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Motorola XT912A is Back in Benchmarks, This Time With 5.2-inch 1080p Display (New Moto X?)

Any chance you remember last year’s mega-leak in March of a Motorola device under the model number XT912A that turned out to be the Moto X? The phone appeared in a full hands-on video that gave us an insanely early and clean look some five months before the phone was officially unveiled. Well, a potentially new Motorola device under that same model number XT912A is back, though this time only in benchmarks over at GFXBench with updated specs. 

The benchmark under this model number is showing us a 5.2-inch 1080p (1920×1080) display, Snapdragon 800 processor clocked at 2.3GHz, 1.7GB of RAM (meaning 2GB), 24GB of storage, an Adreno 330GPU, 12MP camera, and Android 4.4.3.

So what is this? Well, the internet thinks this is a new DROID RAZR because that phone once carried the model number XT912. However, the XT912A that we saw last year ended up being the Moto X. It could be that Motorola is simply using this model number as a way to try and disguise new phones, even if we are now onto it.

I would lean towards this being the new Moto X, a phone that Motorola has already confirmed will be released late summer. It also could be a member of the DROID family, which we would also imagine will be closely related to this year’s Moto X, if last year’s DROID vs. Moto X relationship is anything to go off of.

Specs look good enough for you? We are getting a newer processor (likely with Moto’s X8 Mobile Computing System), 1080p display, and a camera with more MPs. Those seem like upgrades in all the right places to me, at least on paper.

motorola xt912a

Via:  PocketNow | GXFBench
  • WallBreaker

    i think the Moto X2, LG G3, and Nexus 6 are going to be the phones to beat this year.

  • Taglogical

    4.7″ to a 5.2″? Something about that isn’t screaming Moto X2… Nevertheless, please Moto, give it a LCD and SD slot. I am trying to give you my money, but my Bionic is on it’s last legs…

  • Ismail Akram

    Darn that’s way too big, I’m fan of Moto X features like Active notification and touchless control but also how it looks and feels in hand but that 5.2 will make it very big smartphone.

  • Just_Some_Nobody

    Moto X-XL.

  • aamd11

    Droid 5 plzzz

  • Donny Miller

    If we have 64 and 128gb sd cards, why are phones built with 32gb (which is always 23.XXgb usable on average) I don’t have much knowledge on storage devices inside a mobile phone, but I think for the size of an sd card and the reliability of them, can’t mobile phones do better yet?

  • Akiih

    Are you serious about 5,2 inch screen.. I dont want that big 🙁

    • Jeff

      Agreed. If that’s the new Moto X, I’ll just keep my current one, since I don’t want a bigger phone. Even the Nexus 5 was a bit too big for me to use comfortably, which is why I swapped it for a Moto X.

  • Gabriq IVG

    Probably a new Droid member for Verizon…

  • hoosiercub88

    Oh noes.. a 5.2″ screen, it’s going to “ruin” the Moto X.. everyone is going to hate it, it’s too big, so huge, much phablet.

  • i dont want a 5.2″ screen….unless theres no bezel whatssoever…i love the fingerprint of my moto x its the best size for a phone….not every flagship needs to be a phablet…its a big and vibrant enough screen to watch a little netflix at lunch if i forget my n7 and when i have my n7 id never sit and read or watch anything on my phone…theres a place for phablets but i just laugh when i see peopel come n sit with my at work and they have to place their giant phone on my desk becasue they cant sit confortably with it in the pocket

  • djab

    I just hope it has wireless charging capability.

  • ja7lewis

    Bigger isn’t always better. I don’t what to feel like I’m carrying a tablet in my back pocket.

  • blahblahblah

    Hahaha! All the Moto fanboys are NOW saying a 5+ inch display would be perfect. Wasn’t the case until Moto made a phone with that size. These are the same people that said Samsung displays are way too big and won’t even fit in their pocket. You people are just as bad as iPhone fanboys. Smh.

    • NexusMan

      Don’t know what you’re reading. I’ve been seeing most fans of the X express their disappointment in this alleged larger screen size. Troll, I mean, try again.

    • moto makes the best phones…just accept it and move on

  • Big EZ

    Son of a…. Just when I thought I might be able to get rid of this Note 2 for the LG G3, Moto has to go and do this. My wife’s Moto X came in today and after spending a few minutes with it I’m pretty sure it’s successor will be amazing with a 5.2′ screen.

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  • James Hill

    5.2″ Screen. Kellex Disapproves.

  • miri

    Hopefully they are increasing the screen size. That way I can remain perfectly happy with my current one-hand-usable OG Moto X.

  • Kenny Woodard

    Whatever happen to the “specs don’t matter” campaign Motorola was pushing? This is a total departure and doesn’t really make sense. There are already soo many high-end spec beasts. Motorola was the innovative company that pushed against specs and gave users a unique phone that actually fit in your hand and offered user-friendly features.

    • BillySuede

      sales not up to snuff. can’t beat ’em, gonna have to join ’em.

      • Kenny Woodard

        I could see that, but those specs are good but not up to par with the latest flagships. With Sony, Samsung, and HTC already showing off their beastly phones, Motorola coming in late with a slightly lighter spec’d phone, just doesn’t add up to me. Motorola is not even in the same realm as Apple, Samsung, and HTC. They had the right idea with the X. Customizable and user-friendly. They are going to enter into a battle with much more established companies and maybe even the newcomer OnePlus. Motorola is not going in the right direction should they implement this into their next flagship. IMO

        • Al-Burrit0

          Yeah if Moto joins the spec war then they need at least the 801 in this phone and fix the camera pronto

          • Kenny Woodard

            Its gonna take a VERY big hook for them to compete with the big boys. I don’t see it happening. Especially if they try to market it at $199.99 (on contract) like they did last year. HTC makes killer phones and even they can’t compete with Samsung. LG is up and coming as well. Moto better come out swinging and give us HUGE battery life, customization, at least a 13mp camera with ois and 4k. I know its not about the MPs in terms of quality, but average consumers don’t know that. Moto can make a big splash, they are just gonna be too little, too late..

