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Sprint Galaxy S5 Receiving Small Update With Minor Changes

If you were looking for a launch-day update on your Sprint Galaxy S5 like some other carriers received, you were out of luck until today. The carrier is now rolling out an update for the device with minor, but welcome, changes to the device.

Bugs that have been patched up include camera capture failing while on a voice call, an alarm failure when deleting the alarm, email duplication issues, and issues when using Daydream in conjunction with the S View cover. Device responsiveness has also been improved for when you are using the cover.

Samsung has also gone ahead and removed Google results when using S Finder, which gives me dark nightmares of Samsung launching a Google Search competitor.

The update should be rolling out over the air, though it likely will be staged and could take a bit to reach your device.

sprint galaxy s5 updates 4/23

Via: SamsungSprint
  • talk that talk

    Again!! Hate hate hate……

    Talk talk talk!!!

    Do you people have anything better to so than to talk sht and ban this company?

    Get a life and do something more productive! Dont worry about Samsung! Im sure they dont give a damn sht about what you habe to say!

  • Kane Desousa

    Update for lag fixes? -_-

  • jimt

    Why would you want to remove Google search results from the list? Is it some type of slap in googles face?

  • wcjeep

    Smart View on my S5 was probably the worst gimmick. It made screen rotation very slow.

  • Danmheadache

    I like the part where you can take photo while calling!!

    p.s. Have S4 not S5!! 🙂

  • Guest

    Samsung Search

    • Mike Aurin

      I….i don’t get it.

      • The Narrator


    • T4rd

      … is garbage.