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Galaxy S5 Owners on Verizon Experience “Camera Failed” Issue, No Word on a Fix

Verizon customers who own a Galaxy S5 are currently gathering on the forums, stating that they are experiencing severe issues with the camera found on the device.

As reported by a few owners, operation of the Galaxy S5 seems fine at first for a few days, with the camera working flawlessly. Then, with no real cause for error, the camera app shows a “Warning: Camera Failed” message. After that message appears, the camera will continuously force close and becomes inoperable, even after factory resets. 

One owner took his device back to Best Buy, where a Samsung Experience employee reportedly flashed binary files to the device, with that still not fixing the problem.

As of right now, the users who are reporting the issue are being sent new devices from Verizon, as well as receiving replacements from Best Buy. Whether this issue is only for select Verizon units, or the beginning of a larger, widespread problem, we can only hope that Samsung can produce a solution.

We have reached out to Samsung for comment and will update the post once a reply is received.

Is anyone here experiencing this issue with their Galaxy S5? If you are, please let us know below in the comments section.

Via: XDA
Cheers Brian M!
  • Nice Samsung s5 🙂

  • ljc

    I just got an s5 to support me with my artwork after agonising over whether or not to buy such a luxury item. I am so diappointed to find the camera failed after less than 2 weeks of ownershop. The shop I bought it from told me that it is not their problem and that they will replace the phone but my concern is that when the camera on the new one breaks I will be force to go back and replace my phone every 2 weeks or so until my contract is up for renewal.. Not ideal in the least.
    I appreciate I am commenting from the UK but I thought it relevant to let you know we are experiencing the same problem here. I thought I was purchasing form a reputable dealer and that I could count on them to assist if there was a fault on my phone. Simply not hte case. They told me I have to hope Samsung comes up with a solution and sends a fix. I am unclear as to whether the network I am with will have anything to do with the problem i am facing.

  • Eli

    I just got the S5 a week ago and today my camera started to do this. It won’t work at all.

  • lizett machin

    I was a iphone owner and decided to try something different. I bought the new galaxy phone on Saturday, first all my calls had a static sound and now my camera has an error message!! Unbelievable! !…. by the way my phone provider is Sprint….

  • Jeeva CA

    hi guys, i bought my Samsung S5 on 25/04/2014 in Gitex (U.A.E). Today when i opened the camera, it shows “Camera Failed”. later i uninstalled secret camera application, then restarted. now it is working. Even though i’m upset with that incident. so please let me know that i’ve to visit samsung service centre to inform this or not? will this incident reoccur? 🙁

  • james

    Yes i have tried everything to make it work and still busted, after 3 days it started giving me Camera Failed everytime i open the camera application its sucha great phone why did this have to happen lol

  • Andrew Callaway

    My S5 is 1 day old and getting random restarts for no reason! Nothing to do with the camera. I can be sitting there doing nothing then suddenly a random restart. Will be taking it back unless Samsung get back to me – they’ve gone silent!

  • Many people are facing this camera problem, it must be fix by the company.
    tell me anyone that how many people fix this issue by there selves, it should be clear by the company.
    They are losing the trust of customers by the minor problem.
    Disturbance during the using is not a good.
    Many people are using this device for personal and business modules, they have a lead to trust on thier trusted devices but if they face any problem in their trusted devices , may again they move their selves upon other trusted devices.


  • mcdonsco

    I haven’t had this exact issue but I have been noticing the phone is significantly more glitchy than its predecessors.

    I’ve never had so many people tell me they can’t understand me on speakerphone.

    Tons of app stopped working messages with common apps like eBay or amazon.

    Just…glitchy overall it seems.

    I’m almost certainly going to return this though and heres why (posted in another thread here earlier):

    Fuk Samsung…the more I think about this, the more pissed off I get.

    With EVERY S or Note launch Samsung gives us a black/white 16gb model…then once all of us early adopters return windows expire; POOF! Out come the color options and the 32gb options. And as for accessories? Always on “back order” right out of the gate…but Samsung always makes sure to send you that 50% off accessories coupon code on their site.

    WTF? As much as i despise Apple, at least they don’t pull this crap and invoke a strong sense of buyers remorse with their loyal supporters / early adopters by holding back the options and variants of the devices until weeks/months later like Samsung does with EVERY ONE OF THEIR FLAGSHIP LAUNCHES!!!

    I’m tired of it…my gs5 is going back purely out of principle.

    Fuk Samsung.

    DL should do a thing on this too btw.