          • hoosiercub88

            Everyone keeps saying the camera needs fixed, while it does have it’s weak points *every single phone camera does* It isn’t as awful as everyone is making it out to be.. for serious.






            The Snapdragon 800 will be sufficient, Moto doesn’t need to enter the spec war, they need to keep up what they did last year with the X. Keep the hardware relevant but not ancient, to allow it to be cheap off-contract.

          • Al-Burrit0

            I was just stating if they join the spec war but if Motorola puts the 800 in they can’t sell the phone at 199.99 on contract and expect to sell. Specs are almost identical with the nexus 5 and for the camera I don’t if they keep it at 10 mp as long as it has good sensors in this time!

        • fd2blk78

          Hahaha, OnePlus, suuuure.

    • ieatchickens

      Actually the specs are in line with last years strategy. Give the new phone 1 year old hardware but have the ability to sell the device at a lower price point. The focus of the device will be the user experience with close to pure Android.

  • Jason B

    While everyone focused on screen size (likely a new Droid anyway as the Ultra/MAXX had 5″ screens), I noticed a new 12MP camera. Motorola has long gone with OmniVision cameras, and all of their 12MP HD cameras have EIS (electronic image stabilization) and are not RGBC (AFAIK).

    Both OV12825 and OV12830 are likely candidates, unless they’ve switched OEMs. OmniVision doesn’t even offer the OV10820 RGBC sensor any more. I guess the bad press from the Moto X was enough.

  • Richard Jackson

    My wallet is ready Motorola.

  • NBM

    Although I was hoping the size and ergonomics would remain the same… I think Motorola is still capable of doing a good job. Hopefully.
    X+1 sounded like a size increase, so it’s not too surprising.
    Now I’m hoping the processor is an X8 optimized (underclocked/dual-core!) SD800, for a battery boost.
    I also hope they don’t try to release it at $600+ again. Google no longer has to worry about angering Samsung with a highly competitive low priced phone.

  • Sean Bello

    I wonder if it’ll be invite only…

  • Me

    The screen will make that phone “big”.

  • LosttsoL

    Would love this to be part of one more Droid line coming out, before the Chinese take over the company.

  • Armyof2

    Looking good to me…the trick is will it have enough to make me need to get rid of my current Moto X that handles eveyrthing I do like a champ still? Software upgrades would be the only thing to draw me out and I may see those anyways.

  • Jon Soucy

    please moto don’t make me get an iphone, 4.7″ was already pushing it

    • Sean Bello

      The new iPhone will be huge at 4.7 or 8 with all that bezel. have fun.

      • Jon Soucy

        well then there is always project ara, good specs smaller screen

  • ILikeAndroid

    I love how everyone is complaining about the screen size but there’s not one word of hate with the 1.7 (2) gb of RAM when everyone whined and wouldn’t shut up about S5 and M8 having 2 gigs of RAM.

  • Justin Tierney

    Wireless charging is a must IMO… Call me spoiled but it tops the thunderbolt charger on the iphone

    • ROB

      Got a cheap pad from China on evil bay and a 2.0 amp charger and now my N5 charges in no time…recommend the setup highly.

    • Turner

      I want this in my next phone!! Not in a $30 extra either. PALM offered this how long ago? Out of the box? It seems crazy that this isn’t a bigger deal? How many people actually use NFC? A more significant amount I’m sure, but this is something that EVERYONE would use if manufacturers would stop trying to nickel and dime us.

  • Chad

    5.2″?? Too BIG!! PASS

  • CaptainHowdy13

    5.2″ after Kellen just said the Moto X is the only one he likes to hold. Remember when phones were getting smaller? Maybe it will happen again…

    • Correct

      Phone bodies were getting smaller. Their tiny screens kept increasing in size and resolution. There was a time when 320×240 pixels was groundbreaking. So, the trend isn’t really any different now. Screen size continues to grow and body (bezels + device thickness) shrink. But yes, overall, I think many share your sentiment that there needs to be a point where size increase stops.

  • Matthew Toomey

    I can fap to this.

  • Kurt Weber

    So for those who are not happy about the screen size, I want to share my experience with you about my phones I’ve had and how it changed my view on them.. So my first smart phone was the Thunderbolt, I liked the screen because it was easy to use with 1 hand, even if the phone overall was giant. The next year I got the Galaxy s3, and I really liked the phone a lot, however it was just a tad to big for me to use it with 1 hand easily, so I understand where people get mad about 5+ inch phones (I Also don’t have very big hands), so the next year when I was looking at a new phone, I looked heavily at the Moto X which my sister got because I loved how easy it was to use, and of course the software ( love my nexus 7 btw), however then I looked at the Galaxy Note 3, kinda a plot twist, but that is the phone I decided to go with. When I first opened the box after it came in the mail, I thought “What the **** did I just buy…” but then after using it, I really enjoy the phone. In my opinion it was much easier to use a really big phone with 2 hands than having a one handed phone that was slightly too big. Do I still like the size of the Moto X, of course, but I prefer a Note over, say a galaxy s5 because the note is just enough bigger to make the two handed use easier since the one handed on the s5 is necessarily easy. SORRY THIS WAS SO LONG HOPE I HELPED IN SOME WAY 🙂

    • crazed_z06

      Yup… “One-handed use” is the new “physical keyboard”

      People are going to have to be dragged kicking and screaming away from it. Eventually they’ll come around.

