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Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet Pre-order Now Live, Priced at $499 for 16GB

The Xperia Z2 Tablet from Sony has received official pricing and availability confirmation from Sony, with the tablet hitting retailers on May 4. The tablet is priced at $499.99 for the 16GB model, while the larger 32GB model is priced a bit higher at $599.99. 

Sony’s Xperia Z2 Tablet is the world’s first 10.1” tablet display with Full HD TRILUMINOS and Live Color LCD technology, giving it one of the better tablet displays currently available. The display’s resolution sits at 1920 x 1200, with the Z2 Tablet also featuring a few other notable specs. 

The tablet features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor clocked at 2.3GHz (2nd Gen.), 8MP rear-facing camera, water and dust resistance, and comes running Android 4.4 out of the box.

Ready to get your hands on it come May 4? You can pre-order the Z2 Tablet here.

Via: Sony [2]
  • KvinlonWeldon

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  • mjmer

    Should I buy the Xperia Z2 for $850? Is it worth waiting for it to maybe come to the US?

  • Stone Cold

    Way overpriced. I just bought a Toshiba laptop for lesss than that. Z2 tablet Comes with Apps/ Software Pre-loaded : Facebook™ application* Google+*
    Hangouts™* Twitter™ application* Voice enhancement Xperia™ Socialife*.

  • andrewstuart81

    “The screen is bright enough to be used outside”. One of their biggest gripes was about how unusable the screen is outside.http://bit.ly/1jLBFre

  • ManBearPig618

    That is a LOT of bezel. And I’m not ‘that guy’ that comments on bezels a lot – this is my first comment in that regard. But wow, that is a lot of bezel.

  • This is easily the best tablet on the market and if i was rich id cop one…i cant justify spending on what i spent on my xbox one on a tablet…i mean come on tablets shouldnt cost this much 350ish is agood range

  • Obama’s_tranny_wife_yuck

    Overpriced. Who wants to pay for a Jap company name? Its like being an apple sheep, paying for the name. This tablet should be $300 tops.

    • stop it…this is possibly the best tablet on the market…so your comment is ridiclously stupid…and i rather buy from the japs then the koreans…but your right it is overpriced bc i think all these devices are overpriced

  • Cael

    No offense to Sony but they should have did $399/$449 for the 16 GB and $499/$549 for the 32 GB.

  • Nicholas Ruiz

    Another hundred dollars for more storage capacity. Companies need to stop doing this. Rip off

    • hkklife

      “…a bit higher at $599.99”. Really?!? A “bit”? That trick may still work to an extent for Apple but it doomed the Nexus 10 and it’ll doom this Sony just like its predecessor. $399 for the 16Gb version and $450 for the 32GB variant would be reasonable pricing. This is why I am so PO’d at Google for abandoning the Nexus line—Android OEMs will deliver half-baked, under-spec’d and overpriced tablets with their sh***y skins junking everything up to market and wonder why they continue to flop and we won’t have any decent alternatives after the upcoming last hurrah Nexus device.

      • Frettfreak

        ? That’s news to me considering they revamped the nexus 7 and released the nexus 5… Not to mention that I would be willing to bet we see a refreshed 7, possibly an 8 and definitely a new nexus phone this year. But I totally see your point, Google abandoned the hell out of that nexus line!

        • Tori Chance

          iProTablet — is one source with six new Tablet models to launch this month also worth reviewing that feature the latest Intel BayTrail or Rockchip 3288 high performance processors, HD or Liquid Crystal displays and long battery life.

          The new Ramos i10 Pro ($399) launches next week and is the first Android – Windows 8.1 Hybrid on the market, with a 10″ display with Full HD 1920X1200 resolution and an Intel BayTrail CPU that compares to the Snapdragon 800; and this dual boot tablet makes it easy to use both Windows and Android O/S on the same tablet; plus offers 2GB Ram/32GB storage, a 8000 mAh battery with up to 8 hours active use, GPS, MicroSD and Bluetooth 4.0.

          Also new is the Ramos i12($299) — a mega 12-inch tablet that compares to the Samsung Galaxy Pro 12.2″ and also offers an HD display and Intel processor.

          Other models include the iFive mini4 – priced at $199, and is the first 8″ tablet on the market with a 2048X1536 display (most other 8″ tablets are still offering only a 1280×800 screen) — also new is the Pipo T9 at $275 – an 8.9″ tablet that compares in specs to the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9″ tablet; plus offers a SIM card slot with 3G/4G access with both Internet and phone call function that works like a smartphone.

      • Gideon Waxfarb

        And this is why we don’t have many nice Android tablets… nobody actually wants to pay full price for one.

        • Tojen1981

          I wouldn’t pay full price for an Ipad either.

        • Obama’s_tranny_wife_yuck

          and nobody wants to be like dumb apple sheep and pay an extra $100-200 for an extra 8-16gb of storage and they block you from expansion with an SD card. If I can get a 64GB sd card for $20-30, then I shouldn’t be paying an extra $100+ for more onboard memory. This is such a sick gimmick and is the reason I have yet to buy a tablet.

