid(so bad that if I’m using it the supplied wall charger can’t keep up)… As far as bezels go, I’ve got semi large hands, so they haven’t been an issue for me, but I could see them getting an issue… Build quality is top notch

      • Chris King


  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Delicate phone sitting outdoors on rocks? . . . Kellen did you take this photo?

    • Maybe 😛

    • Sjschwar

      Isn’t it rock proof too? Sorry, rock resistant

  • Chris King

    Cool ready to try a Sony phone love my ps4

  • Cael


  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    ……………And the Droid Life staff now has to review to Sony Xperia Z2 🙂 ……………………….. We’ll be waiting guys, can’t get away from it now. :-)))))

    • Why Droid Life Ill do the review.

    • To tell you the truth, if this comes to Verizon, we will gladly review the hell out of it. Would be refreshing to review something not made by Samsung, HTC, and LG.

      • ki11ak3nn

        I hope the OnePlus One gets a full review. Especially how data is on T-Mobile. That’s what I’m most interested in.

        • Christopher Moore

          It will be too big for Chucky fingers.

      • TSY87

        I’m okay with LG, they havent had the exposure samsung and HTC have had overall…

      • pyro74boy .

        AMEN to your comment

  • Sasa

    Z2 for Verizon doesn’t have aluminium frame.

  • Mrhug3

    And boom goes the dynamite.

  • Fredy

    Yes it’s great to finally see Sony with big red but I have to say it that bottom and top bezel are huge.

    • Cael

      They’ve been there before…

      • Fredy

        but not with a flagship. Xperia play sucked

        • Cael

          That was a big deal to them then… Be nice for a refresh tho…

  • MichaelFranz

    That logo isnt terrible…..its the back that would confuse me.

    Let’s see how this plays out

    • ki11ak3nn

      NFC logo
      4G LTE

      Hahaha and if there is any more room another Verizon logo.

      • TSY87

        You know, I actually like the NFC logo because it tells you where the NFC chip is actually located. Every other logo is useless advertising. I’m OKAY with the brand name and model of the phone (if its tasteful) but there is no need for carrier branding, ever.


  • K

    Verizon and their damn logos. However I’m sure some could live with it if it means Z2 action on VZW

    • James

      They have to fill up those massive bezels with something.

      • Jon

        Enough with the bezel complaints. As long as you can use the phone fine, that’s all that matters.

        • Cael

          Some people can’t though because of bezels.

          • Taglogical

            Without bezels, you have to hold on to the screen… why pay more for a larger screen if you are just going to cover it up with your thumbs? A bezeless phone would LOOK awesome playing videos on a kickstand, but it would suck in-hand. Complaints about bezels are shortsighted I feel.

          • Cael

            I’m not saying go bezel-less but too much bezel makes a good phone hard to hold, too big, uncomfortable, etc

          • schlanz

            who holds their phone like a gorilla holding a banana? my phone rests in my fingers when I hold it..

            tablets are a different matter.

          • 213ninja

            you’d need to be careful when holding a bezel-less phone…unless they found a way to intellegently detect your finger skin and hand fat overlapping the screen and disregard it. i mean, when i’m being careful with my phone, sure i grip on the sides, but when i’m just trying to get something done in a pinch like a quick google or text or phone call, i’m not paying attention to the way i hold the phone, and that pesky skin and finger fat would suck….

          • schlanz

            I literally have never had this issue. I guess some people hold their phone differently. my skin doesn’t come close to contacting the front part of the screen because I rest it on my fingers instead of gripping it. and if you use a case like most people, even with a tiny bezel that should provide enough space for your skin to hang over slightly.

            also I think most people that want smaller bezels are mostly referring to the top and bottom bezels which would have nothing to do with this issue.

          • 213ninja

            you’ve never had this issue because you don’t own a bezel-less phone. i’m also not sure how accurate it is to say most people use cases. sure lot’s of people use cases, but to say most people use cases is an assumption i’m not ready to make. i also disagree that people are referring to the top and bottom of the phone, they are referring to the entire bezel that wraps around the entire screen, that’s what a bezel is. in fact, i’d go as far as to say it’s the opposite of what you are saying and that most people are taken by wide margins along the side bezels. the top and bottom will always have extra body for speakers, mic, ports, etc.

          • schlanz

            No, I’ve never had the issue of skin from my hand/thumb/finger creeping over the back and side edge of the phone onto the front. It’s just not at all how I hold my devices.

            The bezels on the side of the z2 arent that bad, could be thinner but I still say if you take the pulse of what people are complaining about with the bezels on this phone its the top and bottom. It makes the phone unnecessarily tall like the m8 is.

            and yes, most people use a case. I work in cell retail and can confidently say over 90% of the phones I see have cases on them. even among the elitist gadget communities that slobber over premium design like the one here on DL, polls indicate more people use a case than not.

          • 213ninja

            ok. that’s tough to believe you do that every time you hold it, but i have no choice.

            i didn’t know you were referring specifically to the z2, sure, i can see that.

            ok. my friends all have cracked screens and no case, so i can’t make that assumption, but it sounds like you can. i think it depends on a number of factors that we can’t possibly aggregate. there are varying poll results on the web as well.

        • James

          Enough? Really? If you want a bunch of wasted space that increases the overall footprint of the phone with no user benefit, be my guest. As for me, I’ll keep complaining.

          • TSY87

            considering the phone has dual front facing speakers I would hardly call it wasted space. Wasted space is the screen that is blocked by your hand when you hold a bezel-less phone

          • James

            Nice try, but the speakers are along the edges of the phone. I’m not arguing that phones should have no bezel whatsoever. but with screen sizes growing ever larger these huge unused areas only make the phone inconvenient to carry and use.

          • TSY87

            The speakers have hardware beyond the actual grille openings. I agree that bezels need to be thinner but the way some people argue it they literally only want to be touching the edge of the screen which would be highly impractical.

          • Samson Okoro

            So cause the openings r at the bottom means that’s where the speaker is housed? Front surround stereo speakers, r u kidding me? The opening at the bottom and top are small cause the phone is water proof may be u conveniently forgot that. Look for something constructive to criticise. If u want less bezels forget a water proof phone, am sure as technology improves they’ll find a way to reduce the bezels and still be water proof. But the bezels on this phone are there cause of the speakers and water proof chassis. Look at the Samsung s5 has more bezels than the original Sony z with the same ip rating as that phone. The Z2 has a higher rating and is completely water proof unlike the S5 which I hope u know has no front facing stereo surround speakers

          • zurginator

            Last I checked there is hardware (speakers, cameras, battery) in the bezel space. Those benefit the user.

    • rawr

      Just as I was convinced I was getting a G3 on Verizon too… I hope this isn’t a cruel joke.

    • 213ninja

      think about this though, if VZW didn’t plaster their logos we would never know when phones leak for VZW, huh? god that hurt my brain…

    • sonicyoof

      WIthout the logos how would you know you own the Verizon Wireless Google Android Sony Mobile Xperia Z2 smartphone?!?!

  • Interesting.