      • Nowai

        Comment in 5 years:
        “Being able to use the phone while walking” is the new “one handed use”

        Phones become laptops, the circle of life is complete.

      • Kurt Weber

        That’s a great way to look at it, I think you’re spot on.

  • Booyabobby

    24gb storage is the new 32.

    • chris125

      And everyone complained about touchwiz taking up 8gb of space..

  • C-Law

    Why 5.2″!! Why !! Damnit. I can’t handle more than 4.8-5

    • PoisonApple31

      Still talking about phones? 😛

  • Cody

    As soon as I read 5.2 my good day just got a little worse. I like my G2 but it’s still just a tad to much.

  • AbbyZFresh

    Watch as the phone now becomes $600 with that screen and specs.

  • Jprime

    I like that the screen is bigger

  • droidarmy

    booyah cant wait

  • Jonathan Ly

    Please be the new Moto X (X+1) I learned my lesson with the Moto X and I will get a developer edition.

  • Godzilla

    X phone

    • Shaun

      As per Sarge?

  • Ryan Gullett

    I hope they keep the same size Moto X they have now, and release a 5.2inch 1080p model as well. That would be awesome.

  • pu

    What’s the current status with the Lenovo purchase? I’m concerned about updates 1 year from now.

    • AbbyZFresh

      The only thing is that Moto and Lenovo are releasing a phone together on October.

      • mo

        Any word on how existing phones will be treated in terms of software updates?

  • Al-Burrit0

    Does this mean the SD 800 LINE or the original 800 chip from last year?

  • Tejas Karandikar

    No barometer !! That’s a deal breaker…

  • Dave

    Good thing Kellex hates large phones. LoL. Looks nice.

  • needa

    i would rather have the smaller size, but my brother brings up a good point. “Who cares how big it is when you got a 360?”

  • Eventually, people who like small screens on their smartphones (4.7 and below) are going to have to realize that they are in the minority. All of the evidence is there to support it. Big phones sell a boatload. OEMs do a ton of professional market research and every research statistic points to people loving big screens. Looking at an iPhone in 2014 is downright embarrassing when directly compared to the multitude of high-end Android devices out there. Yes, the vocal minority might enjoy the heck out of a higher end tiny device, but OEMs know it won’t sell or make them any money to be worth the investment of building it.

    It was the same with hardware keyboards. They have their loyalists, but eventually most of those people decided having a well-designed and well-supported device was more important than buying some crap Kyocera with a flip-out screen that was 2 Android revisions behind and garbage specs. People adapt and move on.

    • Franklin Ramsey

      I’d have to disagree. One of the hottest selling smart phones was the iPhone by volume. Of the Android devices, the majority of sales weren’t in the Phablet range, they were still in the 5-5.3 inch range. I’m guessing we won’t see a bunch of 4.7 inch phones anytime soon, but the majority of people also aren’t clamoring for phablet sized devices just yet. Heck, anytime I’m out with a friend with a Note 3 or even the S4, I hear people commenting on how big the phone is any how awkward it has to be.

    • calculatorwatch

      I don’t think the average consumer has on opinion on whether 4.7 or 5.1 inch screens are better until they actually use the device. Sure, people might lean towards bigger screen sizes but that’s what all the other OEMs are making. Motorola has the chance to set themselves apart with a phone that’s nice and compact and usable with one hand which has it’s own appeal to a lot of people. The iPhone is a great example of a small screen that still sells really well, and the Moto X appeals to a wide range of people who think a 4″ screen is too small and a 5″ phone is too big.

      • NexusMan

        The iPhone sells really well, but the people buying it don’t like the size of the screen. I don’t know a single iPhone user who doesn’t think the screen is too small. But like sheep, they continue to buy it every year or two, use it, and complain about it. Continually saying, “I’m gonna’ dump iPhone,” yet they never do.

        • calculatorwatch

          That’s true, they keep thinking Apple will do the smart thing and make a larger screened iPhone but Apple is too stubborn. If there ever was a phone to pull iPhone users over to Android though it’s the Moto X since it still gives them a usable size but a much larger screen.

          The problem with Android users however, is they’re stuck thinking that bigger is always better without realizing that it’s always a trade-off when it comes to compactness.

    • SkyCode

      You can ask some one with a Iphone why they bought it and they will tell you (Because its a Iphone) I have the Moto X for my personal phone and a IPhone for work and the Iphone is just a paper weight. When i am off or not on call it is turned off and out of my Face.

    • NexusMan

      4.7″ is NOT a small screen. I don’t think ANYONE likes a “small screen,” we just don’t like big phones. There’s a difference. The iPhone is a small phone with a small screen. The Moto X is a small phone with a big screen.

  • Brandon Sobotta

    Just recommended the Moto X for my mom. Would do the same with this one. Can’t really see recommending it to any one other than her.

  • illpassinthisone

    So, the NEW MOTO X 2 + 1 SQUARED is actually an LG G2…

  • calum wilper

    why 5.2!? why!? :_(

    • M3D1T8R

      Yeah, 5.2 seems to be the new 5. See G2, Z2, S5 (5.1). I’m not a big fan either (ha), but I’m willing to live with it if the device is otherwise awesome.

