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XCOM: Enemy Unknown Released for Android, Takes up Only 3.6GB of Storage on Your Device

The award winning PC and Console Strategy Game of the Year, XCOM: Enemy Unknown is now available for Android through Google Play. The game is set in the future, as a group of military personnel called XCOM, battle an alien army that features weapons of untold power.

You play as the commander of XCOM, tasked with creating fully operational bases, discovering alien technologies, planning and coordinating attack missions, and leading assaults against alien forces. To sum it up, you are Earth’s last hope for survival, so don’t screw it up. 

The game is priced at $9.99, but the price is actually quite decent. Considering the work that went into creating the game and its graphics, there is no doubt you can easily get your money’s worth from XCOM. What helps justify the price is that there are no in-app purchases, which should make a few of you happy.

Below you can watch the trailer for this game, however its for the iOS release. But don’t worry, the Android version is the exact same.

Play Link ($9.99)

  • Richard Needham

    This game was awsome on the Amiga 500. Definitely making the purchase today.

  • Davros

    0_0 My # 2 game of all time.

  • Carlos Reyes

    Thank you oneplus.

  • schlanz

    no brainer at $10. this game was awesome at $40 when I bought it for ps3.

  • Smeckle


  • bigachx

    Anyone know if uses the Google Cloud Saves?

  • MaddHatterr

    So happy to see this on android, definitely purchasing. Very happy they went the rout of higher cost and no in-game purchases. Still waiting on Ascendancy for android though :/

  • Tim Buchanan

    If I win that $50 Play card, I’m all over this.

    • Justin W

      The correct response is when I win that gift card, I’m getting this game.

  • jdhas

    Runs like a dream on my N7 (2013).

  • flosserelli

    3.6 GB, eh? I feel sorry for peeps whose operating system takes up half their storage space. Good thing Samsung still puts microSD slots in their phones.

    Edit: No android launch trailer available? I realize the gameplay is probably the same, but it’s the principle. If I wanted to see an iOS trailer, I wouldn’t come to DL to look for it. (And before people start complaining about being closed-minded about platforms, I have an ipad)

  • Eric J.

    It runs okay on the Nexus 5, but it’s a little bit choppy. I wish there was a way to reduce the graphics / rendering resolution.

  • Justen DeBowles

    Purchased immediately!. Along with shadowrun which i found for 3.99.

  • William White

    I know you guys want/need to monetize the site, and that’s great. However, do we really need the giant, spammy ads in the middle of the story? Very bush league.

    • flosserelli

      No ads here. AdAway FTW

      • William White

        That’s for rooted phones only, right? Wouldn’t help me in that case

        • flosserelli

          That is correct.
          And some people say not having root isn’t a big deal…

          • William White

            If I weren’t running GFE on my phone I’d be right there with you. Unfortunately our version of GFE has a very aggressive root check

          • trwb

            You can block ads with Firefox for Android.

        • Justin W

          Try Javelin: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nubelacorp.javelin

          Has built-in adblocking for “premium” users (not sure how much premium is – I got it for free in the developer’s reddit AMA). Also, why not use something like a feed reader? Press with Readability mode is awesome for this purpose – no ads and full articles right there for you. Jump into a browser if you want to read the comments once you’re done with the article.

      • Milind Shah

        Dude that does mean that the writers here won’t get their income…

    • Ads, where?? Lmfao.. I didn’t even know this site ran ads.

      • BlackMaGiC1o0

        lol i thought the same thing LMAOOO!!

    • Cmon bro

      It’s an ad. This is the internet where you can read things for completely free. Get over it.

  • CaptainHowdy13

    Not sure why you’d want to play a shooter with out a keyboard and mouse

    • theo

      XCOM isn’t a shooter.

    • Justen DeBowles


    • flosserelli

      • Justin W

        First reaction – this right here.

    • jdhas

      Not sure why you’d comment on an article without reading it.

      • CaptainHowdy13

        That’s what I get for skimming I guess!

        • jdhas

          Happens to the best of us!

    • QPHALO

      Maybe use one of the Bluetooth controllers for android?

    • Menger40

      It’s a turn based strategy game.

    • renz

      when you make the comment do you really know what this game is?

  • I’d never download a game that’s 3.6gb, what the hell..

    • renz

      that’s already considered as small. on PC the size is much larger.

  • Cory S

    This is a full blown recent PC game guys. It’s a miracle even this years devices can run it…so yeah your 3 year old nexus 10 isn’t going to.

    • Justin W

      It actually might run it… Wouldn’t necessarily be great, but it wouldn’t be bad either.

      • Barnassey

        It actually runs it pretty good. Thing is the nexus 10 still has a rather powerful gpu in it.

  • Pedro

    Huh. Not tablet compatible. Or at least the N10.

    • Blue Sun

      Your N10 is becoming more & more like my Xoom everyday. Less compatible with each new app that comes out.

  • icyrock1

    “Only 3.6 GB”. Sigh, 32GB really needs to become the standard over 16GB.

    • I’m still waiting on the 32gb S5 I would never buy a 16gb phone. When the S4 came out I waited like a month on the 32gb

    • hoosiercub88

      That “Only 3.6GB.” was sacrasm I’m pretty sure, and XCOM on PC is larger. This is a full-feature PC game on Android, what is there to complain about?