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Galaxy S5 Owners on Verizon Experience “Camera Failed” Issue, No Word on a Fix

Samsung Galaxy S5 Camera

Verizon customers who own a Galaxy S5 are currently gathering on the forums, stating that they are experiencing severe issues with the camera found on the device.

As reported by a few owners, operation of the Galaxy S5 seems fine at first for a few days, with the camera working flawlessly. Then, with no real cause for error, the camera app shows a “Warning: Camera Failed” message. After that message appears, the camera will continuously force close and becomes inoperable, even after factory resets. 

One owner took his device back to Best Buy, where a Samsung Experience employee reportedly flashed binary files to the device, with that still not fixing the problem.

As of right now, the users who are reporting the issue are being sent new devices from Verizon, as well as receiving replacements from Best Buy. Whether this issue is only for select Verizon units, or the beginning of a larger, widespread problem, we can only hope that Samsung can produce a solution.

We have reached out to Samsung for comment and will update the post once a reply is received.

Is anyone here experiencing this issue with their Galaxy S5? If you are, please let us know below in the comments section.

Via: XDA
Cheers Brian M!
  • Nice Samsung s5 🙂

  • ljc

    I just got an s5 to support me with my artwork after agonising over whether or not to buy such a luxury item. I am so diappointed to find the camera failed after less than 2 weeks of ownershop. The shop I bought it from told me that it is not their problem and that they will replace the phone but my concern is that when the camera on the new one breaks I will be force to go back and replace my phone every 2 weeks or so until my contract is up for renewal.. Not ideal in the least.
    I appreciate I am commenting from the UK but I thought it relevant to let you know we are experiencing the same problem here. I thought I was purchasing form a reputable dealer and that I could count on them to assist if there was a fault on my phone. Simply not hte case. They told me I have to hope Samsung comes up with a solution and sends a fix. I am unclear as to whether the network I am with will have anything to do with the problem i am facing.

  • Eli

    I just got the S5 a week ago and today my camera started to do this. It won’t work at all.

  • lizett machin

    I was a iphone owner and decided to try something different. I bought the new galaxy phone on Saturday, first all my calls had a static sound and now my camera has an error message!! Unbelievable! !…. by the way my phone provider is Sprint….

  • Jeeva CA

    hi guys, i bought my Samsung S5 on 25/04/2014 in Gitex (U.A.E). Today when i opened the camera, it shows “Camera Failed”. later i uninstalled secret camera application, then restarted. now it is working. Even though i’m upset with that incident. so please let me know that i’ve to visit samsung service centre to inform this or not? will this incident reoccur? 🙁