  • kelly1519

    HTC, you are doing it wrong (again). The whole point of a “mini” is to have the same or very similar experience in a smaller form factor. Users won’t get the same experience with a paltry 1 GB RAM and 1.4 GHz Snapdragon. It just ain’t gonna happen. The only specs this phone gets right are the 13 MP camera and 4.4.2 Kit Kat. Please go back to the drawing board and let us know when you have a device worthy to be called “M8 Mini”. http://bit.ly/1gV0LAi

  • amanda

    My camera is no longer working after having the phone for 2 days. Bummer

  • Tisa

    I have the gs5 and my camera started today with that camera fail message I have tmobile and purchase my phone from car toys I just restart my phone then it works again

  • torque

    Guys I had this problem…let your phone die mine got fixed when it turner back on…strange but true

  • rob

    I am experiencing this exact problem, it is within the 2 week trial period so they are going to switch phones in the store as soon as thet have them in stock

  • Li

    Mine fixed on a restart but it does get annoying when it randomly does it. Could be a moment you wanna catch.

  • forcedr32

    Hope to have my VZW replacement s5 tomorrow. My camera has also failed. The phone is also saying my SD card is unmounted. I mysteriously lost all my recent pics/video. Fortunately they were backed up via the cloud. The Phone is a complete lemon. Serious lag issues. And poor battery life before and after factory reset. Can’t wait to get my replacement. Only hope it’s issue free…

  • A User

    I picked up my Galaxy S5 on o2 in the UK last Friday and yesterday my phone developed the camera issue. So it seems more like a universal issue to me…

  • Teddy Chen

    I took my defective one day old M8 to a Verizon sales rep after exchanging my first One for a defective screen; this new One had a misaligned gorilla glass and a chipped corner bezel which I did not noticed the day earlier. The sales rep just told me to put a case on it and I won’t notice it anymore. Sales rep like that gives big companies like Verizon a poor name. Fortunately, the second rep I went to was much more helpful and was able to get the manager and other reps to come fix my problem.

  • Billy Schafer

    I have had both the m8 and the s5. I choose the S5 hands down. Nicer screen, and yes, nicer camera! Can’t get used to the sense ui it is in my opinion the worst. I think I would choose an iPhone over an HTC phone and that’s saying a lot because ios is just junk aswell…..

  • cleffy

    No issue with my S5 black on verizon.

  • scott

    I have att and mines doing it to

  • Eric_615

    No camera issues here but I did have to return my first GS5 device due to an echo issue. Everybody I called heard themselves echo. Apparently I wasn’t the only one as there were a few other users that posted about the issue on the verizon forums.

  • Anthony

    If you have such a huge issue with the problems with manufacturer rom’s, such as with the Galaxy S5’s camera, Root your device! If you don’t know what root is, Google it. Or go to http://www.techychat.com, http://www.androidcentral.com, http://www.phonearena.com, http://www.gsmarena.com, http://www.xda-developers.com, etc etc.

    • topherct

      The Verizon S5 hasn’t been rooted yet…

  • Jake

    Looks like more people are having the same issue… there is a thread on AndroidCentral… http://forums.androidcentral.com/samsung-galaxy-s5/379344-s5-camera-failed.html

  • Opinionated_In_Bangor

    So the M8 camera truly is better then the S5.. At least it works 🙂

  • n900mixalot

    Wait a minute … 10 or so people on XDA commented on a post, and one of them contacted Droid-Life to get more info … this is hardly a “widespread” issue yet … not saying it didn’t happen or isn’t happening but … LOL

    • Pretty much what I’m seeing – doesn’t appear to be very widespread and certainly doesn’t sound like a ‘major’ hardware issue. Otherwise we’d be seeing numerous reports from more than one carrier.

  • kelly1519

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  • Jason Ubalde

    I have this issue on my note 3. I temporary “fixed” it by installing a flash light app and turning it on then off. I wonder if that’ll work for the gs5

  • Dan

    Sheesh flashed binary files IN best buy? Yikes. I’ll keep my N5 on T-Mobile thank you very much.

  • Milton

    Be careful out those Samsung phones may explode too

  • Hershel

    Verizon wants you to use their camera software!

    • Scott

      You’re supposed to be dead.

  • antjphotog

    I’ve had my device since release date. HEAVY camera user (photosphere, Instagram, general phototaking). No problems for me thus far…

  • shooter50

    No problem here. However, I find the Samsung camera app to be slow opening and slow focusing, especially in low light. I’ve used Silent Camera for years on other phones and tried it here. The difference is night and day. Camera now focuses accurately and fast in any conditions and all photos are amazingly crisp.
    No loinger care about the Samsung camera. I don’t need it.

