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9 Cards is a Beautiful New Launcher, Organizing Apps Based on Usage Patterns

Most of us have already settled on one Android launcher for use, but that doesn’t mean that new ones won’t wow us. 9 Cards looks to “enhance your Android experience,” and it does so in an almost undoubtedly beautiful manner. The look, which reminds us a bit of what’s found in the Timely alarm clock app, presents the interface in an easy-to-use manner centered around collections of apps. It takes information from how you use 9 Cards and your device, and intelligently sorts your apps into categories.

The app uses a gesture-based system for navigation, which is simple to get the hang of, while the animations are nothing short of beautiful. Your apps are organized initially by the type of app they are — for example, my Communication category is filled with apps like Gmail, Skype, Hangouts, and EvolveSMS.

Based on the time of day, 9 Cards can also provide you with apps you are likely about to use. If you end every day with a dose of Feedly and Twitter, you’ll be given shortcuts straight to those apps. Over time, the app will adapt to your usage patterns and should keep getting better and better.

9 Cards can also help you to discover new apps. Clicking “Add New” and swiping into Recommendations gave me apps like Firefox, Dolphin, Opera, and Kik, which makes sense because the last two apps I used after installing 9 Cards were Chrome and Hangouts.

In case you wouldn’t leave your current launcher for your life, though, 9 Cards has a solution for you as well. On top of your current launcher, a gesture from the right hand side will take you straight into your collections to easily launch apps.

9 Cards is available on Google Play for free, with a Pro upgrade priced at $2.99. Absolutely be sure to check it out, and let us know what you think right down below.

Update:  As many have noted, this is not a traditional 3rd party launcher in the sense that you have all become accustomed to. That said, the developer is calling it a “Home Launcher,” so we are reporting it as such. It’s OK, trust me, it’s going to be OK.

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  • TechNique

    Hi guys check out my new video on 9 Cards. NIce new overlay to your existing launcher.


  • TheOiulkj

    Why does it only add one page worth of apps for each category? I thought it would be a nice replacement for autoapporganizer and quad drawer, but I honestly don’t understand what they’re aiming for with this app. It clearly isn’t a homescreen, yet it’s also not a useful app drawer since it doesn’t include all of your apps without you manually going in and adding everything yourself.

    Seems like it could have potential if the devs decide to focus on what they want it to be though.

  • Chris Gatley

    I love this app. It runs on top of Google Launcher on my Nexus 5 AND I get to have custom icon packs! I don’t even have icons on my screen anymore. Just using 9 cards. Awesome.

  • Joshua Rewerts

    Looks like it might(?) have achieved what Chameleon Launcher failed to do…

  • Chris Godoy

    Super pretty, but as soon as I tried to swipe down and select a category, It dimmed my display, focused up like the tutorial, and wouldn’t let me do anything. Couldn’t even go back to my home screen. Had to pull my battery and restart. VZW SGS4 on recent KitKat update. Stock.

  • Daniel Traynor

    I like the UI and the idea but I wouldn’t use it to actually launch an app. It adds 4-5 extra seconds onto the process of opening an app.

  • Drome

    I tried the app out and thought it was beautiful. The design is outstanding and I wanted to comment here to give credit for it. I did uninstall it because i felt myself accidentally toggling the top right corner gesture more often than i went to use the app intentionally. I would love to see this this approach to design applied to other apps as unfortunately the solution this app provides is not one i was in need of.

  • Eric

    Bought it! Thanks for a cool product. Please allow me to make it my default launcher, plus a way to access blinkfeed on my HTC M8!

  • ETPhoneHomeT

    Meh…no thanks.

  • JMonkeYJ

    It seems kind of weird that it just recommends apps that are similar to the last ones you used. If you’re using Chrome and Hangouts, wouldn’t that make it *less* likely you need a different web browser or messaging client? This isn’t a knock against 9 cards in particular. A lot of these recommendation apps have the same failure. If someone figures out how to recommend apps that I don’t already have that I might want, I would be impressed.

  • Rogelio Saavedra

    How nice you personally promotes this. Ill try this and let my friends know about this. Keep it up Mr. Raja. ☺

  • BrookRLeonard

    9 Cards can also help you to discover new apps. Clicking “Add New” and swiping into Recommendations gave me apps like Firefox, Dolphin, Opera, and Kik, which makes sense because the last two apps I used after installing 9 Cards were Chrome and Hangouts. http://sn.im/28v3ntg

  • Hi guys, I’m one of the creators of 9 Cards. Just wanted to say thanks for trying it. Also wanted to say that you can use 9 Cards with your existing launcher. It’s an overlay launcher that activates when you swipe up from the bottom of your screen or swipe down from the top right corner. It gives you automatic access to all your most relevant categorized apps at the right time and you don’t have to give up on Nova or whatever your existing launcher may be. We do plan on the near future to offer an option to completely set it as your home screen replacement but thought we’d see how power users take on new concepts. Cheers and thanks again!

    • Ryan N

      Great news, I’ll have to try it out now. Good luck getting your app out there.


    • Eric T

      Congrats, that’s cool that i can use it on top of another launcher. Might just have to try it out.

    • I have allocated a few promo-codes for you guys to get the PRO version. After downloading 9 Cards go to Settings -> Account -> Promo Code and enter “droid-life”. Cheers and thanks for testing it out. Be sure to check out http://9cards.io if you like it. There is a whole community of people out there posting themes and app collections that you can subscribe to for free. 🙂

    • Rok

      Could you make it available for download worldwide? It’s not available in my country.

      • @Rok What country are you on? I don’t recall restricting any countries. Are you perhaps on a tablet? We are not launching the tablet version until a few weeks from now.

        • Rok

          In Nigeria, using an LG G2

    • Rand Paul 2016

      Looks great, great organ. Can you add media and video to the top right short cut menu? Or am i missing something.

      • @disqus_37ANRnV2Wg:disqus It will show the collections ordered as you have them on your dashboard. Simply long press on Media and Video and drag over to the position where you want it to appear. Then when you use the 9 Cards Everywhere top gesture you should see that in the right collection. Also for a nice surprise just plugin your headphones!

    • Karan Das

      I’d love to use it as a default launcher! looks and works great.amazing job.one of the best UIs i’ve seen in an app recently.

    • Riz Virani

      I love it. Definitely gonna use it 🙂

    • Bob F

      It looks beautiful. Without having tried it yet, I’d like to know that it had a “Lock-in” feature so I can set it up for my mother-in-law and I don’t have to worry about her accidentally changing things. Thanks and I look forward to it.

    • Elliott Goldstein

      not able to install on galaxy note 3 just continues to say analyzing apps and never gets any further you have gotten good reviews and I would like to possibly buy it but I’d like to try It any ideas

      • iceman

        Reinstalling it worked for me.

    • Jo Po

      Its a good thing i read the comments i wasn’t going to give up my GEL but ill give it a try knowing this!

  • Ryan N

    My default launcher (nova) is like a bad relationship. The longer I stay with it, the harder it is to leave… Sorry 9 cards, nothing personal.

    • 5th paragraph. 🙂

      • Ryan N

        I get so used to gestures and everything. It’d be too much to change now. Haha. What is your launcher of choice?