      • calum wilper

        I mean I don’t mind big devices as such, they’re just not for me. I just wish companies would make a powerful device that also fits nice and comfy in my hand.

        • M3D1T8R

          Me too. So far Sony is about the only one doing that with their nice Z1 Compact, and hopefully soon Z2 Compact (which I think would be nearly the perfect device but I would need it to come to Verizon). I hope it’s successful enough that others stop insisting on smaller devices always being “mid range”.

          • calum wilper

            exaclty, verizon is the biggest boon and bane of life. I’m also hoping new battery technology will bring an end to small devices being midrange.

        • Dan

          Droid Mini is a great little phone, same guts as the Moto X in a nice small package.

          • calum wilper

            couple of points there. I love my moto x, it is a fantastic device, however i’m not entirely sure you could call it a powerful one. Same goes for the droid mini. Second point is; i actually loved the first droid razr mini, simply cause i though it was the right size and had the same hardware as it’s bigger brothers. so i was pretty excited about the droid mini but when i played with it, every time i swiped to notification shade down, my thumb ran across the home button, immediately scrolling the notification shade back up.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    Depends on the price. Feels like a nexus year.

  • Neil Fujiwara

    This makes more sense to be a sequel to the Droid Maxx/Droid Ultra as those had 5″ displays and a slight decrease bezel would cause the increase in screen size. I hope they keep the Moto X sub 5″ so it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle of the M8, S5, G3, 1+1 or the other Mega Phones.

    • M3D1T8R

      Yep. I still say a moto x with the same dimensions but reduced bezels to accommodate a 4.9″ screen would be ideal, or 5″ max.

  • Jonathan Williams

    No barometer? WTF….

    • DanielMena9

      what apps do you use that take advantage of it? I am unsure how to utilize it

      • michael steinmetz

        it helps with gps to pinpoint your location height as well

        • DanielMena9

          Do you know if apps like RunKeeper have it utilized?

          • michael steinmetz

            idk what apps specifically utilize it other than maps so if it uses maps api’s to help with tracking then it probably does

        • MUTINOUS

          So… if your phone is in your back pocket and you let one rip, does it register a change in altitude?

      • Jonathan Williams

        /s was left out. Sorry.

        • DanielMena9

          hahahaha I fell for it! lol I was like O___O someone has a use for it

      • Elliot Kim

        You can help contribute to pressureNET

    • King Lo

      Damn you. You beat me to it.

    • LiterofCola

      I lol’d

  • M3D1T8R

    Sounds great for a new Droid. I’m hoping the new Moto X keeps it at or just under 5″, for that great in hand feel. If these specs go into a new X with just a little bit smaller screen (still 1080), I’m all about it.

  • sincityjohn44

    oh no. youre not gonna cry about the size of this phone too, are you kellen ;-( ? hehe

  • Cesar

    If this turns out to be a new Moto X, then I can only hope they did some serious bezel trimming, as I don’t want anything too much bigger than last year’s Moto X.

  • jamaall

    5.2″ sounds more like a Droid Ultra/MAXX successor, I’d be surprised if they made the moto x bigger after everyone praised it for its perfect size.

  • Chop

    Would’ve been better to have an 801 just for the energy efficiency. But Motorola seems to be very well on top of battery life.

  • crazed_z06

    S5 or even Note 3 or LG G2 already beat this.

    • Cesar

      Obviously, you have no idea what the point of the Moto X is.

      • crazed_z06

        From using it at the Verizon store, it seemed like a smartphone that ran an almost stock version of Android. Reminded me of my old Galaxy Nexus actually.

        • PoisonApple31

          That’s exactly how I felt about it and decided I wanted to try something else. It felt better in hand than the Galaxy Nexus though, but stock Android was just so boring. I enjoyed the look and that’s about it.

      • The Narrator

        customizable covers? I really don’t know what the point of it was. It was still $599+

    • mule0331

      Still in the cold. The S5 note 3 and G2 may have better specs on paper, but none of those phones are any faster or smoother than the current Moto X, so i would say a boost in processor for the new X would make it even more of a beast. And before you ask, i am currently running the note 3, but have owned both the Moto X and Droid Maxx which is about the same thing with a bigger screen. So I can say from owning all 3, that the X holds it’s own just fine over the “super powered” phones.

      • staticx57

        So what is the point of the Moto X? Worse battery life than the G2, worse camera than the G2 and bad screen compared to the G2…

        • Mike

          It’s not made with LG’s horrendous skin?

          • staticx57

            So root and ROM it, you can’t make up with the crummy hardware that the X has.

      • Christian Trevor Clauss

        Actually, from owning the Moto X and now LG G2, the LG G2 is pretty damn smooth on top of it’s skinned UI. A lot smoother and more optimized than TouchWiz.

  • DJ SPY

    I’m waiting.

  • Wouldn’t that make the next Moto X called a Moto X + 0.5″ instead of +1?

  • Ralph Bretz

    i’d like to see a battery on par with the L2 G2

  • morteum

    Meh, even though I think 5″ would be better, an extra .2″ of screen isn’t going to kill me. Specs all seem good, I just hope they keep everything else the Moto X has and continue to optimize the f*** out of the software and make the camera a little more worthwhile.

  • Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! Prepare for the barrage of Moto X2 rumor articles from Moto X Life I mean Droid-Life

    • Ian

      Oh you mean the rumor articles they post for all devices? And how dare the number of rumors/leaks/posts be proportional to a devices perceived popularity!

      C’mon man, don’t hate. Share the love that is Android.

