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Recap: Motorola’s Software Hangout With Executive Punit Soni

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A lot of us have been skeptical about what is to become of Motorola Mobility when Lenovo finishes up acquiring them from Google. Motorola’s Punit Soni sat down to clear some things up and field software-related questions from a live audience recently, and a couple noteworthy details emerged. In case you were not able to join in the festivities live, we have compiled the main points down below.

Soni talked up Motorola’s software strategy, stating that incredibly fast updates are important to him and Motorola in general. He stated that voice commands and searching are big parts of Motorola’s focus, and that they will continue to improve, possibly pushing beyond the boundaries of Google Now in the future. Soni noted a couple of requests that came up during the live Q&A, such as a Work mode in Motorola Assist and a switch to a low-power state while a phone is asleep.

The elephant in the room, almost undeniably, is whether Motorola will be staying committed to the same strategy with their Android skin once Lenovo takes over. Soni says Motorola has no plans to stray from their pure Android strategy, although he didn’t reference OS update speed specifically. All things said, while there are still things to be cleared up with Lenovorola, we are starting to see that Motorola wants to try to maintain their identity.

When asked about what is ahead with the Lenovo acquisition, the exec stated that Lenovo brings a lot to the table, and that this means wonders for Asian market presence.

Finally, we are told that we will be seeing more of these Hangouts in the future, as Motorola wants to remain open and communicate with consumers. It looks like Motorola is still in great shape to me, even with the Lenovo acquisition on the horizon, but what say you?

  • Yassir

    Love what Motorola is doing in terms of software, that’s why I’m getting their next phablet if it has at least a 3200mah battery.

  • davidtb

    You will be told what you WANT to know until they change their mind. It’s really all BS until then.

    • Abhijeet Mishra

      Yeah, and sadly, it’s like all the companies from China with the poor tacky Android skins want to start operating in India to capture market share. Lenovo’s skin isn’t that bad, but it’s not exactly good either, and I’m afraid Motorola might be ruined by them. Let’s hope they don’t.

  • creed

    I’m sorry but if Motorola wants to “keep their identity”, they should stop getting bought and sold.

  • whoa

    Punit Soni is the man!

  • bad

    worst interviewer ever…”thats great”…”great”…”that’s great”… wildy nodding, no clue was he talks about…”that’s great”…

    • dapoktan

      as she was throwing around “we” as she was talking about Motorola.. she appears to work for them at least.. whether on the moto x team, or for PR, i’m not sure

  • ravenofdoom

    Motorola’s ultimate strategy since the Google acquisition has been to branch out into the emerging market with mid-range devices, rather than produce a single USA flagship to beat out other competition. Their supply-chain and manufacturing model couldn’t sustain being a big player in the US when getting flooded by the purchasing power and manufacturing prowess of giants like Samsung. Their Lenovo acquisition will only reiterate this marketing strategy to sell low-price-point devices to emerging markets – this is what Lenovo needs and wants as a result of its sinking consumer-PC division. Nobody wants expensive sleek Lenovo PC’s anymore, and Lenovo intends to play the numbers game in winning over China, India, and South America with low-cost phones (a sort of balance to their tradition of selling premium consumer products). Sadly, this likely means an end to expecting great top-tier phones within the US from Lenovorola, as the US market is already saturated and won’t fit into their marketing model to tap what’s still available.

  • Arty McBert

    What did they use to record this? A Moto G? C’mon, if you’re multi billion dollar company, then you should use some professional cameras.

  • calculatorwatch

    I love how dedicated Motorola is to taking feedback and pleasing their customers. Instead of just telling people what they want Motorola is actually looking closely at the way people use their products and trying to improve the experience.

    I also like that they see themselves as only having scratched the surface on some of the big features like touchless control and Motorola assist. As opposed to Samsung, HTC, and others who seem to be reaching for the next big feature, Motorola actually has a clear vision for what they want to do and how it will set them apart.

  • Sean Plantz

    Punit Soni seems like a genuine individual, He is very active on G+ for an employee of his stature, and he encourages others to help out answering questions if he can’t (eg tags other employees that may have more intimate information on the subject). He has personally answered so many questions that I have seen and this is the kind of interaction that makes me feel good in owning a motorola product.

  • Jeremy Martin

    “Soni says Motorola has no plans to stray from their pure Android strategy” — As of now and until Lenovo changes that. He cannot guarantee anything sadly. He is right though… Googles Motorola *todays Moto* has no plans of changing…Lenovos Motorola might be a different story.

    • calculatorwatch

      I think (hope) that Lenovo will take a wait and see approach before making any big changes as Motorola. It’s not as if they’re doing badly and changing the core strategy now could send Motorola into another downward spiral. If their sales numbers don’t increase within the next couple years though, something drastic could be inevitable.

  • meijin3

    Pretty interesting Hangout. I was so sad when Lenovo announced plans to buy Motorola but hopefully they remain more or less the same if not better.

  • aamd11

    “Incredibly fast updates”…like 4.4 (not to mention the nonexistent ones to 4.2 and 4.3) to my razr HD

    • Cael

      Upgrade 😛 they’re at the bottom of the list. haha

      • aamd11

        haha I know, I know. Still love Moto, excited for the X sequel

    • ceejw

      The Nexus 4 is currently the only flagship phone from 2012 that has been updated to 4.4. Its very likely that the RAZR HD/M will be the first non nexus phones from 2012 to get updates to 4.4

      • aamd11

        Droid DNA. Also the GS3 got updates to both 4.2 and 4.3, with a scheduled 4.4 update if I’m not mistaken

  • 213ninja

    in the preview pic it looks like he’s about to off himself…..

    • Heh yeah, not the greatest place to mark a thumbnail 😉

  • jnt

    This video definitely made me love what they’re trying to do even more than I already did. He was also pretty assertive when asked about keeping things as close to AOSP+features as possible, even post Lenovo, which was good to hear.

  • Lenovo did a great job with the IBM Thinkpad acquisition so hopefully they can keep the same up.

    • davidtb

      Yeah, they virtually eliminated the Thinkpad, and drove up the price of their own models.