  • Charles Edwards

    i Purchased a samsung s5 from Vodafone on the 9th of april arrived on the release date (11th april) camera was great for a few days now it just says ‘ warning camera failed’ not so good when you fork out £560 for a new phone

  • verizoncouldcareless

    But…but…Verizon’s testing process is so extensive and thorough, how did they not catch this?

  • ChrisGo

    My wife and I both have the Verizon S5 and there is no such error. Maybe they forgot to take the plastic off the lens or something. We even added 32GB SD cards and now the camera saves pictures to that by default. I clicked every single button and mode. TBH, I have not had a force close or app error on the phone AT ALL! I love it.

  • Verizon, Verizon, Verizon

  • Rob rollings

    So far so good for me. The only problem I’ve had is that selective focus takes forever to process.

    • tara carter

      I am having issues with mine as well. It doesn’t always have issues but sometimes takes a long time to process a photo. Not a tech genius, is there a setting that I can change on my phone to reduce this issue?

      • teacher17

        Turn OFF image stabilazation if it is on.

    • johjoh

      Same problem too.

  • Norbert Manzanida

    Dang, I was just about to get the phone last night too!

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Did you hold it….and realize how ugly it was? I’m sorry I like the S3 and S4 design…. but I held the S5 looked at that huge metal looking band…and was like WTF did they do?

      Either way. That’s just me.

      • HEY

        Now that comment is stupid and irrelevant just like the person that wrote it!

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio


      • Norbert Manzanida

        I held it and realize it was bigger. I ended up getting it anyways yesterday lol.

  • Chad Porter

    My only issue with the camera so far is that sometimes I hit the button to take a picture and just has this ring that goes around the button in a circle and keeps spinning. Even says to hold the camera still but I don’t think I can humanly hold it stiller than I was. Most of the time it just snaps the shot really quick with the fast shutter.

    • Teacher17

      Turn OFF Image stabilization if it is on

      • Chad Porter

        Thanks I will give that a try.

  • Shawn John

    HAHAHHA….Camera? You talking about a camera? HAHAHAH You lucky you can make calls without errors. Verizon strikes again!

  • rezzler76

    My M8 did that once but only after I installed the Google camera app.

  • ApplesNAndroids

    Haha.. Hahahaha

  • This makes me appreciate the M8 camera even more.

    • ApplesNAndroids


    • yo

      Again! With your 4 ULTRA MEGA BS PIXELS!…


      Maybe when u can zoom in and crop your pictures, you can talk crap.

  • JT3

    I don’t have an S5, but generally, this is what upsets me with our current (U.S.) cellular system. We’re told, countless times, that these things are rigorously tested by Google, manufacturer, and carrier. That’s why updates can take 6 months or more (if we ever get them). That’s why some devices simply aren’t allowed (or at least supported) on some networks. …and so on, and so on. However, how much testing can really be done when MAJOR flaws like this keep slipping through? Look, if you’re really not testing them, then you have no excuse for pushing out updates in a timely manner, and you certainly have no excuse for limiting devices (ala 2013 Nexus 7 on Verizon). This is the very thing that makes me thank all that is holy that Google provides us with a Nexus line that circumvents most of this nonsense.

    • n900mixalot

      Truer words have never been spoken … aside from the Nexus part. Nexus devices are great but I like a bit more hardware ambition and functionality, even if it does mean slower updates from manufacturers–but from CARRIERS?! Totally unacceptable.

      That said, what’s happening is obviously that people are installing Google’s camera, and the two cameras are causing crashes. That used to happen back in the Galaxy Nexus days when we were trying to get Photo Sphere up and running.

      • Michael Quinlan

        That might be what you THINK, but it certainly isn’t obvious, or even likely (IMO).

        • n900mixalot


    • WickedToby741

      And that’s why I left Verizon, bought a Nexus 4, and am contract-free on AT&T. Close to the coverage and service of Verizon but a cheaper price and I get to use Nexus devices.

      • Chris

        Irrelevant comment!

  • Pomacat

    I have no problem here yet and have used my camera a lot since launch day T-Mobil.

    • Ray

      Keyword is Verizon.

    • Bob

      forget to read the article?

  • dblock

    Talking ish bout my m8? Your camera doesn’t even work!

    • Mark Aaron Collado

      lol the truth hurts

    • Obama’s_tranny_wife_yuck

      and we have root and unlocked bootloader 😉

    • Natty Bee

      A crappy camera that works….is still a crappy camera

      • flosserelli

        A crappy camera that works is still better than a camera that FCs.