  • brkshr

    Is this Per Sarge?

  • Guest

    Why jump the model number back to “XT912” series? That’s in the same series as the original Droid RAZR. Weird. I really don’t understand manufactures and the storage choices they offer, 24GB? I’m assuming that means it is actually 32GB and they portioned the rest for the operating system. I mean it’s 2014, 64GB at least, if you going to make a flagship model and cut out the microSD reader then make sure you have some actual storage space on the device. Also if this is the new X, what happen to the special 8 core processor?

  • Alex

    Man everyone is complaining about the screen being to big at 5.2 that might be just big enough. I know I have trouble trying on my moto x now because of how small it is.Give me a cramp some times.

  • MistaButters

    If its coming out end of summer, I’d honestly be disappointed if it didn’t have the 805

    • morteum

      Kinda like how everyone was disappointed that the original came out with an S4 pro? I wouldn’t worry.

      • MistaButters

        But how well did the Moto X sell? Unless they come out at Nexus or lower pricing, they literally can’t afford to not match current specs. The Moto X was a pretty clear message that mass market still cares about that.

        • morteum

          I don’t really think the processor has much of an impact on sales. I’d imagine the majority of users buying an iPhone 5s or a Galaxy S5 aren’t buying it because of the A7 or the Snapdragon 801. I mean, maybe, but I’d be really surprised. I think it’s mostly just about marketing.

        • Turner

          I think the lack of a marketing campaign had more of an impact. Or the price $199, wait $99, wait $399 off contract, or $349? How does that sound, today only… ok forever? Wood backs too, but not yet, is now ok? Get it together Moto.

  • aye_winchell

    Im just gonna go out on a ledge here and assume this is 32 gigs, and 6 is being used up but the OS, i mean if the usable ram is 1.7 and that mean 2 then it would stand to figure that the internal storage figure is also what is usable after system use.

  • apfire21

    5 inches and bigger is great. Everytime i look at someone using an i phone 4 or 5 i really laugh out loud (lol)

  • John

    Smartphones are meant to be media consumption devices. Seriously, who watches videos, plays games or even surf the net on a teeny little peephole of a screen? I have never seen anyone squint so hard while reading an email like my boss on his Iphone 5. People complain about using two hands for their phones cuz its too big. Well my boss uses two hands to type on his iphone and shimmies it to reach the top. Of course he won’t admit it when I make fun of him. If you just want to text and make phone calls, go get a blackberry, iphone or a dumb phone.

  • 213ninja

    not one line of hate at the screen size???

    • The Narrator


    • calculatorwatch

      DL has a bit of screen size denial I think. Note how they were all excited about the OnePlus One and now that it’s being released realize that the 5.5″ screen means it’s going to be huge. Still no concerns about the size of the LG G3 so far but then everyone’s gonna be surprised when it’s released and it’s still way bigger than a Galaxy S5, because even though LG has tiny bezels, 5.5″ still takes up a lot of space.

      • bobbyp

        They cater to their readership here. So many readers love Moto so it has to be all good. Those that didn’t jump on the X last year and went with the G2 are pretty vocal about how great of a phone it is. Every Moto X leak last year had more comments than any other articles. They see that starting with the G3 rumors so they are looking to get as many hits and comments as possible.

        • calculatorwatch

          Well I’m talking about the readers too. Almost everyone on this site follows the cycle of “Oh look at this awesome phone with a huge screen!” to most people saying “Oh never mind, that thing is way too big for me.”

          There’s nothing wrong with it since everybody likes getting excited about phones, I just think it’s a funny phenomenon.

    • 213ninja

      never forget…..

      “I can’t stand it. Outside of Motorola and Apple, no one wants to make a phone you can actually use anymore. Well, use with one hand efficiently that is. It’s one giant race to see who can do it bigger, with more pixels and megapixels and inches and batteries. Why? Stop it already, Samsung, LG, Sony, Oppo, and the rest of you. I don’t want to use two hands just to control my smartphone.

      People wondered why we showed so much praise to the Moto X last year? This is why. Because you can handle the phone in one hand without fuss.”


      • Franklin Ramsey

        Keep in mind that this hasn’t released yet. I’m not saying they will be able to make it manageable with one hand, but let’s wait to see what happens before we say this can’t be used with one hand.

        • 213ninja

          I wasn’t saying anything like that, I was quoting the author from his post 2 days ago…see link.

          I have no interest in this, I have a Note 3 that I use with one hand every day 😉

          • Franklin Ramsey

            Oh I know, but Technically the Author doesn’t say anything about what size is the best so much as he is praising certain phones for being able to be used in one hand.

          • 213ninja

            you’re not wrong, but the only way this 5.2″ Motorola isn’t comparable in size to the S5 or the M8 or any other phone he was complaining about is if Moto does something truly groundbreaking with zero bezels, which probably isn’t even practical in terms of accidental screen presses, but we shall see…

  • Franklin Ramsey

    I’m wondering if this won’t be similar to the Droid Ultra relationship to the Moto X? The 5.2″ might get released as a Droid brand and a smaller screen Moto X + 1 could come along?

  • lgreg64

    yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! my next phone

  • Orion

    5.2 is a good size for a flagship phone. I’m more interested on that rumored moto phablet. I want some more news on that.

  • calculatorwatch

    I don’t think there’s any way Moto would bump the screen size this much on something meant to replace the current Moto X. If they’re releasing a new X with a 5.2″ screen then I think they will be releasing an updated one with a 4.7″ screen as well.

