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Amazon Inks Multi-year Deal With HBO, Bringing HBO GO Programming to Fire TV and Prime Members

Since its release only a couple of weeks ago, the one thing Fire TV from Amazon has really been missing out on, is HBO GO. Both companies, Amazon and HBO, have announced a new multi-year deal, in which Amazon Prime members and owners of the Fire TV will have access to HBO GO’s programming, such as exclusive TV shows, movies, and more. 

What makes this deal different, and which sets Amazon apart from the rest of the market, is that this is the first case where HBO has licensed HBO GO to an online-only subscription streaming service. Amazon Prime members will not need another special GO account for access, as it is with all other cases today. For example, other set-top boxes have access to HBO GO, but you need an HBO GO account which can be costly depending on your service provider. 

As for when HBO GO will become accessible to Amazon customers, the company states that Prime members should see the first wave of content hit Instant Video beginning May 21, with additional content rolling out over a multi-year period. So, if you don’t see your favorite HBO GO show on launch day, don’t panic, it will come eventually.

Fire TV owners should expect access on their boxes by this year’s end, which may seem far away, but at least we now know it is coming.

If you have been on the fence about an Amazon Prime account, or a Fire TV, this new deal may make both sound a bit more tempting.

Via: Amazon
  • Roger Michaels

    I did not know Amazon struck a deal with HBO. Thanks for the information.

  • jpfrasier

    Really wanting the Android instant video app as well but this should work nicely on my Roku. When the price for Prime went up recently I knew that it meant more content was coming and they are off to a good start.

  • monkey god

    Does this mean I can watch NEW episodes of Game of Thrones? or only older back catalog shows?

  • Snowbo13

    Sweet… First time my smart tv will come in handy. I usually use Chromecast but without the amazon app for android i will just have to use the so so interface on my lg tvs app.

  • Joe Cross

    Does this mean we have to have a fire tv to access HBOGo or is it part of having just a prime membership?

  • Diablo81588

    Awesome. Now I won’t have to torrent Game of Thrones to watch it without a stupid HBO subscription.

  • Silver Veloz

    Hmm! I’ll keep my Amazon Prime going and see how this plays out.

  • truth_cutz

    How about this Amazon…get your thumb out of your ass and give us a Android App!!

  • SMD79

    Does anyone know if you can hook this up to a hard drive somehow that has lots of other movies on it? My friend has a Boxee and does it easily but I like Amazon Prime so I’m tempted to go with this one.

  • BoozeRob

    I have Fire TV. I can honestly say its pretty awesome. Very fast.

  • dragonflyr

    umm .. it’s a trap.

  • Lawrence_Hart

    Oh HBO go without cable!?!
    Oh. Never mind.

  • Blue Sun

    Tim, you might want to mention that the HBO content that they are adding to Amazon Fire is 3 years or older (I believe). A lot of people are confused & thinking that they might get to see newer content days after it initially airs.

  • Patrick Crumpler

    Wow. That’s pretty good news. Just get a chromecast extension and I’m there.

  • The Narrator

    Not sure why it’s so hard for people to understand lol

    • r0l

      It’s because IMO Tim accidentally merge the service and product announcements together. The Go app on Fire TV is completely separate from the content deal for Amazon Instant but this article make sit sound like they are linked.


    Reading other sites, it appears that this isn’t the same thing as HBO Go. They will included their catalog of older shows, minus their “tent-pole” series’ like Sex and The City, Entourage, Game of Thrones, etc.

    What I haven’t been able to figure out is if they are *also* bringing regular HBO Go to the device (the one requiring provider login) in addition to their old video Amazon exclusives.

  • moelsen8

    good. now where’s my instant video android app..

    • Mordecaidrake


    • Havoc70

      VERY Much THIS!

    • DrewNusser

      No kidding. It’s funny how they’re trying so hard to beat the guys who created the OS they use. C’mon, Amazon!

  • Rob

    Wow. This might be their best selling point since it seems like this is the only way to get HBO Go without a cable subscription outside of sharing an account from a friend or relative. Great job Amazon. Unfortunately I already have too many devices hooked up to my TV that can access HBO go. But hopefully this will change the way HBO does business…

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Wait wait…. More clarification needed……Does this mean I can cancel my Time Warner HBO Sub?… (that I just added for Thrones)?

    • The Narrator

      Yes. But GoT isn’t included.

    • I also need to know this. HBO content has always been available via other streaming sources (Sopranos on Netflix, for example), but it is always very outdated. If we could get current HBO episodes within a week or two to their actual original air date via prime, this would be awesome.

