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LG G2 Kit Kat (Android 4.4.2) OTA Approved by Verizon, Here is the Changelog

lg g2  verizon

After seeing the Kit Kat (Android 4.4.2) update for Verizon’s version of the LG G2 become available through VZW’s Software Upgrade Assistant, we figured the OTA (over-the-air) update would rollout at any minute. Sure enough, Verizon has approved it and posted the changelog for build VS98024A, which means it really should be here with a couple of days, if not today for all to download. 

The changelog talks of color adjustment, magnification gestures, and a whole bunch of other minor UI tweaks, probably to add some consistency to LG’s line of phones on Verizon. Of course, it also mentions the update to Android 4.4.2, but nothing else specific in terms of what Kit Kat offers other than new white notifications in the “Indicator Bar.”

As you all know, though, Kit Kat brings a better NFC payment system thanks to Host Card Emulation, performance improvements, better location settings controls, visually improved music controls to the lock screen, and more. Kit Kat is a pretty major update, even if Verizon doesn’t seem to realize that in this list of changes.

Let us know if you are able to pull the update!

Head into Settings>About phone.

lg g2 kit kat1 lg g2 kit kat2

Via:  Verizon
  • Rebecca

    Horrible update. Makes me hate my phone. Battery life sucks, I can’t send or receive picture messages. I finally did a factory reset and reloaded everything but it worked like it should until yesterday…..updated all on its own and now I’m back to hating my phone. What’s the deal with this stupid update? Verizon says it is Android’s problem, Android points the finger everywhere as well. I just want my phone to work like it should. I pay out the butt for this thing and the update makes is suck. Makes me wish I would have gotten an iPhone (and I can’t stand iPhones). 🙁

  • James Franco Perione

    Im having the hardest time trying to update my LG G2 White version. I tried the Verizon Software update on my laptop but no go then I went into my settings to do the OTA and it will go for 1 whole minute and say that there was a problen to try the update again. I’m starting to think its only availble for the black version as of right now. I activated a customers black lg g2 from Verizon and once it turned on the message came. (P.O.)

    • ytwokc5

      I am in the same boat. I updated 2 black LG G2’s on my account from my laptop with no issue. Cannot a third G2 (white) on my account to update with OTA or from a PC…. frustrating.

  • megawattage

    It’s terrible. I loved my phone – now I hate it. The battery like is cut by almost 2/3s (it is 1123am and I am at 75% already, with no calls or apps running!!!) and this dim screen crap is ridick. I hate it.

  • ipearlem_x3

    I updated my LG g2 (Verizon) and my battery drained instantly. My texts would not send. The blue circle in the message thread would pend for 20mins. I had the phone replAced with Asurion and the new device did the same thing within 3 days. I am currently waiting for a 2nd replacement device and I do not intend to update this one to the Kit Kat 4.2.2 I would avoid this update at all costs.

  • Stefan Teske

    Verizon & #LG confirmed software causing hardware problems that require replacement. Causes battery drain.

  • SamuelJF

    Ive updated and ive only noticed the minor changes to the appearance but battery life is the same. Im on my second charge in two days. Which both charges i still had a good 40% battery life. I will say i can noticeably tell that KK brought some performance changes allowing a faster over all UI experience. Nothing wrong yet!

  • Jerms

    Bluetooth is no longer displaying meta data in my truck since the update. Factory reset and repaired no luck. Anyone else having this issue.

  • Marni

    Finally gave in and let it download kit Kat yesterday, hating it ever since. Lighting dims or no reason, my icons are different, hate that all the info on the top is only white. Is there a way to back it out and go back to whatever it had before, jelly bean I think. Help!

  • austin

    The update screwed up google play music mainly while playing thru bluetooth in my subaru. The music just mutes / pauses/ and sometime stops. Also the song playing readout shows the next song that will play and not the current song. Its so clunky I started using the stock player.

  • Danu

    Received my kitkat update yesterday and are now having bluetooth issues. My Honda CRV used to read me my text messages while I was driving and also show me which song was playing on Pandora. Since I received the new kitkat it does neither. Does anyone know how to add these features back?

  • Tammy Fredette-Knox

    I am having extreme issues with battery drainage and lagging issues since the upgrade yesterday. Has anyone else experienced this issue and if so how did you correct the issue? Any help will be greatly appreciated. I am extremely frustrated with this as I loved the way my phone was before this update. Also, text messaging has been acting up and I have set my default to messaging.