    That’s right I’m going with the 2 device theory, I feel like there’s a Bionic joke in here somewhere…

    • Franklin Ramsey

      I was kind of thinking this myself. Sort of like the Droid Ultra coming with a 5 inch screen but the Moto X having a 4.7″

      • calculatorwatch

        Yeah I don’t think the model number is enough to determine whether it’s part of the Droid family or a new Moto X. I just don’t see them abandoning the small form factor of the old Moto X. If they were gonna bump the screen size the highest they would go is 5″

    • Pedro

      Let’s wait until Sarge gets some input.

    • hkklife

      Well, my take on it is this:

      The OG Moto X was 4.7″ and the VZW-specific Droids were 4.3″ and 5.0″ respectively. I’ll wager that the “regular” Moto X gets a tiny little bump up to 4.8″ or 4.9″ and the VZW variants get nudged up to 5.2″.
      Remember, back last fall Bionic DID say that Sarge said a 1080P, quad core 5.2″ Moto X “hero” phone was coming in the first quarter. This could definitely be it.

      • calculatorwatch

        There has been a lot of talk about a larger version of the Moto X and I definitely think this could be it. I also have a feeling Moto wants to leave the design of the original Moto X the same so I wouldn’t be surprised if they kept the 4.7″ screen size. It could still just be a new Droid though.

        • Dan

          And either a new X or Droid would be fine with me as I’m on Verizon.. this could be my next!

  • Tony Byatt

    Kellen can’t be too happy about this…Unless the bezels are nonexistent…

    • hkklife

      OR…unless the latest round of Moto blogger payoff checks have arrived! ;-p

      • Tony Byatt


  • In other news, the UK job opening for Moto Maker is not up anymore. So they must’ve found someone and be ready for it soon.

  • Rodeojones000

    Enough with the 5+ inch screens.

    • yte

      Enough with the 5 foot manlets.

    • The Narrator

      Well it’s anustart

  • Sean Plantz

    Please no with the 5.2″ screen. My droid maxx requires me to shift the phone around to use it, bigger than that? No thanks.

    • Orion

      Well moto won’t miss you.

      • Sean Plantz

        Hilarious. Well seeing no review I’ve seen of the moto x said “gee I wish the phone was huge” I’m thinking I am probably not the only one here.

        • PoisonApple31

          No several people admitted they have small girly hands, you are not alone.

          • Sean Plantz

            My hands aren’t small is just simply not comfortable using a device with over a 5 inch screen. At 6’4″ and being able to palm a basketball my hands were never called girly before, but maybe I’m in the presence of giants 😉

          • Nikuliai

            My reason for disliking big ass phones is about the pocket, not the hands, it’s not really smart to be making bigger and bigger phones if you’re supposed to carry that thing in your pocket.

          • Sean Plantz

            Another good reason. What Good is a phone if you can’t keep it in your pocket. I don’t wear skinny jeans but I really can’t see keeping these massive phones on me comfortably.

          • PoisonApple31

            Unless you are doing constant squats in jeans, its not hard to pocket a big phone like the Note 3. If you need to put it in a European carryall, I won’t hold it against you.

          • Nikuliai

            I use regular jeans, and I do run on stairs every day (you can consider that squats considering the pocket movement), and if the phone is too big it would literally jump off my pocket when I’m doing that, and tbh I don’t really wanna be thinking on what can or cannot do because I have a phone in my pocket, the whole point of the thing is to make life easier, not more complicated. Besides, in my country there are some “friends of what doesn’t belong to them” that only need a little part of the phone or wallet out of the pocket and you’re done, so this is another factor to me. Basically I need a phone I can carry around without worrying about what will happen to it because of its size, and the Note 3 is NOT that phone for me, I have a couple pants that leave a good part of that brick out of the pocket.

            And then again, I like to handle all the device with my left hand, so 5” is most likely the point I’m still comfortable with a phone, I can handle a 5.3” easy, but it’s not really a plus but the complete opposite (since I don’t have any trouble reading on my X, it’s not worth the sacrifice), huge ass phones are kind of missing the point to me… but then again, who cares, they’ll continue to get bigger phones every year

    • chris125

      Well on screen buttons and small bezel, the g2 is smaller in size than the droid maxx with a larger screen so I could easily see this being the same way

      • Sean Plantz

        That would be OK. As long as that’s what they do.

  • Yolo

    My Moto X said XT1052 as the model number (UK unit)

  • teevirus

    Hard to believe it is will be a new Moto X given the significant increase in screen size. But perhaps their focus groups said “I need a bigger phone because that other guy’s screen is bigger”

  • Droid Ronin

    I’d be more interested to see what other software innovations they’ll have in the new Moto X. They really hit it out of the park last year with Active Display and Touchless Control.

  • blakjakdavy

    I hope this is a new droid for Verizon that has identical specs to a smaller new moto x. My only hope is that often phones with on-screen buttons report their screen resolution as 1184×1080 and this bench says 1920×1080. Please please be the new droid ultra with capacitive buttons. Please.

    • blakjakdavy


    • Ian

      You actually enjoy verizonized phones?

  • mustbepbs

    No Moto! No! 5.2″ is way too big!

    • The Narrator

      Everybody’s girlfriend must be super tight.

      • Jason B

        Not if the measurements were diagonally across. Girth, man, girth!

    • Grahaman27

      moto maker, 4.7 will still be an option 🙂

  • chris125

    Hope the camera isn’t a disappointment like the original moto x. Only thing that kept me from buying one. Plus let’s hope they do like lg and make it very small with tiny bezels

    • JP

      Somehow they will find a way, every camera on a Motorola phone since the original Droid has sucked balls.

