Amazon’s New Fire TV Stick is $40 and Comes With an Alexa-Equipped Remote

Amazon’s Fire TV Stick, a Chromecast-like device that isn’t just a dongle you Cast things to, is available for pre-order starting today as an “all-new” version that is not only 30% faster than the original, it also comes with an Alexa-equipped voice remote. That means you get the Fire TV experience in dongle form, hidden out of sight, and controlled by your voice.  (more…)

DEAL: Amazon Fire TV Drops to $85 Today ($15 Off)

The Amazon Fire TV, a streaming media box that is also one of the few pieces of Amazon hardware worth owning, has been discounted today to $84.99, down from its usual $100 price. I say that this is one of the few, because the Fire TV offers great value for the price, while helping turn your TV into a smart one.

With the Fire TV, you get not only the box that connects to your TV, but you also get Amazon’s voice remote that now has access to Alexa. Yep, that’s the same Alexa that powers the Amazon Echo and lets you ask for the weather or sports scores or shout out commands like, “Alexa, play Prince all day every day!”

The Fire TV also supports 4K, thanks to a recent update, and still gives you access to your favorite media services like Netflix, ESPN, AMC, HBO Now, etc. You can play games on the Fire TV as well.

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DEALS: $15 Off Amazon Fire TV, $14 Bluetooth Ear Buds, and Aukey’s Line-Up of QC 2.0 Products

On most days, Amazon’s rolling list of daily deals includes few tech-related products that are worth looking at. If you dig hard enough, you’ll typically find a decent discount on a charger or TV or pair of headphones, they just don’t typically show up in bundles. Today, though, the retailer has a bunch that may be worth a glance if you are interested in spending some cash on gadgets.

If you want to take your non-smart TV and make it somewhat smart, you can pick-up Amazon’s own Fire TV for $15 off. That discount is on either the regular Fire TV or the Fire TV Gaming Edition, which includes a gamepad, 32GB microSD card, and two games.

As for other deals, TaoTronics’ Bluetooth sport headphones (ear buds) are down to just $13.99. While these aren’t going to be on the quality level of something like a Jaybird product, they would make for a decent low-priced Bluetooth headset for on-the-go travels or the sweat-filled workout. They have a 4-star rating with almost 1,600 reviews.

Finally, Aukey’s line of Quick Charge 2.0 products has all been steeply discounted. You can grab a single port wall charger with QC 2.0 for $9.49, 5-port QC 2.0 charging station for $17.99, or a 4-port QC 2.0 car charger for $9.99.  (more…)

DEAL: Amazon Echo and Fire TV Products All Discounted for Black Friday

I know that most of us as Android elitists aren’t fans of Amazon’s implementation of “Android” on tablets and phones, but that doesn’t mean some of their other offerings, like the Amazon Echo and handful of Fire TV products aren’t solid and completely worth having in your home.

For Black Friday, Amazon is discounting all of their Amazon devices like the Echo and Fire TV line-up. They are also discounting all of their tablets and e-readers as well, in case those are of interest.

The Amazon Echo, which is Amazon’s assistant/speaker/cool-looking-tube, has been discounted by $31 to $149. Their Fire TV products are also seeing nice price cuts. The Fire TV stick (without voice remote) is down to $24.99, but you can grab the version with a voice remote for $10 extra at $34.99. If you want something a bit more high-powered, the regular Fire TV box is down to $74.99 ($25 discount).

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Amazon Announces 4K Fire TV, Game Edition, and Fire TV Stick With Voice

This morning, Amazon went H.A.M. on a bunch of new Fire products. They introduced us to new Fire tablets (more here) and a couple of revamped Fire TV products. Most notably, we have the brand new Fire TV with 4K support, best-in-class WiFi, built-in Alexa (the brain behind Echo), and a microSD slot. Along with the new Fire TV, Amazon also announced a new Fire TV Stick with a voice remote (pictured below), so that Stick owners can also get into the Alexa spirit.  (more…)

Deal: Best Buy Slashes Fire TV Stick to $25 Today Only ($15 Off)

Amazon’s Fire TV  Stick is today’s deal of the day through Best Buy with a $15 discount that drops the price to $25. If you wanted to get into the dongle-to-streaming game and have yet to buy a Chromecast, this deal gets you there even if it is through Amazon’s option.

With the Fire TV Stick, you plug the HDMI-ready dongle into a port on your TV or display, connect to WiFi, then stream music, movies, and all sorts of other content through partners like Netflix, Hulu, HBO GO, Pandora, and ESPN. You can even game on the Fire TV Stick.

Amazon says the Fire TV Stick comes with 4x the storage and 2x the memory of Chromecast, so if you are a Chromecast owner, this might even be a nice little upgrade.

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Amazon Brings GameFly Streaming Service to Fire TV Devices

Announced this morning, Amazon is bringing the GameFly streaming service to Fire TV owners, allowing access to various PC titles straight through a broadband Internet connection. This news was delivered on top of Amazon’s announcement that the company has added over 600 app titles for Fire TV devices in the past 3 months, beating the likes of Apple TV and Roku in the same timeframe.  (more…)