  • Strash

    Woke up this morning to an update notification. Figured I’d let it run while I was in the shower. Came back to a bricked piece of plastic. The hard reset won’t even work…Thanks for taking the time to approve/review these updates Verizon.

    • EnterTheNexus

      if you had a custom recovery on then there’s your problem. Never take an OTA on custom recovery bruh that’s your fault.

      TOT/KDZ and restore that’s all I’m saying.

  • CC1980

    Before the upgrade my brightness was set at 75 and seemed fine, now I have it up on 100 and it still seems dim!

    • CC1980

      When the phone unlocks it brightness is OK then it gets dim, anybody else having this problem

      • HarvesterX

        I’m using lux do no idea

  • HarvesterX


    It seems that Verizon and LG completely forgot that a default SMS/MMS application needs to be set. Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate the Optimus UI and all that it offers, but if the LG Messaging app is not the default messaging app that you have set (maybe using Hangouts as I am), then “Messaging“ should not be listed in the list of QSLIDE apps available.

    The developers obviously realized this as trying to open “Messagingļ when

  • Jarel Shahim

    My battery is draining like crazy it’s pissing me of any body else having this issue

  • Adrian

    Ive been having battery life and lagging issues ever since i updated my g2 1day ago. Does anyone know how to get back the old software or make these problems go away?

    • EnterTheNexus

      TOT/KDZ back to 11A then update to 12B.

  • michael sanchez

    Wow no navigation or places.

  • dk

    I received the update today and it changed the screen and camera resolution. Everything looks discolored and no changing of settings has been able to get things to look normal. Has anyone else had this happen and how did you resolve it?

    • fp727

      I have a similar issue. I noticed right away the screen was darker than normal, even at 100% brightness.

  • br

    So why on other versions of lg g2 kit Kat they have knock code and full screen mode and not on verizon lg g2? ??? That’s what I was really looking forward too.

    • HarvesterX

      Full screen works on ours but only if the developers add the code fot it. Other KitKat variants allow the user to just select which apps to use full screen and it add the code for it.


  • kelly1519

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  • Smeckle

    Is there a way to NOT have Android ask for location consent every single time I turn the GPS (now “Location”) on? I don’t need it on constantly but some apps only work if it is on.

    • HarvesterX

      Using the High Accuracy option and just leaving the GPS on shouldn’t have a negative effect as the GPS when not actively in use consumes little to nothing.

  • Austin

    Downloading now!

  • Daniel Kuhlman

    I lost root after installing this update. How do I re-root?

    • EnterTheNexus


  • Herman Holmes

    Fixed battery problems by taking it down to zero, recharging to 100%.Power off and restart, now battery is as before the update.

    • Jarel Shahim

      So you just drained the battery recharged completely and turned it on then off again or what did you do exactly

  • Ryan O’Keefe

    Anyone having issues with the auto brightness for the display after the update? Had mine set and it totally over compensates in low light and brightly lit areas! Had to turn it off!

    • huy9988

      Hi, I did have the same issue. Fortunately, I’ve figured out how to fix it: you have to turn the phone completely off (don’t restart, TURN OFF). Then turn it on again. Problem solved!! Hopefully it will work for you too. I was really frustrating with that problem. Now it’s fine again.

  • Samara Gopan

    Is there a way I can remove kit kat from my verizon lg g2? Visual voicemail won’t work. After being on phone with Verizon for an hour on Friday afternoon and an hour this evening, my voice mail was reset and working. Somehow my visual voice mail got cancelled. When I added it on–no visual or regular voicemail. Verizon said it was not the kit kat, but hard to believe. Help. I want Jellybean back.

    • jjjmmmhhh

      Mine ‘broke’ after the update, too. Very bizarre.

  • Jillxz

    I got this update last night for my Verizon LG G2 and LG put a skinned version of Kitkat 4.4.2 . Dialer not changed , icons no larger , No Google now page not there .
    The only changes I see are the battery icon is changed from blue to gray and the icons that are at the bottom of the screen , the line is gone. Someone told me I got a skinned version . I called LG and told them this and they told me I did indeed get the update , but that it is different on different phones. I don’t see any real change at all. At least not on my phone. I am very disappointed in this update as I was expecting something to change , but instead , I got a dumbed down version of Kitkat. Makes me mad.

    • angelycam

      Can you post a pic as to what you’re referring to?

  • bachinphx

    So downloaded it yesterday and already noticing worse battery performance. Anyone else?