      • chris125

        Agree, moto just can’t seem to get the camera right. They need to take some pointers from Samsung and sony

  • Pdewet

    Tim mentioned it in last nights show that the Moto X was just a little on the small size and I agree. With a 5.2″ screen I will be all over that. My next phone unless the LG G3 blows me away.

  • Size is key on this one, if it is the new Moto X.

  • Mike

    No barometer? Not worth getting, this is 3014 get with the times Motorola!

    • Franklin Ramsey

      3014?!?!? Holy Crap! I’m in the future!

    • Mike

      2014* and yes this was a joke.

    • scastro87


      • The Narrator

        Yeah, everybody’s phone has a heart rate sensor. Samsung just wanted to add one to be stupid, i suppose

    • Pedro

      3014? How long have I been sleeping?
      Although I feel quite rested.

  • chris125

    If true looks like you won’t get a smaller sized phone Kellen

  • dick tracy

    oh wtf the screen is too big, i hate life, blah blah blah.

  • Carlos Lopez

    If its 350 like the first moto x with killer battery life I’ll sell my s5 in a heartbeat and buy it

  • Garrett Sechelski

    5.2″ isn’t bad size wise. The bezels on the original Moto X are pretty small, I’d imagine they’ll find a way to make them smaller. Looking forward to a more… “revealing” leak here pretty soon.

    • The Narrator

      Fit it into the body of the G2 and we’re talking the perfect size.

    • Michael Quinlan

      A 5.2″ screen (with 16:9 aspect ratio) would be 2.55″ wide – wider than the body of the Moto X. And even if they can make the body of the phone minimally wider, that’s still an extra 1/4″ to reach the other side of the screen with your thumb when using the phone one-handed; that’s way outside the comfort range of the Moto X’s 4.7″ screen. By increasing the screen size this much, Motorola would be alienating the very people they attracted with the ergonomic design of the Moto X in the first place. I can’t see how this would be a smart move.

      • lgreg64

        I think they will still have a new Moto X size phone and this new larger X. If samsung can have what seems like 100’s of sizes then motorola can have 2.

        • Big EZ

          I think your right. They will take advantage of the assembly process they have and add to it. Next year they may add a mini (4.3″) or a max (5.5-5.7)

        • Big EZ

          I think Motorola will do it properly also. None of this S5 mini is a budget phone crap. I think they will be the same device save for screen size, battery, and maybe a few other minor differences not including the processor or anything effecting the core experience.

      • Jeremy Turnley

        The Nexus 5 is 2.72″ wide, and it’s very managable, so with a small (OnePlus One style) bezel, you could get the thing down to a minimal footprint. It does seem excessive, though – my N5 is plenty big for a phone. I understand the appeal of the Note sized devices (big enough to be a single-carry device rather than a phone plus a tablet), but that extra .2″ isn’t really going to be a large improvement.

      • Justin W

        2.549358 inches wide, to be exact (screen-size, of course), compared to the Moto X’s current 2.304225, so we are looking at an increase in width of 0.245133 inches (you made me break out my high school math skills because I initially read the first line as 2.55″ wider).

        Also, while I don’t think this will cause a large issue with users, I do think Moto should keep the Moto X around, and have the Moto X+1 (hopefully with a better name by then) around for those that have a preference of a bigger device. While I don’t want a Note 3 or One MAX sized device, I would like something a little larger than the Moto X, but there isn’t anything aside from the HTC One (which is already pushing itself into Note 3 territory dimensions-wise with that massive black bezel and the necessary dual front speakers). Moto X-sized bezels, with 5.1-5.2″ screen? Yes please.

        • Big EZ

          How about the Moto X – 4.7″, Moto XL – 5.2″, Moto XXL – 5.5/5.7″, maybe even a Moto XS – 4.3″ (a true mini with the same basic hardware)

          • lgreg64

            that would work

          • Justin W

            Yup – all the same internal specs, with the resolution varying based on screensize (1080p for 5″+ and 720p for the two below) seems to make sense to me. Then again, I question splitting it into four different sections – why not just a 4.5, 5.0, 5.5?

      • tyguy829

        I don’t think there’s much to worry about. The post says that the droid razr carried the model number XT912, and this is XT912A. So wouldn’t this be a successor to the droids, not the moto x? While the current droids and moto x are quite similar, the only thing they really differ on is size–the droids (ultra and maxx) have 5 inch screens opposed to the X’s 4.7 (plus much bigger bezels and offscreen buttons). So, compact size has never been a feature of the droids, while it has been of the X. I don’t think there’s much cause for concern, especially if this just means the droids are getting onscreen buttons. 5.2″ would make perfect sense.

      • Peter Blanco

        Remember the G2 though? I have normal sized hands and have no problems reaching all 4 corners on mine, just a matter of how they take advantage of bezels.

      • Jones

        The screen size is what kept me away from the moto x. XL that ish and I’m all over it

    • Ralph Bretz

      I hope Active Display is still there and Snap Dragon 800 Quad Core is some how intergrated into a X10 chipset

    • Craig P

      It would make more sense if this were the new Droid Maxx, considering it currently has a 5″ display. This would be a response to the GS5.

  • Alex Boro

    “Okay google now” or active display wont cut it this time around. Make the screen smaller and add new features.

  • Mario Williams

    Fingers crossed for OIS, but that’s not there according to this. =

  • Defenestratus

    WTF are people whining about a tiny 5.2″ screen these days? I wont accept any size less than 5.7″ now. Get bigger hands. Wusses.