      • chris

        Yeah, try zooming in or cropping that sh1tty ass camera!

        I tested the m8 at an at&t and its the same sht as last year. A shty camera it is!

        • Natty Bee

          Yeah, Samsung seems to be having initial release bug, but these things happen…HTC on the other hand…there is no excuse for a 4MP camera with today’s available technology

  • topherct

    I have not experienced this yet.

  • Keith Hollis

    How many people bought the S5 over the HTC One because it has a better camera? HAHAHA

    • HeMan


    • Chris King

      Sh!t bro you’re happy people are having problems with a device they spent their hard earned money on. That sh!t’s cold coyote

      • jboogie1289

        Yeah, is he serious???

    • Arian

      Oh my god what is wrong with getting a phone for a good camera? Did YOU know this would happen?

  • T4rd

    Pretty sure this has been an issue on previous Samsung phones too. I’ve seen it a few times on my wife’s GS4, so I Google’d it at the time and I saw several threads from GS3 and GS4 owners experiencing it too. I remember a few cases of it being the camera module having a loose connection to the motherboard. There were also a few weird software fixes as well, but can’t remember what they are.

  • Bob G

    Verizon FAIL

    • The Narrator


      • hkklife

        No KK for Note 3 OR GS4. Horrible reception across the board on every Samsung device for VZW. Now this. Sounds like two giants teaming up to make for a string of FAILs (and I didn’t even mention the VZW GNex “Toro” debacle).

        • On2Vegas

          Bad reception on a Samsung phone is far from a Verizon-only issue. Trust me. I agree with the rest of your comment.

        • n900mixalot

          No reception issues on the Verizon Note 2, at all … Those radio problems were with the Galaxy Nexus.

      • n900mixalot

        Nope, Verizon.

        Deductive reasoning. Do it. On down.

    • anon

      Samsung makes the software not verizon.

      • Ian

        Verizon has input and adds their own mods/bloat….

        Not to mention they do “extensive” testing, which is supposed to account for the delay we often see in software updates and newer devices. With that kind of testing issues like this should never reach the customer.

  • iamevie

    I’ve been having the same “Camera Failed” message on my Verizon S3 for months. Still no fix for it. I’m curious to see if a fix comes out for the S5 and see if it will also work on my phone.

    • Ian

      I wouldn’t hold my breath, those two are very different in terms of software.

  • s0uth

    Woooomp Woooooomp Woooooooooomp.

  • Guest

    I experienced this on Sunday and then switched to Google Camera app that I also had installed on my phone and forgot about Smasung error. Just tried now and was able to use no problem.

    • Mark Aaron Collado

      Samsung would be crap without Google.

      • J. Gilbertson

        therefore Tizen == the crap without Google?

  • anon

    This is just proving that touchwiz is half baked and rushed out. Don’t focus on pastel ios7 theme just get the basics down.

    • The Narrator

      They only want to screw over customer’s.

      • JBartcaps


      • T4rd

        The hate is strong with this one.

        • jboogie1289

          About to bust a gut over that one!!! Nooice!!

      • KG

        customer’s what?

        • HeMan

          the suspense is killing me!

          • Ry

            That’s why I bought the HTC one m8

          • n900mixalot


          • Crystal Holloway

            How would you know “that’s why you chose the m8 over the s5” nobody knew that the s5 camera was going to have issues….unless…omg you are a future teller!! Please tell me..if I buy a lotto ticket will I win????

          • haha

            Yet the htc m8 camera sucks and u cant even zoom in or crop it?

            Its 2014 not 2001….. 4 mega up crap bs doesn’t fly w me

    • MichaelFranz

      highly doubt that. Just like any new device there is always bound to be something. And the majority of people who purchased this device it is bound to happen and get caught. If im not mistaken its not just verizon

      • anon

        A camera app failing is huge. Other devices have keyboard issues other little things not camera fail.

        • MichaelFranz

          But it doesnt mean that touchwiz was half baked and rushed out as you say. Issues are issue, and they happen. Coming form someone who works in support, it is damn near impossible to find every issue. I’m sure the powers that be know about it and are working on a fix and just need to understand the actual facts before they release any kind of statement

    • Kagnon

      Had the same issue with custom ROM once
      Had to reflash to stock and start all over.

    • JSo

      But apparently its only been happening with Verizon devices. So how does that apply to TouchWiz as a whole?

      • shaay

        I got mine from radio shack sooooo?

    • michael arazan

      My GS3 is always closing itself, it’s annoying as hell, especially in HDR mode