    • Jillxz

      Yep. Me too

      • john555333

        Yes its pretty bad! Dropped from 100% to 15 in about 7 hours and I lliterally almost didn’t even use it. It was on standby. Waiting this much and we get an update that basically makes the battery way worse. I use to be able to go 2 days on one charge

        • HarvesterX

          That’s really bad man….I can go 6 and half hours, but that includes 5 hours 20 minutes or so screen on time gaming and surfing. I believe y’all are having issues though and have and will continue looking into it

    • Its like 1% a minuet at times! Just came here to see if i wasnt the only one.

      • Michelle

        Losing 1% a minute here too. On my 3rd complete recharge of the day since 9:30 when i made the terrible mistake of accepting the update. My phone is beyond jacked now. It would take a small book to list everything that is now malfunctioning on my G2. I’m pissed.

        • Mine seems to mostly be ok now. But sometimes i still experience huge drains with little reason. I dont have any other issues on my phone besides Tiny Planet and Editing in the googles gallery crashes it.

        • Dawna Quick

          The reason your battery is dying is because the global radio was turned on. Go to the phone settings and turn off the global radio.

      • HarvesterX

        I play Avabel Online all the time and am always writing on forums or surfing the net, so I can’t be much help. Before Avabel the battery easily lasted the day and often the next.

        Now, I get on average 6 hours on time which doesn’t sound good until you realize screen on time is average of 5 hours and 20 minutes, so nothing seems off there.

        I’ve used Better Battery Stats for last day and half and found nothing. There is a suspicious wakelock though that can be VERY long, but it’s just a service that runs while the phone is charging so that’s a non issue.

        Nothing is showing up in Settings » Battery either. Just Screen of course, then Avabel which is no surprise as I’ve never seen a game use do much battery, then Chrome, followed by Hangouts, SystemUI, etc. No Maps in there or ant other issues suspect.

        That’s about all I can do to help at the moment. KitKat (I believe I heard this info from this site) I thought was supposed to be 20% more battery efficient. Maybe that has surfing to do with ART, which unless you’re tired cannot be enabled.

        Maybe it’s just because it’s KitKat and you are reliving the enjoyment of discovering Android again…who knows.

        • blackfire13s

          If you have location services turned on, try turning location services to battery saving mode. You guys might have it set to high accurracy (which I believe are the default setting)

    • John Risso

      same here, any fix out for this yet? Thinking about going back to 4.2 or CM11

    • Adrian

      Ive noticed the same thing and its only been 1hour and my battery is already at 55% can you go back to the last version?

      • Daevos

        I noticed the same issue. I did a factory reset and it’s performing significantly better, to include the battery life.

        • Adrian

          Ok thanks i will back up everything then do a factory reset.

    • Windsor Newton

      Battery life is horrible! Really puts a damper on all the good updates. Sitting idle, task man cleared, went from 100% to 85% within 30 mins. Before update i might have lost 2%. Very disappointed.

      • bachinphx

        So here’s the progress report so far. I did a backup and factory restore. (What a pain) Charged to 100% and then did a restart. Battery life is now substantially better. I used only 1% with it on and idle overnight for 9 hours. (Your mileage may vary)

        • Windsor Newton

          I initiated a chat with LG support desk. The official statement:
          “2:02 PM
          I did
          checked the last report from the LG Electronics customers and technicians and it
          seems that there is no recall or known issue on this phone acting like that
          after the update, sorry.”
          Has anyone else opened an official complaint?

          • FRUHD

            The only thing worse than the incompetent Verizon “technical” support is LG. I would have had better results asking my toaster.

          • Reisha Walton

            Verizon said the same thing “your the first person to have this complaint” I’m awaiting my 2nd replacement device because of this update.

  • Hector Abreu

    Anyone else seeing this vutalk icon pop up when making a call?? What the heck is that?

    • HarvesterX

      I’ve heard people bringing this up, but I have absolutely no clue what anyone is talking about. Maybe I have the app responsible for this disabled…

      • EnterTheNexus

        It’s a messaging service for LG users. It’s pointless though.

  • Artune

    Guys now we can use the Google Now Launcher since we are on KitKat. It’s on a old Droid life page. With it we can now say “Ok Google” at the home screen and it launches the GN. http://www.droid-life.com/2014/02/26/download-google-now-launcher-version-1-0-9/

    • Jillxz

      I don’t have that. I can’t say “Okay Google Now” Google now don’t have a page in my OTA download. My display pages are all the same as they were with Jelly Bean.

    • HarvesterX

      Works like a charm. Unfortunately I still prefer Nova. Now, if those icons could be resized then possibly yes.