    • Franklin Ramsey

      Get bigger hands… Genetically impossible at this point, but way to let people have opinions.

      • Defenestratus

        Maybe if you get bigger hands you’ll find a sense of humor too. Wuss.

        • Franklin Ramsey

          Actually I have fairly large hands. I can easily palm a basket ball. I don’t find I need bigger hands.

      • Ian

        Nah Brah, medical science! Hand transplants are totally possible! 🙂

        • Dan

          nah, not needed, just squid suction cup finger tip extensions.

    • hoodieNation


    • The Narrator


  • hyperbeatser

    even in a small body 5.2″ is pushing it size-wise….

  • Franklin Ramsey

    I want. Just hope the bezel is small with the that 5.2 inch screen.

  • realfoxm

    That 5.2 inch screen though =

    • Franklin Ramsey

      Maybe they found a way to shrink the bezel a lot? Hopefully?

      • Grahaman27

        multiple screensizes with moto maker.

        “Today you have colours and beginning of materials but you don’t have screen size and you don’t have functionality and we’re going to bring all that in in the next year or so.”

        – Dennis Woodside, Jan 2014.

    • We can hope that they pack it tightly into a little phone body.

      • mustbepbs

        Yeah but who wants a phone with literally no bezels? It wouldn’t be usable. A phone needs moderate bezels or else you’re hitting stuff with your palm or fingers.

        • The Narrator

          What? That’s tablets. Not phones.

          • MicroNix

            Phones more so than tablets.

          • Carlos Lopez

            no he’s right you do need some bezel so that you dont accidently set off the edge of the display

        • Not unless a manufacturer figured out how to create a bezel-less experience by somehow making the outer edge of the screen “unaffected by touch”. That’d be an awesome concept!

        • See, I’ve never understood that way of thinking. When I hold my phone my fingers are touching the back and sides of the phone, never the bezels. I get that everyone may hold their phones differently but I can recall seeing people using their phones with their fingers wrapped all the way to the front.

      • Orion

        Well they packed 4.7 in….so they’ll do the same with this one.

      • morteum

        Didn’t someone from Motorola say they plan on making a MotoMaker option include multiple screen sizes?

        • Orion

          That would be awesome.

        • WickedToby741

          Woodside did, but that was prior to the Lenovo acquisition and he’s gone now. That was meant to be a transition towards Ara, which is now under the Google umbrella, so who knows if they’ll still go that direction.

          • hkklife

            I think whatever was in the pipeline last year was well too far along to be canned at the 11th hour…but I do imagine they will just release standard carrier/unlocked SKUs and keep Moto Maker offering what it currently does until Lenovo figures out how to assimilate everything.

        • Ryan Gullett

          That would be pretty awesome. Get online and you can literally custom pick almost every part of your phone. Screen size, 4.7 or 5.2. Front color, black or white. And then pick any of the many different options for the back of the phone.


      • morteum

        Also, kind of ironic that this comes out immediately after you publicly express your distaste for large phones.

      • Pedro

        Take a bit out of the top and bottom bezel in the N5, and you should have 5.2″. Maybe add 0.1″ to the width, and you’re all good.

      • EC8CH

        Just like the LG G2 maybe? I’d be down with that.

      • Paul Hansen

        It’s more likely a new MAXX

      • Big EZ

        I think they’ll keep the 4.7″ since they already have the assembly process down, and just add additional choices, like screen size.

        4.7″ to 5.2″ is way to big of a jump to leave all those wanting a medium size device (that doesn’t suck) in the cold. I’ve been saying they need to keep the 4.7″, add a 5-5.2″ and a 5.5-5.7″. I think next year we’ll see another size added. Maybe a 4.3″ mini with the same specs, or a 5.7″ max.

    • Uncle Ruckus

      5.2 inch with onscreen nav buttons is still manageable.

    • The Narrator

      Oh boo hoo. This is why Android is winning. Screen size. Not some wimpy 4in where you can’t be productive.

      • WickedToby741

        I don’t think anybody is asking for 4″, just some compelling options under 5″. Big phones are great for those who like them and no one is suggesting they go away, there’s just a lot of people (myself included) who would like to see these “Mini” versions of phones (which aren’t honestly very mini) be available with decent specs. Why no 4.7″ 1080p device with a Snapdragon 800? Really, it would be ideal if Moto just took the current Moto X body and swapped the screen out for a 4.7″ 1080p AMOLED and swapped the processor for a Snapdragon 800 (and the camera too for good measure). They could even offer a program to upgrade your current Moto X with the newest internals, keeping the outer shell.

        • Dan

          Droid Mini at 4.3″ with the same guts as the MAXX and the Moto X… awesome little phone!

      • MicroNix

        Android is winning because there is choice, not screen size.

        • The Narrator

          if apple offered a screen size bigger than 4in, I’d try it out. It’s choice and screen size. There’s no denying that, at all.

          • Nikuliai

            I wouldn’t, bigger it is, less inclined I’m to buy it (phone wise of course, I have a 42” FHD as my pc Monitor)

      • Turb0wned

        Android is winning because of the hundreds of phones that come out… No one android phone has ever sold anywhere near the iPhone.

    • Peter Blanco

      G2=5.2 inch screen. I have normal hands and no problems touching all 4 corners with one hand. If they can keep bezels trim, we should be fine!

    • Dan

      5.2 is going to be my new goto size. Currently rocking a 5.5″ Note 2, and something just a tad smaller would be perfect (although i love my Note).