  • TSY87

    I’m more interested in the z2 phone!! come on sony…

    • LiterofCola


  • Frettfreak

    I have a couple of issues with this one. Fugly doesn’t even cut it for 1. This is the ugliest tablet I have seen in a while. And the bezels. I get it, tablets need a little bezel to help hold it but WOW that’s just a bit too much. Then we have the price and only 16gb of storage. At that price it should be 32 and an extra 100 gets you to 64. We all know memory isn’t expensive… At ALL. There is no reason they should be charging $100 for 16gb…pretty ridiculous. Needless to say this will never be even a consideration for me

    • The Narrator

      Long battery, lightest tablet out there, waterproof, SD Slot, great screen, 8mp screen, seems good enough reasons to get it over everything else.

      • Frettfreak

        8mp camera.. Yeah that’s bad ass. Don’t know what I would do without looking like a complete ass holding this monstrous tablet in front of me to grab some pics. People should be smacked hard for doing doing that. The cameras are never as good as the one on your phone (that’s probably in your pocket) and you look like a complete idiot. SD slot would be a non issue (at least for me) if they didn’t puss out with only 16gb in the first place. And there are lots of tablets with a “great screen”. Not to mention you had nothing for really what my biggest complaint it… FUGLY.

        But hey, at least we can all agree that there are other options, which couldn’t be said if the was an apple product so yay

        • The Narrator

          Well, you’re not going to find a better built, better specd, waterproof tablet than this one. Good luck.

          • Frettfreak

            Wow. Sorry I will make sure you approve of my next tablet purchase. Wouldn’t want to buy something you didn’t like.

        • Gideon Waxfarb

          ‘The cameras are never as good as the one on your phone’

          You obviously don’t have a Nexus 4 😛

          • Frettfreak

            Lmao. Touche. You got me on that one but in general.. Lol

    • i seen this in person…nicest looking/one of the best made tablets ive ever seen…you have no taste…ur right about the price though

  • JMonkeYJ

    Hopefully this lowers the price of the last-gen Z tablet. It looked quite appealing.

    • Anonymously

      They already did that… It’s $50 less now. Lmao.

  • Tojen1981

    Man, I really wish Sony would get rid of the 16gb version and offer a 32/64gb combo instead. 16gb isn’t enough on a tablet with an msrp of $500.

    • Frettfreak

      16gb isn’t enough for anything really anymore imo. Base level needs to start at 32

  • Matt G

    Companies should never price their tablet at $499. It puts you in direct competition with the iPad and for most uninformed cconsumers, they will pick the one with apple logo on it

  • Arthur Dent

    Total FAIL on the price, Sony. This will sell like crap at $499 for 16GB.

  • Humberto Hernandez

    500$ is too much for a 16Gb tablet! I’ll wait for another tablet… 🙁 maybe something with 805, because this uses 800 and does not have even 2K (thanks for that, that is useless)

    Are there more 10″ tablets coming? No Exynos, only Snapdragon.

    • Frettfreak

      2k display? Yeah, cause that would make it SOOOO much more usable you know, given the crazy amount of apps, movies, and games that all support that…

      • HitokiriX

        I think he meant that paying 500 for something that doesn’t have cutting edge specs is too much.

      • Humberto Hernandez

        Read again…

        I meant to say, a 2K display is more expensive than a 1080p one, so, why is this so expensive?

        2K display are useless on these small devices, my phone has more res in 5″ than my PC in 20″! Insane, that’s why I wrote “thanks for that, that is useless”. I like the fact it is 1080p, the GPU will not work for pixels I won’t see.

  • DanielMena9

    Am I the only one staring at the 800 and disappointed it doesn’t come with 801

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      The question is do you know why you’re disappointed

      • DanielMena9

        touchee. But I recall some vague mutter about “more efficient” & “better efficiency.” The same mumbo jumbo given to every new release, and I fall for it !

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          Yea it’s all mumbo jumbo until we get reviews. Which the Verge has up. Vlad seems to like it, and it has great batterylife supposedly

          • wendyo123

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          • Jared Denman

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    • Dorian Brooks

      Slightly….. but then I have to remind myself of all the other pluses. Not to mention incubation time from development to production. Also factor in when the 801 was announced in the timeline of Sony developing the Z2 Tablet.

      • hkklife

        Should be a LOT easier to bring a tablet to market than a phone: no carrier testing/haggling/approvals, more space on the PCB to work with, smaller production runs (in theory), better thermals etc etc.

        • Frettfreak

          Still carrier testing and certification unless it’s a wifi only model.

          • Dorian Brooks

            Almost all high-end models also have a LTE variant.
            Unless you want them to go all Samsung & have a different chipset depending upon region/specs/version in the same product cycle/etc….

    • The Narrator

      It still has 3gb ram.

    • hkklife

      There isn’t a tablet yet with an 801. The non-Nexus Android tablet market has really come to a screeching halt in the past year for whatever reason.

    • Arslan Jumaniyazov

      It’s got 801, check the Sony website.