    • Buur

      No it doesn’t. GoT isn’t included and new run shows have a 3 year delay.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Maybe I’m confused…I always thought HBO GO was directly linked to what you’re currently getting on HBO?…. Is there a separate HBO GO service I’m unaware of?

        • The Narrator

          HBO Go and Amazon Prime are completely different

          Amazon- Older/ Newer Series
          HBO Go- Need cable subscription and new episodes immediately

        • Buur

          HBOGo remains unchanged. The Amazon contract calls for older shows to be available and for new run shows to become available roughly 3 years after the initial air date. At least that is how it read to me.

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            Well this is VERY MEH THEN….

          • The Narrator

            Saving $120 a year* is a win to me. Or whatever the cheapest HBO plan is.

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            120 a month? HBO is 15$ a month add on…. which I’ll be cancelling after Game of Thrones anyway

          • The Narrator

            X 12 months.

          • JBartcaps

            $9.99 for me

          • Daniel Maginnis

            But you’re not…. Prime has access to old content and will gradually release more. Like how Netflix had encore content. And when HBO go comes to fire TV you will need a HBO go account. Essentially you will already have to be paying for HBO to your cable provider and then linking that account to stream to fire TV.

    • r0l

      Poor choice of works for article. They have access to HBO back catalog, nothing to do with HBO go.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        ^^^This Man has the answers. Makes sense now.

      • cadtek91

        What’s the difference?

        • r0l

          HBO Go is a service only available to HBO subscribers.

          This content deal is for Amazon Prime subscribers.

          • cadtek91

            Doesn’t HBO Go also have all the old shows as well?

        • Nowai

          HBO Go – actual HBO, new shows. What Amazon is getting is a bunch of old shows, and not even all of those.

  • Disqus_n00b

    What if you have Prime…but NOT the Fire box?

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      “Fire TV and Prime Members” Exclusive things

      • Chrome Cast the HBO GO app then?!

    • The Narrator

      I believe that’s self explanatory

    • r0l

      I have a Roku and hold out hope since some of the other article details weren’t so clear. (not trying to troll)

      • dragonflyr

        no other android devices! i still hate, well, highly dislike amazon.. and i’m a prime subscriber. they are slightly less evil than apple .. slightly.

  • Buur

    This is nice to watch older HBO shows. New shows are delayed by 3 years and this won’t include Game of Thrones at all it doesn’t appear.

  • Guest

    It should be mentioned that this does not include Game of Thrones among others.

    • The Narrator

      Not a real loss anyways.

  • The Narrator

    And people still say Amazon sucks..

    • Blue Sun

      I probably wouldn’t think it as often if they had an Android Prime Video app.

    • dragonflyr

      they do … sort of. this is offering old shows on a very controlled selection of hardware. if it were new shows, better. new shows and an android app, BEST. but, for now, it’s a trap.

  • Brett

    This is exceptional, Obligatory hope that GoT is first wave content.

    • Apparently is it not, and neither is “Girls.” Dang.

  • K

    Winter is not coming 🙁

  • Tristan the Marine

    So wait… Does this mean I can finally get HBO Go without having a cable subscription already? Done. I’m sold if that’s the case.

    • The Narrator


      • nwd1911

        I read the article, but all the details aren’t clear to me. It states Prime users will “have access to HBO GO’s Programming.” Will an additional subscription be required? I understand a cable subscription is not required…maybe I’m just trying to not get too excited. This would add significant value to Prime, in my opinion, if there are no additional fees and make the price increase worth it (perhaps Amazon’s reason for the increase?). If anyone knows at this point clarification would be appreciated.

        • The Narrator

          No. Amazon Prime only.

          Go to Amazon and it says it right there too. “Amazon Prime”

          • nwd1911

            Thanks. Looks like Tim linked an article for further clarification as well. Cheers!

        • r0l

          “In addition, HBO GO will become available on Fire TV, targeting a launch by year-end. HBO GO is HBO’s authenticated streaming service offering subscribers instant access to over 1,700 titles online including every episode of new and classic HBO series, as well as HBO original films, miniseries, sports, documentaries, specials and a wide selection of blockbuster movies.”

          The access to HBO Go will be through the HBO Go app and nothing to do with the streaming deal.

    • r0l

      This deal has nothing to do with HBO go, just HBO back catalog for shows 3+ years old.

      • The Narrator

        Which contains some of the greatest shows/ mini series ever.

        • feztheforeigner

          All I care about is Game of Thrones

          • Prime7

            If you don’t already, you should also care about The Wire.

          • And Deadwood. And Carnivale.

            Both of which ended far too soon. I suspect had social media had been connected to TV shows as it is now, that wouldn’t have been the case.

    • WAldenIV

      You won’t get anything from the last three years. You will get anything older than that.