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Deal: Amazon has the Verizon Galaxy S5 for $99 (Upgrades and New Accounts)

Since launch, the Samsung Galaxy S5 for Verizon has been sold out at Amazon, probably because of its insanely low $99 on-contract price, which is half of what everyone else is selling it for. Today, Amazon changed the in-stock status to “2 to 3 weeks,” so if you had been holding out on purchasing the phone until Amazon gave you a better estimate on shipping, now you have it.

Keep in mind that Verizon is still running a BOGO (buy one get one free) deal on the Galaxy S5, but that deal also requires two contracts to be signed. With Amazon’s $99 price, you could just do one phone if you’d like.

The deal is for all customer types – upgrades, new lines, and new customers. Amazon also has both black and white variants.

Amazon Links:  Galaxy S5 (Black) | Galaxy S5 (White)

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  • joenewsguy

    VerizonWireless had these on sale buy one get one, then pulled the offer with no advance notice to the public… I called April 20 to get details, then called back April 21 to buy and the salesperson tried to enter the deal and couldn’t because the deal was pulled.. she didn’t even know! Shame on you VerizonWireless!

  • kelly1519

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  • Matthew Mascarenas

    too bad they are back to $168 at amazon and costco….oh well ill just use my $50 upgrade giftcard at best buy and get it for $149.99
    so sad!!!

  • dmoulton

    I just talked to my local Costco, and they told me the price went up to something like $189. They had been selling them at $99. Amazon appears to be $168 this morning. I shoulda bought one….

  • nick rigsby

    Just a quick side note.. you can’t move this phone to another line for 180 days. Whatever line you upgrade it has to stay there.

  • TheBlazingCaucasion

    Did I miss this deal?? Cause it shows up as $168 for me… 🙁

  • haha exposed

    I’m with vzw, and somehow I was able to take advantage of the bogo deal and it didn’t put me in a 2 year contract on either line. And I got 2 $50 mail in rebates which would make the end price $100 for both phones. Not sure how it happened but I did it online via their website.

  • Connor O’Meara

    I ordered one last week before it said it would ship in 2-3 weeks and now it says it will be here Wednesday. So looks like they’ll have them in stock very soon.

  • mcdonsco

    I just want to know when the 32gb variant will hit … hopefully while I’m still in my BB 45 day return window.

  • CB

    Just ordered mine. Expected delivery date is May 15th.

  • Peter

    Whilst over here in Europe you can pick it up for free quite easily
    “insanely low $99 on-contract price”, hmmmmm.

  • michael arazan

    Great time for an unlimited users to get an S4 or HTC one now for a couple hundred. Personally I’m going to wait and see if the Moto X 2014 has any changes and hopefully it will come around June

  • James Briano

    Verizon, and Samsung, can kiss my ass.

    • LiterofCola

      very articulate

      • James Briano

        I pride myself on proper capitalization and punctuation.

        • EggINYourFace

          Your pride is misplaced. You should have written, “Verizon and Samsung can kiss my ###.”

  • qwopzxnm

    For those with Costco Warehouses close to them, they have the S5 for $99 as well but the big savings come from the fact you only have to pay taxes on the wholesale cost of the device which is $200, not the $600 or $700 Verizon is charging. That alone saved me over $50. You also get a free car charger and car dock as well. The sales associate I worked with even helped me keep my unlimited data plan by swapping my upgrade with another line and then switching my phone back to my line.

    • mo

      Do they sell non-contract phones with a slight discount from the full retail price?

      • mcdonsco

        Not that I’ve ever seen…would love to buy from Costco but I have to do full retail.

      • qwopzxnm

        No, they don’t sell any phones off contract as far as I know because they outsource the service to a company named “Wireless Advocates” and I believe they only make money through new activations or contract renewals.

  • Hau Trung Dang

    this is one reason why android is growing because of cheaper smartphone prices vs the iphone prices.

    • tu3218

      dude you can get iphones for $99 on contract all the time now a days. Look at best buy ads.

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      iPhones are cheap, but apple creates an illusion of them being expensive/premium. Just check CL, people want almost retail price for they used Crap. I mean good on Apple for doing so, but it’s smokes and mirrors

  • suckafree

    Anyone notice Verizon is the only one selling the s5 for 599.00 [online] life hack tips. Go to best buy Mobile they will price match the 599.99 or the 99.99 amazon deal = no waiting for shipping and instant galaxy s5

    • ElChicle

      I just checked best buy’s website and it says that price match does not apply to contract mobile phones

  • BlackTaxi2d

    staying on a wireless contract

  • Chris Lee

    I was able to mix and match the Verizon bogo deal. I got an M8 and my wife got the S5.

    • emoney

      nice! best of both

    • haha exposed

      If you did it online, the system may have glitched and not put you in another 2 year contract. I know it glitched for me. And make sure vzw gives you your 2 $50 mail in rebates.